The Eye of Judgment: The Dioskuri Tournament

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THE EYE OF JUDGMENT The Dioskuri Tournament

Greetings Blog-Watchers and EOJ Friends,

I’m happy to announce the next official EOJ Online Tournament, The Dioskuri Tournament, will begin on Thursday next week! In the past, players of official tourneys went head-to-head competing for the best rank on the leaderboard in a given amount of time. The highest ranked players at the end were usually given a special title for eternal online glory.

But this tournament is different.

Since the release of the EOJ Set 3 Expansion, we’ve received many requests for the very rare Set 3 Promo cards, most specifically the Dioskuri card, because of its one of the most powerful cards in the game. These cards are highly sought after since they aren’t available at retail. That is why this new official tournament is so exciting. In The Dioskuri Tournament, the overall winner still gets a special online ranking of “Dioskuri King,” plus all three SET 3 Promo cards … including the Dioskuri card!

But it doesn’t stop there.

If you manage to be one of the top 100 ranked players in the tourney. You get all 3 Promo Cards too! (EBAY not necessary)


So there you go. Now all EOJ players have a chance to get these valuable promo cards so they can add them to their EOJ collection!

Take a look at the official announcement below, prepare your deck, and get ready for battle.

The action begins next week!

THE EYE OF JUDGMENT Dioskuri Tournament

The Eye of Judgment: The Dioskuri Tournament

The Next official THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ PLAYSTATION®Network tournament, The Dioskuri Tournament, will start on Thursday, March 19th at 12:00 GMT and will run for one week as before. You’ve still time to plan and build your ultimate deck and you will still be able to play as many matches as you like until the tournament closes.

The top player will receive an exclusive online ranking title- “Dioskuri King” plus all three Set 3 promo cards, including the ultra rare and extremely powerful Dioskuri Card, and, of course, the sweet pleasure of bragging rights over all others.

The top 100 Players will also receive exclusive Set 3 Promo Cards.

Taking part is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to PLAYSTATION®Network and go online with THE EYE OF JUDGMENT in the usual way from Thursday, March 19th at 12:00 GMT
  • Select ‘Online Tournament’ from the Online mode select screen.
  • Players will be matched up with another player to battle just the same as the regular way of Ranked Match.
  • That’s it – You’re entered into the tournament!

Any points you earn from playing “Online Tournament” ranked matches before the close of the tournament will contribute to your position on the tournament leader board. The tournament scoring system is exactly the same as that used for regular online ranked matches. Please note that tournament matches do not contribute towards your regular ranking.

Good luck to you all and please remember, play fair, have fun and may the best players win!

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11 Author Replies

  • Awesome!
    Sony you need to promote this game!

    -I guess some xbot rated it a 1 to bring down the score to 3 because I voted a 5 for it.

  • i’m in

  • I wish their was a way play yu-gi-oh on the EOJ.

  • Is this game as good as it looks? If so I may buy the PS Eye (already own the Eyetoy if it works with EoJ) and the game itself. Anyways, good luck on the tournament people.

  • Can we get custom soundtracks? I like to chill and play.

    And yes Sony please promote this!

  • sweet i’ll have to tell my younger bro ’bout this. he loves this game. it might be hard for him, though, considering he doesn’t have any of the expansion packs.

  • This game STILL doesn’t have custom soundtracks? Back when I used to own it, I quickly realized that this game desperately needs that feature, because the included music is horrible.

  • The Eye of Judgment game always had an appeal to me, I just never got involved…might be time to look again.

    *Off Topic* – Additional support for my Playstation Eye would be appreciated.

  • i didnt know people still played this, or that it was making enough money for you to keep supporting it, but apparently im wrong?

    I bought this game, didnt enjoy it really, but atleast i supported you.

  • I’m looking forward to this, thanks!

  • Would have kept playing if expansion cards were available locally.

  • Sweet. This is the only highlight of my much dreaded day so far. Now if only Sony and Upper Deck will put set 3 cards in the store. I found a local shop. One that many people order from online and I had no idea it was in my town. So they do have booster packs for sell. I made them open a box and I bought only 3 packs. The lady got pissed because I only asked for 3 packs, lol.

    Ugh I got to practice.

    Come on Sony and Upper Deck, let’s see these cards in stores.

    • Some stores do carry cards from what I\’ve been told, they get them directly from UD or you can get them online from UD.

