Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Details!

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Hello everyone – I’m excited to announce details of the new Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack! Coming in March, there will be tons of new content to keep old and new players alike entertained: new maps, special characters, new gear, and of course a couple surprises.

First, I’m excited to announce that now, in order to make the SCENE Expansion more accessible, players will be able to use their PayPal account, along with their PlayStation Network Wallet, if they so choose, to purchase the SCENE Expansion.

For those players that want to get a head start on the action and pre-order SCENE through Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop or Konami’s shop, there’s a special gift in store. Once the pre-order period starts, one week before the release date, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive a special “cardboard man” head gear for free. It should definitely provide ample cover for any bad hair day.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot Boxman

Now for the stuff I know you all are most excited about, the new maps and characters!

The first new map is Outer Outlet, an all new environment that takes place in a commercial mall area made up of lots of buildings and subterranean areas. Multiple floors with openings onto the areas above and below will offer many unique vantage points from which to stage the action, while the décor will provide plenty of unexpected places to seek cover. It should be ideal for medium to long range battles.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 05 Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 03

Second is Hazard House, set in a huge three story mansion – a take on the one seen from Act II of the MGS4 single player game. Lots of doors, hallways, and blind corners, will make for intense claustrophobic combat.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 06

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 04 Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 07

Third is Ravaged Riverfront – a take on the Eastern European environment from Act III of the MGS4 single player game – with a large clock tower surrounded by lots of underground and underwater areas. Lots of clear space, perfect for long range attacks.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 01 Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot 02

SCENE will also bring two long awaited, much requested, special characters to MGO – Raiden and Vamp, both with impressive special abilities and offensive power to spare! First is Vamp, knife-expert extraordinaire. You may be able to defeat him once, but that’s no guarantee he won’t be back for more! Second is Raiden, whose appearance belies his extraordinary skill and agility in combat. They are formidable opponents, or one of them can be a great ally to have on your team. Yes, you will indeed be able to have a multiplayer battle between Raiden and Vamp, which is a fun as it looks! More specifics about their abilities will be revealed soon!

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot Raiden

Next week, we will be releasing a trailer for SCENE on the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Blog, so please look out for that. There’s even more on the way with the SCENE Expansion – stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog in the coming weeks for more details!

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  • The Login thing isn’t that bad you should of named your game id similar to your PSN and your Konami the same but with a number like year born. Its not that complicated.
    The last two expansions are great I’m a fan but you guys need to add trophys. It will make people pop in your game a bit more. Maybe make most of the trophies for online then youll get people online too. Just a thought. I’m not gonna over hate like most people did. Thanks for adding an online mode into MGS4.

  • Ooh I just thought of one more thing. You guys might have forgot but trophy support is mandatory so they might least have it for the expansion pack :)!!!

  • I love MGO, but PLEASE Konami fix the following:

    1) Update your DLC content on the PSN store
    2) Reduce pricing for the previous DLC into a bundle set
    3) Get rid of that Konami ID and MGO login, and use the PSN ID format
    4) and please Trophies Patch! It can be done.

  • There is a bundle for Meme and Gene is 14.99 its what I bought last week.

  • Holy crap I need MGO.

  • ughh.. tired of paying for MGO.. all this expansions are costly.. + they divide the player-base. also, the lag/stability issues still remain after.. bet they won’t answer these problems lol

    good game, though.

  • I’m with the others, bring on the PSN+PS Store integration and trophies… and make one of the best PS3 games even better.

  • PSN ID + PS Store integration + trophies = win

  • Konami only cares what players of the japanese version of MGO think. If they say they don’t mind the Konami ID system then Konami isn’t going to use PSN ID’s. Just like with the glitchers. Go play the japanese version of MGO & start glitching & killing your teammates & watch how fast you get banned. I’m not spending anymore money on MGO until they start treating all regions the same. You might say they care more about the japanese version because they have more people playing MGO there, well they would have more MGO players here in North America if they would use PSN ID’s instead of that stupid Konami ID/Game ID. It’s retarded.
    Finally, a trophy patch for MGS4 is overdue by now. It did’nt take Naughty Dog long to implement trophies.

  • I hope Konami get the message from this comments section and get rid of the stupid clunky, unwanted, un-necessary Konami ID system. Way to turn people off online gaming guys.

  • How about Trophies? Please.

  • I really feel MGO would have a much healthier community were it not for the Konami ID requirement.

    If anything, a Konami ID should be an option that you can sign up to get extra content or whatever.

    If they offered up a couple of downloadable freebies I’m sure the majority of players would sign up for the freebies if nothing else.

    Free this game from the shackles of its dated registration system!

    Oh and trophies please :D

  • Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

  • @158
    No.There’ll be much failure if koonami does that.While I do agree bringing in trophies but getting in with sony? No. Hello no.
    Despite the fact that sony has threaten me with there bans and reset FOR NO REASON. I have been owner of 2 Ps3 and been since day one.
    Sony, I no longer will purchase there games.Don’t like them. I completey understand you might, but I don’t. I make this fact statement and someday’ you to will experience it.

