Noby Noby Boy Update Coming

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Last month, Girl reached the moon.

Noby Noby Boy moon

I was filled with emotion when that happened because I was wondering if a lot of people were playing the game. And I am truly grateful for all those who have. Thank you all very much. Some of our own staff was also touched more than they had expected. With that said, the next goal, Mars, is still far away. It would take all the current players a while to reach Mars, so more people have to join in on the fun.

There have been many reviews/criticisms since Noby Noby Boy released. I totally understand as this is such a unique game and I expected those reactions. I don’t mean to make any excuses. That being said, I do get depressed from time to time as I want users to enjoy the game as much as possible. But at the same time, this is what I wanted to create.

In the hopes that more people can enjoy the game, we are currently working on an update.

A featured addition to the update is going to be offline multiplayer. Some may say, “Offline!?” But it’ll still be fun. Please check it out.

Well, it’s going to be quite a long journey to Mars. Please be patient. This is Takahashi.

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  • Online onegaishimasu!

  • Wow, first, hopefully :D

  • I have to get this game as soon as I get some moneys

  • 1 -> I’ll kill u haha :D

  • LOL we all posted at the same time.

  • You sound so sad in this post. An artist seeking understanding for his work. I gotcha. I think I understand the game now, just not really my thing. And also, where the F is the prince? When I find that guy I swear, you’re not going to even recognize him when I’m through with him.

  • Offline multiplayer sounds great.
    Still can’t get the “10” trophy though.

  • Wonder if there will be new trophies as well.

    Offline multiplayer sounds great. This is the one game my wife likes to play, and my girls all want to watch us play “the stretchy thing game”.

  • Noby Noby Boy multiplayer sounds fantastic. by the way, I love the game, but my only complaint is the camera controls. Can you please give us a way to lock the camera on boy’s head? Everytime boy’s behind moves the camera leaves boy’s head and then i have to refix my camera all over agian.

  • I’d really want online multiplayer, please make that work, i dont really have people coming over.

  • We need Crash Command “DLC”!!!

  • We need Crash Commando “DLC”!!!

  • Online or Offline it makes no difference to me. My kids and I love playing Noby Noby Boy! Stress-free fun, plain and simple. Games like these MUST continue to be made.

  • Offline multiplayer…WOW !

    I like you man, but your crazy !


  • It’s a great game! I am looking forward to this update! What would make it even better is if there were PlayStation Home unlockables! :)

  • Online please =D

  • Need to do something about the audio in this game. The noise of stretching Boy is intolerable.

    I don’t feel rewarded for stretching as much as possible, I feel punished.

  • I have too many games to play right now but I do at least play this game a half hour every night. I think I’ll put in a lot of extra time this weekend to help GIRL. I don’t need offline multiplayer though. I think the game is fine as is. It’s really wacky. I notice something new every time I play it.

  • I’ll keep marching my way to Mars.

    This is JKC31.

  • I don’t have anyone to play it offline with. :(

    The wife thinks the game looks nuts, and doesn’t really wanna play it.

    Hopefully you consider online sometime! :D

  • I for one think the game is great, and find myself playing a couple times a week. For $5 it’s a great value. Thanks!

  • I have been rather impressed with this game, every time I play i see something else like another animal, and thats great. Everything about it is so original, i especially like the idea of everyone working towards the same thing.

    As for what other people have said, i do feel there needs to be a better way to control the camera. Maybe the idea of locking it to boys head?

    The stretching sound is fine, it suits the game.

    My only thing/problem with the game was that after getting the trophies (that prince one was annoying) there was basically no goal. But with this offline multiplayer, i’m sure that will be sufficient.

    I can’t wait to see what other additions this update may have.

  • Does everyone here know the “auto” trick to stretch boy? Think of this: With offline multiplayer we could have multiple boys autoing at the same time! Mars here we come.

  • Please add a way to pitch the camera in addition to zooming it out. REALLY annoying that the camera can be at different angles but that you can’t control it.

  • @ynp7 – You CAN control the pitch. Hold down L1+R1 and tilt your sixaxis up or down.

  • “My only thing/problem with the game was that after getting the trophies (that prince one was annoying) there was basically no goal.”

    But there is one big goal. Helping GIRL reach the next planet. That’s really all I’ve been playing it for so far. I have been getting trophies too but I mostly want to see how far up the list I can get and help GIRL reach more planets.

  • Mr. Takahashi I absolutely love Noby Noby Boy! So does my 19 month old daughter! hehe. Anyways I hope you keep making awesome unique PSN games cause I will surely buy them!

  • I love this game! It makes no sense, but after looking at the clock and noticing I just stretched, ate and pooped for 4 hours, I know you did something right. And the best thing about it. The thing I did not know about was CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS! I had got all trophies before I even realized this feature was active. In my eyes, you made a PSN downloadable title. You made it $4.99 (which was a good move). You made trophy support. You added screenshot/youtube upload. You are already making an update. You got no reason to be sad man! You did a really good, innovative job!