  • I desperately wanted to like this game. I did everything I could to find a copy when it came out, bought a couple starter decks and some boosters. For a while

  • For a while I had fun. I enjoyed the game but then it got to the point (as most card games do) where you just can’t keep up with the cards. I truly loved this idea but I think it would’ve been better to have all the cards in the game, unlock special rare cards as you go and be able to print them out and use them.

  • We need more PS EYE games Please!!!!! And not Eye of jugement ether (don’t care for card games)… I thought they left PS eye for dead… SUPPORT PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • i wanna know what some good RPG’s are on the PS3 just got one. uncharted, mirrors edge, street fighter, and little big planet

  • I won’t support this game unless you give the expantion packs for free. I can’t believe it, I mean we have to buy the boosters and then pay $15 to be able to play the cards of those boosters online? U gotta be kidding me! For God’s sake if u need that money really bad you could add $0.5 to each booster pack I really wouldn’t mind paying that extra money, and in the long run you will get more proffit on that way, cuz I swear all I people I know that got this game don’t give a “one” about it because having to pay to play the expantions online;don’t charge us to play those cards online, it’s so annoying!!!

  • this game is bad, i have it and believe me folks this game is bad. while the playstation camera works well with the game after the gotta buy more cards because otherwise you’ll lose.also, the rules of the game stink and so its music like another poster said …

    @16 i’m with you the ps3 needs jrpgs!

  • @16: Try Valkyria Chronicles, that a GREAT RPG for PS3, or wait a little longer for White Knight Chronicles ;)

  • @7 custom soundtracks would make this game more awesome, but i actually do like the in game music,just more music is better. I don’t see myself doing well in the tournament….i only have the basic cards

  • this game always looked interesting, but its much too great of an investment for anyone to even consider it

  • Yes, custom soundtracks are needed and paying $15 for the expansion packs just to play the new cards is ridiculous.

  • Is this tournament worldwide or NA only?

  • What stores sell Eye of Judgment cards I need to get some?

    • UpperDeck sells SET 3 cards online and Hasbro sells Set 1 and 2 online as well. You can also check GameStop, local card shops, and I

      Hope that helps.

  • Man thats so gay first I bought EOJ on the release day played it for awhile no one played it then my playstation eye went dead then they release trophies and expansions and now tournaments! man that sucks.

    btw- anyone know why the water cards dont scan well, atleast none of mine and none of my buddies do very well i even have this blank water card that when i finally got it to scan it was this awesome four arm guy with four swords he is in the water book.

  • What the hell? You still make stuff for this game? I like the game but I cant get any newer cards. Gamestop people laugh everytime I ask.

  • @26 then slap them there is no need to laugh they most likely havent even played it and are some other console fans.

  • hmm.. glad 2 c EOJ finally got back on the blog.. i can finally say wat i wanted 2 say a while back.. THIS GAME COMPLETELY LOST MY RESPECT!! i used 2 love this game.. i wud play all the time and i even played in the past tourney and i gt all the trophies.. and i gt expansion pack 1 and 2… bt then wen they charged for 3 and the cards werent even openly available it killed it!!!!! i might THINK about touching this game again if there was a price cut for the expansion pack 3.. if not FREE, and if they go back to selling the cards in gamestops… who were overpriced any way!

    • sorry you feel that way. Hope you pick up your cards again and play in the tournament. It\’s free and you can win some rare cards.

  • i bought this game at launch and it was actually a cool ass concept but i lost the damn cards that came with it and now im stuck with the BD and lame ass gamestop wont accept the camera and disk w/o the cards

    and i’d really rather not pay the rediculous price for new cards/boosters… you can thank the lame cheap ass people that scan cards for that… if its still even possible idk i heard that they found out a way to scan EOJ cards a while back

  • May be their was an uptick in new people trying to play OL and could not find any match so they started this to entice others so those who have not gotten the chance to earn some of the trophies can. May they want to try and clean out what other store have collected in dead merchandise. Other than this the game is dead…

    The game was just marketed as a collectible after all.

  • I’m glad that they’re having another tournament. I totally missed out on the first one. Now, if I can only make a deck that can win sometimes..

  • Bought this bundle for $30.00.
    Tried for a week to buy more cards without spending $100 on eBay.

    No luck, all I still have is the starter deck. And then even if I could find more cards, you want me to spend more money to be able to use them?

