Sack it to Me (the V-day Aftermath Edition)

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Welcome back folks. Now that the smell of chocolate and mess of pink, white & red silly string around the house is gone (oh, was that just me?), wanted to let you know of some cool things around the world of LBP.

You might’ve remembered a few months ago we saw our first marriage proposal via an LBP user generated level. Over on the forums, DimmuJed, posted an update with a new announcement level.

Remember the level I made where I got engaged with a LittleBigPlanet level? Well now I made a level inviting you all to our wedding in LBP! We are going to have the actual ceremony inside of little big planet with a level on April 11th. You will be able to check out the level online, and the ceremony on a video come April 11th.

Congrats to the both of you, and let us know where you’re registered…

“Sack-tacular Levels” – LittleBigLove – by realil
Looks like “realil” fell in fell in love with the latest V-day mini-pack items and created a cool little level. We particularly liked the heart-shaped score bubbles, the 2-player challenge and the spelling of “LOVE.” Great job.

Don’t forget, today is the last day to download the Valentine’s day mini-pack off the PlayStation Store.

LittleBigPlanet Add-On Valentines Day Mini Pack

SackBoy @ToyFare (continued)…
Last week we introduced the 4″ SackBoys to be featured at Toy Fair 2009 in NY. Check out Geekanerd’s latest trip to the fair with a bunch of new picks, including a peek at the 2″ figures + keychain prototypes.

…from the Molecules
Check out some great updates over at, including:

WipEout HD costume pack @ PlayStation Store
And finally, we have a new set of costumes waiting for you on the PlayStation Store tomorrow – the WipEout costume pack showcases 4 stunning new designs, sure to inspire many racing levels.

LittleBigPlanet WipEout costume 1 LittleBigPlanet WipEout costume 2

BONUS: included in the costume pack are a handful of stickers to help theme your levels to our of our favorite racing franchises (looks like brnxblze got a sneak peek).

LittleBigPlanet WipEout sticker 1 LittleBigPlanet WipEout sticker 4

All this for just $2.99 :)

That’s it for this week. Until then, take this sack-sized HAD-U-KEN!

LittleBigPlanet Ryu with fireball

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  • Sounds good – keep it comin’!!

  • Just bought LBP(traded in W@W for it). Haven’t been on it yet since I have to get all the trophies for flower first. When I get on it I’ll make a flower level ^_^

    • Welcome to the LBFamily! Can\’t wait to see the level. I only got 3 trophies in Flower so far, but plan to spend time with the game this weekend.

  • That sack-sized hadouken at the end has me on the floor.

    The floor.

  • lol looks great, i might actually consider buying those costumes

  • Make an Assegai pack and I’ll be interested.

  • Sack-A-Licious!

  • Sack-boy for Prez

  • Really wish there were PSN Cards here in Canada. I’d really love to get some of the LBP dlc, especially the MGS4 pack

  • LOL sweet I love Wipeout and LBP—good marriage of 2 different things!

  • I know what I need to buy tomorrow.

  • Those wipeout hd sackboys are looking great

    BTW Jeff, is this true

  • can’t wait for the WIpeout…. any idea when the counter will count how many lvls we play online though?… I want that trophy……

  • i’m a wipeout freak so i’ll be grabbing this for sure. more teams please!

  • i love the haduken picture!

  • No free costume this week?


    A member of the GameTrailers Forums said the following:

    “Okay, GT, i lurk these boards a lot so i’m going to throw you a bone. Take it or leave it. Anyway, A friend of mine works in an R&D department at Sony and recently let me in on the firmware details for 2.7. If you were disappointed with 2.6, you’ll probably like what you’re about to hear, but it’s still missing some very crucial (and heavily requested) features. Here’s a list of the things he told me will be changed:

  • Friends List:
    – Voice Messaging is now available as an alternative to text after selecting a user on the friends list. Voice message recordings are capped at 30 seconds.
    – Home Integration: Saved Playstation Home avatar photos can be selected as photo ID for Gamer Card/Friends List.
    – Trophy number and Gamer Level are listed under Friend names for quick reference.

  • Gamer Card & Trophies:
    – Gamer Card layout has been changed to more closely resemble the Playstation Store aesthetic.
    – Past Trophy information can be viewed in detail by selecting “Recent Trophy History” option.
    – Newly aquired trophies auto-sync in the background
    – Server infrastructure for Trophies has been optimized. Resulting in faster retrieval time for Gamer Card and Trophy information.

  • In-Game XMB:
    – Loading time for In-Game XMB has been drastically reduced, resulting in a more seemless in-game experience.
    – “Theme settings” options while in-game is now available, allowing custom themes to be applied to the In-Game XMB.
    – Internet Browser can now be accessed while in-game.
    – Voice messaging and voice chat options can be used while in-game.
    – Options that cannot be used in the XMB during game sessions are grayed out (but still selectable) to eliminate user accessibility confusion.

