Noby Noby Boy Update Coming

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Last month, Girl reached the moon.

Noby Noby Boy moon

I was filled with emotion when that happened because I was wondering if a lot of people were playing the game. And I am truly grateful for all those who have. Thank you all very much. Some of our own staff was also touched more than they had expected. With that said, the next goal, Mars, is still far away. It would take all the current players a while to reach Mars, so more people have to join in on the fun.

There have been many reviews/criticisms since Noby Noby Boy released. I totally understand as this is such a unique game and I expected those reactions. I don’t mean to make any excuses. That being said, I do get depressed from time to time as I want users to enjoy the game as much as possible. But at the same time, this is what I wanted to create.

In the hopes that more people can enjoy the game, we are currently working on an update.

A featured addition to the update is going to be offline multiplayer. Some may say, “Offline!?” But it’ll still be fun. Please check it out.

Well, it’s going to be quite a long journey to Mars. Please be patient. This is Takahashi.

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  • I’m interested in picking up the game. I just haven’t had much time with Killzone 2,Flower,SF4 and RE5 coming out. I might just grab it this weekend though.

  • Arigato Takahashi! did i say that right? , i need to buy this game and flower..

  • I wanted the game when I saw the price tag (I have bought other games not worthy of their $9.99 price tags)…

    But then killzone 2 came and just stopped buying from the store.

    BUT I think this game deserves to be bought, so along with killzone 2, they will have some of my free time…lol.

    Thanks for not copying and making something entirely new, that is what gaming is about, even if some ppl don’t believe it, games are art in its purest of forms.

    Some of the arguments about games not being art is that many ppl get involved in creation of the piece, but, same thing goes on a painting (the painter doesn’t “create” the canvas, he just paints over it), etc.

    So, thanks for bringing new experiences, take care.

  • Offline multiplayer? In this age of (only) online gaming, that choice MUST be rewarded, it seems like no developer thinks that a second person might be around a gamer at any time of his/her life -_-‘

  • @AlexTheStampede

    Massively agree. This hard-on for online is pretty sad. Just like the co-op hard on.

  • Dear Mr. Takahashi,
    I’m glad NobyNobyBoy will have an update. But its not because the game wasn’t good to begin with. I truly think that it redefined what is possible in games. It wasn’t even clear to me that a game could ask you to do nothing in specific and yet be so enjoyable. Both my girlfriend and I love the game. It’s a creative masterpiece, both in its idea, and insofar as it came out at a time where FPSs (and in general games centered around killing the all pervasive enemy [what enemy?]) rule the market. If you like, a good comparison would be to the original VW Beetle. It was both an imaginative design, and it came out against the grain of larger and larger cars. NobyNoby is like that, and the avant-garde, is almost by definition for the few. You should know that for the few who liked it though, you take the position of the genius artist behind the work, the man who thought up the strange creature that is BOY (not to mention his BOY-like controls), and his commitment to GIRL. Thank you.


  • I just wanted to add another “YAY!” for this game. It’s incredibly inventive and was a very courageous step into new territory.

  • Yeah, I just don’t get Noby Noby Boy. Could someone explain what’s so creative and awesome about it?

  • Awesome Multiplayer will be great! :D

  • Hurray for multiplay :)

  • I love this game as much as Katamary Damacy titles for PS2 and I think Mr. Takahashi that it would be great add some more targets/goals because after doing the same time over and over it gets a little boring, I’m not saying that the game is bad, it’s a masterpiece indeed, but I thing that it’s my resposability to say this because producers like you Mr. Takahashi need to hear us the gamers to improve your products.

    Thank you for this game and the Katamary Damacy Mr. Takahashi

  • Just wanted to give my two cents–

    I love this game. It is great, and is the most relaxing video game I have ever played. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, and hope there are more quirky PSN games coming in the future.

    Good work, and thank you!

  • You are such a nice guy. NNB is just a great game. Random, whacky, but all in all, fun.


