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GDC is coming up rather quickly, and Chris and I are working on the same thing we did last year – the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge. The goal is to let the media go hands on with our latest and greatest, as well as conduct interviews with our producers and dev teams. Then they tell you about it. There’s also some tasty food and a veritable keg o’ caffeine.

This year, I wanted to extend the invitation to you, our dear readers. So after the media shuffle off to assorted GDC parties and dinners Wednesday evening, we’re going to re-open the doors for PlayStation fans. There’ll be fun, food, prizes, and, of course, it’ll be free. More details and RSVP instructions coming up tomorrow.

Here’s what else we’re working on for this week:

  • We were really happy with the response to our call for Killzone 2 launch pics, so we’re working on your next mission – with a significantly bigger incentive.
  • Actually, there are a number of other contests and competitions starting this week…
  • This week’s live chat goes Portable.
  • All the details on this week’s Spring Fever PSN game
  • I find out if myself and Mrs. PlayStation.Blog are having a boy or a girl.

I’ve stumbled across a lot of conflicting viewpoints on Resident Evil 5 over the past few days, so that’s the inspiration for the Question of the Week:

[poll id=”8″]

Personally, I’m an online co-op guy, and can’t imagine playing through alone. All right, see you again soon!

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  • There should be an option in the pole for not really interested in the game because Zombies freak me the stink out! lol

  • Still no Motoratorm article. whats going on are we ever going to see this???

  • I really, really want Resident Evil 5, but I’m a little low on cash right now. I DO plan to buy it next, no doubt (was hoping to get it today on sale, but I may not make it. :( ).

    When I get it, I’ll probably play single.

  • RE5 is out and no money to buy it :(
    Jeff can you snag a copy for me?

  • I hope Team ICO shows off what they’ve been working on at GDC. :)

  • Urm… this probably a rumor, but if it is true, when will we be expecting a video walkthrough of this firmware 2.70?

    My initial thought is that this is all totally fake.

    • 90% of what you read is totally fake unless you read it here first. Up that percentage to, say, 99.8% false if the news originated on a message board.

  • RE5 get a 3 out of 5 lol i played the demo and its not a good game

  • smack yourself cowboy the game is good and even better with a partner im all ready on professional mode. thats a poor excuse you made jus say you cant afford it right now like everyone else. the game was well put together

  • u r having a kid? Congratulations!

  • Congrats on the kid Prof.Playstation. Mine is about to turn 5 months this week. He’s a mess.

  • Solo, but Shiva’s AI is most certainly NOT better than my friends :(

    Capcom RE6, SP only campaign please.

  • @ 8 dude where i can’t afford it come from and how that make the game worst or better ? take your med , chill and get some sleep . if you have to insult me to make RE5 a great game then its probably a bad game .

  • If it’s a boy Jeff, name him after me

  • Congrats Jeff!

    If its a boy, name him Thom as in Thom Yorke of Radiohead!

    Thom(as) Rubenstein has a nice ring to it.

  • Congrat’ for your kid :)

  • needs to be a “Not buying it at all evar” poll option…

  • @ 8 hey man show some class about yourself just because we have money to buy games doesn’t make us any better to people who can’t afford games this is the wrong time to be talking like that . try taken a higher road my friends stop trying to insult people who can’t afford to buy every game like you and i .

  • Mazel tov!

    My wife and I are also waiting to find out the answer to that question, though we have a few more weeks before we’ll be able to find out for our’s. The only problem I’m running into is how many great games are coming out and how I’ll have to pass most of them up to save cash for baby things. But…priorities.

    • Dude, I hear you. The way the calendar is working out, I\’ve got a couple of months to get the baby to sleep through the night before all the holiday releases come out.

      Realistic? I dunno. Fingers crossed.

  • Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family Jeff!

  • There were some rumors of the new team ICO at GDC, that sure would be awesome, i will probably get RE5 later on.

  • RE what?! sorry no time to play anything besides Killzone. Never really been into RE since Code Veronica.

  • reason upset about paying to get features that should come with the initial sale of the game. besides, killzone is taking up all my time. missed 2 days of work and been late 3 times already, in a row…

  • I personally can’t wait for gdc so I can nerd out on the technical discussions. Just wish I could be there.

    Congrats on baby playstation Jeff!

  • Good news on the kid-o Jeff. Congrats and best wishes!

  • Whatever happened to the X-Men Origins livechat that was supposed to happen?

    Good to see re5 get some love with the poll, that game is fantastic!

  • I think it’s funny when they have these polls the majority of votes is always something like “I don’t have the game” “What is the Watchmen” “I am not getting the game”
    Do the people that visit this blog answer honestly or what?
    Just an interesting observation.

    Anyway, solid post and looks like another fun filled week of PlayStation!

    Congrats on the Little PlayStation.Blog!

    • Well, if 40% of readers of the blog actually have the game, as the poll indicates at this time, that\’s actually really good!

  • The best way to play RE5 is to not play it because it’s rubbish. Typical unimaginitive Capcom just churning out re-release after re-release. Apart from StreetFighter all their games have zombies in too!

  • Sweet guys! Resident Evil 5 is, so far, a blast! I play it with a friend in online co-op. Too damn fun! By the way, will there be any “Spring Fever temporary price cuts”?

    I’m looking forward for this week on PSBlog, as usual.

