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Hi Everyone –

We are very excited to announce that as of today, PlayStation Network will offer movies and television programs from NBC Universal. Universal Pictures has a huge lineup of new releases, including MILK and ROLE MODELS, and other favorites like THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN and THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Today’s announcement makes PlayStation Network the premiere platform for downloading your favorite content from all the major movie studios.

You’ve been asking for it, and now we have it….. NBC’s THE OFFICE, HEROES and 30 ROCK as well as Sci Fi’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and EUREKA are also available starting today. New episodes will be added the day after they air, in both HD and SD.

Keep checking out all of the great new movies and shows because we are continuously adding more movies, series and episodes. Enjoy!

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  • @144…do you steal all your games and music too?

  • @151
    He’s the Jessica Chobot of the PlayStation Video Store lol.

    He’ll probably start criticizing the Nintendo Virtual Console for offering legacy titles because ROMs are available online and that Buying PSP UMDs from the store is equally worthless due to custom firmware lol.

  • Now if we can just get this service outside of the US. ;-]

  • @130 its 2009 now you need a better tv. its about time but i give credit for bring in two big movie/tv video studios.MTV NOW UNIVERSAL do your thang

  • what about Canada? will we get the video store anytime soon?

    I mean at least update us on this

  • Will we see the video store in Canada by the end of the year ?

  • @Grace Chen: It is about time that the PSN Video Store allowed us customers to purchase an entire set (or season) of episodes at a discount. Otherwise, I’ll just wait to rent my TV shows from Netflix or purchase them from

  • Still ignoring revenue from Canada?

  • One more note: I would love to purchase tv shows, or movies even off your service but the DRM is killing me. The fact that I am unable to download shows/movies I purchased to own like I can with games confirms that I will not be jumping in.

    My HDD has already crashed on me and for any content I would have owned from the Video store would have been gone forever.

  • please let us move movies/shows off the playstation, we did pay for them so we should be able to watch them on the system or or a computer.

    thank you

  • @everyone who is complaining about the service not being in another country:

    Licensing issues outside the US is what is stopping this. Heck, that main issue stops everything. Hulu, Netflix, 360 store video, maybe itunes (haven’t checked, and of course Sony. If you want a fix call on the Big Media companies to come up with a fix that will allow these good shows/movie streamed to other countries.

  • @150
    Hey, Torrents are NOT illegal!
    If a copyright holder has chosen to distribute content via a Torrent it is 100% LEGAL! That’s like saying copy machines, CD writers and a whole host of other machines are illegal just because they can be used illegally.
    Just to note, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue uses a Bit Torrent like download technology.
    Also TV shows are not required to be sold via any means if the content holder chooses not to make them available.

    Please don’t post things as fact when they are not, there is enough disinformation out there already.

  • YES! this is great new, i love the office and a lot of those movies you just listed

  • @162
    Hate to break this to you, but it is not legal. That warning message when you boot up a DVD or Bluray should be indication enough of that.

    Copyright law only protects private usage of copyrighted material. You can decompile, rip, and even recode any content you buy. However you are not allowed to freely distribute anything under that law unless you own the material or the limitations on that copyright expires.

    I guess you missed out on all those napster lawsuits.

  • Wow, awesome. So is Law & Order (yes including SVU and CI) are going to be in the store soon?

    @ 51,

    Yeah I need the close caption and subtitle. Also, is it possible that for the anime, can we have both English dub and the Japanese audio. I want to hear the Japanese voice in my anime (I’m not talking about Xam’d), but any anime on the store. Can we implement that soon.

  • Hey Jeff! so when is this thing going to show up on the PlayStation Store here in Canada? I believe we’re going into our second year without a video store up here on the big white north…

  • CANADA already CMON sony. AND MAKE IT AVAILABLE IN QUEBEC GOD DAMMIT WE ARE LIKE NOT CANADA ANYMORE WE DONT GET ANYTHING and also some french content would be nice for our french friends here. contact TVA for some good TV shows ( in french) they offer most of thier stuff online anyways as do discovery channel, CTV and TSN to name a few. ask them if they would like to broadcast to the PS3. but no rush on the TV cause the online player works on the PS3 BUT CANADA LOVES MOVIES FOR LONG WINTER DAYS!!!!!!!!

    CHA CHING!!!!!!!

  • HEROES!!!!! FINALLY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Awesome! Finally The Office/Heroes make their way to the video store!

    Thanks SONY for all your hard work, and thanks NBC for partnering.

  • How about some nicktoons action!

  • Canada or it didn’t happen.

  • @164
    I guess you don’t read so well.
    Maybe you missed the part when I wrote IF the copyright holder chooses to use Bit Torrent to distribute content it is legal. I want to make clear to you that the Bit Torrent technology itself is NOT illegal.
    You should go back and pay closer attention to the Napster lawsuits, Napster was found illegal because the content was passing through the Napster servers to the users it was not P2P like Bit Torrent, and also it was found that Napster was created for the sole reason of copyright infringement.
    Also I hate to break this to you but you better go back and read the DMCA. Also you don’t OWN the content; you are only purchasing a license to USE the content for private use. You CANNOT under the DMCA decode, rip or anything else as cracking protection or reverse engineering is illegal under the DMCA. I guess you missed the CSS lawsuits and forgot to actually read the DMCA that you reference.