  • Can’t wait.

  • Hey, Mr. Takahashi, Don’t worry about the reaction to the game. It’s not a game that everyone will understand, but those of us who do love it. I really love going into Noby Noby Boy after a long day of school or work just to unwind, between sessions of stuff like Killzone or Street Fighter, and just before bed. It’s a great way to waste a few minutes.

    Thank you so much for making this game and thank Namco/Sony for taking a chance on such an experimental title.

    TO MARS EVERYONE! I added 6000M to the distance last night. :D

  • We love the game!!!! =D
    I mean i was watching an ostrich with a crescent and pear on its back in hot pursuit of a shark with a mini moon on its back!
    Seriously… In what other game can you see such randomness… I LOVE IT!!!

  • I’m sad because you are sad!

    Don’t be! Your game has made me smile so much, and I was so glad to be able to take pictures and videos so that I can remember those memories.

    Thank you for this!
    Mars is so far away though. :(

  • At first I didn’t understand this game…and then I played it and I still don’t understand this game…but I still play it because I want to FIND THAT DARN PRICE!

  • ooops! I meant find that PRINCE!

  • Please keep making games like this. Critics will be critics, just be happy if you created the game you wanted to create.

  • Keita Takahashi FTW

  • This game has some online features that are ahead of it’s time, and so many people will not understand it. It also takes a person with a sense of humor to appreciate this game. Thank you for making such a unique game.

  • Wow, THE Keita Takahashi posting on the US blog! :O

  • Offline = Not Fun

    Online with Friend and Voice Chat = So Much Fun You Have No Idea

    The number of boys playing is day is drastically dropping. 3,000ish and dropping.

    While I know you hate Katamari, being the avid follower I am…but there are tons of people that want more katamari. A lot more than you may think or want to believe. PS3 and Wii folk want Beautiful Katamari or a new game even. There is a huge following for the game. I know, I run a fansite for it. Please, for the love of katamari, send us some more rolling fun.

    I love Noby. But it’s just not the same. You add online to it and I’ll love Noby even more and will be a little bit happier since I can’t get my next gen katamari fix.

  • This is a great game, and I love it all the more for its creativity and uniqueness.

    Couple question, if you are reading:

    Will any new trophies be available for the new planets as they are unlocked? I’d like to see new challenges for the new planets…

    Is it possible to add customization to Noby Noby Boy (the character), or possibly other Noby Noby boys to play as?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • You’ve done a great job on the game… I look forward to the update and to your future games!

    One suggestion I’d like to make is adding a setting to change the volume of the stretching sound… I always have to turn down the volume on my TV because it’s quite loud. Looking forward to getting to Mars… oooh I’d love to see a map-type feature showing all of the planets and Girl’s distance from each… possibly an ETA as well.

    Thanks… and great work!

  • I love your games with a pashion! I remember when I first played the first Katimari demo, I just couldn’t help but smile.

    Keep doing what you love to do! Never stop! I love your work!

    Litle Big Planet Boy and Prince costumes? *wink*

  • wow you people at the top have sad sad lives. news flash – ‘you will die alone’.

    OT: its great that you guys are supporting your fans and giving them the option for offline multiplayer. more power to the players and in this case the devs too! great work guys.


  • Will the Multiplayer-Mode cost anything or will it be for free (dont expect that)???

  • really great game

    i dont play it a lot

    but when i do, i forget about everything in life.

    its a trip worth taking

  • Unfortunately, after buying this game I have to say that I was disappointed. And I really wanted to like this game too, because Katamari is one of my favorite games of all time. The reason I liked Katamari is because of its killer soundtrack, the offbeat humor, and it’s ability to make me feel like I was really good at the game. And in Noby Noby Boy all of these great qualities are gone. My problem is that I have no motivation to keep playing. Maybe there’s some cool easter-eggs in the game, but when I played the only cool thing that happened was when some people jumped on my back. I know the point of this game is to discover everything for yourself, but I don’t know if there’s anything actually worth discovering. I also think the unique menu system is not worth its confusion factor. Really, the only thing I like about the game is the controls and the art style. Sorry for the extremely long comment; I just had to get this off my chest.

