Sack It to Me: “Back into the DLC Swing” Edition

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Greetings LBP friends. If you have been keeping up with the internets or our Blog you should know that SackBoy has been seen puttering around all over these days. Whether he’s in England winning awards for Media Molecule at the BAFTA or swinging clubs in other games, you’ll never know when you are going to see him next. Now we know its been all quiet on the DLC front lately, but since all good things come to those who wait, here are the details on where SackBoy is going to be next!

He’s at Kohls!

LBP Kohl's shirt

If you checked out last week’s post, you saw the black LBP shirt that is now sold out at Hot Topic except for the larger sizes. But fear not, as they re-stock there is another shirt available at your local Kohl’s if you want something on the lighter side. Hopefully more LBP gear to come!

On March 17th he visits IRELAND!

LittleBigPlanet Add-On St Patty's Day Costume

St. Patrick’s Day costume: FREE (available for one week only) If you want to avoid the “pinch” and get luck on you side, be sure to visit the store between March 17th to the 24th so you can celebrate St. Patty’s day LBP style.

On March 19th he invades HELGHAN!

LittleBigPlanet -Add-On Killzone Minipack banner

Killzone Mini-pack: $2.99
The ISA isn’t the only one invading Helghan! With both Sev and Helghast costumes along with 32 KZ-themed stickers this mini-pack brings the fight against the Helghast to LittleBigPlanet.

On March 26 he hits BUZZ!

LittleBigPlanet - Buzz Render

Buzz! Mini-Pack: $1.99
SackBoy is about the get Buzzed! as he sports the costume of PlayStation’s most famous game show host and we get cool stickers to Buzz-ify our levels.
Take that Trebeck!

On April 2, he marches on to PATAPON!

LittleBigPlanet - Patapon Axe Front

Patapon Costume: $1.99
As mentioned on the Pata-Post a few weeks ago, Pata-Fans can celebrate the approach of Patapon 2 (Patapon 2 tag) with this costume including a selection of weapon options.

On April 9, he returns to HEAVENLY SWORD!

LittleBigPlanet - Heavenly Sword Render

Heavenly Sword Mini-pack: $2.99
If you didn’t get Nariko the first time, now is your chance and Kai is coming along with her, not to mention 27 Heavenly Sword themed stickers too.

On April 16, SackBoy goes to CHINA

LittleBigPlanet - Monkeyking

Monkey King Costume: FREE (available permanently) This costume based on the Monkey King story is a winning design from our LBP community in Asia. Now we can all be winners with a free new costume!

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  • Loving the KZ2 costumes! Thanks for the update. Cheers :))

  • Sooooo….they’re gonna milk the costume thing as long as possible I see. Seriously though…are a ton of people still buying these? They add nothing to the overall game experience…it’s just a new skin.

    Wake me up when there are new developer made levels to actually play. I’m not wasting any more money on a skin where the novely wears off after about 5 minutes.

  • I think the MGS level Pack was amazing.

  • yea i have to agree with others i still play lbp and i was expecting a few developers made levels to. but i’m glade my gurl Nriko coming with Kai i hope she coming.

  • MM why not release a expansion pack like you did with MGS


    And lot’s of fun!

    The people for the trophies return to the game and you earn more coins.. xD

    By the way .. I WANT LARA CROFT!

  • Why not sell premiumm level packs with costumes, stickers, music etc to be unlocked through a series of levels like the MGS pack had. I’d gladly pay for that but these costumes are just too pricey for what’s included. Loving the Monkey King though.

  • A little disappointed that there’s no new level packs ala MGS. I thought there would be after last weeks “tight-lipped” teaser post.

  • Keep the clothing gear coming!!! As much as possible!

