LocoRoco 2 Review Roundup

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Hello PlayStation Bloggers!

No.. I’m not back to make excuses for losing to Kumi the other day in that mini-game…

LocoRoco 2 Planet Theme screenshot

The new LocoRoco 2 Planet theme for both PSP and PS3!

Yes, okay, I admit, that was pretty pathetic. However, I would like to share how excited we are on how LocoRoco 2 was reviewed this week!

“LocoRoco 2 is the most uplifting game available…” – Videogamer.com Score: 9/10

With comments like this, I’d say it’s a no-brainer to go out and get your copy! I mean, really…20 bucks doesn’t get you very far these days.

I have worked here at SCE for 12 years on excellent franchises and I have to say LocoRoco 2 was one of the most enjoyable titles I’ve been on. Those of you who have played the first LocoRoco will immediately notice the improvements to the core physics or A.I., let alone the newly added features. For those new to the LocoRoco franchise, you have joined in at the right time regardless (the first one was great fun too though!). Just ask GameInformer:

“Newcomers should jump right into the sequel despite the “2” on the box…PSP owners would be crazy to pass this one by.” – Game Informer Score: 9.25/10

Whether you are a constantly moving jet setter or if you are a parent who just wants to keep the little ones in the back seat of your car happy…(or busy), LocoRoco 2 is a perfect game for those on the go. It doesn’t take heavy mental investment to play. It’s fun, casual, and just makes you smile. During rough times like this, I think anybody can use a smile booster. LocoRoco 2 will certainly help you out!

“…just the kind of game you want in your pocket.” – IGN Score: 9.1/10 (Editor’s Choice Award)

I also had the chance to hook up with the original creator of the LocoRoco franchise, Tsutomu Kouno, 2 weeks ago when I flew out to Tokyo for some meetings. Tsutomu and I actually joined the force together in 1997, back in the time when our Tokyo office had less than 400 employees (!). Below is a quick hello to you all from Tsutomu:

    LocoRoco is a solid cluster of my favorite elements; play, music and representation.
    This time, we were able to add more elements to the rolling snowball to make the cluster into a snowman.
    I truly hope you will enjoy your LocoRoco 2 experience!

As I mentioned above, it was so much fun working on this project. Now that LocoRoco 2 is in stores, I’m hoping we can extend the joy and excitement to as many people out there as possible. Coupled with the sweepstakes and the many goodies we have for you on the PSN (check out the New LocoRoco 2 Planet theme for both your PSP and PS3!), I think you’re in for a good ride!

To close this post, we would like to share with you the launch trailer for LocoRoco 2. I think this summarizes the colorful, playful and cheerful excitement that is jam packed into this $20 UMD.

If this great video hasn’t convinced you, I hope the rest of these awesome reviews will help!

“LocoRoco 2’s fantastic level designs, addicting mini-games and gameplay left a smile on my face a mile long.” – GamePro.com Score: 4/5

“Still hands-down the cutest franchise on the PSP.” – GameSpot Score: 8.5/10

“Crazy, slaphappy jubilance.” – GameRevolution Score: 83% (B+)

“A great sequel to one of the PSP’s best franchises, LocoRoco 2 is definitely a game fans of the original will want in their collection.” – Gamezone Score: 8.2 / 10

“It’s one of the best experiences for the PSP.” – Gamer2.0 Score: 8.6/10

“LocoRoco 2 is a great title at a great price point.” – Destructoid Review 8.5/10

“There is no better game if you are feeling down or only have a few minutes to play.” – Kombo Review: 9.0/10

“Loco Roco 2 is a refreshing, deep and thoroughly enjoyable breath of fresh air.” – Joystiq

“The kind of game you can pass to a child for a long car ride” – Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award – 4.8 stars (out of five)

Enjoy LocoRoco 2 y’all, and thanks for the support!


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  • I’d hate to sound ungrateful, but the theme is more of a special wallpaper. I wish you guys tied the xmb icons to LocoRoco. Thanks anyways. Looking forward to the Resistance Retribution theme(hint-hint)

  • Just wondering, to have a complete mui mui house and get the prompt, do we need all the mui mui and items/rooms or just items/rooms?

