Free Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack Lands Tomorrow

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“Greedings,” everyone. As you may have heard, the new Titan Pack expansion for Unreal Tournament 3 will be available on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, and it’s completely free.

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack icon

The Titan Pack’s downloadable content includes the gametypes Greed and Betrayal, the namesake Titan mutator, 19 maps, the Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon weapons, the Stealthbender vehicle, the Slow Field power-up, and characters Kana and Nova.

Speaking of Greed, our guys are having a blast with this addictive new gametype. Greed is a fast-paced, “tug of war” style mode in which you swipe the skulls of fallen players and unload them at the enemy base to score points. Silver skulls are worth a point, gold skulls represent five points, and red skulls are 20 points.

It’s common to see players fighting over huge hoards of skulls as the clock winds down. Each team always tries desperately to stop the other from scoring while, at the same time, fighting to survive en route to the enemy base with their own stockpile. It’s a complete frenzy, but no lead is insurmountable, and there is always hope for a comeback at the last second.

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack screenhot

For an interesting twist, you can play Greed with the Titan mutator activated. In this scenario, the goals are the same except you can transform into a 15-foot Titan, which is handy for sowing mass destruction on opponents while protecting skull-toting teammates. To trigger the metamorphosis, simply fill your meter by killing enemies, capturing flags or nodes, and completing other game objectives.

UT3 players can already enjoy the title update portion of the Titan Pack for PS3, which incorporates a long list of enhancements, including split-screen support, an integrated mod browser, 57 Trophies, major visual and menu flow upgrades, significant A.I. improvements, overhauled networking performance, and better mod support.

Happy hunting!

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  • Thank you Epic for your continued support of Unreal 3. I am loving this game even more now that there are more people online playing because of this update and I cannot wait to become the Titan.

  • THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHX Epic !!!!!!!!!! You are now in my hearts ! lol

    I will buy your games for 1. Encourage you ! 2. Make some MULTI-KILLS lol 3. Being a titan or Behemoth ! :P

    I will try to buy your games this week-end for you !

    + Keyboard + mouse = a Happy Shouter !!!!!!!!

    And letting people use mods on the PS3 is TOO FREAKIN COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!

    It’s tooo much nice !!! UT3 crash commando style ? THAT’S COOL !!!!!!! Mods FTW !!!!!!

    Thx to the Mods-maker too !!!!! lol PS3 is a SO MUCH nice home entertainement !!!! Linux, Mods, Games, PSN…. PERFECT CONSOLE !!!!

    And i’m happy that Xbox don’t have the update :D ( Fans boys war lol )

    BYE and Gooooooooooooooooood luck in your future !!! i will watch all your games now ! ( make moooooooore games for PS3 !!!! )

    Epic is Epic !

  • You guys know M$ wouldn’t allow a free content like this on their rrod box….lol… They make you pay for everything in their no mods closed system…

    so I must say thank you epic to supporting the ps3 (and the pc as they made you) as your company has been brown nosing M$ for far too long, both ps3 and pc communities have been mad, and rightfully so…i guess you guys have been feeling that and decided to make amends… all I can say, its’ about time! Oh and thank you sony for making a system with open tech and mod support… allowing free content and user created mods!

  • This game has been in my “to play” list, but damn this update seems like it has a bunch to offer and a reason to finally pick it up.

    And the fact that its free? Wow!

  • Now just put the game for sale on PSN for $20 like Burnout and I can get rid of my disc!

  • I bought this game last year, just so I could play split screen with my brother, was very sad to find out that it had none. I was going to get around to shooting you guys a complain email about it, but it looks like you guys shut my trap by giving me what I want and a ton more.

    – Signed,
    Man with his trap shut.

    PS Thanks!

  • Can’t wait to start playing this again!!! :)

  • I picked this game up 5 days ago… Its not bad, but KZ2 has me too wrapped up to play anything else. But it does remind me of the longs computer classes I spend gaming with my friends in Quake 3 Arena… and when I get some more time (or ease up on killing the damn higs) I plan to sink a lot more time into this ^_^

    P.S. For trophy whores: most of the trophies will take a while to get :(

  • might just pick up the game, cmon mod community bring us something really cool.

