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Glancing through this list, it’s not hard to read what’s on my mind: Killzone 2 and Street Fighter IV. I’ve been having an amazing time all week playing SFIV with friends either in person or via the chat-enhanced magic of PSN.

And I especially can’t wait to see all of you online this Friday night in Killzone 2. For the past month or two, we’ve been holding special multiplayer sessions for media members (to help them write their reviews, etc). The class/ribbon system is so deep, I know you’ll have a hard time logging off (just one more ribbon and I get more grenades at loadout! etc).

And if you missed it, I was lucky enough to be invited to sit in on IGN’s Podcast Beyond (Epidsode 80) to talk Patapon 2, ultra-enthusiastic PlayStation fans, and our favorite RPG protagonists. Give it a listen, won’t you?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 16, 2009)

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  • Next we need trophies for SSF2THD!

  • Ah sweet! Tomb Raider with trophies!! I’m a happy customer. BTW Jeff, how many trophies do you have?

    Ok got to go back to Dead Space to collect my platinum trophy ;)

  • @ Happy_Spud

    I second that. SSF2THD

  • Jeff, the valor trophies for KillZone the way they were described on the chat kind of confused me. Are they trophies everyone and anyone can get? Or is it something everyone will be fighting for to place in the top weekly what ever it is?

    • The description that Seb gave in the chat was the best I\’ve heard – but you can pitch for clarification in the next live chat we do with them (yes, it looks like Guerrilla wants another!).

  • I’m listening to it right now :O. Jeff haynes talking now.

  • @ Happy_Spud

  • This Friday is all about Killzone 2 and KillZowning!!! :)

  • very nice! friday cant come any sooner… My best buy is even giving away free killzone hats for the purchase of the game. i just wish that Killzone 2 had some home soport like street fighter and resident evil has.

  • can we plese have cross ingame chat

  • hey Jeff, It would be nice If you can get Keita Takahashi on the blog again. Since PSN users are so close to reach the moon.(I would like to see his reactions of the first week)

    nice killzone 2 ad on the PS store. I think it should be the big one you sometimes use on the side (If people want to see whats new and best selling so bad they can go to the games or new releases tab) :p

    It would be nice If you release one that says in stores now. Im sure the traffic you get on thursdays must be a big one, take advantege of that.

  • BEYOND!!

    That podcast was funny as hell, particularly when Greg kept forgetting to refer to Jeff Haynes by his quickly-assigned nickname.

    You guys here at the PSB NEED TO START A PODCAST!!

  • BTW, not trying to nitpick, but…

    And if you missed it, I was lucky enough to be invited to sit in on IGN’s Podcast Beyond (Epidsode 80….”

    I’m just saying. I know, it’s Sunday; I’m chilled out too. Trying to platinumize the Genesis Collection and playing Burnout.

  • 5 nore days till KZ2 ><

    When are we gonna hear about the stateside releases of White Knight Chronicles and Demon’s Souls?
    As well as the Team ICO project and Fat Princess?

  • Can’t wait for Killzone 2 this week.

    Can’t wait to destroy all of you :D

  • That Ars Technica article is probably the best PS3 article I have ever read.

  • Hey jeff, you got platinum in burnout yet? I got it ;)

  • I heard rumors about online distribution of full games from Sony for 40$. At first I didn’t like the idea, but ever since my blu ray lens got busted, I welcome it more than ever. Plus I love downloading PSN games and it saves me space :-)

    I hope its true and not only Sony but also third party teams will do the same, like Criterion Games did with Burnout Paradise.

  • You have 400 trophies BUT what level are you Jeff? :D
    How many platinums?

    I’m one away from the platinum in Burnout, I just don’t have a PS eye so I can’t get it… :(

  • Jeff, i really love the weekly reading list.


  • Had gamers block the last month or so now :(

    Still planning on getting and playing Killzone 2 though :)

    I feel I have to at this point :P

  • Speaking of PlayON it also supports NETFLIX.

  • Yeah I pre-ordered KZ2 and got SFIV on Friday, but I’ve hardly played it cos I started playing Burnout again, any word on the FW 2.7 rumours or are they false? and when can I get my sackboy avatar?

  • LOL @ Jeff
    I have over 500 trophies and is about to get my last few in Dead Space :)

  • Hey Jeff

    That was an awesome podcast beyond episode, I hear them all the time. You should do more in the future.

