Destination PlayStation News: LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm, Assassin’s Creed, more coming to PSP

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Big news coming out of the Phoenix area, where SCEA’s annual Destination PlayStation conference is taking place. I’ve copied the entire press release for you below, but here are some of the highlights:

  • New PSP bundles coming in 2009, including an Assassin’s Creed PSP Entertainment Pack and a Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack, which includes a new Lilac PSP.
  • Some of your favorite games are going portable for the first time, with exclusive PSP editions: MotorStorm Arctic Edge (also coming to PS2), LittleBigPlanet, and the Petz series.
  • The Warhawk Command Center launches in PlayStation Home this week.

There’s more, so read the rest straight from the press release. Look for more details to come later in the week.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 24, 2009 – At its annual retail and publisher conference Destination PlayStation®, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced its unprecedented line up for PSP®(PlayStation®Portable), including a new hardware offering that extends the PSP market to young female gamers, the debut of blockbuster franchises MotorStorm® and LittleBigPlanet™ on the platform, and major software support from Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, MTV Games, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and other publishing partners.

“With a year of record sales ushering us into the new year, we continue to raise the bar on providing consumers the deepest and broadest entertainment content for every member of the family to enjoy,” said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. “With new content being added every day to the PlayStation Network combined with an unmatched line up of exclusive titles on PSP, and the roll out of truly groundbreaking games such as Killzone® 2 for PS3, we remain confident in our approach and strategy for another record year of growth and momentum.”

SCEA also previewed its deepest and broadest content line up for the PS3 system, including groundbreaking exclusives such as Killzone® 2, inFamous, MLB®’09: The Show™, MAG, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and God of War® III to hit throughout the fiscal year. Promising to be a blockbuster hit, Killzone 2’s immersive and sensory gameplay sets the stage for PlayStation’s continued momentum on the PS3 this year, accompanied by truly innovative and genre-defying content such as MAG, the industry’s first online shooter to allow up to 256 players, combined with artistic and niche games like Flower™ and Ragdoll Kung Fu™: Fists of Plastic on PlayStation®Network.

With a rapidly growing install base, the PSP platform is riding a wave of momentum that will be paired with a new hardware offering and its best software line up to date, demonstrating significant support from SCEA’s publishing partners. Two new limited-edition PSP Entertainment Packs will be available in 2009, bundling everything consumers need to jump onto the PSP platform, from the hardware to games, videos, and other content – all for $199.99 (MSRP).

• Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack – As part of a new focus on expanding the PSP market to female gamers, SCEA will launch this new bundle in July. The pack includes the introduction of the “Lilac” PSP system, Disney Interactive’s Hannah Montana PSP game (an exclusive dancing and rhythm action game for gamers to design the show and go on tour as the teen icon), a selection episodes from the Hannah Montana TV series on UMD, a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and stickers to customize the PSP.
• Assassin’s Creed™ PSP Entertainment Pack – Ubisoft will debut an exclusive installment of the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise on PSP later this year. To commemorate this highly anticipated title, SCEA will launch a new bundle that includes the game, a “Piano Black” PSP, and other content that will be announced later.

SCEA’s push toward teen and “tween” girl gamers will also be supported by Ubisoft’s Petz® software line, which will make its debut on PSP with new, unique titles later this year. The Petz series allows young players to create and care for cute, furry pets chosen from many different breeds of dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, dolphins, tigers and bunnies.

Publisher support for the PSP system will continue throughout the year with Rock Band Unplugged™, launching exclusively on PSP. MTV Games and Harmonix announced separately that gamers will be able to take Rock Band Unplugged on the road with the first ever portable version of the popular music and gaming experience. Rock Band Unplugged will take center stage as it leverages the PSP system’s Wi-Fi capabilities and becomes the first PSP game to include a fully-featured in-game store for downloadable content in the North American and Europeans markets.

The third party support for PSP will continue throughout the year with a stellar line up of titles from EA SPORTS. Madden NFL 10 will enable NFL fans to build their own formations and plays from scratch on the PSP. Then, through connectivity with the PS3, the plays can be downloaded and perfected on the console. In addition, Madden NFL 10 will deliver a faster and more “PSP-friendly” gameplay experience to adapt to the PSP owner’s lifestyle. And for the golf fans out there, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10 will allow gamers to experience the drama of major golf tournaments with revamped gameplay modes for on and offline play. Look for more EA SPORTS titles to be announced for the PSP this year.

Rounding out the unprecedented publisher support, Square Enix’s DISSIDIA™ FINAL FANTASY, which has sold 850,000 units since launching before the holidays in Japan, will make its way to North America this summer.

