Pata-post Friday Presents: Patapon 2 Demo

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Happy lucky Friday the 13th to all! Lucky because it is once again time for the much participated, happily anticipated, and long-awaited Pata-post Friday!

My official mission with today’s post is to begin recruitment of a select number of individual who enjoy the following special qualities:

  • Enjoy lively music with a catchy rhythm.
  • Love to dance.
  • Like drums
  • Enjoy wearing funny (yet powerful) helms.
  • Is not a grouch.

If you think the qualities above describe your personality, then get your thumbs ready for the brand new (to us at least) Patapon 2 Demo (now in English!).

For those new to the Patapon tale, here’s a crash course: a band of loveable warriors dance-chant-kill through treacherous battlefields in search for the homeland of their ancestors, much beloved (and praised) Earthend.

Patapon 2

Patapon 2 is the next chapter, and you’ll find that their search has led them to be shipped-wrecked on foreign shores with little to survive except their sacred drums,their fever for Earthend, and you their “Mighty One” to guide them.

So what’s in the demo you ask? Well, first of all there are five amazingly jive-tastic levels for you to pata-pata-pata-pon your way through, which I should add, is just a small sample of the smorgasbord of 80+ levels your fight through in the full game.

Patapon 2 - Matter of Life Tree

You’ll also be introduced to the new Hero Patapon as well as test your troop evolution and customization at ye ol’ Mater Tree of Life.

You’ll also unlock the secret Patagate, an entrance to a mystical world of multiplayer! Yes, Patapon 2 has gone the way of ad-hoc, so you and up to 3 friends will be able to march, attack, and defend your way to victory, as well as unlocking new secret abilities for the Hero Patapon.

Patapon 2 - Game Share

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ve thrown GameShare, so you can set up an impromptu ad-hoc session you’re your friends (even if they are Patapon-less).

But that’s not all! For all your early adopters (that means you) out there, we’ll also be giving you a very special Lordy Hairpiece, a one of a kind Helm only available to everyone that gets the demo.

Patapon 2 - Lordy Hairpiece

We know that you will rub your thumbs raw playing the demo, so to honor your hard work and dedication, all your progress and items collected during the demo (including the super-stylish Lordy Hairpiece) will transfer over to the full version.

The greatness that is the Patapon 2 Demo is available exclusively to all you warriors out there that reserve a copy in advance! So now that you’ve all been edumacated on the way of Patapon, Patapon 2 demo and the rule of drums, all that is left for you to do is click on one of the two links below:

Step 1: Click here for GameStop pre-order.
Step 2: Click here for pre-order.

You can do it!!

(Each retailer is different so be sure to check the program details!)

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  • Cool! I would preorder, but I think I can hold off and just get the demo when it’s eventually released for free. Game looks great though!

  • Not what I meant

  • Will the demo be coming to PSN at all?

    I bought the first game and I can’t seem to figure it out. I can never beat the drums at the right times and the Patapon never end up doing what I want them to. Its very annoying, I stopped playing after about a week.

    I cant say I will be buying the 2nd one without playing a demo first. The first one just didnt work for me, I couldnt figure it out. :S :S :S

  • @starBlinky

    It’s all about the rhythym and the patterns! I found it real esay!

  • I’ve Tried the demo from the British PSN Store, and i have to say that the new patapon has definitely gotten much better from the 1st. Maybe i might just pick this one up.

    you were right… the second has convinced me to get it.

  • The multiplayer is just what this game needed to sell me and my friends lol

  • Please stop with the pre-order demos Sony. A demo is for those who want to “taste”, not those who have already ordered the full meal.

    I plan on buying Patapon 2, but I don’t feel the need to be bound by pre-order.

    At least release the demo on PSN later, I’d appreciate that.

  • Hey Chris, always good to hear from you.

    I agree that this thing where demos go exclusively to people who commit to buying the game is not only all-around lame, but it’s also absurd. Shouldn’t a demo entice people sitting on the fence to purchase the game?