  • I love how games get support even after release! I dont even care if its free or not! Keep Up The Awesomeness!!

    Btw… Any chance for a PS3 Katamari?

  • This game is WHACKED out but pretty darn cool at the same time

  • Also, I was aware to hold L1 and move in and out for the camera, I did not know L1+R1 will tilt the controller! That will help me so much. Thanks poster!

  • Takahashi, I’m a huge fan of you and your games. Noby Noby Boy is absolutely wonderful and I’m so happy something like this was made.

    I really would like to know who is behind the art direction in Noby Noby Boy. I’ve noticed that you were not listed as the lead art director on any of your games but were you involved in the creation of the art (sketching the characters, for example)? Does Noby Noby Boy have the same art team and art director behind it as Katamari Damacy did?

    I ask because I love the look of your games.

    Any chance you could do a blog update about the look of Noby Noby Boy? Maybe with some unreleased artwork? :]

    (I posted this comment on your previous blog entry but have decided to post it here since there’s a much better chance you’ll see it. Unfortunately it won’t let me delete the other one)

  • Takahashi !!

    Do not despair, my friend! The game is great- I haven’t decapitated anyone yet- and that is a good thing every now and then…games are getting a bit too violent for me in my old age- it’s nice to see a game about having FUN as opposed to killing someone!

    So please fix the camera- it’s really the only thing that makes me want to stop playing the game, it gets very frustrating!

    thank you for this game and the upcoming update!


    Space Squirrels FTW!

  • Hello Keita! Any chance we can get some RPGs from you guys in the future?

  • Online multi-player!! Yay!!!

    This game is much more fun sitting with someone else and we had been taking turns at the controller. Playing together will be a blast.

    Oh,and I was so happy when I finally managed to wrap around the donut clouds…

    Keep up the good work!

  • And to respond to this blog post:

    I can understand some of the complaints about Noby Noby Boy. There are a lot of features offered with mysterious button combinations required to utilize them. I can see that as a downside, but to me, I also find it appealing. It’s a sort of charming quirk to the game that adds to the experience of Noby Noby Boy even though it might bother me in most other games. To someone who doesn’t play a lot of video games, or a very young child, it might be a little overcomplicated, though.

    I’m looking forward to the new content!

  • Can we ever expect online multiplayer to be added? And is this the addition of offline multiplayer the only new feature coming with this update?

  • Also, any chance there will be new music in the update?

  • thank you for this great gam

  • I’ll get this game, Takahashi. That’s for sure.

    So count with one more person to reach Mars! :)
    I’ll get it as soon as I go to GameStop and buy a new PlayStation Network card.

    It’s my top priority download right now!

  • You shouldn’t get depressed O.o

    People expected a game, and you gave them art instead. Was to be expected.

    I enjoy noby noby boy very much, as it’s a great time to just sit there and calm down from the stress of the day.

    Please add some relaxing ambient music in your update! kthxbye

  • I love this game. Put a ton of time into helping girl grow until Killzone 2 came out, and now RE5 is about to get picked up.

    I cant wait until girl reaches Mars myself, I just need more time to game.

    Anyways, Noby Noby is awesome fun. If you have not picked this up, its only 5 bucks and more than worth it.

  • Will pick this up whenever I get a steady part time job. This economy stinks!

  • I say ignore critics. You made a game on your terms, how you wanted to make it, and it works. Sure, as it is a game, you want others to enjoy it too, but plenty of us do. I see thousands of people help Girl every day. Your job is done as far as I am concerned.

    And if we are going to reach Mars based on the real-life meters then we are at most only 1% there. And that is assuming Mars is at its closest point. We could be as little as .03% there. We have a long way to go, so get to stretching people.

    Here’s what I do: Noby Noby Boy does not stop background downloads, so when I am waiting for those I just bring up Noby Noby Boy and stretch and wander.

    What is this auto trick?

  • oops, extra zero. I meant we could be as little as 0.3% there.

  • I love this game..

    ..but how about a port of Beautiful Katamari to the PSN? I’ve felt a little bit shafted about it not coming to the PSN after it was initially announced that it would.

    A new Katamari would be nice too..

  • sweeet was not expecting an update to this game so soon…have not had enough time to play this since i got it…i got a few trophies…the ones everyone got plus 100 and 10…still can’t find the prince or figure out what any other trophy would be…sweet game tho lots of fun

  • Cool. I look forward to this. I haven’t played in a week or so. I think I’ll try to find the Prince tonight.

  • Offline multiplayer sounds fun……..

  • I LOVE the game, you have nothing to excuse about.

    Make more games of the kind, Noby Noby Boy and Flower are two of my top 5 games of the year.

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