Sackboy in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

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Greeting fellow Hot Shots Golfers! I’m back once again with a special announcement from the fairway: LittleBigPlanet’s very own Sackboy has landed on a Hot Shots Golf course near you (and by near you, I mean any of the 8 awesome courses in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds!).

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - LittleBigPlanet's Sackboys

So now that your bestest wish has been granted, what more could we do for you? Well, for starters, we could also include a couple of cool outfits to dress up your Sackboy.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - LittleBigPlanet Sackboy

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy

Obviously your next question is: when can I get my hands on this greatness? Well friends, here’s the catch — you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I know it must seem like an eternity to some, but if you factor in eating and a good night’s sleep, you are looking at a little over 16 hours of wait time. Then of course if you consider school/work you’re practically down to 8 hours; and take into account commuting and you are down to 5 hours; and let’s not forget those 5 hours you spend daydreaming about Hot Shots Golf and clicking through YouTube. So you see, if you factor in all those events, the download is but a few minutes away!

Once today has whizzed on by, you’ll have to follow these simple steps below:

  • Turn on PLAYSTATION 3 console and log onto the PlayStation Network
  • Go on to the PlayStation Store and purchase Sackboy
  • Insert Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds disc into PS3
  • Go to the online portion of HSG, download new patch
  • Voila! You are now the proud owner of one Sackboy and his many outfits.

See you out there on the links!

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  • Thanks for the post Chris.

    Glad you people are constantly supporting Hotshot Golf.

    The game is a lot of fun and should be even more so with this new addition.

  • @14 randy_wrecked…

    A few updates ago, Hotshots Golf received an update to add voice chat when you play online.

    It’s there so no reason not to purchase it now.

  • It’s awesome to see Hot Shots Golf supported still, but trophies would really help. Hot Shots is destined for trophies, it’s such a good fit. I haven’t bought any downloadable content for it but if those added extra trophies I probably would, and I’m sure more people would pick up the game.

    And on a side note on sackboy in other games, Sony should make some sackboy and sony character inspired rip offs of Nintendo’s big franchises: Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. Just imagine games like those, but with sackboy as the main star like Mario is, and with a whole bunch of other popular sony characters, like Sly Cooper, Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, sacboy and girl, Jak, Daxter, some Hot Shots Golf characters would fit in, there are more I just can’t name them all. Those kinds of games may be blatant rip offs of successful Nintendo franchises, but they would probably sell really good as long as they’re developed good. I really think this could help Sony out, Bring in casual gamers and more variety, plus these games would appeal to alot of hardcore gamers too.

  • My bestest wish is actually for trophies.

    Seriously, why no trophy support? It’s a Sony game and it is still being supported. A trophy patch seems like a no-brainer.

  • Will start buying DLC for HSG when it has trophies. Until then, no thanks.

  • I actually own the game and like it very much, but I’m not about to spend 1$ more in any expansions or DLC until a trophy patch is released.

    Get serious! If you have the time to release DLC, you have the time to add the trophy patch.

  • The ability to play as sackboy makes getting this game tempting. You know what would be even cooler – Sackboy in Resident Evil 5!!

  • Sony, do you hear your faithful PS3 owners? They want trophies, and so do I! Don’t let us down and you will be rewarded by in increase in sales and loyalty. Watch!

  • That in game model of Sacky is really well done. Hopefully news will pick up on the LBP side because it’s been slim pickings on their part.

  • Chris, is it possible to put HSG5 on the PSN? I really think you guys should do this. Not only will it be convenient for PS3 users but also mean more sales, more DLC revenue and add value to the PSN service. This is exactly the type of game people would download so they can play a couple of rounds in between an FPS campaign or something.

  • You strait up lied to this guy 2 years ago.

    EvoAnubis | March 18th, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Oh, by the way, about my last post (since I don’t think it was clear), I was leaning towards renting this game. If you mean what I think you mean, that changes it to a buy.
    chmiranda’s Avatar
    chmiranda replied on March 18, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking, because if you are then I don’t think you should think about renting but think more about buying… because if you think what I’m thinking… then you’re thinking right.

  • Glorious addition. Love the cross-game promotions and continued support of both titles.

