PlayStation Home Weekly: Warhawk Game Launching Event, New Street Fighter IV Virtual Items Announced

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Hey Homelings,

Locust_Star here giving you a quick heads up about some rad going ons that will be going down in-world this week. As you may or may not know, Warhawk is getting its own game space in PlayStation Home on Thursday, February 26th. This space is a great example of the next level in Home’s development – boasting serious interactive features from tactical furniture to game launching. So on opening day we’re inviting you all out to the new space to meet new people, strategize your next attack (using the interactive sand table), launch into the game, and commence the carnage.

This event will run from dawn to dawn, so when you get out of work, class, or a well-deserved nap be sure to log in and meet up with old clan members and new teammates alike. You might even see me in there kicking some Eucadian butt (or Chernovan, depending on my mood). Look for a video walkthrough of the Warhawk Command Center with Dylan Jobe tomorrow morning!

Ryu and Ken in PlayStation Home

If you were not yet aware, Capcom’s newly-released Street Fighter IV is tightly integrated with Home, offering unlockable virtual items when users perform certain actions in the game. To help you keep up with the Joneses, we’ll be dropping some hot new Street Fighter IV gear – specifically Chun Li, Ryu, Guile, and Ken costumes. So make sure you grab your favorite (and your second favorite) character’s attire if you want to hit the scene looking your sharpest. It’s a surefire way to get the attention of your fellow community members.

See you in Home!

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  • It’s a little too late for the Warhawk room, that should’ve launched months ago! I’m pretty much done with Warhawk cuz they ruined the official servers. :(

  • Not to rain on the parade or anything, but wasn’t this shown at least a year or more ago? It’s nice it’s coming, but I wish more spaces would be pumped out fast (as I said in the meeting space, but apparently being disappointed with how Home is right now is “flaming”).

    Still, I can’t complain since I did get free Socom (meh) and Warhawk (HECK YEAH!) from you guys, so it’s all good.

    Should be nice to see the Warhawk planning room. I kinda wish there was a public space to test it out on (well, at least the Sandbox thing), but I can’t blame you/Incognito for making them private.

    I really, really, really wish you guys could give us a ETA (even if it’s “Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter 09/10/11…) instead of a “please be patient.” I can understand why you do (to avoid the DNF/hype and disappointment when these things pass) but still giving us constant updates when certain updates are to go live would be nice and make me use Home more than once/twice a month.

  • ._. im still trying to figure out how it is i get these free costums from SFIV i gots the game but ._. …..idk how to get the stuff lol im only getting troophies from what it seems

  • hey i was wondering and i hope someone please replys but does Street Fighter 4 have game launching through home???

  • This blog reminds me I need to purchase all the warhawk DLC.

  • the homeling collective is extreemly happy to see you reference us at the beginning of this blog

  • I want to pucnh Dylan in the face someday for making this game.He’s a great example of lazy dev.

  • @#55 Sharingan_itachi
    what game are you talking about? Are you talking about Street Fighter 4 with it lack of contents on the disk but you can find contents on the PSN store before the game was even out?

  • Socom room should be top priority

  • I love the idea of Home, but back in 2007 one of the Features you guys said would be in Home was Video/Music Sharing. Has that feature been scrapped or is it still a possibility? I Think that feature combined with Eye Create would be awesome.

  • Cool, Thanks for adding that game space. It’s intresting to see more of those game space. I read it on Kotaku that Japan got a Siren game space, are we going to get that also soon.

  • cool….. although i havnt played warhawk in a long time.

  • Nice, good job on the SFIV costumes, they look pretty damned good.

  • Thanks for the news about Ambient music in Warhawk Home LS, you probably won’t answer this, so I’ll add it as a suggestion, every Home space NEEDS ambient music or a streaming video, IMHO The Gamer’s Lounge and Far Cry 2 space would be a lot better just by adding some ambient music to them.

    Likewise, the Red Bull Air Space could have some ambient music on it or a streaming video of real Red Bull Air races. Just my opinion on how you can improve on the service.

  • Locust_Star, will Home go through a server upgrade or something? I tend to get disconnected and have problems logging in pretty often. It’s really tiring…

  • This looks very very fun. I am looking forward to the WarhawK game rom. Maybe you guys should add a lot more room yeah yeah? :) Thanks Locust_Star!

  • lol people still go on home?

  • Did Incognito make the Home Game Space (I saw Dylan Jobe will be doing a walkthrough, but that doesn’t mean he had a hand in makin it)? Or was it Sony’s team?

  • Cool;) More stuff the better ;P

  • I hope Home supports Killzone 2

  • Ditto. Killzone 2 should at the very least support game launching and from I’ve heard it doesn’t!

    How come a game that’s been in development for 3+ years and have the biggest budget game so far, not have time to implement that????

  • thanks L_C you and CYD are dont a gr8 job!

  • I so want that Chun-Li outfit!

  • This could be very cool. Home is starting to develop. I never played Warhawk but this could be an excuse to get it. Any sport games like golf on the horizon? This seems like a great game for home.

  • hey when is the new cafe going to be launching?? thanks

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