  • So now I have to pay $2.99 if I want the Kai costume and 27 heavenly sword stickers, even though I already got the Nariko costume. :/

  • For everyone asking why they dont have level packs like the MGS one…

    It takes a lot more work to create a level pack (if you haven’t noticed) and with them trying to get DLC out every week it’s a lot easier for them to just have costumes. However every once in a while they could do levels…

  • HOLD UP. Here it says on March 17th the St. Patrick’s costume is available, yet on the Media Molecule link it says it’s available on March 12th! So that means it’s out right now? This could lead to a lot of people not getting the costume… Please fix this! :D

  • Also, can anyone tell me a way to contact MM so I can ask if they will have the seasonal costumes available again, such as the seasonal price ones and the valentines price ones. I got the free ones but my account was empty since I live in Canada and I get my PSN cards when I go to the states.

  • the question i have is: with the heavenly sword pack you get both kai and nariko for 2.99…is there going to be a discounted price if someone already has nariko?

  • Nice FREE costumes for the win!!!!!!

  • Yeah, the only DLC I see myself purchasing would be more level packs like MGS (besides every free costume I can get my hands on). Or if there was costumes based on a game I REALLY liked, I might consider that too. But that hasn’t happened yet.

  • DaxMontana

    Wow, just because you FAIL at comprehension doesn’t mean I do, idiot. I’m sure you know where you can stick that dictionary tough guy.

    Being a complete ass doesn’t make you right.

    I could care less about what you pay, don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Period.

  • Sack’alicious

  • @LBPlanetoid

    Your totally right, I forgot about those. Lets hope they consider that this time around and release them separately.

  • Finally, some LBP DLC. But seriously? $2 for a costume and $3 for a set of stickers and a costume?!

  • these look really sick! i’d love for you guys to create a Helghan themed level for us that aren’t too great on the creative side :( (points finger at self).


  • i alreaady got the St.Paddys day costume

  • Sounds legit!

  • Go Irish!

  • hey this is my first coment… i have one cuestion, you see i live in mexico and here the psn point card isnt aviable and a guy from a videogame store tell me that the arent coming here for sale so is this true? because i miss a lot of the LBP DLC because of that ( because im from mexico i cant use a credit card) so i hope you know something about that, thanks

  • Exciting to see we may use the Helghast costume after such a long wait.

  • I agree that buying these costumes is entirely voluntary, but the pricing is kind of high. Honestly, the only thing I’ve bought so far is the MGS pack, which disappointed me because I still had to drop 1.99$ on the Solid Snake costume. I mean why would you have a MGS pack separate from the Solid Snake costume. IMO Snake should have been included and the other costumes optional.

    Anyway, we appreciate the free costumes, and I’m not against MM charging for other costumes. However, 2$ per costume is too high. If you plan on selling the costumes to the people other than those who are passionate about the character/costume, then you must lower the price. I like the God of War franchise a hundred more times than I like the MGS franchise (hell I don’t even own a MGS game), but I’m not dropping 2$ on a Kratos costume. If MM made a GoW level pack (including the costume), then I would pay 4.99 for that.

    Look at the price of the original game and keep that in mind. Add up all the costs for the DLC for LBP and see how it compares to the entire game. I.E. are around 20 costumes and a few levels worth the same amount as the game itself?

  • If we have Nariko, can we still get Kai and the stickers without buying it all over again?

  • Only 1 Helghast :( I was hoping for atleast a variety of Helghast troop from Heavies to Radec.

  • That’s freaking AWESOME!!! I’m going to head to the Kohls down the street and get one of those bad a$$ t-shirts, providing they have them in stock.

    The Leprechaun looks awesome, so does the Patapon, and Monkey King… WOW, Just WOW!! Simply amazing! that one is.

    I especially like the idea of weapon variations for the Patapon set.

    I’m especially glad that I’ll be able to get these before and after my vacation.

    I just have one question about the Heavenly Sword pack.

    If we already have the Nariko Costume, will there be a separate Kai and Sticker set?

    Say for $1.99?

    I don’t think the system will download a second Nariko costume, so it seems like those of us who have Nariko and want to have Kai and the stickers would be paying more for less.

    On another note, the best part about Buzz is that I can now make a Sackboy version of myself. He wears the same glasses I have and square frames were sorely missed from the game.

    I’m so stoked!!!

    Thank you.

  • The Patapon costume looks so epic! LOL

  • Love free! :D

  • Totally awesome, will download. >:3

  • Monkey King!!!?!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!