  • Wow. It’s good to see news about HSG. Sack boy is a must buy definitely.

    So Chris, are gonna be any trophies or not? It’s kind of disapointing to wait for something that you don’t even know if it’s gonna happen…

  • Trophies or bust. I really like HSG’s soundtrack, but custom soundtrack doesn’t hurt either.

  • I’m so there. Thanks for still supporting this game. Now could we please get some trophies?

  • When announcing DLC available for purchase, please include the price.

    I can understand not knowing the price far in advance, but if the content is releasing this week, the price information should be available.

    Why keep this information a secret?

  • Here’s a question:
    What are our little sack people going to sound like? I’m assuming that they’ll be mute. How could you give such adorable things voices, anyway?
    Answer: you can’t – you would change/destroy people’s impression of them. So we’ll be swinging and putting away in silence with the exception of the annoying caddies.

    I guess only time will tell. Me? I hope there are no voices for our sackboys and girls.

  • I agree with 48, bring over the putting game. Why is localizing and releasing foreign games such a big deal? You don’t need to redesign all the graphics and re-record all the voices to hide it’s country of origin. Just translate the text, leave the original voices, and let us play the game!

  • I have never heard so many requests for trophies in a game. Is this how people comment to every post for Hotshots Golf? Lol.

  • nice, i can’t wait for this… good addititon to the game… its money will spend.

  • Wait it’s free!?! Nice, now if only we got trophies….

  • Sweet! Now if only I could buy HotShots Golf off of PSN and stop playing the demo over and over again for free! ;)

  • Chris, you should inform Sony about our need for trophy support on this great game. Go! Now!

  • I am so buying this. Thank you for continuing to support one of my favorite games:)

  • To sum up the comments, Sackboy’s a great addition, but we still need the follwing:

    Custom Soundtracks
    Ability to buy game on PSN
    PS Home game space and game launching

    Oh, and we had probably the worst online G0 tournament schedule today since last summer. Just 13 tournaments (out of 400 scheduled) were available for G0 players from 12 noon to 10 pm tonight. And they only used three courses (out of eight), half were rainy, and more than half using standard equipment.

    Chris, can you speak to the people running the international online servers? We need more G0 and G1 tourneys, using all 8 courses, and less rain and more variety. Thanks!

  • Chris, can you add more courses from the past Hot Shots Golf Series such as (Aloha Beach Resort, Northern Fox C.C. or Day Dream G.C.)? I hope this game gets more courses soon. By the way fix the G1 & G0 tourneys.

  • One of the things I’m still trying to bounce my head around is that i score points for placing in a tourney but no way of keeping track of them. can someone help me figure this out please.?

  • Sackboy should be in better games other than playing golf.

  • I just bought the sackboy for this game ( it’s called Everybody’s Golf : World Tour here in Tthe UK ) but it was a complete waste of time because the patch willnot download. I have tried twice. It took 5 – 6 hours to do the download both times. Both times it said the download was complete and installed but it hasn’t. I can,t find the sackboy character and every time I go to the online tag it starts downloading all over again. I had the same trouble when i bought the Oceania resort course and was never able to use it.
    Why isn’t the download working. Does it only work on certain versions or what? (the code on mine is BCES 00068 ). I paid a lot of money for this game and cannot play it any more.

  • Sackboy? Awesome!

    Despite the awesome nature of this downloadable content, it seems that Sony is constantly missing the mark when it comes to meeting consumer needs. Gaming is social by nature, and is all about showing off and one-upmanship. The trophy system was added to the the PS3 quite some time ago, isn’t about time we support this feature for all games? What’s even funnier to me is that Hot Shots is a sports title, a genre in which trophies actually seem the most appropriate.

    We have needs Sony, and their not always about NEEDING to buy something. It seems as though an update to the Hot Shots trophy system would garner you more sales, you do the math.

  • Would everybody relax with the trophies already. I’m sure Sony is working on it. Give them sometime. They’re updating the server constantly. In time the Trophies will come.

  • I found this blog post when I was trying to figure out why Sackboy DLC wasn’t working for me. It seems the online updater didn’t bring Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds to the latest version; it merely updated the game to a slightly newer version. A fresh install of HSG: OB needs to be updated more than once from the online play menu.

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