    Koonami rules ^__^

  • Cool! There’s no doubt that the new levels look amazing graphically… Unfortunately I don’t think that Metal Gear Online is very accessible or user friendly… And the fact that it’s almost completely seperate from Sony is kind of annoying…

    But, for the few who DO use MGO, this looks very cool!


    Considering that this is one of the most popular games for the PS3, I’d have to call you folks at Konami LAZY if you aren’t at least considering adding trophies!

    *Plenty of people have asked time and time again, so I don’t see what the problem is…

  • I didn’t knew what a lag switch kill felt like before this MGO game (never played the previous versions).

    If you want to experience one of the most unbalanced online games ever (not the game per se, but by the amount of cheats that 90% of ppl use), by all means try and play MGO.

    I hate Team Fortress 2 b\c of unbalanced paper-rock-cissorss gameplay, but in MGO is like this: Lag Switcher vs. Legal Player: Lag Switcher ALWAYS wins. Banned? oh but they just create another account through the “easy” Konami ID site and they are up and running with foxound tags after a few more lag switches.

    I understand all games have cheaters, but the amount in this game is UNNACEPTABLE, and fittingly I think you should name the next expansion OBSCENE.

  • GEEZ! What a bunch of whiners! Last I checked, XBOX 360 CHARGES you to play online games. Hmm… Since I’ve had my PS3 (since MGS4’s release) I have saved about $100 versus if I were to have bought Microsoft’s failed system at the same time.
    At least Konami is on top of the hackers – I played Halo3 at a friend’s house and that game is so out of control. Konami, keep it up!

  • GEEZ! You sound like such a fanboy. Yeah, Konami keep up the bad work.

  • I understand that SCENE will not appear on the PSN store and that it will have to be purchased through the MGO shop but I have a question: will this finally lift the ban for the 40 “lucky” countries or are we still screwed?

  • Sweet this is a must have MGO is great when you don’t have all these people who Glitch cause they cant play worth a damn any way. But yes a must have.

  • why dont they do this from the playstation store i would buy it if it was from that

  • I cant believe people actually care about Trophy’s. I guess I mostly play online after I finish a game once. Do you guys actually compare them with your friends and stuff? Brag about who has more?
    Anyway cant wait for scene, MGO is the best.

  • Wow, so many whiners, about stupid crap like having to register with konami. What’s that, like an extra 2 steps? Don’t hurt your brain or anything… Anyways, the expansion looks great, like the expansion before it, only with a box hat, which is just awesome on so many levels.

  • is it too much to ask for it to be released on the PSN?

  • For the people that are [DELETED] about Konami, it’s getting old! You don’t have to keep entering the Konami ID people, it remembers it for you!

    I still play it a few times a week and it’s still very enjoyable. I myself am going to pre-order this, I can’t wait.

  • Finally i can buy them! , PayPal + PSN waller = No more excuses

    also i was suprised that this game does not support trophies -wink wink-

  • This does look awesome. Unfortunately though, the game is not using the PSN, and we’re instead hindered by the awful Konami ID system. Its so horrendously complex that i’m surprised *this* wasn’t the evil computer system Snake had to take down in MGS4, it is that bad.

    Seriously Konami, this, as well as the persistent connection problems, are the only things turning me and countless others off playing MGO. Read through these comments for prood of this. You will not get my money, or my support, simply because a) you are not using a good enough service and b) by not using the PSN you are taking away basic features which I need before I commit to parting with my money, such as downloadable content DRM should my PS3 break.

    And this is all coming from a massive MGS fan.

  • Great i have Gene and Meme! Now Scene come’s i am happy Mgo stay’s alive with these DLC, now release it with some trophy’s Mgs4 and Mgo Trophy’s and alot of people will buy it and rent Mgs4!

  • Metal gear (hell) Yea!
    I can’t wait for this to come out, I’ll be a real ninja now, Raiden-snake style

  • Forget the login stuff or the trophies. I could careless. Besides an 5th grader can figure out the login process and if you can’t well to bad.

    I want them to fix the cheating and the glitching in this game.

  • Guys I really dont care if the MGO isnt running on PSN its great how it is HOWEVER the only thing I would like is if the updates were by PSN.


  • Just look at this percentage of dissapointment.. why the heck doesn’t Konami listen? What could be more important than a fanbase over 10% liking the game? Because that’s the _top_ percentage of people not complaining in here (of my perception) of that they rather have Trophies, PSN ID’s and not Konami ID’s, and better gameplay when it comes to MGO! ..and then there’s the lag.

    This is BAD!

    If Konami want people to start playing again, they’ve got alot to listen to.. pride away; because the pride belongs to the loyal players through-out the years. Who knows better what a MGO should be like?

    I’m also one of those people not playing MGO anymore (in fact, I only tried it ONCE after I got the full game).

    The part I hate the most though, is the different controllers from MGS, and the lack of option to personalize (so we can change them to be the same as MGS)!

  • Note: Most people playing MGO though i trust would not be able to buy KONAMI Product on KONAMI SHOP because of the whole Konami ID. Why ont just let it be downloaded via PSN Network shop like every other Expansion packs of other games. I guarantee that if this happen more people would buy it becuase it is easier and more simple.

