Noby Noby Boy Meets Pac-Man

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I have to say it’s kind of scary that the game has released. You may find it fun or you may be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m ready for any of your comments.

Anyway, has anyone looked at the Pac-Man and Noby Noby Boy commemorative banner that released today on the PlayStation Store? Those who have already played the game may have seen it. This photo was taken on January 1st when I came in to work to fix bugs.

Noby Noby Boy meets Pac-Man

As you can easily imagine, there was no one in the office that day except for the security guards. I had a lot of fun freely taking pictures with Boy! I remember carrying him to the main entrance laughing and taking pictures of Boy wrapped around the Pac-Man statue. When I was planning on using this photo for the banner, I was told that Pac-Man stood out more and the picture made it look like it was a Pac-Man game. I just answered back saying, “Players may buy the game by mistaking it for a Pac-Man game! Wouldn’t it be nice?”

Anyway, I was very lucky to be a part of such a miraculous collaboration. I tried to have Boy in various poses to make for interesting pictures, even with a Daruma doll. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well so I gave up.

Noby Noby Boy Daruma Doll

Daruma dolls are actually Japanese wish dolls. When your wish is fulfilled, you’re supposed to fill in the right eye, so we wished Noby Noby Boy would be released on the 19th. Speaking of the 19th, it was also the release date for Noby Noby Boy T-shirts. They were created by Panic Inc, the same vendor who did the Katamari ones. There will be four different designs with two variations for a total of eight types.

Noby Noby Boy T-Shirt

Above is one of the T-shirts. It’s an obvious Boy design, isn’t it? It would look cute on kids, but unfortunately there are no kid-sizes…maybe you could make a request to Panic Inc?

I didn’t talk anything about the game this time. Well, I’ll update sometime soon. Bye for now.

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