Watch the new inFamous trailer now!

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I think the people around the office are starting to worry about me…

That’s okay, it’s good for them to think the producer is a little nuts I think… In a sort of twisted way I really enjoy the final crunch of game production. We are working a ton, and of course miss our families and lives, but to me it feels like the best part of the project, and I don’t think I’m alone in that sense… What can I say? We’re workin’ hard and it really shows in the game. The detail work, the polish, the bug fixing — it all has a massive effect on the end experience… But while we’re feeling good, we’re also a long way from that release disc… Gotta keep grinding….

So okay, enough babble… You’re here to see a new inFamous trailer, not listen to me gaze at my navel, so let’s get on with it, and I’ll give you some thoughts and tidbits….

The FX and details on the powers are a continued source of work and polish, and if you look closely at the piece, you’ll see Cole deployed his Polarity Wall shield, something we’ve not shown before… Yet another power for his arsenal!

Probably time for me to get back to the electron mine… Status meeting in 12 minutes and I’m behind on all the stuff I was supposed to be doing instead of writing blog posts :-D. Talk to you more when we get close to the end…


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  • im sorry but everything looks mistakenly better with cool music and slow motion effects added

    can we see this game for what it is AKA how is this game going to hold up against prototype?

  • Awesome trailer, hopefully this finds its way to the PSN store later today.

  • This game is looking like a ton of fun.

  • Thinking about getting the game, but I’m waiting for the demo. Then, and only then, will I know for sure how good it is in action.

    Also, you should have stuck with the beginning music throughout the entire trailer. The rock heavy tune in the second have ruined it for me.

  • This game look boring as hell… Infamous remind me of haze. Nice visual but at the end the game is [DELETED].
    I think i will rent the game before maybe buying the game.

  • This game look boring as hell… Infamous remind me of haze. Nice visual but at the end the game isnt so good
    I think i will rent the game before maybe buying the game.

  • Looking pretty bloody good. you’ve got me paying attention, Sucker Punch!

  • Wow this game wasn’t on my radar at all but that looked pretty cool.

  • Color me super impressed.

    I was always a sucker punch fanboy but this is art.

    I can’t wait for this game. Day zero purchase.

  • I wasnt sure whether or not I would buy this, but, after seeing this, Im afraid I will once again be forced to surrender $60 to another great looking PS3 Exclusive. Damn You Sony, DAMN YOU

  • That was awesome!

    Can’t wait!

  • Yes, put this on the Playstation Store!!!

  • this is your commercial. this is your commercial. this is your commercial. this is your commercial. this is your commercial. this is your commercial.



  • That was the sickest trailer I have ever seen! I WANT this game!

  • Holy crap, AWESOME trailer. I didn’t think I could get more excited for this game. June is sure a long time off, but hope you guys can get some rest once you deliver this excellent looking piece of bliss

  • That’s one awsome trailer.

  • Uhhh WOW…..

    This AND Amon Tobin?

    Wow…. Wow….. WOWO.

    Seriously when did they suddenly learn how to make a trailer?

    I really want to swear, but I won’t :)

  • That was such a cool trailer. Just awesome. And yea definitely liking that song. Anyone know?

  • And I agree this is TV worthy. Definitely stick to this kind of style when thinking of a commercial.

  • Is the slow motion just for effect, or is it a power you can use also? (sry I don’t know the full list of powers…)

  • Great trailer: Who plays this song in the trailer and what is the song name? Please let us know, its a great song.

  • This was the most badass trailer I have EVER seen!

  • I wonder if he’ll have a superhero costume. All superheroes need one


  • the song sounds like an explosions in the sky song, but it could very well be original composition!

  • WTF is the song called?


  • Nice! Great music and great clips! This is how you make a (non-CGI) trailer, people.

  • Strong….need music.


  • good trailer :-)

  • that was awesome! i really like it towards the end when Cole starts reeking havoc!

  • [] Complain
    [] Sell your PS3
    [] Play Gears or War 2
    [x] Get/Play InFAMOUS

    :) InFAMOUS FTW!!!

  • Definitely looks worthy of my $60 unlike Crapcom’s with it’s crappy DLC

  • i think i was right, the song is Greet Death by Explosions in the Sky, or it sounds shockingly similar.

  • Get Back to Work!! I can’t wait for this to be released. Looking good.

  • I’m willing to bet this will be the next underground franchise hit, like Uncharted was in 2007. I had very low interest in this game before, but every time you release more information I grow more and more intrigued, can’t wait for it.

    And let me be the first to say I’M GLAD THIS GAME DOESN’T HAVE ONLINE.
    I’d rather have a solid single player game, then some mediocre one that conforms to online play just because everyone else tacks it on (like GTAIV). Online play works for some games like Killzone and Warhawk (obviously), but overall online is WAY too time consuming and they offer nothing new. How much Team Death Match can you play until it gets boring?

  • use this song for the official commercial release.

    This is getting pre-ordered today

  • Awesome Trailer! Definitely use this when advertising the game on tv close to release. Day 1 buy for me.

  • I am officially sold. Please tell me there will be a way to enable slow mo in the final game! That trailer was THE definition of epic.

  • №84 No, it isn’t :(

  • That was awesome!!!

  • Kick ass video Sucker Punch! Can’t wait to play this game :)

  • Im getting this!

  • Absolutely amazing trailer. Fantastic job!!!

    Personally, this looks far and beyond KZ2 as far as fun factor goes. Can’t wait for this.

  • Wish u guys made commercials like this lol. This vid was really pro and hyped me

  • Awesome trailer! Nice work.

    Quick question: We’ve seen a lot of “shooting” whenever inFamous gameplay is involved, a bit more melee combat in this new trailer; is there emphasis on one type of combat over the other? Will I have to shoot guys to take them out before they shoot me?

  • The trailer looked amazing. Jeff are you looking forward to this game?

  • Whoa. Yeah, I can see the polish, because truth be told, I thought this game was a flop in-the-making until now. And it is officially on my “to-buy” list after not even being on my radar. Nice. Another cool exclusive. I’m actually NOT playing Street Fighter IV right now because I’m busy with two PS3 exclusives, Killzone 2 and MLB 09 The Show. Infamous could push SF4 back even further.

    PS3 exclusives = This gen’s best kept secret.

  • Made my hair stand on end, WOW!

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