    • I knew I forgot to reply to something..

      Here\’s what you need to do, to \”complete\” the MuiMui House.

      – Create all rooms and items (max out the canon and the garden)
      – All friends (obtained from MuiMui Crane) are at the house
      – All MuiMui saved from each of the levels (includes MuiMui King, who appears after creating his throne)

      Good luck!!!

  • srry for double post, but you guys should make the calander in the download section work with vista sidebar / mac widgets

  • Whats the point? Why are you guys and gals wasting your time developing LocoRoco 2 for PSP? Why not follow others and move on to next generation ?

    PlayStation 3 is the way of the future not PSP 1.5gb UMD vs 50gb BD ?? You guys could make a 560 level LocoRoco Game for PS3 and would be barely at 18gb. Was it the Trophy system that make LR2 a PSP Game ?

    • Thanks for the support.

      As one of our readers may have already pointed out, LocoRoco was originally created for the PSP platform.

      We do, however, recognize the strong requests out there, and have asked the team to consider.

      Whether or not it happens or not, I don\’t know yet, but it would be nice wouldn\’t it?

  • Ugh… my PSP broke… :(
    Stupid hardwood floors…
    Carpet FTW.

  • @ 55

    I like Carpet-Munching


  • I’m just wondering why locoroco 2 could be priced at a low low $20 but the original for the psp on the psn costs $25? Doesn’t make awhole lot of marketing sense to me. I’m eager to do without a umd version of the first locoroc but that extra $5 for an older game doesnt make it sensible. Think you could look into that?

  • FPlus:

    The PSP is a PORTABLE gaming system. The PS3, well, you work it out…

    (HINT: Two very different markets…)

  • @Tsubasa Inaba – not going to upgrade to the 3000 because I have the Japanese Monster Hunter PSP-2000 :)

    • Nothing wrong w/ the PSP-2000 :-)

      Pretty cool you have the limited edition too!
      Sometimes I wonder how Monster Hunter would do over here in the US.

  • Mr. Tsubasa Inaba,

    I want to thank you firstly for your eagerness to reply to our comments. It’s not usual that the original poster of a blog entry on the PS Blog continues to respond to posts so frequently. I greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure that others on here do as well.

    I bought the PSP-3000 almost exactly one week ago, along with three games: LocoRoco 2, Jeanne D’Arc, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. As eager as I am to begin the latter two titles, LocoRoco 2 hasn’t been removed from my PSP yet. It’s a great game, and I love it!

    Whenever I play it, it puts a big smile on my face. This game is so cute, and so fun, with a lot of replay value, and great for all ages: as a 22 year old, I still love this game. My 17 year old brother was recently hospitalized after catching an infection after his tonsils were removed, and the game definitely cheered him up. I can’t wait for my girlfriend to play it, because I know she will also be drawn in by it.

    You guys have created an excellent PSP game that I can’t seem to put down. Once Sony decides to pursue trophies for the PSP, I hope you guys will go in and patch LocoRoco2 to add that functionality.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • I just picked this game up the other day after seeing the review scores for it. Wow! That’s the only thing i can think of to say for this game. Everyone definitely needs to pick this game up, for $20 how can you go wrong? Easily the best PSP game i’ve played in awhile.

  • I have Loco Roco 2 since December, (Europe) I went to a local game shop to buy a PSP and Loco Roco and the clerk gave me no. 2 so I went for that and i love it

    thanks for making such a cute and fun game

    i give it 1 000 000 / 10 xD

    I am almost done with the Mui Mui house but some stages are tricky

    also i love the Bui Bui Stages the music there rocks

  • i feel a little cheated. after spending £400.00 on the ps3. I so wanna play Locoroco2 so badly. and the song on te trailer is awesome. they should release it on psn so we can listen to it all the time. lol. please please release it on the ps3 i’m begging. looks amazing.

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