From a first party perspective, SCEA will bring its biggest franchises from the PS3 to the PSP this year, starting with MotorStorm® Arctic Edge and LittleBigPlanet™ in Fall 2009. These titles will be built from the ground up for PSP, offering users a unique portable experience based on the critically acclaimed franchises. Following are details for each game:

• LittleBigPlanet – Developed in conjunction with MediaMolecule, the critically acclaimed game LittleBigPlanet makes its way to the PSP, offering new SackBoy™ adventures with the same play, create, share experience for gamers on-the-go, in addition to brand new levels and environments specifically created for the platform.

• MotorStorm Arctic Edge – Developed by the award-winning Bigbig Studios, the team behind the best-selling Pursuit Force™ series, MotorStorm Arctic Edge sees the music, the festival and the brutal off-road racing arrive in the breathtaking yet lethal and unpredictable setting of Alaska. The game is also expected to hit the PlayStation 2 platform in Fall of 2009.

As the connective tissue of the PlayStation experience across the PS3 and PSP systems, SCEA announced continued PlayStation Network content from new movie releases through the video delivery service and new game spaces for PlayStation®Home. Launching this week, the new “Warhawk™ Command Center” space makes its way into PlayStation Home offering Warhawk fans a new place to socialize and strategize featuring the sand table. PlayStation Home is the ultimate social community gathering gamers via a rich, 3D high-definition environment and will continue to expand overtime.

About Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. continues to redefine the entertainment lifestyle with its PlayStation® and PS one® game console, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system, the ground-breaking PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system and its online and network services the PlayStation®Network and PlayStation®Store.

Recognized as the undisputed industry leader, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. markets the PlayStation family of products and develops, publishes, markets, and distributes software for the PS one, PlayStation 2, PSP and PS3 for the North American market. Based in Foster City, Calif. Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. serves as headquarters for all North American operations and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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  • I’m so excited for LBP, Motorstorm, Assassin’s creed and Rock Band coming to the PSP. Need to buy one now. Hey Jeff, Did Harmonix say how Rock Band will work on PSP? Will it have the usual plastic instruments in bite size form?

  • Sooo massive news! New PSP Lilac looks not bad but not so good too. Why SCEA won’t release white one?

  • PSP Store? Other than having the RB content on there but actual games? is this still out of the question or do i have to hear “we are working on it” “bla bla future”

  • Well done SCE. I mean seriously, this is awesome news. I can’t wait to play these new games. I’m so glad the LBP on PSP rumours were true! These games are exactly what the PSP needed.

    Interesting about Rock Band Unplugged, I don’t have Rock Band for my PS3 but I’ll be buying it for my PSP, I love music games on the go.

  • I am looking forward to seeing LBP on my PSP. Good luck in figuring out how to be part of the existing community of levels. Yeah it really needs to be able to some how play the online created levels that are out. Patch it somehow.

  • How about a release statement for Demon’s Soul in North America?

  • LBP seems good. But a bit skeptical that it isn’t being made by MM. It will probably suck hard.

  • Redesigned PSP. I know you’ve guys seen the concept images floating around the Internet. It’s a beautiful thing. Please make it happen!

  • I hope they’re seriously considering Trophies on PSP (or possibly working on this feature!).

  • Well the PSP lineup was lacking last year… looks like you guys are making up for that in abundance now!

  • Hannah Montana? Seriously….Hannah Montana? Ok, for the kiddies yes, but I think it’s going to take more than that. I’m more of a DS girl because it has the games I want more so than the PSP, but I know I would never get that Hannah Montana bundle. That thing is so hideous. I will admit that LBP on PSP looks interesting, but I still don’t see the PSP as a purchase for me.

    And blog related, can we get nested comments/replies? I hate when there aren’t nested comments. Drives me batty.

  • Please tell me the there’s some sort of sound in the Warhawk space. Combat noises, videos playing, or just the sound of water dripping.

    The Gamer’s Lounge that launched a couple of weeks is insane since there is absolutely no sound except maybe a bubble machine someone puts down. Dead silence is not conducive to socializing.

    If Sony won’t allow users to have in-game music for Home, at least they can give us something listening.

  • Really solid lineup for the PSP. Can’t wait to see more on these titles.

  • Great news for PSP. Seems a bit early for another LBP but it is still the beginning of the year so we’ll have to see if everyone will feel little big planet’d-out by the end of the year.


  • AWESOME!!!! The PSP just keeps getting better and better! :)

  • PETZ? What a joke… LBP? ASSCREED?

    I can’t wait! This is going to rock!

  • great news! any date set for patapon 2?

  • Whoops I didn’t meen ‘ASS’Creed I was just making it shorter.

