Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Punches its Way to PSN April 9!

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Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic logo

Hi, I’m Joshua Miller, the U.S. producer of Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic. It’s been a while since Fists of Plastic made its debut at E3 last year and since its announcement, people have been asking for more details. Well, the time has finally come and I am very pleased (not to mention, very excited) to announce today that Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic will be available for download exclusively on PSN beginning THURSDAY, APRIL 9th!

Before I go even further, please check out this brand new, never-before-seen trailer that shows exactly what to look forward to. If you like what you see and can’t wait until the game comes out, feel free to download this trailer for free and watch it as many times as you like! It is available TODAY on the Playstation Store.

As you can see, we are unloading the craziest cast of fighters for you to unleash some of the nuttiest fighting moves in kung fu history! Using the SIXAXIS wireless controller, not to mention, all the Chi Power you will be earning, you can control the crazy 3D characters and orchestrate in-air, ninja-like attacks, as well as engage in intense combat using weapons and strategy for an all-out, 360-degree assault. And of course, the better you become, the more trophies you earn!

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic screenshot 5 Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plasticscreenshot 1

For added fun, players can also unlock body parts to create their own characters, with over hundreds of combinations. These customizable characters can bend, stretch and perform every fighting move with hilarious results.

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic screenshot 4

With plenty of modes and settings to suit both hardcore and casual gamers, Fists of Plastic’s pick-up-and-play controls allow for hours of fun gameplay with up to 4 people locally. Fun for parties, players can create a team-based free-for-all using the King of the Hill, Deathmatch, Dodgeball or Capture the Fish modes.

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic screenshot 2 Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic screenshot 3

Whether you’re playing solo or in a group, feel free to check the online leaderboards and compare your game to someone across the globe!

I’m going to leave you with that for now. We will be providing more details — not to mention, more goodies — throughout the next several weeks. So, continue checking back here for the latest on RDKF: Fists of Plastic!

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  • Holy [DELETED] that comercial was awesome! Whoever did the editing and came up with that is brilliant good job. The Asian voice made me laugh! :X

  • The price will be $9.99.

  • does each character have their own set of moves??

    • All of the characters have the same move set. This is partly what makes it easy for any skill level to jump into a game. It is the mastery of the Chi moves that caters to higher skilled players.

  • Will this be released globally in April or just the US? Ultimately Sony should be co-ordinating releases worldwide instead of releasing dribs and drabs months apart on the different stores and sometimes not at all. A confirmation would be appreciated.

  • this looks like another BA PSN exclusive title! cannot wait till the 9th! been looking forward to this since E3 last year.


  • Glad to see more info on this game! I love fighting games! Oh and is there any info on when Wheel of Fortune is coming our way?

  • Definitely looks like it could be entertaining, almost reminds me of something from the makes of PAIN. ;)

    But I’ll be more sold on it after trying a demo. :D

  • OK, so, I’m definitely getting the trailer from the Store later, to see the clip in HD lushness! :D But, you mention it’s local multiplayer only (something I’m disappointed about) and I’m wanting to know, then, whether the team-based games can be played with CPU opponents, if playing local multiplayer isn’t an option?

  • This game looks really fun… Im definitely getting this one… lol

  • @ Jeff, Josh, or someone with answers lol

    Will we be getting any details on controls, button layout, combo systems, etc any time soon?

    I understand this game is pretty light weight in terms of fighting games in order to keep it accessible, but I’m a hardcore fighting game fan (Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, etc) and would really like to know the details of this game. Mostly because I have a hard time getting newbies to play the fighters I enjoy with me, but I need something easy for them to access and challenging enough to keep me playing months on end.

    • The controls are pretty easy to use and newbies definitely won\’t have a problem with them. The Chi moves, which are motion-sensitive based, will be easily accessible too. For the hardcore players like yourself the mastery of the Chi moves will be the challenge.

  • Finally, I was starting to think you guys gave up on this game.

  • Hey Cobra1, thanks for pointing out the reply option!

    Oh, no problem at all. :)

    (apparently one must give props to one’s self here these days)

  • I can’t wait for this game. I didn’t know Tarsier Studios developed it. I always thought this game was being developed by Media Molecule. Is it using the LBP engine?

  • Wow, this game looks awesome.

  • Wow this game looks like LBP
    Whats the price?

  • I totally forgot about this game.
    Good to hear it’ll be out soon.

  • sony’s answer to super smash bros. for 10 bucks i may get it but no online multiplayer sux

  • looks fun, funny looking sack boy haha

  • Love that video! LOL. xD

  • To everyone saying this game looks like LBP!!!!
    Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic (Developed by Tarsier Studios)is a PS3 exclusive party-fighting game based on the original 2005 title, Rag Doll Kung Fu, created by Mark Healy (co-founder of Media Molecule)

  • @LokeSTL

    Interesting, I suppose people look at what the ratings are for differently.

