Go inside the Street Fighter IV Launch!

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I know, due to challenges coming in to me via Facebook and IM, that Street Fighter IV hits the… er… street today.

To celebrate the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) coming of the Street Fighter legacy, Capcom threw a giant launch party a few days ago in downtown Los Angeles. Many of you attended, some were rebuffed by the LA fire marshal, but all that made it in had a great time.

When I first arrived, Capcom Community Guy and Street Fighter Legend Seth Killian offered up a tour. I rolled video so you could see what went down inside:

More pics of the event here. Thanks Justin M!

Gushing fanboy time: my personal highlights were getting my phone engraved, meeting Cmdr. Geordi La Forge, and getting my butt handed to me by Destructoid’s Nick Chester 3 matches in a row.

Again, it was great meeting those who got in, and I extend my personal apologies for those invitees turned away due to overcapacity.

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  • I’m pretty sure the codes will not work until the store is updated on thursday

  • Hey Jeff, is it true you got pwned by some dude taht works at Destructiod.com? I’d honestly wouldn’t mind getting around of street fighter, My Local Gamestop in Horton plaza in downtown San Diego just broke the street date for this game So i went and got it along with a madcats fighter pad for PS3, It’s just a shame i cant play it today because i’m on the ship. still i use to be an awesome Street fighter, So I challenge you to a duel. What do ya Say?


  • codes arent good till thursday….i think..

  • and mr. rubenstein will you please save a spot on your friends list as I would love to play SF4 against you?

  • I can’t wait to play. I’ve already played the arcade version and it’s incredible!

    @ NickDude

    not interested then why post on the topic?


    it’s not KADOKEN it’s Hadouken

  • Got it today its sick!

  • Where the **** is John D.!? It’s not right, bringing up Capcom stuff and he isn’t here. I haven’t even seen his ass on PSN in nearly a month! Where the hell is he?

  • *chuckles* Nevermind. THERE he is; playing SF4. Why that should shock me, I’ll never know.

  • how do you say…brot side set euken?

  • Hey, Jeff i have a site and my friend told me to leave you a message. And tell you about my site, We are just starting out and most of our stuff is about sony, And we won’t to talk to sony about them looking at our site, And watching our site grow. So could you read over this and think about sponsoring our site.


  • The hard challenges in SFIV really are hard. D:

  • I’m so frustrated… I have no idea when the store around here will receive SFIV. I’m guessing around the 25th of Feb. I suggest next time, don’t put out a shipping date, just put out an available date for purchase from store.

  • Loving the game, although I do wish we had a choice on which characters we could get the DLC on with the voucher that came with the CE. I don’t use any of the characters in that one. I much would’ve preferred the one with the female characters, but, oh well.

    I don’t think I’ll be playing any other game for, at least, a week or two.

    Now, speaking of DLC, individual stages would be something to tell the development team to look into.

  • There are 5 replies but it only says 4?

  • I’m going to pick the game up today after exhausting every retailer yesterday (last resort was even walmart). I’ve been a fan since Street Fighter. My childhood is full of memories of this game i’m so happy they decided to continue it after 20 years. I didn’t think for a second we would ever see another Street Fighter.

    This event looked fun. It’s obvious that they truly care about the fans and gaming in general. Looks like quite an event.

    Jeff: You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance. I challenge you! :) PSN: dime5150

  • some for me

  • LD sf 4 costume pack not going thought help !!!!

  • >_> Jeff whooped me. We had some interesting Chun-Li vs Chun-Li moments. It was almost like fighting the same person… until he beat me down and then it was obvious who was better :P

  • Man this was an awesome video! I love to see the inside of events like this, hopefully some day I an attend one! :3 Keep up the good work!

  • The game is amazing I love playing it, brings back a lot a good memories.

  • Hey i got the game but i notice one tragic flaw
    YOU GUYS HAVE THE SAME SONG ON THE MENU, THATS GONNA GET SO ANNOYING IN LIKE 2 MONTHS…u guys should let me make u guys a new song to add to the soundtrack

    and another thing do u guys thing u can add custom win quotes for online? maybe a stage pack? Maybe a character pack?

  • Any reason why even on EASIEST Seth is sooooo frickin hard to beat! i know theres probably lots of expert fighters here but for newbies to the series this is making Arcade Mode a complete turn off

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