  • Where are these shirts that are supposed to be at Kohl’s? I can’t find them in the online store and I can’t find them at my local store either :(

  • Not to sound bitter like some of these other post but I have stoped playing little big planet. Don’t get me wrong I log in every day just to see whats new but nothing ever seems to change. I have beaten all the story levels “and MGS4”, unlocked every item and have played many community levels. That was almost two months ago… Now I log on look for maybe some new news, the news section is the same as last week. Okay lets look at the community levels, same ones on top that ive played before. Lets do a serch most hearted, same ones ive played before. Lets serch by tag I like the music tag, same ones ive played before and so on. Okay lets see if a friend is playing, okay there playing killzone or burnout… I then log off LBP and play somthing else. This has been the norm for weeks. Im a big Sack Boy fan though my wife and I can’t wait to get to Hot Topic :)

  • Sounds great, thanks for the update dude.


  • With costumes/skins consistantly placing in the top ten on the PSN (both LBP and for other games), there’s little motivation for MM to put much time and money into meaty level packs. These new skins do take resources to make, but I can’t imagine it’s remotely close to the cost of putting together a level pack like MGS. The pricing of the skins, and lack of game impacting features to these “mini packs”, will not change because bottom line is people are buying them and they must provide a sweet profit margin for MM & Sony. I won’t be buying skins, unless they are part of DLC that impacts on gameplay. Thanks, but no.

    On a positive note, the Pata-sack looks awesome. I am also intrigued by the mention of a selection of weapons being included. Will these weapons impact on gameplay, or are they just decor? If it’s the former, then I will definitely consider a purchase. I can’t say I’m optimistic.

  • The only thing I will consider buying from you guys are GAME CHANGING DLC updates a la MGS Pack.

  • cool thnxs

  • Thank you for the update.

    Levels Please. Don’t care if they are video game themed or not, I like the shipped level the most. Just level Packs.

    I might be the only one here, but I think the Monkey King costume is the best of all of them listed. And Free.

  • PATAPON LBP DLC!!!! That one looks awesome but I’m going to have to shelf $1.99 for it… hmmm? Okay (:

  • So I’m going to assume when I check the store for Heavenly Sword, it’ll already be checked off and I’ll just re-download it again just to get Kai? I’m confused on that.

  • Where are the Dev-Made level packs for LBP? We have had 1…and thats it. Greatly disappointing.

  • I’d like to see more packs like MGS

  • yay! i can’t wait for Kai and the kyute monkey king~ xD

  • Is the Heavenly Sword pack going to be automatically available to people with the Best Buy pre-order code? Is that why it hasn’t shown up on the “my content” planet yet? Or is that NEVER going to show up and we’re going to have to buy this pack to get the stickers and Kai costume even though you guys basically promised that the Nariko costume wasn’t going to be available outside of the pre-order?

  • I’ll buy anything that I like… so far I’ve bought everything!

    I would like more themed level packs, PLEASE!! (hint: KZ theme pack)


  • I’m a big fan of LBP and have made 12 very good levels however I am NOT falling for the costume con that you guys have going. I refuse to spent money on cosmetics and so I have not bought a single costume yet.
    If you want LBP to still be played in a few months then you have to add something more then just a new skin for your sackboy now and again.
    I stopped playing LBP after getting platinum but when th MGS level back got relesd I suddenly got a interested in the game again. Even long after getting all the MGS trophies I still kept playing and making levels.

    Nothing lasts forever. Even the best game on the planet gets boring after a while. LBP needs some proper updates. Level packs (not just from other IPs, just general new levels), Youtube Uploading, Online Create etc etc will all bring people back in their hordes to play again. Giving us an overpriced costume every week just doesn’t cut it.

    Rant over. Still love LBP though. Just don’t like the developer support it’s getting so far.

  • Yay!!!

    I’ve been waiting for new costumes! LBP is the one PS3 title that I can’t put down. Definitely going to buy all the new packs. Killzone and Patapon have got to be the best costumes coming.

    I don’t think we need level packs there’s way too many worlds to explore already. But…

    Can we get the ICE pack? I want some Sackcubes.

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