  • I prefer my way. LAN coop.
    actually is internet coop but friends met together in the club and we play via internet.. but together :)

    much fun with RE5 (and Kz2)

    I wished actual LAN game was available.

  • it seems that i was right in my last post.i think they are saving any news on the next firmware for or after the gdc event. just hope they dont release it on april’s fools LOL

    as for the rumour about the team ico game, i kind of doubt it. because,isnt team ico a jap based developer team? if so i would expect any news or announcements by the next tokyo game show. i hope i am wrong on this though…

    lastly but not least, congrats jeff for the new adition to the family i hope your baby is born with lots of health ! :)

  • Congrats on the coming Kid. Be prepared for a fun and exciting new lifestyle.

    Maybe I’ll get to meet you Weds. evening.

    Thanks for the info.

  • The crazy thing about RE5: It’s a deeply flawed game, with a primitive control scheme and terrible A.I. — but it’s still a TON of fun to play in co-op (either online or offline).

    In fact, I’ve tossed Killzone 2 aside because of the co-op in RE5. Darn shame that KZ2 doesn’t include any form of co-operative play. RE5 is a clear case that co-op can make an average game good, or a good game great.

  • Jeff,
    Be prepared to start playing late at night if you don’t already. My son still wakes up several times in the night and doesn’t go to bed til around 10pm. Least games are part of your good luck

    Any chance we’ll hear something from Popcap about Peggle?

  • Really excited this for the spring fever and announcements this week! =D
    Congrats Jeff on the father-to-be!
    Be sure to tell us the answer here =D

  • As much as you hear this, congrats on you child topic.

    but aside that, What about Bomberman Ultra?! Please tell me this week! I need to know or ill DIE! and i’d also like to see some good ol’ GDC stuff. but Bomberman Ultra is Number 1 on my list of importance!

  • yo any thing on god of war?

  • congrats about the baby, make sure she/he becomes a great gamer!!

    I have a feeling your baby is going to be a girl.

  • Congrats on the baby news! As the father of a 2 year old and 10 month old, just let me say, get the new baby on a schedule as quick as you possibly can. Just doing that will make life so much easier if you can do it early. :)

    And on a side note, I think we should have some Valkyria Chronicles news this week, if not here, on SEGA’s Twitter. :)

    • Yeah, I ran into some Sega folks at the RE5 launch on Thursday, and told them that they *need* to get on the Blog again soon. I promise you, I\’m being persistent!

  • Congrats on the kid. :) My youngest turned 7 months last weekend.

    I am thinking of getting RE5, well really, I am being pressured by my PS3 friends to get it. They need some more co-op buddies. :)

    Some of my favorite third-party Playstation franchises didn’t interest me as much this generation for whatever reason so far. Like Silent Hill and now Resident Evil. I think it may be because they are making them more action-oriented, I’m not sure. But PS3 needs some good co-op action in any form it can get it.

    And the contests, that has my interest! I tried to get the KZ2 strategy guide by submitting my pic. That was kind of fun and built some good excitement on launch day. Maybe I’ll have better luck with a future contest. :)

  • I love Radiohead too.

    I’m going to get this game for co-op alone as soon as it goes down in price.

  • Girl-girl-girl-girl-girl!!

    A boy would just take up way too much of your time. You’d come back from home to complain to us about the awful day you had trying to keep the kid from washing your car with a bucket of rocks. XD

  • Jeff…

    Not to suggest games outside of the PS realm but a website I’m affiliated with just did an article on games parents should introduce their kids to. Keep it handy…you’ll need it in a few years.


  • Congrats about the baby Jeff! Will you be live blogging the birth lol?

  • hey jeff i’ve been wondering will ps3 or psp ever make a game or application where you could produce your own beats kinda like the
    nintendo ds has korg DS 10 or something like
    sony acid pro ? this would be awsome lots of people are interested in producing their own music like my self and being able to store on the ps3 or uploading it on youtube.another
    good example is the Iphone has beatmaker please look into it and pass it on.please
    respond this is my second comment ever ;..;

  • @Jeff Congrats dude. What ever gender it is, just make sure when the kid is born to take good care of him/her.

    As for the poll. There should always be an option to the people that isn’t planning to get the game or watch the movie. That way the poll can be more accurate.

  • Me and my girlfriend also have a kid on the way, due ether late october or early november, so i have lots to do and think about and i have to sadly limit my gaming purchases, but im hoping to get Resident Evil 5 next…

  • Congratz on the kid Jeff!

    Also this looks like it will be a good week for the blog :)

  • I have to admit, i was very skeptical about RE5 because of the hole not moving and shooting thing, but once you get past the pistol part it is a lot of fun.

  • RE5 is a OK me..its thrilling when the “infected people” attack u..but annoying when u CANT RUN AND GUN..yet its really fun when u playing with a good friend who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING..and doesnt mind HELPING OUT im very anticipated for Bionic Commando..and alil for DarkVoid..but yeah capcom has been doing a GREAT job impressed.keep up the good work! as for Jeff congrats man..get ready to pawn those games for

  • Hmm I’ve been too busy with Killzone 2 to really care for RE5. Though I did purcahse RE 5 just to play co-op with my gf. Other than the co-op and graphics the game feels several years old.

    But not to be all negative, it’s still a great game, I’d just rather give Killzone my attention for now lol.

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