  • Motorstorm and little big planet on the psp??? wow im sold already , motorstorm, lbp , resistance all big hitters on the ps3 are making their way to the psp now we just need uncharted to make it too lol , very glad to see this news i love motorstorm and lbp . warhawk game launching on ps home this week?? oh man gotta hit ps home to see that , i hope killzone2 gets its own space and game launching too , jeff i really wanna see more about MAG and Heavy rain , can you get those guys to talk more about their games here? im still waiting for insomniac to unveiled ratchet and clank future2 , we know the game is coming this fall and what about Wardevil ???? i hope you get the digi guys to talk about their game when they are ready here in the blog , im really excited to know more about wardevil too

  • Thank you SONY…

  • Awesome, hopefully MotorStorm Arctic Edge (PS2 version) will be compatible with the 80GB PS3 so I can play it on my big screen along with MS1 and MSPR.

    Looking forward to the new Assassin’s Creed, and Rock Band for the PSP, I play RB2 all the time on my PS3, linking content or something like that would be awesome.

  • at ROLO_ONFIRE , HUGE motorstorm fan here ,i cant wait to play motorstorm artic edge , motorstorm in alaska???? oh man im sold , why evo didnt think about this???? take motorstorm to the snow

  • I want a pink poospe.

  • You know what would be hardcore? PSP Trophies.

    Yeah, wrap your mind around THAT.

  • Nice 1 SONY ;)

  • Wow, great job Sony. We needed this PSP support!

  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!
    I am soooooooo excited! LBP for PSP!!! I don’t think I can stand the waiting!!!
    I am so glad the PSP is getting some love! Now if we could get more PSOne classics.
    Maybe this will stop the rumors that the PSP is going away:)
    This is GREAT news!!

  • Sony’s NEW IP’s going from PS3 to PSP is great news, and should stoke sales for the PSP. This is great support from Sony for all PSP owners in 2009.

  • This is all great news for the PSP but what about extended batteries? will they make a return?

  • Hanna Montana PSP……. Seriously are trying to give my female gamer friends something to laugh about? I’m sure the color is something they’ll be interested in, but the pack in game is a joke.

    Speaking of packin’s I’d like to see the various colored PSP’s to not be packed with a game. I either own them already or don’t care for them and I want to upgrade my unit possibly to a PSP of a color other than black.

  • I hope the games come with some kind of gameshare especially little big planet. Internet play for sure is needed but I have 2 psps and my kids love games that they can share and play with each other with out having to log online.

  • does anyone even care about a Warhawk Command Center? I mean the game is old. Does anyone even play the game anymore?

  • I’m so getting the Hannah Montana PSP, but you knew that.

    Didn’t you Jeff?

  • Now this is EPIC!
    LBP for PSP and Motorstorm!

    If only we could get dual analog on the PSP!
    Damn you guys at Sony for not including that!

  • lol ummm…thanks?

    What research told you HM would be a good sell?

  • Sony means business!

  • Jeff it would be a good idea to put the motorstorm artic edge trailer here

  • I want to say I am no fan of this new PSP for the girls but I am thankful you are making stuff for them. Because Nintendo made a lot of money catering to them and so I think this is a great strategy you are doing. I so love that there will be a new LBP and MotorStorm for the PSP.

    I think this will be a great year for the PSP. I love how this will make the nay Sayers get the just deserts and will make them know that the PSP is not going any were soon. I also love that the guy/gals at Sony are still making great games for the PSP and are not making them just for the future PSP2.

    I think this is great news. So thank you

  • Also…I’m not interested in PSP versions/chapters of my PS3 games unless they are going to net me trophies as well.

    Any news on whether PSP trophies is something that could/would happen in the future?

  • finally they are gonna release the warhawk room.

  • hannah montana psp would’ve been good for my cousin…last year, she’s the girly type n would’ve loved it…guess i can buy it for the younger sister….she is pspless…the younger one…older one has the silver 1

  • I also want to say seeing as my comment was so long that I hope this means you will look into bringing trophies and other great PS3 features to the PSP too down the line.

    I hope to see many PSN PSP downloads in the future. Unbound Saga looks like a great start and I hope to see many more like Galaxy’s End and Rhythm of War from both Tiki Games and Beatshapers.

    I love that the PSP’s future looks bright and I can’t wait to see what the future holds *Hint remake of Legend of Dragoon and Colony Wars. May be even another Alundra, Jet Moto, Sly Cooper & Warhawk.

    Thanks so much for this info the PSP is a great system that is only getting better and better. Also if this is only Destination Playstation I can’t imagine what great things will be shown at either GDC or E3.

    Thanks so much you deserve it.

  • amazing

    all of them have the potential to be amazing :p

    PSP is finally getting more attention…like it deserves ;)

  • Good to see the PSP come back from the dead!

  • My sis and I have been waiting to hear more info on Motorstorm and LBP ever since late last year when that rumor of PSP iterations surfaced on the net. Thanks for going all out on the PSP. Now is true that Guerrilla games has already started on Killzone 3 and Liberation 2?

  • if you guys keep this stuff up I just might buy stock in the company. What a turnaround for the psp too. Giving me a reason to pick it up now other than just for the remote connection w/ps3.

  • Oh, and I second that there should be trophies on the psp!

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