Watchmen Live Chat Tomorrow at 11am PST

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Watchmen: The End is Nigh Screenshot

So it begins – Watchmen week. One of the most popular graphic novels of all time hits the big-screen this Friday, with 300 director Zack Snyder at the helm. So while I am figuring out a way to snag IMAX tickets for Friday, Watchmen fever is spreading to the PS3, with the downloadable title coming to PlayStation Network this Thursday. Jeff and I recently visited with Warner for a little hands-on time with the game, and I grabbed associate producer Jerry Pritchard for some questions.

And Jerry was nice enough to agree to come on back to the Blog tomorrow from 11am – 12 noon for a live chat about Watchmen: The End is Nigh for PSN. So get your questions ready because we’re doin’ this all over again!

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  • I really like the idea that they’re primarily focusing on deepening the story and showing more of the characters and such…

    BUT; I hope that they know that a game is nothing if it doesn’t play well, and when the guy said, “well, keep in mind, it’s not about the action it’s about the story” or something around the lines of that, it kind of scared me…

    When developers have to make excuses as to why they’re lacking in certain areas of their game, it’s usually not a good sign! I mean, they can still flesh out the experience AND the story by making the game more versatile and open to multiple types of players… You know?

    It seems like this would ONLY appeal to people who are familiar with the comics and/or huge fans of the movie… but, unfortunately, that alone is not enough to allow the game to be successful…

    Personally… I’m just gonna wait until I hear a few other people’s opinions on this one… Just to be on the safe side…

    Either way, the game LOOKS like you guys have spent a lot of time trying to polish parts of it! So, kudos to all the people behind the Watchmen game!


    would love to have this.

    I think sony should release more demos though, because some people don’t buy the games because they know little about it (Flower).

  • Should really just have made it out on store shelves.. ya know

  • looking forward to the chat if I can make it, and REALLY looking forward to the movie. read the Graphic Novel and just picked up the Blu Ray motion comic today (with a free digital copy…woot!) and will be getting the PSN game when it hits the store. (Blu Ray came with a free ticket to see the movie…well 7.50 in movie cash at least)

  • Will the US store be receiving the game today as well? It is already live on the European Store.

  • Cool, whats that 2pm EST?

  • w00t!

    I won’t be in school today, so I’ll be able to be here for the whole interview! XD

  • Where do we go to ask questions is it here? How many EPS? Will more characters be playable? How is the fighting system, will you be able to upgrade or lvl up moves, or are you stuck with the same move set through the entire game?

  • Chris, was the picture of the tickets a bit much? I’ll be sure to let you know if my theater has any cool swag for the midnight showing, via face rubbing picture. I’m hoping for a blood-stained smiley-face button.

  • wow, a lot of negative comments

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