Pata-post Friday Presents: Patapon 2 Demo

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Happy lucky Friday the 13th to all! Lucky because it is once again time for the much participated, happily anticipated, and long-awaited Pata-post Friday!

My official mission with today’s post is to begin recruitment of a select number of individual who enjoy the following special qualities:

  • Enjoy lively music with a catchy rhythm.
  • Love to dance.
  • Like drums
  • Enjoy wearing funny (yet powerful) helms.
  • Is not a grouch.

If you think the qualities above describe your personality, then get your thumbs ready for the brand new (to us at least) Patapon 2 Demo (now in English!).

For those new to the Patapon tale, here’s a crash course: a band of loveable warriors dance-chant-kill through treacherous battlefields in search for the homeland of their ancestors, much beloved (and praised) Earthend.

Patapon 2

Patapon 2 is the next chapter, and you’ll find that their search has led them to be shipped-wrecked on foreign shores with little to survive except their sacred drums,their fever for Earthend, and you their “Mighty One” to guide them.

So what’s in the demo you ask? Well, first of all there are five amazingly jive-tastic levels for you to pata-pata-pata-pon your way through, which I should add, is just a small sample of the smorgasbord of 80+ levels your fight through in the full game.

Patapon 2 - Matter of Life Tree

You’ll also be introduced to the new Hero Patapon as well as test your troop evolution and customization at ye ol’ Mater Tree of Life.

You’ll also unlock the secret Patagate, an entrance to a mystical world of multiplayer! Yes, Patapon 2 has gone the way of ad-hoc, so you and up to 3 friends will be able to march, attack, and defend your way to victory, as well as unlocking new secret abilities for the Hero Patapon.

Patapon 2 - Game Share

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ve thrown GameShare, so you can set up an impromptu ad-hoc session you’re your friends (even if they are Patapon-less).

But that’s not all! For all your early adopters (that means you) out there, we’ll also be giving you a very special Lordy Hairpiece, a one of a kind Helm only available to everyone that gets the demo.

Patapon 2 - Lordy Hairpiece

We know that you will rub your thumbs raw playing the demo, so to honor your hard work and dedication, all your progress and items collected during the demo (including the super-stylish Lordy Hairpiece) will transfer over to the full version.

The greatness that is the Patapon 2 Demo is available exclusively to all you warriors out there that reserve a copy in advance! So now that you’ve all been edumacated on the way of Patapon, Patapon 2 demo and the rule of drums, all that is left for you to do is click on one of the two links below:

Step 1: Click here for GameStop pre-order.
Step 2: Click here for pre-order.

You can do it!!

(Each retailer is different so be sure to check the program details!)

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