    That being said, fear not… I DO plan on pre-ordering the game, as my fiancee and I (particularly her, since she basically stole my PSP after I got the first one!) were big fans of the original.

  • OK, pre-ordered. But seriously, Chris, this is a rare exception to the rule. The demos being used as pre-order incentives need to stop. I wouldn’t do this for just ANY associate producer! ;-)

  • what happened to releasing these games over the psn? i would like to have locoroco 2 patapon 2 and resistance on my memory stick. it is easier then changin discs.

  • You know what would sell me on this game?



    I really, really want to play through Patapon 1, but I’m at the point where if you lose your Fever you get seriously screwed, and my train ride is broken up just enough to prevent me from getting through a level without having to get up and transfer. If you suspend the game by powering off, your Fever is instantly lost when powering back on. And from what I’ve heard Patapon 2 is exactly the same, although I’d love to be told otherwise.

    Yes, pausing might allow people to cheat, but so freaking what. Don’t punish people who have legitimate needs for pausing a video game. Sheesh.

    Sorry. Rant over.

  • i know is this is not in topic bu please check this out and tell me if is funny

  • We need 720p Patapon Playstation 3 goodness from the Playstation Store.


  • Why is that we have to preorder at the store to get the patapon demo while Japan and Europe gets it on the PSN store?

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  • OMFG



    the people that work there are the BIGGEST xbots…


  • This whole thing is silly. Isn’t the point of demos for people that are not sure they want to buy the game. People who pre-order already want the game! So silly! XD

  • I’ll also hold off until the demo is available to all.

    But I’m excited to try it out.

  • Like I said not what I meant

    Put the demo in the PS Store already
    You have it in Japan and Europe but not here
    To prove my point, ask everyone who has already posted
    The Pre-order thing is good, when you give them a UMD option
    Please, get it in the Playstation Store ASAP

  • I don’t get the preorder = demo thing.
    I thought the demo was to sell it to people who weren’t sure.

    Oh well my PSP is broken so who cares?

    If anyone could answer, how much is it for a new PSP underscreen? (The one with the pixels)

  • Hey Chris, (hope I can be that informal)

    I was just wondering will sony make patapon 1 available for download? Also seeing as how other territories got Patapon2 for download will we be getting the same? The reason I ask is I also plan on owning a new psp 4000 or 2 or whatever and I would like to have both on the same handheld. The first one was great and Im looking foward to this as well.

  • pon pon pata pon, sorry i couldnt resist.

  • Sorry for posting late… too busy on Killzone 2 and President Devil 5 :)

    Pataon looks great!

  • Wow, way to:

    1. Generate a bunch of inane and pointless ill will with the exact people you are trying to reach

    2. Massively limit the number new people you are trying to reach

    Someone in Sony’s marketing team is trying to be clever and failing badly.

    You would think the heads of Sony’s marketing team would at the very least have some junior producer/intern types who read this and other boards giving them feedback on how their marketing and promotion of games is going.

    Sony Marketing Exec: How is our marketing campaign going for game X?

    Sony Employee: Every single person hates and thinks it’s stupid to limit the demo to people who are pre-ordering

    Sony Marketing Exec: Wow, we really screwed up. Let’s not make that mistake again!

  • Right now you just have to shake your head at how Sony is promoting its own games.

    Sony has the most amazing and gigantic direct marketing tool in all of gaming with Home and they don’t have a clue how to use it.

    It would have been trivial to create some Patapon-ish cloths or items for Home and have them a bonuses for people who pre-order. Creating content for Home is incredibily easy for something like clothing. No scripting or debugging. Sony already has a bunch of template source artwork that can just be reused.

    And you would have people running around in Home doing advertising for you with everyone wanting to know where those Patapon items came from. And you could even not make the idiotic mistake you did with the Killzone 2 avatar outfits where you didn’t get them until a week after the pre-orders went out and everyone who didn’t know about the bonus was now unable to hop onto Amazon and pre-order the game.