    I see this as a cool looking game for the PSN at a good price, which in my book is a 4. I don’t rate things on if they suck for me or not.

    This is a general philosophy though, not specific to this site.

    To each his own, but I still think a 1 is low, lol.

  • This game looks awesome!!!

  • I was ready to buy until i read the motion control crap. I seriously hate ANYTHING using it. I dont care what anyone says, they are NEVER needed and a button press can allways do the same job better. Flower was great but would have been twice as good without the stupid motion controls.

  • WOAH! SackBoy comes to kick butt.

  • Looks like really fun, especially with local Multiplayer. I definitely will be looking forward to this game now.

  • Looks interesting, but as I am not a huge fan of fighters I will wait for the demo.

    Quick question: is anyone else’s PS3 system clock still not updated for the time change when set to update via Internet? Mine’s still an hour behind.

  • @FoolKiller79;

    You have to go into date and time settings and switch to Daylight Savings Time.

  • I’ll buy it on day one. I love this kind of fighting games (a la SSBB).

    Thanks for bringing this tittle to the PS3, hope many of us will buy the game on april too!

  • Oh!! And I have a question, does each character has its own ability?

    • All of the characters have the same move set. This is partly what makes it easy for any skill level to jump into a game. It is the mastery of the Chi moves that caters to higher skilled players.

  • Wow…

    It reminds me of Action League Now!…

    And I love that show.

    Keep it up.

  • Did I see a Sackboy?

  • wow…that trailer actually looked really awesome. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’ll have to try the demo when it comes out at the very least.

  • Just stop whining and grow up.

    Fair enough you arent interested in the article but giving a 1/5 rating to an article you haven’t read is stupid. Giving any rating to an article you haven’t read is stupid. Its like rating a movie you haven’t watched.

    Aside from rating it stupidly you then obsessively followed the course of the ratings to try and drum up some retarded conspiracy because your 1/5 hasn’t somehow perverted the entire score.

  • My birthday’s April 9th! Any chance I can get this as a free birthday present? Haha, nope, huh?

  • Nice–looks fun! We need more fighting games and party fighting games hehe!

  • I said I was getting this game from the first trailer they showed. No online multiplayer? No chance I’m getting it now. Seriously, it’s a shame. I’m focusing on Fat Princess and The Punisher now.

  • is this a psn game or bluray?

  • @Redswipe

    Ratings are an opinion, my opinion was a 1. It’s funny that you are “whining” about us “whining”. It’s also funny that you are calling us childish while stomping your feet like a child. We should make a game out of your whining and childish foot stomping. Ironically, I would probably rate the blog post about your game a 1. See what I did there……

  • #83 Redswipe:

    Perhaps, you sir, are the one who needs to grow up. The guy can give whatever rating he wants to a topic. He doesn’t have to explain himself. What difference does it make to you? Does an entry’s rating affect your happiness? Do you lose sleep at night?

    It’s a meaningless value, of absolutely ZERO importance (to anyone but sick-minded measurebators).

  • @88, yeah I see…you made a bad joke!

  • Hahaha Yayuh! Looks like this game will be awesome!

  • LokeSTL:

    I would rate the blog post about his whining game a 1 as well. Or perhaps a 2 if the price was less than $15.

  • @reson8er

    That’s cool. I rate things according to how interested I am in the game. That way I support the games I like, and show a lack of support for things I don’t.

  • @Bildo818

    Bingo! LOL…..

  • Sweet! Though, i was under the impression that Media Molecule was in development of this. Hmmm… Did they have anything to do with it? I just cant figure out why everybody thought it was MM if it isn’t. :shrugs:.

    Anyway, im buying this. Haha, The PS3 needed something like this. Make a bunch of Playstation character add-ons. That would be amazing. D: It would be like… the perfect counter to smash bros without ripping it off. Release a fighting game, and make a bunch of out characters downloadable over time. :D Maybe? Pleeease? ;)

    • The creator of the original Rag Doll Kung Fu PC works for Media Molecule. This game was done by a completely different developer.

  • 4 players co-op, $ 9.99, exclusive for the PS3, several modes, trophies, cute graphics and a funny idea!!
    I will be waiting on THURSDAY, APRIL 9th!

    P.S.1: Best luck to Tarsier Studios

    P.S.2: Stop whining about the multiplayer online! Get some real friends!!

  • Ok to tell you the truth this is not a must buy game with not online multi player, its sad to see a promising game go to waste but not including multi player. seems ridiculous you have to buy 4 controllers to enjoy this to a full extent. also seems lazy that with different players you dont get different moves. I would have paid 25 bucks if multi player and every character had different moves. but i wont be buying this game , because i wouldnt have no one to play with.

  • 5/5 im gettin dis forshure but please make it like 10$ only PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shame about the online multiplayer… specifically the lack of it. “Can’t be done” are the words that cause the decline of civilizations, my friend.

  • yes this is one of the most intresting things i seen on E3 as a PSN! i cant w8 for this and fat princess

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