    This is just my opinion though among others i guess.

  • Everyone has their right to express their opinion or their disappointment but there is a difference between complaining and whining. Saying things like “Im not going to buy this game if you dont put trophies on it” sounds like a 10 years old kid trying to blackmail his mother.

    Also, what’s going on with the “trophy haters”?? Do you thing the trophies are the worst idea since Vista? Great!! But why do you care so much? You are not paying for it!! To defend your opinion you dont need to be offensive because your opinion its going to be just that, an opinion, nothing else.

  • i love mgo and i cant wait till i buy the scene expansion in march to play as vamp and raiden , it will be so cool !!! LOL

    I LOVE MGO !!!

  • Yes, we need trophy support!

  • No do not integrate The PSN ID with MGO because if you guys do we wont be able to make names with special characteristics. and Yes adding Thropys would be awesome. getting Thropys for Kill streaks would be nice. to the rest of you who post bad about MGO shut up ur mad cuz BKY and Mind Games styles on you Git Gud ight? GG NO RE. stop getting sloth ranks lol GG

  • Whats so hard about making a simple Konami ID? and then just to type it in and have it save and logg in… whats so hard about that? you guys are a bunch of Fat losers am I right?

  • One thing that I like th most was the way we can use PSN wallet because my mom wont let me use the CC :(

  • I have a few questions that I would like to see answered:
    1. Are the newly added payment options (specifically PayPal) also available in the European version?
    2. Will there be a combined pack of all 3 expansions in one?

    thank you in advance.

  • give us trophies, psn log in, region free online

    we give you money and support


  • Also, we have been aggressively wielding the “banhammer”, and every genuine video/photo/or other evidence of cheating you can send us at really helps us tackle this. We really appreciate all your input and ask that you continue to help us make MGO a fun and fair game for everyone.

    PFT! Yeah most of us have heard this story once before. Took developers after 8 months of people cheating finally respond to glitching. For as much I love Metal Gear, I will not buy the next expansion until I can be assured that I can play survival for 1 night without encountering a glitcher!

  • Not interested unless you add trophies to MGS4!

  • The KONAMI ID and the use of their own store as opposed to using the Playstation Store (which was designed to offer the downloadable content for Playstation 3) was a dreadful decision made by Konami and I have no doubt it has had a dramatic effect on the sales of the DLC for the game.

    Konami need to suck it up and realize an update to fully integrate the psn id and for all DLC to be distributed through the PS Store would be as beneficial to them as it would be to all MSG fans and Playstation 3 owners.

  • Yes! They are talking about adding trophies :) that makes me happy :) :) :)

  • I love the game and trophies will be nice to get me back into playing the SP portion of the game. As far as online goes you guys dropped the ball with that ID B.S. I mean what the he|| was the point of that? It is the worst thing you could have done. Once you drop that and get with the PSN then I’ll play online. Thank god for the Beta so I knew not to even bother with the online once the game was released.

  • @144

    Good to hear you’re aware of the Konami/Game ID fiasco, and the fact that trophies should be in there by now.

    But I don’t understand why this content wouldn’t be available through the PSN Store? Is it a $$$ issue? I can’t imagine that every other developer is hurting from putting their games on their… just wondering Konami feels they are different?

    Use LittleBigPlanet as a template, you can purchase your content from the LBP Store in the game, which is directly tied into the PSN, so if you wanted to, you could buy it from there as well.

    Options are good, the more the better. Let the player decide how he/she wants to purchase your content.

    I hope one day I will be able to play MGO… if these issues are all resolved, I’ll be there on day one, MGS4 is just collecting dust on my shelf right now.

  • As much as I love MGO, I’m sick of purchasing new DLC, every couple of months. Reason being the fact that the majority of players don’t even have the expansions, so I am left with these new levels, and hardly any one is playing them (save for the few high level matches). I’m sick of playing the MM level cos everyone plays it and doesn’t give the new levels a go. So far I have spent more then AU$100 on the game now.

    Another thing, what is lag switching? A few people have mentioned it and I wasn’t aware that you could even cheat in this game.

    As for the Konami ID, simple, get rid of it. No other game has you register on another website just to play online, it is all integrated in your PSN.

    Oh and please fix the lag, or, put a dedicated Australian server.

    Also get rid of all the mess on the HUD there is too much real estate taken up on screen with all the notifications, maps etc.

    If you want a good example of online, look at Killzone 2, which by the way I am enjoying immensely.

    Trophies are always a good idea to revisit and replay the game.

    Thanks for reading

  • i beat this game three times and loved every second of it, but it really desperately needs two things. first, trophies. apart from the dedicated player there isn’t a lot of incentive to go back and play (i am the only one of my friends who has played through it multiple times), and trophies would go a long way towards both replayability and also sales, as people who for some reason hadn’t bought it would be tempted to buy it to increase their trophy count. second, this game needs PSN integration. konami ID is stupid, inconvenient, etc. there’s really nothing else to say about it except it’s just bad.

    please konami, i know it’s a lot of work but please do these things and i will be back into this game again

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