    Instead you are intentionally limiting the game’s marketing to people who are already going to buy it. Come on. You can do better than this.

  • I really hate the “reserve here” demos. Well, I just don’t want to deal with GameStop or mail orders. Since it’s Patapon…I may cave.

  • Got the demo thursday from the UK Store and its great .


  • Anyhow


    it needs to be said, because KZ2 ADS are horriblly marketed, I barely see them on tv, and putting them at night at 1 am RARELY isnt going to generate hype/sales.

    Patapon 2 deserves sales as well, I mean look at nintendo, they get sales like crazy because they know how to advertise.

    What happened to the king of gaming, who advertised on every single channel?And overshadowed xbox/GC ads??

  • Awesome! What a nice surprise on my 8 month marriage anniversary :)

  • Pre-ordering for demo access is getting very, very, very old.

  • I want a PATAPON game for the PS3, PLEASE!!!!

  • I have to get this. I bought the first Patapon, mostly because of the $19.99 price tag ;). Is this game only going to be sold through UMD? I hope it’s made available to download on the PlayStation Store. Carrying UMDs kind of made me stop carrying my PSP around. :(

  • I’m interested in whether the pre-order, get a demo system actually helps sales. I think it’s a bold experiment but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I have a feeling it’s going to happen again with Infamous. Hopefully you guys know that if a game is good, then people will buy it, and even more so if they play the demo of said great game.

  • If you live in Europe, you don’t have to pre-order as the demo went live this last Thursday. Why do they not have to pre-order?

  • DON DONDON DONDON~ i heart the gameshare idea, so i can spread the pata love to all them doubters ^___^ CHIKA CHIKA PATA PON

  • Never played a Patapon game. Tried the demo for the 1st one, and I don’t really know what to think of it :/

  • i agree with most people above.
    im tired of sony “selling” demos to people who alrdy getting the game anyway.
    i dont have a problem with pre-order goodies but demo’s are a way to convince people to buy the game if they are not sure they want it, its not for people who are gona get the game anyway.

  • I’m definitely going to get this game, I liked the original, but i got stuck. Anyway, preordering for the demo wouldn’t be such a bad thing for me if it was available at any store. I already have a membership elsewhere, and the Gamestop in my town sucks!

  • I’m sick of this preorder to get extra’s junk. I don’t preorder games. There is no purpose in preordering a game. And if I were to preorder a game, it wouldn’t be from Gamestop.

  • Pre-ordered! Can’t wait for this game…it will give my PSP new life!


  • This pre-order stuff is sleazy. Especially for those of us in Canada where eb-games is the only option.

    Also: will patapon 2 be available as a download from the PS Store?

  • wish it was on the ps3..

  • Amazon has patapon2 listed for $23 (save $7 off of $30 asking price! ZOMG!!) and a release date of June 30th… WHY? Why would I spend more money and wait almost two extra months (beyond the USA release date) to play a game thats already available in other regions? Honestly, is the demo coming to the PSN or not? Because the demo and the entire game are already available on the european store. I could understand having to preorder to get the demo for Patapon1 because that came on a physical UMD which I’m sure costs money to produce. But considering that these places are now just handing out demo codes for the store, there’s no reason why we should have to preorder if we can just go to a different region store and get the demo for free.

  • Also, will the full game be released as a download as well in north america or will it remain UMD only? My preference is for the physical media that comes with the instruction book and everything, but I know there’s plenty of people out there with huge memory sticks who would rather have a digital copy. It would be great for everyone if we could do both. (since we’re probably going to see a UMD legacy download eventually anyway)

  • This whole demo with a pre-order is getting kinda lame.

  • Promises, promises… stop with the shenanigans of offering exclusive stuff to those that pre-order when you just end up allowing eveybody else to have the thing later on for nothing.

  • 15$ shipping for a 20$ game, thats a little much Gamestop!

  • Once again people who don’t live in the USA miss out on exclusive things.

  • @42
    I live in Canada, and there is a GameStop here, so…

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