    BTW… Ive been hearing a lot of nice things about some posters I made. Check them out, I’m a graphic designer student and just wanted to express my appreciation to Sony and the ps3, for its awesome games and support.

    (I made them out of love and I’m not making any money out of it)

  • Jeff what did you think of my idea? do you think it’ll work or do disagree?

  • Lol all of you… I have over 1200 trophies… :D

  • Hi Jeff!
    I just found something new some minutes ago about Killzone Liberation 2, is it true? if yes then i can’t wait for it.

    Here is the link:

  • @UNCyrus
    I seen you trophy list and it fircken insane. I think you have like 15 platinum or something around there. That a lot of games dude. I would buy more games that has trophy but need money for college books and stuff.

  • You know what I read about the PS3 this week?

    I read a rumor of a firmware 2.7 update coming within a few months, that will include pretty much every feature everyones wanted for some time. Cross-game voice chat, in-game theme integration, and a number of other coveted features.

    Any confirmation on that, by any chance? :D

  • @Jeff
    Hay do you have any idea when we are getting a new firmware update?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Have you talked to the boys at Capcom about patching Street Fighter II HD with patches? I would like that alot.

    firmware 2.7 :) . I don’t care about cross-game chatting, though I would like to see them let you listen to music in any game. I don’t know if that is even possible.

  • KillZone 2, MGS4, LBP, WipeOut:HD, GT5:Prologue, R&C, MotorStorm 2, R2, PJ:Eden, Flower…

    SONY’s PS3 is AMAZING!!! ;P

    + I’d love a LBP/KillZone 2 Level Pack, like the LBP/MGS4 one??? Any chance we will get that??? ;)

    + That Firmware 2.7 was just made up, this is the internet ;D

    + Why is there no Trophies yet for GT5:Prologue + MGS4??? :(

  • Please Sony do not stop Persona and Growlanser from being released here in the US.

    Also, is Sony or any other company be publishing Demon’s Soul, or should I just import it?

  • Good podcast Jeff and IGN also it really explained to me what you guys do and I really appreciate it. Also I’m one of those guys Who says 4.99 it shoulda been free lol :D

    Also I can’t wait for the next GG podcast on KZ2. Hopefully it’s on a wednesday so they can have thursday and Friday to celebrate the game’s full release.

    Thanks for your hard work to keep us updated on all the latest news.

  • Woudl also love Demon’s Souls in Europe :D

    By the way, here’s a link:

  • Thanks for all the links.

    What name will you be playing Killzone 2 under?

    Shoot me a friend invite!

  • If FW 2.7 was too happen it would beat XBL into the ground, “New PS3 Experience” thats what it would be well fingers crossed the rumours are true.

  • Nice, can’t wait to try out Flower and Noby Noby Boy.

    By the way, Jeff, when are you gonna accept my Facebook request!?!? :p

  • I thought you were great on the podcast! I was really (pleasantly) surprised to hear someone from Sony on it. I apologize on behalf of the BEYOND community for their actions ^_~

  • Good bunch of reading up there but where is the info on the new psp firmware 5.05 and the new ps3 updates? I’m really interested to know. Also where can I apply for that Sony Japan job listing for new console/accessories tester? I want in.

  • One more thing why are people postin about 2.7 I didn’t see a link up there.

  • Every time you post some JRPG related news I get a little exited, then I realize it is all a tease. Some news on WKC? Anything on Demon’s Soul?

  • When can we expect the interview with the God of War III team? It supposed to be released last week.

  • Great news today! I love the sunday posts!!!

  • since this is suppose to be the last God of War i Really hope Santa Monica Studios pick up development for Heavenly Sward and make a part 2. Sony cant let a could be franchise go down the pooper

  • Jeff…..can you reply to my post? :P I’m super bored and in need of attention.

    Some good links there, I’m really glad you guys do this post. I don’t think Trophies will help Lara though…….

    Thanks for reminding me about Patapon 2 and LocoRoco 2, I’ll go pick up LC2 next week with a copy of Patapon, I loved the demo but never got around to buying the full game.


    I honestly love this blog! Keep up the good work Jeff (and accept my friend invite :( )

  • I want a second Heavenly Sword as well!

  • First time I’ve ever listened to that Podcast, pretty funny.

    [Aside]Dr. Robotnik almost caused me to throw my controller… I had never beaten him before, even back in the day.

    That Genesis Collection (know as Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection in UK) got me my first platinum. I’m proud of that, being an old schooler. I can’t get platinums in new games, but old games. I’m all about that! :D

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