    So yeah, I’d do great in this tournament. /sarcasm.

    Oh well, at least I got the PSEye for $30.00
    Hopefully Gamestop will give me $5.00 for the game and cards.

  • This game is death for really cause of buying the expansion plus the cards. I have that game at the attic for real. I don’t know why sony even bother anymore.

  • anyone kno where i could get the cards that come with the game for a reasonable price?

    or do i just by a starter deck and a booster i cant remember i got it a while ago and havent looked

  • I have this card game, and it’s kind of sucky. I abandoned it. A Yu-gi-oh version could have been a lot better, and I still have tons of cards for it.

    Does anyone honestly play The Eye of Judgment? Seriously.

  • custome sounds tracks………. yes please

  • i loved this game. I bought booster packs (about 10) and then they charged for the expansion packs….and i was done.

    they overcharged and didnt care what people thought about it. the old packs arent even discounted now. so too bad. awesome game turned to poo-poo (small children present).

  • SWEET but im not good online :( so im not going to get in this but ill be playing in unranked matches lol i have bad luck when i get a new pack i never get good cards but i still LIKE THIS GAME ALOT!!!! :D
    keep up the support

  • I still cant find any cards in Canada and i really dont like paying to be able to play new cards that i just payed for. can the cards update be free

  • The reason we have to pay for both the expansion packs AND the cards is simple:

    One company writes the software and wants to get paid

    A different company prints the cards and wants to get paid

    Does it suck? Yeah. How about we get the software expansions for free but pay 50 or 75 cents more per booster pack/pre-con deck and the devs just get a cut of the card sales?

    As for card purchasing, about 1/2 the GameStops and one of the specialty hobby stores in my area are currently carrying Set 3 cards, sorry you guys are having trouble.

  • SONY built a great machine with some really sweet and innovative games this generation (EoJ being a great example) THEY JUST DON”T ADVERTISE IT AT ALL!!!

    Since this seems to be one of the only places that this might be seen by someone who matters: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAASSSEEEEEE do more with the PSEye!!!!!!

    I saw some amazing tech demos last year that would have made WONDERFUL and innovative download games. I personally own every game or piece of software that uses the PSEye because it works well and it’s different and it’s something neither the Wii nor the 360 has.

    SONY, seriously…. try to make EoJ easier on our wallets (see above post) and we’ll THROW money at you. And get going on some more PSEye games, I can only beat Trials of Topoq so many times…

  • WTF I thought this was for EU res ONLY some clarifacation PLZ

  • Sony PLEASE make some effort to promote EoJ!! It is a fnatastic game, and with PS3 sales continuing to improve there is a huge potential fan base out there.

    An official “re-launch” of EoJ is long overdue. Get the bundle (and the cards!) back into the retail channel. Set up an EoJ area in Home. Maybe even run a TV ad or two ;-)

    This game is too innovative and has too much wonderful potential to be allowed to wither on the vine.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    This is an awesome game. I also agree it would have deserved better advertising. Enven just a bit of PR in local card clubs would have done it. And sure enough card distribution was always a huge problem. Luckily, with Internet, any store in the world is available.

    It’s a great game and I’m glad to see it’s still somewhat supported. After all, you’ve put in place a great tournament set up as well, it was a shame it could not be used. Having 100 prizes is also a great idea. Did I say thanks? Well, just in case:
    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!

  • k seriously, EVERY EBGames store I go to and I try to buy this game says the game is discontinued and they will never have any new copies in stock. ALSO, I cant even buy a [DELETED] used copy because the [DELETED] at ebgames take the actual game off people but forget to ask for the psEYE or gameboard or cards or anything that makes the game work.

    This pisses me off you guys would make a game tournament for a game thats discontinued. I WANT this game, but I CANT EFFING BUY IT!

  • sucks I cant buy it anywhere anymore

  • Is it still possible to simply copy the cards and add them to your deck?

  • even though I only have the starter deck still, and am destined to lose horribly, I’ll try to compete.

  • Chuck anyone who wants some FREE cards for the tournament can contact me via my website:

    *USA players only please. We are here to help.


  • I have this game as well and only have the original set, I can’t find cards anywhere and have tried Gamestop and local game shops, none support those cards. Only thing I don’t like is having to buy boosters plus expansion online. That sorta left a bad taste in my mouth.

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