Sack it to Me (the V-day Aftermath Edition)

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Welcome back folks. Now that the smell of chocolate and mess of pink, white & red silly string around the house is gone (oh, was that just me?), wanted to let you know of some cool things around the world of LBP.

You might’ve remembered a few months ago we saw our first marriage proposal via an LBP user generated level. Over on the forums, DimmuJed, posted an update with a new announcement level.

Remember the level I made where I got engaged with a LittleBigPlanet level? Well now I made a level inviting you all to our wedding in LBP! We are going to have the actual ceremony inside of little big planet with a level on April 11th. You will be able to check out the level online, and the ceremony on a video come April 11th.

Congrats to the both of you, and let us know where you’re registered…

“Sack-tacular Levels” – LittleBigLove – by realil
Looks like “realil” fell in fell in love with the latest V-day mini-pack items and created a cool little level. We particularly liked the heart-shaped score bubbles, the 2-player challenge and the spelling of “LOVE.” Great job.

Don’t forget, today is the last day to download the Valentine’s day mini-pack off the PlayStation Store.

LittleBigPlanet Add-On Valentines Day Mini Pack

SackBoy @ToyFare (continued)…
Last week we introduced the 4″ SackBoys to be featured at Toy Fair 2009 in NY. Check out Geekanerd’s latest trip to the fair with a bunch of new picks, including a peek at the 2″ figures + keychain prototypes.

…from the Molecules
Check out some great updates over at, including:

WipEout HD costume pack @ PlayStation Store
And finally, we have a new set of costumes waiting for you on the PlayStation Store tomorrow – the WipEout costume pack showcases 4 stunning new designs, sure to inspire many racing levels.

LittleBigPlanet WipEout costume 1 LittleBigPlanet WipEout costume 2

BONUS: included in the costume pack are a handful of stickers to help theme your levels to our of our favorite racing franchises (looks like brnxblze got a sneak peek).

LittleBigPlanet WipEout sticker 1 LittleBigPlanet WipEout sticker 4

All this for just $2.99 :)

That’s it for this week. Until then, take this sack-sized HAD-U-KEN!

LittleBigPlanet Ryu with fireball

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  • @45 congrats!

  • Like you mentioned in your previous post that you will be activating the Play Create Share feature in the next patch, so when it releases will the stats be retro active or will they start from fresh again?

  • Where is the Ratchet costume? : (

  • I’m so awesome I get the same reply twice.

    AWESOME @ $2.99 bundle of 4 costumes. See, /this/ is the value and I’m willing to open my wallet for MM if Sony/MM does more Sony/game stuff and bundles it for this much.

    Keep this up, you have my money. :(

  • I just want some more level packs from you guys and new trophies. Please Please Please I want some more trophies for LBP.

  • SCHWEET!!!:D

  • I would love to see more level packs.

  • Cool But i agree with eyeamm weres the ratchet costume? :(

  • Hellghast/ISA LBP Costumes? Killzone 2 Level pack? Ratchet Costumes? God of War level pack? Uncharted costumes? If I was a betting man (and I am), I would bet all those (and then some) are coming…

  • The more great stuff, the better. Congrats Realil and future wifey! I hope your marriage has much less glitches than some DLC of late.

    Always appreciate the updates guys. LBP rocks and you have done something that no other game in history has done…..Made us all play nice and not call anyone derogatory names because we don’t like their levels lol!

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future. :)

  • When can we expect new level packs like the one of MGS4? That one was pretty awesome and to me the most important reason to buy DLC of LBP.

  • Hey Mark, whens the LBP avatars being released?

  • What ever happened to Sack-Stats (or whatever it was called)? I remember the very first edition of “Sack it to Me” and it contained statistics of various activities in the LittleBigPlanet community. Are you guys not doing that anymore? I’m curious to see what the stats are like right now in LBP.

  • I can imagine what his fiance said when he suggested getting married on LittleBigPlanet…

  • I think ill be totally honest with you like everyone else. I would like to see more level packs and other older Sony franchises done in Little Big Planet.

    I could name a hundred games to try but in the end all I want is TOMBA! love! Come on MM, put some of the core Tomba stuff in there.

  • I know this is completely off topic…

    but I will ask it anyway since you are the marketing director (seems like a high position). Is there any news on GT5 coming soon (ie not half a year)? I know the GT community would love to see some updates on GT5/GT5p. I was thinking you guys should reveal a new car on the PS Blog every day up until release. There still would be like 400 cars left. Unless GT5 is very far away I do not think something like this is unreasonable. Is it?