  • Mr. Takahashi, please don’t lose hope!!!!!
    NOBYNOBYBOY is an amazing game. Thank you.

  • can we have an update to get some land deformation so that each planet will be different other than the color and the size?

  • Takahashi.

    First of all, let me say thank you for answering all of the questions I asked in my last comments. Relax! I have no more questions for you this time.

    Do not worry about the criticism. You and your team have made an amazing game that is a lot of fun. People just need to give it a chance and they will like it more.

    I am looking forward to the upcoming features and enjoy the weekly updates on Web Web Boy. By my calculations we are only ~1.8% of the distance to Mars so it will be a long time until we can play there. That’s ok! I can keep trying!

    Thank you, Takahashi and team, for all of your hard work! Until next time!

  • Oh! One more thing!

    The 7,777,777 guy was quite cool, eh? I have one total length goal I would like to report and then I will just keep hoarding my length in Space Squirrel’s cheeks until I reach my second goal. I hope it will make you and your team smile!

  • Always nice to hear from you.

    Making the game that you want to make is exactly what you ought to be doing. Not everyone is going to like what you do at any given time, but if you make it so it’s perfect in your own eyes, other people are going to notice that passion, and the quality that results from it and be on board with it.

    Noby Noby Boy is definitely an unconventional title, and as a result, you really had to know that some people simply wouldn’t like it. Oftentimes, people like what they’re used to, since it’s where they’re most comfortable.

    But the people who lay new ground in their field are the people that, I believe, deserve the most credit, even if, particularly in entertainment fields, they’re not often the ones who get it. Nonetheless, your creations obviously mean a great deal to a large segment of the gaming community; don’t get discouraged!

  • I don’t know how anybody can not like this game, first its five bucks. Second you can break yourself in half and then eat yourself to make yourself whole again. Thats priceless to me. There are blue chickens being rode by astronauts and space suirrels and…….

    oh and you dont have to invest half your life in playing the game. You can play for ten minutes, have a great time, and go about your day. It is awesome.

    I have some questions? How do you do custom soundtracks. Also, how are you guys figuring how much we have left until mars????

  • hmmm alot of wise comments in this post! makes one glad to share the same Earth. thanks, again. NNB is a success!

  • Dont be sad Takahashi your game looks awesome, i would buy it but dont have a job (cant even buy KZ2 :( ) i promise to buy it when i get a job

  • @BigNolDog: Custom Soundtrack(from PS3 hdd); access in-game XMB menu and just click on the song! You can also change the volume of the track by press X on it again.(had no idea until saw it on o–! lol)
    *also, same process for still snapshot.

    for distance/measurement: usually just Google + counting (only takes about a minute or less.)

  • Lovely, can’t wait for the update, and lord i need to buy flower :/

  • Thanks Righello! I never thought to look up the actual distance. ha ha

  • Loving the game, make more!

  • I recently purchased the game and will do my best to help reach Mars.

    I am very happy to hear of an update! Please keep up the support.

  • OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER! WooHoo I just might get this game after all, for 5 dollars it’s worth it…

  • Very thankful to you for any multiplayer.

  • mr.Takahashi, i too love this game. i didnt buy it expecting a game but an experiance,so everytime i play it i have a good one. i think you have accomplished what you wanted.noby noby is a very highly downloaded game according to the most popular psn downloads. i’ve actually read a few reviews and they were good. but really game critics do not count it is the players who infact count.i must say that we really do love your game and the more you update it the more we will keep stretching noby noby..please make noby plush dolls i got to have one!!!!

  • Your game is cool, it made the list on the store. But any multiplayer will help.

  • Whenever I play Noby Noby Boy I smile. :)

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