  • YAY I have not even played it cause it lacked the features and the online multiplayer had issues such as when i shoot a gun it would take 1 sec to respond and this kept on happening! so i stopped playing, fingers crossed if this is fixed! Good to see Epic showing alot of passion to the disadvantaged PS3 users!


    Oh who am I kidding! This is magical!

  • This is cool but nobody plays this game on PS3, most of the servers are ghost towns. I think everyone already sold it. I tried to sell my copy but nobody wants to give me $10 for it on Craigslist.

  • thanks for making so fascinating games for ps3 console

  • I bought this game at launch and as others enjoyed but it seemed to come out under the radar. I never even played warfare mode from the lack of players and I really thought that mode looked awesome. Great update and hope this brings in more players cause the game kicks ass and not to mention you can get as low as 8 bucks. Also only Ps3 fps which you can use a mouse.

  • Finally!!! Thx Epic :D

  • Epic Games! Bring Gears of War to PS3 please!? I thank you for your awesome support :)

  • Wow, what a huge update for a great game. The 2.0 patch was a great update, but now the Titan Pack is Epic!

  • Some users here don’t seem to realize what we get here?! Continued support for a “old”(it still looks better than many new games,level interaction not so much but textures, scale, speed etc.) game like this with trophies and even splitscreen (do you know ANY game, that got splitscreen AFTER release?) and more.
    Hell, CoD4 did not even get a Rumble-Patch and basically no support whatsoever and is still in such high regards (gamplay aside)?!

    The content coming with the Titan Addon alone is already awesome. Can you even imagine what EA, Capcom or Namco would sell it for?? (it would be like 10$/4Maps or more, you do the math) And this is completely free!

    Fine if you sold it, but it is just your fault to sell a game (only if it was your “thing” of course), which has basically unlimited free content anyway via mods (a console first, same for optional mouse+keyboard support).
    Do you know a PS3-Game, in which you can blow off master chiefs head?

    I recommend to buy it if you find it appealing and if only to support such developers (and Sony. Remember, the Gears stuff from Epic was supposed to be free, too. But MS didn’t like that… and we don’t even pay money to play on psn, woah :o )

  • Oh but I still have one more wish Epic, please enable custom music support in UT3 (and maybe XMB-Screenshots) :)

  • Thank you Epic for supporting a year old product. Time to dust off my UTIII copy :)

  • Thanks is deserved. Thank you, Epic.

  • EPIC you are legends…really :D

    UT3 is one of my favourite games of ALL TIME and this pack and the 2.00 update made it better

    thanks very much ;)

    and people…buy this game :D

  • Steve,
    It would be great if EPIC and Sony released the full game as a Download from the PS store for $20 (just like Burnout).
    This is the perfect game to have on the HDD and jump in from time to time to have some fun.
    Is there any chance of that happening in the near future?

    Either way, this free pack is great news for the PS community.



  • NO NEVER, Not on my PC and not on my PS3. Midway destoryed the touranment. This should be Champonship 3


    *Awaits a proper UT 20xx*

  • As split screen was the only thing that deferred me to buy the game the first time. I am glad that as soon I will find a copy and can afford it, A direct buy it shall be. =D

  • Thanks EPIC. Now can ya do us one more tiny little favour and go ‘motivate’ Square Enix to get The Last Remnant working on PS3?

  • Excellent, thanks EPIC! I actually started playing the game again not to long ago and it was lots of fun! I’ll definitely check it out when I get my PS3 back from SCEA support… it died… again. I guess I just game too much.

    Were there any tweaks to the graphics? It seems to look a little better since the last time I played it. Just not sure if it was a patch or my newer tv.

  • I purchased this the instant I found out about this about a month ago, then it go delayed, but fortunately the trophy patch in europe was up on the 5th so I have started on the campaign.