    Back on topic I love the LBP DLC. For some reason I have a hard time not buying them. The only ones I do not have are the SFIV and Valentines Day packs. The MGS pack was great. I cannot wait to see other game themed DLC.

  • Any word on 1080 support for 480/1080 only TV owners?

    Details @


  • Why not release a level pack of God Of War?

    For when the killzone’s stuff?


  • So Mark any word on In-game xmb music? Please let me know something.

  • Love the game, more Theme packs please.

    Regrettably my backlog prevents me from playing with LBP as much as I’d like.

    Curse you infernal Backlog!

  • I love those Wipeout costumes.

    And the Ryu Sackboy pic. SFIV arrived in my mail today here in the UK a day before official release date. And damn it’s a good game, most fun I’ve had in a beat em up for years.

  • Make Uncharted costumes.

  • You know what I’d like more than Wipeout HD costumes? How ’bout some DLC for Wipeout HD! Throw us a bone SL.

  • I noticed the God of War pack was released recently, is there any word on when the Nariko (Heavenly Sword) costume will be available?

  • theres a motobike outfit ive seen in an official lbp photo. its white with 2 blue lines with stars like a dare devils outfit. its not in the game. does any one know any thing about this? its def not the motostorm outfit. will this be future dlc?

  • Oh man, I love WipeOut HD. I wish LBP would be patched to add 1 trophy with this pack that is IMPOSSIBLE to get. Just to pay tribute to WipeOut HD’s ridiculously hard trophies. I may be getting this pack. Thanks for all the coverage!

  • is it possible to add water in some DLC that would be amazing

  • killerbread… damn that would be sooo awesome especially if you could use the water to do whatever you want and it acts just like real water!

  • @67 thepatriots

    Go to

    The OP is a VERY reliable guy, we’re getting more news on GT5 soon, let’s all thank the Lord, our prayers have been answered.

  • i want Killzone costumes! please and thank you

  • Wait…whats this whole LittleBigPlanet game? Is this coming out soon or something?…..

    Am I the only one who cant figure out how to get all the items on the MGS levels? Mostly on the first level…I is need cheezburgerz…

  • hey mark, will you guys at MM be releasing a large extra value bumper pack of costumes(like all the ones already out) in the near future? someone gave me a 15 euro VISA gift card but i cant get all the costumes i want with that

  • @Fusion_ID

    I’ll give you a hint:

    Use your trigger stickers and be aware of your environment.

  • Thanks for reminding me that it was the last day to pick up the Valentine’s Day min-pack. I almost let that one slip by.

  • When will the WipEout costumes come?

  • @77
    I have the WipEout Platinum Trophy (Transcendence) Not impossible, it only took me about 2 weeks to get, although I have been playing the WipEout franchise for about 15 years.

  • What happened to us getting 1 free costume each week to offset the overpriced DLC??? Almost positive it was stated that there would be 1 free costume per week and now you’ve dropped that 2 weeks in a row…

  • nice

  • Hey there, I’m so glad you guys keep churning out the great costumes and making it a really great experience for everyone!

    However, I’m really upset that you have decided to make certain costumes a limited time offer…I wasn’t able to get on the PS Store or access the costume in any way so I was so upset that I couldn’t get the Valentine’s costumes. Is this how it’s going to continue?

    I think it would be a great idea if you could make them free for the limited time, but then put a price tag on them…because I’m upset I missed those costumes and I’d be more than happy to pay to get them. Is there any chance that could happen?

    It’s not entirely fair for people if they really want it but can’t get it EVER because of something that was out of their control.

    Even so, love the new content, you guys are awesome.

  • hi Mark Valledor how are you doing ..
    am from Saudi Arabia and i want you know here is a big Complaint..

    all Video Game stores had region 2 for ps3 games and some of them had region 1 ..
    the big problem is i want to buy LBP DLC and DLC`s for all my PS3 games ,,, but the problem is there no ANY Pal PSN cards !!! even in the web sites as amazon ,ebay , play-asaia ..

    and i dont have MasterCard or VisaCard.
    so , Valledor when our PAL PSN cards will come out ?? At least give me a date for it ?? or a date for any info about it ..
    PLEASE !!!

  • Whew, I started playing LBP again after being swamped with schoolwork; just finished The Construction Zone; kept getting distracted by Atlas, which is just a spectacular song. My thanks to whoever on the MM team assembled the soundtrack!

    Still waiting for word on the GoW pre-order pack :\

  • so im guessing the 27th is when the helgas costume comes out thats when killzone 2 comes out So my question is if thats correct or is it coming out a bit earlier

    Try my Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Part 1 and 2
    My user names Mike0_o

  • When R u Going to Release the Helghast Costume…I heard it was coming out in Feb 26 it is true?

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