Patapon 2: Pata-Price Confirmation

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I’m no fan of numerology (although Pi kind of threw me on a loop for a while), but I must admit that if ever there was a number to be attached to, it would be 1999. That there number is ka-ching.

So what awesomeness is brought on by this magical 1999 number? Well for starters, it’s the price for the award wining Patapon 1.

Now for the second, and most important of all – it’s the price for Patapon 2! [Insert happy dance]

True this! On May 5th, for the pocket-friendly price of $19.99, you’ll be able to own your very own personal copy of Patapon 2. No longer will you drool over the promo videos and exclusive IGN previews, like the one below (thanks Jeff and Greg!).

So on Cinco de Mayo, get ready to party!!

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  • Twenty dollars is a sweet spot. It definitely put me over to buy Loco Roco 2. After playing the first Patapon, I easily would have paid $40 for it. At $20, there will be no reason for me not to pick up Patapon 2. Hope you guys advertise this game.

  • Stop making the PSP awesome please. My PSP just broke and I don’t have the cash to replace it! :P

  • Thanks a lot guys i’ve been waiting for this game…. :)

  • I really really loved the first Patapon, best PSP game IMO.

    Anyhow I have a question, hopefully you guys can answer it. What will the price be in Europe? Yes, I know that I am on the US blog, but hey I can always try, right?

  • this is on my wish list for looongg time . ;)

    (Off Topic)
    Pi , i never saw a trailer of that, its funny at the end he says “There will be no order only chaos” AH!!
    Old Kratos??

  • I will advice Sony only releases PSP games on the PS Store. Piracy is just too much for the PSP.

    Well done guys, I loved the first one. You guys should really consider making a PS3 version of this game game though…..

  • I hope you guys make this game is able to be downloaded through the PS Store. I don’t like carrying around UMDs. I feel like I’m carrying my GameBoy with all them cartridges.

  • I have been waiting for the second one after they released it in japan on november 2008. I also played the first one and I liked it. I will defintel preorder it.. Why did you they release it in japan first though???

  • Even MY broke azz can afford THAT! Thanks, guys!


  • What i want to know is when is the game coming out? Is it going to be the same price
    like LocoRoco2? when will the full game be on the PS-Store? Theme? wallpaper? anything??
    what about a sweepstakes?

  • Is there any chance the Patapon 2 and/or resistance retribution will come to the PSN store. Ever since the store came out I prefer downloading my games so I don’t have to swap discs, save battery, etc etc…

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