Fans Remember Flower – with Video

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Hi everyone, Randall Lowe here, associate producer on Flower.

I wanted to introduce you to a great trailer entitled “Remember” that was put together by The Duo Group, with the sound put together by Hybrid Two. Right after Flower came out last month, Kellee from thatgamecompany came to us and showed us this trailer, asking if we could distribute it on the blog and PSN. After seeing what an amazing job The Duo Group did putting the trailer together, our answer seemed pretty obvious.

The trailer captures so many feelings that the game conveys, it just seemed like a perfect fit. What’s even equally amazing is that all of this with nothing but idle screens, which is what are shown when you leave the game sitting for a short bit. After a little work on the back end, we were able to get the trailer ready and approved for distribution today via the PSN. So, without further adieu, please sit back, enjoy, and remember.

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  • Amazing video. and I am more relaxed since watching it

  • Custom Soundtracks? How can someone ask for this on this game?! Want to listen to Iron Maden while collecting petals?

    You kids really don’t understand, as I don’t understand your fanatism for custom soundtracks, if you can’t even understand what music is…

  • Such an elegant peaceful trailer! I’m convinced I’ll be downloading this soon. Thanks and will remember…

  • @1
    The music is an essential part of the game! It’s fundamentally integrated into the gameplay. Covering it up with a custom soundtrack would be taking away half of the game!

    I love flower. I just finished getting all the trophies :) They seriously need to release the soundtrack for download like they did with the pixeljunk games.

  • Awesome! Just Awesome!

    Any DLC we can expect ??

  • The people who don’t like this experience (because really, it’s an experience not a game) are likely the people who need this experience the most.

    It’s the opposite of Killzone 2. And it should be required playing for any console owner.

  • The scents? Really? I smelled nothing.
    Good vid though.
    Fantastic game.

  • This was a great game!

  • Loved the game, nice video! :)

  • Dear Randall Lowe , would you mind asking Sony’s lazy marketing team to put this on t.v?


  • Okay, well I guess I’ll get this game after all. I’m still upset that the Santa Gear from the Home Threads store is gone – I only needed a few more items for the full set! Maybe this will cheer me up.

  • i really hope there’s more to come from thatgamecompany & flower.

  • Would love to see a sequel or an expansion.

  • Awesome trailer. I really liked it.

  • Really happy to see this vid online in the PSS! Great mood/style, kind of reminds one of Cloud… :-)

  • WOW… Now this is really WOW. Yeah, well done on this! Now need to purchase this.

  • Thank you Sony for your PSN service. We believe again!!

  • Another Flower fan here. A great experience indeed and a great trailer too.

  • Got the game yesterday. The experience of just the 1st level is worth the $9.99 alone!

  • Greatest PS3 experience I had in the last few months. Simply gorgeous and delicate. Thanks.

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