    – Other slight UI tweaks and enhancements.

    Seems like there is still no word on cross-game invites, but i think the integration of Home (as small as it is) into the rest of the Playstation experience is still a step in the right direction. The update is pretty big but he said it would hit sometime in Q2 of ‘09″.

    Consider this jsut a rumor, but it would be awesome if this is true, In-Game Internet Browser, In-Game voice chat and voice messaging look really awesome. I hope that this is true


    … you guys might want to confirm or deny… if confirmed AWSOME>.. if denied… plz stop it before this gets … well too big

  • ‘LBP/KillZone 2’ Level pack like ‘LBP/MGS4’ Level pack PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P

    + NEED;) some LBP Toys??? Real sack ones???

  • sack sized haduken :-D SF4 is badass. got it today :-P

  • When will the Sepheroth costume come? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *Looks at the WipEout costumes*

    *Reads “All this for just $2.99 :)”*

    *Bursts laughing out loud maniacally”

    Yes, I’m a master of sarcasm. Yeah, I still love the game (key word here being “game”).


    • Not sure the whole pre-order campaign for Killzone, but I do know there is a Helghast costume for HOME.

      As for LBP…just stay tuned here on the blog for future announcements. I\’m sure there will be one soon…

  • Love it!
    keep the content coming!
    Can’t wait for the plushies!

  • A wedding ceremony in LBP? That’s definitely something to go on the highlights reel. :D

    @ Link01
    This is the first I’ve heard of this rumor. Look at the number of things on that list that people have been begging about. There’s usually only one or two in any given REAL update. Wise up, ‘lest we face another disaster like fw2.00. Accept nothing short of official confirmation.

  • i never thought id see the day when LBP and wipeout would be infused. very tight! you guys should create more playable content like the MGS4 one though.


  • I LOVE Wipeout HD… I might actually get this.

  • Is it just me, or did you guys promise a free costume for every week?

    I could be wrong…

    • Hey Xulap,

      We mentioned something like that in November to start a 2 month campaign of free DLC, but that stretch ended in December. I\’m sure you\’ve noticed, but we\’re still here weekly (or close to it), with a offerings from a mixed bag of free stuff, costumes, mini-packs & level kits, updates, etc).

      Don\’t worry, we know how you guys love the free goodies and will keep them coming…

  • Nice stuff, I don’t really think I need the WipEout pack, but it’s neat nonetheless.

  • Man, you guys are great with DLC. I wish I had LBP (PS3 Hardware issues). Keep it up guys, maybe others will follow your fine example.

  • Hey Guys, thanks for the continued support on LBP. I love this game

  • @ Link01

    Those are on my PS3 wishlist as well. I hove we can get those features soon



  • Woah… Wipeout HD bundle is $2.99? Seriously? I may yoink them for the stickers alone. (HIGH SPEED REVOLUTION!)

    Be still my heart, please be true and not another “FREE VALENTINE’S!” snafu. Otherwise I’m going to be ticked. >:(

  • I love the WipEout stuff and I will definately buy, but I’d still like to see a Magnetic Material released for LBP as a WipEout-themed item!

    Now if they would release some WipEout DLC for WipEout then we’d really be happy.

  • I have a question, howcome you guys havent made any LBP XMB themes?

    • We have. Not sure what part of the world you\’re in, but we have one on the US PS Store.

      We\’re actually working on a few more too…

  • awesome….lot of cool LBP things.

    I am eagerly waiting some Add-On content of the magnitude of the MetalGearSolid levels. Something cool like that with some new trophies.

    If you are like me you have already gotten all of the trophies, and you want a good reason to keep playing the game.

    Please attempt something like this….maybe a killzone 2 add on?! heck yes! and please make the trophies a real challenge! I want to spend some quality time playing lbp again so nothing too easy please!

    and if at all possible please add some trophies that are related to level creation…something tough so you can motivate me to make another really long level! lol

    LBP is a masterpiece to put it honestly so why not keep it alive forever?

  • Link01 @ #17

    Sony, when contacted earlier today, said they “do not comment on rumors or speculation”.

  • but it’s real.

  • @ 40
    we can only hope

    I WANT MORE FREE STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • more ADD ONS like mgs4
    PLEASE !!! =D

  • Mark, mind if I have your PSN? I would love to add you. Thanks!

  • Thanks for mentioning my level . Especially with me having my wedding tomorrow ;)

  • There should be a WipEout HD level pack, like the MGS level pack released a while ago… I would buy that if MM decides to do it! :D

  • Mark I am sure it will be beautiful ;)

    Nah, I am working today, tomorrow is a big day.

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