Want to Meet-Up at GDC 2009?

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During the thick of this year’s Game Developers Conference, we’ve set up an area for bloggers/media to drop by, put their feet up, file their stories, play our new and upcoming games, eat our food, get caffeinated, and chat with some of our top developers. Not bad, right?

If I wasn’t working at PlayStation, sounds like something I’d want to attend. So, we figured, why not? Which is why we’re going to open up our PlayStation.Blog.Lounge to our readers and fans during a special GDC Meetup, next Wednesday evening (March 25th, 7-9pm) in San Francisco. BTW, please don’t complain that it’s not at [insert your hometown here] – we don’t run the convention!

PlayStation.Blog readers, fanboys, aspiring bloggers and gamers are all welcome to eat, drink, meet, chat, and maybe even play some stuff that isn’t out yet ;-)

Space is super limited, so you need to click the registration button below to RSVP and let us know you’ll be there:

We hope to see you next week!


Jeff directing traffic

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  • @10 girls don’t play video games silly lol

    @Jeff you should have a caption contest for that picture lol winner gets a PS3 game of their choice ;)

    my caption: Jeff: “Look everyone its Major Nelson!”

    Guy in the blue shirt with white stripe behind the woman(360 fanboy): “ZOMGBBQ ITS MAJOR NELSON! Sign my copy of HALO WARZ!”

    Everyone else: “uh yay?”

  • It would be great to meet the people who have been my main source of entertainment for five straight years ;P

    Go bloggers!

  • The only way i could go is to have a space in Home, I live in WA state and fixed low income so driving to Cali is not an option…

  • Oh, and one question.

    Does your chance of being picked depend on whether or not you’re bringing your PSP if you have one?

  • Bummer, I’m going on the Friday when students can pay $75 for access to the Expo & the Career center, I was hoping to be able to go to this too but I’m just taking an Amtrak for that day… This sounds like it’ll be a fun time though!

    – Matthew

  • Hey Jeff!

    gotta love that pic! I was there :-)it was at Orlando Florida, at the UCF mo cap place, good times good times lol

  • @Jeff

    Of course not Cupertino, drive to fremont then bart it. See you next Wed!

  • lol @ Jeff I dont remember that one.

  • But i dont live on that coast:( Move it it to NYC or cover it please:)

  • Jeff..

    When commenting here w/ the ps3 I get kicked to a 404 page after submitting . Any idea why?

    • delete your cache. you\’ve been a longtime reader, and sometimes the old code gets hung up in your browser.

  • Hey Jeff any chance you guys would go get a pic of yourselves playing PSP’s in front of Apple? That would be classic. Are you thinking of any Canadian “Games Conventions” in the future for a meet up? http://www.neoseeker.com/news/8806-games-convention-heading-to-canada-/
    after they decide on a locale.

  • I’ve seen you at various San Francisco gaming events and never get to say “Hi”. Maybe this time I’ll actually get that chance, lol…

  • See you at the W, fellow SFers

  • I see that SCEA is a sponsor of the Midwest Gaming Classic, that is happening this weekend in Oconomowoc, WI. I wonder what the reps have planned for their time at the show?

    Here is a bit of info for other blog readers.

    “One lucky gamer will walk away from the Midwest Gaming Classic with a PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system as well as the incredible game Killzone 2. On top of this, the first 1,500 visitors to the show will receive a PlayStation® t-shirt!”

    Thanks for being a sponsor and making a presence at the show, Sony.

  • Jeff,
    Will you be bringing your unborn child? I think it’s important that, even in the womb, your kid is exposed to the community. Some believe these are the formative years that define the rest of that boy or girl’s life, some being scientologists of course. You are a scientologist, aren’t you Jeff?

  • Too early to comment on a PAX 09 blog meet?

  • Thinking of the fans, Thanks You. I wish I could go I live in IN. and Have a good show.

    p.s. I am an aspiring marketing person. I really want to do PR. So, events like this excite me.

  • do we have to be a blogger to go? i just wanna go because I can’t afford E3.I want to ask the singstar dev and see what is happening to the SingStar scene here in the US.

  • @51
    LOL XD

    Hey …. i vote for Caption Contest too

  • NYC… it’d be great if you guys come over to the east coast…. hopefully you’ll be able to arrange something like you want Jeff.

    b4 people go crazy… this is in response to Jeff’s reply to #5.

    I’ll be there if you make it happen!

  • I am going to the event by myself, so if anyone that’s going see a guy with a PSP that has a GoCam attached to it, say hello!!!!

  • Registered.. and looking forward to it! I’ll have my PSP and “First!” t-shirt on. :D

  • “ONWARD BLOGGERS! ,Ready up your PSPs ‘Cause The journey to San Francisco has now begun!”

    yup, pictures tell a thousand words.

  • hey wait there is a caption contest? , did i win ? xD

  • I’m all RSVP’d and ready to go! Can’t wait to meet everyone there. Maybe it’ll be a good time for some networking too since I need a job! :-P


  • i got my ticket ill be there!!

  • Are digital cameras allowed to this event? ( I don’t intend to take pictures of super secret stuff)

  • Hey Jeff thanks for the response this is my test!!

  • Nope…still get 404.
    Ah well thx for trying.

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