X-Men Origins: Wolverine First Gameplay Trailer & Live Chat Tomorrow at Noon Pacific

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Hello PlayStation.Blog readers! My name is Dan Vondrak and I’m the Project Lead on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Though tomorrow is a BIG day – we get to chat here in the Blog’s fourth live chat – today is an even bigger one: I’m stoked to announce that the FIRST gameplay trailer for Wolverine has been released, and viewable below!

Check out the Wolverine game you heard about at New York Comic-Con – the most brutal, most bad-ass portrayal of everyone’s favorite X-Man. Skydiving into his foes, taking impossible risks, using regeneration and feral sense in the way only Wolvey can…the entire team at Raven has focused on one thing above all: true-to-character authenticity. Whether or not you’re a comic fan, that translates into epic gameplay.

Alright dudes – hope you enjoyed the game’s trailer “Uncaged”. I’ll be around tomorrow at noon where you can ask me about the game, what you saw in the trailer, and even more importantly, what you didn’t. Trust me when I say this trailer is just a taste of what’s to come. ;)


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  • This game looks totally *WICKED*! When is the release date and demo?

  • LOL looks like I guessed right, awesome!!! :D

  • have on-line?
    how many trophies?

  • Looks badass.

  • As a huge Wolverine fan, I’m really looking forward to the game.

  • Hope they got it working great on PS3. I know Unreal games tend to have problems on PS3.

  • that’s a badass looking Trailer.

  • yea it look’s cool..

  • Nice trailer!

  • I was at the panel at the comic con and got some great video myself including some gameplay. check it out:


  • This looks great! I hope that the PS3 got the same treatment as the other system or even better. Great controls will put this game in the 9.0 category.

    Wolverine is my favorite character from Marvel.


  • I don’t like when game trailers only show cinematics or something that makes me think I’ve only seen cinematics and not the actual gameplay, this is the case. I know it is an action game but with other games I’m left with the doubt: what if it turned out to be a strategy or puzzle game with nice action cinematics?

    The game looks nice from the trailer but I’d prefer having stills or videos from the gameplay experience.

    A question I have is the game will be PSN download or is it a bluray disc game?

  • I think the ONLY problem I have with this game is.. well I have to wait TWO months to buy it! lol

    It looks like tons of fun, and I’ve always been a huge Wolverine fan. Can’t wait for the movie either! Which I just noticed comes out the same day as the game. So I guess I’ll be watching the movie with game in hand haha

  • I simply cannot fathom why Wolverine was deemed worthy of a game. He must be the cheapest character in all of the Marvel Universe. With that said this game looks incredible. I will “grudgingly” play the demo if one is provided.

  • it would b cool if as a reward
    4 completing the game it gives the weapon x coustume

  • What happened to the live chat that was supposed to happen?

  • Will there be options to change costumes?? This game looks really good.

  • That was a awesome trailer…!!! Hope the game is better..!!


  • im really pscyched for this game, wolverine is one of my favorite heroes, and it finally looks like he gets his first full fledged game worthy of his name, this game is going to be rad

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