  • Thx for the update

  • @Protopet : If I remember correctly Microsoft only paid for the first 2 instalments of the Gears of War franchise as exclusives. GoW3 was up for grabs, last I heard, and there was a Sony exec who mentioned that they would essentially welcome GoW3 on the PS3 if Epic decided to release it on there.

    I wonder if they could do a Gears 1,2 and 3 bundle all on the one Blu-Ray, if it ever came to that.

  • @131

    That would be cool if they had bundles like that on Blu-Ray. The discs can clearly hold the space, yet we don’t see this happening. It would be cool to have bundles. :P But then I guess not everyone would want to pay for 3 games.

  • Best thing ever. Anyone wanting to get virtually spanked in this game, shoot me a friend invite.

  • Can someone explain how the splitscreen works?

    It’s two-player only, but can those two people play together online against against other people? Or can they just play offline against bots?

  • Yay! now maybe I won’t be the only one still playing this lol

  • Truly an epic update :)

  • DLC – A little “add-on” or otherwise a patch for games that would make gamers happy …. and puts in random stuff for single/multiplayer uses

    Capcom DLC – Very crappy, too overpriced, not one gives out a mass of DLC, and Capcom is to greedy for money – thus very Capcom DLC is crappy and overpriced

  • This game is $17.99 used at GameStop. If you sold your copy, go get another one. The Titan pack is going to make this game everything we thought it would be at launch

  • cant wait to dl it :)

  • Nice, thank you Epic for your efforts, it’s greatly appreciated and the game is allot of fun to play, especially with the weapons and vehicles you guys have implemented, again thanks, this sounds awesome!!! :D

  • Thats a really sweet update. Hope Killzone 2 patches in splitscreen!

  • This game has been collecting major dust. I was so disappointed in it’s buggy gameplay and lack of players. Perhaps now I should give it another whirl (if i can tear away from KZ2 and SFIV).

    The last time I played UT3 was probably about a year ago. My pregnant wife was asleep on the couch and for some reason the game froze and made the most awful and horrendous noise a game could make as it froze. It woke her up and we both screamed. Luckily baby and mom were fine :)

  • Thank you Epic! Your support for your games after release is unbelievable. Keep up the great work guys and I can’t wait to see what your next project is!

  • Absolutely AMAZING! I might just go and pick up UT3 now that it’s under 20 bucks, that is if I can find it. Epic games puts most devs to shame. They’re still supporting a year old game with free content regardless of what you think of the game. Amazing how this pack with all that content is free, but yet CODWAW map pack with only 4 maps is 10 bucks. If this kind of content was released by Ea, IW, or any other dev company it would probably cost the same price as a game.

  • I just ordered this game based on the news of this patch and especially trophies. My PC doesn’t run the game as well as I wished so I am excited to see how it runs on the PS3.

    Thanks, Epic!

  • This is what the patient and true loyal fans deserve. Though others feel free to hop on board and have a blast with us. This is just EPIC!! Now if we could get some time of Gears Of War support lol(I know can’t happen due to contracts) Basically I’m just saying by making this exclusive to PC and PS3 giving us what the 360 had in there retail version last year and more makes me like tremble inside. I love what you guys did. I’m eagerly waiting the hours for the PS Store to update. I can’t thank you guys enough I’ve been a fan every since PC’s very first one. I owned every one. Thanks SO much. To all you out there the game is like 19.99 new and 17.99 used pick it up its well worth the money not to mention you can download mods, maps, characters, weapons and more creator content. This is good old run and gun greatness with a dose of coop and more!! GET IT!!

  • 1 more thing if you guys are new or just didn’t know there was a map pack of 3 released last year also. It too was free so get it to waste time or whatever while waitn on the new stuff.

  • Is there any news about this being released on the EU store? I thought it was going to be released today over here too, but its not available to download :(

    I cant wait for it any longer! :)


  • You see that Capcom! Epic games is still supporting a year old game with all this content FREE of charge, but yet you’re charging us for a stop-n-pop 4 player deathmatch versus mode? Pathetic. The game is only 20 bucks now at my local Gamestop. I am picking this up and hopefully the community will be live and kicking.

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