inFamous Showcased in Game Informer and on IGN

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Hey All,

Thanks for all the great feedback on the trailer. We’ve got some more exclusive new info on inFamous headed your way.

Pick up the latest issue of Game Informer, available on newsstands this week, for an extensive hands-on look into the first 6 missions of the game.

inFamous Stormy

inFamous Dusk

Then on Friday afternoon, check-out IGN’s first detailed reveal of the in-game karma system.

We’ve got a lot of exciting new info coming for inFamous in the weeks ahead, so please stay tuned.

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  • This will be the last game I will play before I go to boot camp July 7 :(.

  • omg….. i died. all i wanna know is the release date, and play the demo. that’s it. im buying it, so just roll out the actual date, and maybe a new gameplay vid.

  • Hmm… this game looks more & more fun. I need a new action/adventure game. I’m getting a little tired of FPSs.

  • I’m exciting ^^

  • This looks excellent and I’ll preorder for sure.

    And I’m sure it has been mentioned but we need online co-op!

  • I think I’ll pass on the Game Informer impressions & walkthroughs, I’m already sold on the game and I want it to be a surprise :D

    – Matthew

  • I will be looking forward for this game

  • Thanks for informing me of upcoming information.

    Did you pick the shortest straw today?

  • Will consider to purchase this game.


  • since PR ppl are around hunting for hype

    Release (the englished filled Asia version) of Demon’s Souls

    Release (the englished filled Asia version) of Demon’s Souls

    Release (the englished filled Asia version) of Demon’s Souls

    Release (the englished filled Asia version) of Demon’s Souls

  • Hoping for demo annoucement.

  • I hope it turs out to be a great game. Still waiting for AAA PS3 announcement and secret BBC game!

  • Besides the overall fact this game looks and sounds UTTERLY AMAZING, I just can’t believe so much of this title appears to be that way… I hope it’s not too good to be true. :) I trust you folks at Sucker Punch though, to that lessens my worries. XD

    PLEASE keep the look, action, the Batman Begins and Dark Knight-esqe music, gameplay, voicing as it has been in the trailers and I am more than sure this title will become another gem for us lucky PS3 owners to enjoy.

    Just another reason why Sony and Playstation 3 are the KINGS of videogaming this gen!!

    Sony, you guys should drop the price of PS3 just a bit and package them with the game upon release… I am sure it would do well regardless, but it’s shaping up to be a MGS4 quailty title so me thinks it’s a pretty good idea.


  • I wish there was a Collector’s Edition of the game… So many of them have been worth the price as of late.

    Resistance 2, RE5, MGS4, GTA IV, SF IV, the Fallout 3 CE… All of them have AWSOME Collector’s Editions.

    Imagine an inFamous CE with a Steelbook Case that holds the game and a Making Of Blu-Ray (like RE 5) – with a Blooper Reel, the developement process – a mini-hardcover artbook… Just go crazy guys!

    What about a mini Cole figure that has translucent lighting bolts coming from his hands and the figure – wait for it – LIGHTS UP!!


  • It would be soo cool! Hell, I would buy 2 of them!

    I mean seeing the CES vids of you guys showing off the game and seeing people go “HOLY S*** THAT IS AWSOME!!” and start laughing at how powerful and cool Cole is I can only imagine how you guys and gals are in-house developing the game. To be able to work on a title this badass and get some insight into the process helps us lowly videogame college students see what goes on lol

    More of your Exclusives Sony MUST HAVE the option of either a regular or Collector’s Edition.

    Killzone II is a perfect example of this. If given the choice I sure most of us would have picked up the CE of that game over the regular version; Just look at MGS4.


    Just an idea.

  • Did I mention the games looks utterly amazing yet?



    I hate to say it but I think I am going to avoid that Game Informer article. I get the subscription so it might be unavoidable, but I don’t really want anthing of this games spoiled.


    A lot of buzz and hype for RE5 was killed I think because Capcom – I still love you guys… I can’t wait for Bionic Commando :) – released WAAYYYY to much gameplay and footage of the game.

    I was actually pretty upset. There are so many commercials out there spilling the guts of that game you can’t miss it.

    Where is the suprise factor? The WHOA! moments?

    So far in RE5 I have heard a lot of the game is in commercials. It shouldn’t be that way.

    Hint at stuff, maybe show some coolness, but never show all your cards.

    I am no marketing wiz, but if it were me, I would want hype and mystery around my big ass upcoming game. You can still get people talking with showing very little.

    The trailers for Bioshock 2, GTA IV, MGS4 are good examples.

    Again, just my 2 cents. :)

  • you guys should something do about the camera… in the videos it looks very “stiff”… hard to describe but I think you should make it more dynamic, it looks like the player is constantly adjusting it.
    I dont think anyone understands what I want to say lol

  • day 1 purchase

  • wonderful game!

  • I’m ready for this game. Its on my list of games to buy.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Third person shooter? SOLD! Hook, line and sinker!

  • awesome. Im stoked.

  • This game will be amazing!

  • i can’t wait for this game..
    and im really interested in the Karma system. can’t wait for that news on ign.
    but for now im going to go and continue my franchise mode in The Show (09)

  • I’m really looking forward to this game , I cannot wait to try the demo . . .

  • I am REALLY looking forward to hear about the “karma-system”. It’s a bit of a “do or die” for me. If this system is great, it’ll be a purchase, if not… I’m not so sure.

    Cool, looking forward to the additional info!

  • Weak Game

  • #22 – FPlus
    What on earth you talkin’ about?
    if anything, IGN loves Ps3.
    |<<<>>>>>| IGN | Gamespot
    Uncharted | 9.1 | 8.0
    Resistance | 9.1 | 8.6
    Resistance 2 | 9.5 | 9.0
    Killzone 2 | 9.4 | 9.0
    LBP | 9.5 | 9.0
    Motorstorm | 8.9 | 7.9
    Motorstorm: PR | 8.3 | 8.0
    Folklore | 9.0 | 7.0
    Gran Turismo 5 | 8.5 | 7.5
    Warhawk | 8.8 | 8.5
    MGS4:GotP | 10 | 10
    RatchetClank ToD| 9.4 | 7.5
    Valkyria Chronic| 9.0 | 8.5
    PJ Monsters | 8.5 | 7.5
    WipEout HD | 9.0 | 7.5

  • 8 words – Thank you PSN for a great PS3 exclusive

  • Karma-system?

    I haven’t heard that since Indigo Prophecy!

    I’m now even more intrigued!

  • My cash is already spokenfor, and I won’t be getting more soon, so I won’t be getting the game until fall, if at all

  • I am so excited for inFamous! When my Gameinformer came in the mail, I checked out the cover like I usally do, checked what games where there, and when i saw inFamous, I skipped everything and headed to that page.

    I am ready to play this game so bad. I have it as my ps3 theme and psp background!

  • Where is the ign reveal?

  • Yeah i was looking forward to Friday for the IGN reveal but Im not seeing it. Guess I’ll check tomorrow.

  • Ok, so where’s IGN’s article?

  • the infamous reveal isnt there on ign? is it still coming or something??

  • i really hope they play test this game first and see if they are any major glitches…

  • i hope you can play online too…but either way it’ll be awesome

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