  • OH MY CRAP tell me SNL is coming.

  • @brad540

    It is Quebec and the French factor that causes all the issues in Canada in the first place and is likely a main cause in the delay. Just so you know.

  • Sweet PSN FTW

  • This is awesome news for PSN and fellow Heroes watchers. I haven’t checked yet but I will definitely if it’s on there be buying Heroes Season 2 and 3 if it’s on there. :) oh and for everyone that doesn’t know There will be a Season 4, NBC has greenlit it and it won’t be final season. Although, with the numbers it’s getting, it really has declined but I love it and hope it lasts a couple more seasons!!

  • So when do we get music downloads on the PSN?

  • One would think the amount of people on this post alone begging for a Video Store up here in Canada would be enough for Sony to go to the ‘big media companies’ that are stalling the launch of a video store (if they haven’t already).

    With that said Sony, if you haven’t began talks with them…get to stepping, we’re tired of waiting
    And if you have…hurry up and launch the damn service already, we’re tired of waiting!

  • I know you guys probably get questioned by Canadians all the time about the video store. Well that or harassed by; as in the comments above, by multiple users making remarks about the lack of service here.

    I think a way to solve this may be to acknowledge the fact that there are many Canadians who read this blog and not only does it seem, but it is true that you have so far only catered to the U.S. market.

    I live in a hell of a cold place and don’t like to have to go to the video store. I’d love to give you my credit card and say ‘go to town’, but I can’t.

    All I would like to know are 3 things.
    -Am I going to have to wait an additional 9 months to get this service?
    -Can you at least make it clear in your posts that the service is not available for us Canadians. You know since we all get our hopes up every time you post about the service and then we have our dreams crushed when we log in to the Playstation Store.
    -Can you tell me when I can expect to see PSN Cards in a store within Canada? (I know it has nothing to do with what I’ve said so far but I am curious since, again, I’d love to give you my money.)

  • torrentz are the way to go nowadays. and go download TVersity. Stream those Torrentz to your PS3 with ease…

  • I love the idea of the PSN video / movie store, but I’m a little bit worried about losing the content if anything happens to my ps3. I’d love to have several of the things that is already in the store, and I love heroes so I’d have every one of the episodes for season 2 on.

  • @174

    I dont think what you say is true cuz sony is already delivering french games for Québec gamers (they take sound tracks from France)and they could do the same thing with movies . Microsoft have french video content on the marketplace and they were able to get the service to canadians .

    C’est assez le niaisage on veut le video store!

  • While this is great news it does nothing for me as we still don’t have the video store in Canada. Has there been any sort of update on progress there (or is anyone at Sony even trying to make progress)?

  • Sure would be nice if this were in Canada.

  • A long overdue addition to PSN. Now, if someone can PLEASE get WWE programming in there?!?! Did everyone fail to notice that they repeatedly hit the #1 spot for top rated TV shows and now has the longest running weekly show in history?!

    Get to work Sony. There’s tons of wrestling fans waiting to give you their money!!

  • Do I even need to say it?


  • I stumbled upon something yesterday-
    I was on the Game side of the store browsing, and one of the banners showed The Watchmen. I clicked the banner, and I was taken to the purchase point for episode 12 of the Watchmen animated series.
    I did not download it, but if I had, I was wondering- would it have stayed in my Download queue as all other things downloaded from the Game side are, or would it disappear like everything else downloaded from the Video side?
    Also, are Banner-links to video content like this exclusive to those of us that already have access to the Video Store?

  • more content is always nice.

  • When is this service coming to canada?

  • I would use this much more if I had one of two options:

    1) Subscription rental fee as an option.
    2) TV show rentals. Sometimes I just want to check a show out that I never watched before.

    Until then it is just a way to rent movies to take on my PSP.

  • And yet, Canadian users still being excluded.

    Nope, not impressed.

  • Please try to arangee it to work in Europe. I know it´s a problem due to television licesing thing, but still….. there are definitly people that would like this service in Europe. I AM ONE OF THEM!

  • you folks are really gonna make me upgrade to a bigger hard drive? I CAN’T SAY NO TO HD OFFICE!!!!

  • this is great, now i just wish they would add a subscription plan that lets you watch any move or tv show as much as u want for a set fee.

  • I have a couple of questions about the PSN video store. Why is it that some of the content that they charge for is free with like Black Blood Brothers and Mushi-Shi. When will Cartoon Network offer the Clone Wars series? I can get them for my Ipod. And whatever happen to the movie trailers for upcoming films? Star trek teaser is lame compared to what out there? I’m a big movie fan I love having a folder full of trailers. Yet lately nothing. No Wolverine,Harry Potter or Terminator trailers. Xbox is killing us with netflix access. I have netflix and can watch tons of stuff via computer. but would love to be able to view it on my HD tv instead. Can’t Netflix see that PS3 would bring not only viewers of streamable content but actual Blu ray subscribers.

  • There should be a buy the season option with a season discount. the flat 1.99 fee makes no sense for tv shows. Should a 30min show go for .99 and hour show for 1.99.

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