Noby Noby Boy is…

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It may sound strange that I, creator of this game, have had a hard time trying to describe the type of game Noby Noby Boy (releasing on PSN this Thursday, February 19) is. Since the beginning of its development, I still haven’t been able to give a clear answer when asked, but allow me to try again…

Basically players can control and stretch Boy, the main character of the game. As players stretch Boy, the lengths to which he grows are uploaded to a persistent character known as Girl, who grows at the same rate as the combined length of all the players in the world. Girl starts at Earth and expands around the solar system. When Girl reaches a new milestone in the solar system, new areas are unlocked as playable stages for everyone around the world.

Well, that’s the best that I can do to explain the game, but I know people will still go, “Hmm…”

How come it’s hard to explain, you ask? It’s because I wanted to make a game that cannot be expressed by words in the first place. By making an undefined and ambitious game, I want the player’s reaction to be something like, “I don’t know why, but it’s somehow interesting. I can’t stop playing.” In that way, I would feel I have succeeded at creating what I wanted, that is, creating something that’s not easily describable. Anyway, it’s been a fun experience working on Noby Noby Boy.

One big question most people have asked is, “Why did you want to make such a game?” Seriously, I don’t know. When I figure it out, I’ll share it on this blog. In the meantime, please take a moment to watch this video.

As I mentioned earlier, this game is indescribable, and some people may say, “This isn’t a game!” But, what is a game? Should there be a definition for a game? That’s the way I feel.

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  • 意味不明なゲームですなw 面白そうだけど、なんなんだろうね

    translation: It’s indescribable game (laugh) looks fun, but what the heck is it?

    I’m all into these type of new(?) interesting(?) type of games/ideas so definitely a buy from me…

  • Mr Takahashi, this game looks amazing. And strange. But unique and great, and i can’t wait for Thursday to buy this game!

    Seriously, the PSN needs more unique games like NOBY NOBY BOY and Flower. They are what i love about the Network.

    Thanks for making this game, i shall buy it the moment it hits the store. The video had me giggling just from the sheer craziness. That’s enough to get me to bite.

  • buying it out of respect for you

  • Looks hilarious. I find that the most bizzare games are the most fun:

    Normal games are over done.

  • The game is $4.99, just to remind everyone.

    Ever since this game was announced at the PlayStation Premier event in 2007 (in Japan), I wanted it. I really like Katamari, but wanted a new concept by the same creator. This IS the game I’ve been waiting for too. I’m downloading this game right away next Thursday.

    Thank you so much for supporting PS3/PSN Keita Takahashi. :D

  • I’ll buy it when it comes out on PHYSICAL MEDIA.

  • @56

    So, you’re going to wait for a $4.99 game to come out on disc?

    I’ll buy, day 1, it looks clownshoes.

  • Duuude, I think I just ate some bad mushrooms..

    Seriously though, this game is so nondescript, random, and weird I don’t know what to expect when I get it next week. lol

  • I’m laughing, but also just wondering what I just witnessed! It’s a day on, for me, because it looks like it will be enjoyable and fun to play. :)

  • speechless….

  • I must have been hit on the head really really bad or someone must have slipped something in my drink today because nothing of what I just saw made any sense at all. I should watch this another day perhaps, if it is still the same then I am going to see a doctor, if the doctor says I am fine them all I can say is Hmmm indeed……. O_O

  • Roooooooooooooooyal Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaainbow!

  • I was planning on purchasing this game… then I saw this video!!!

    Is that the perspective you have all the time? I thought there would be some over-the-shoulder camera or something.

    It’s not clear what you have to eat to grow boy, the hearts?

  • I’m confused.

  • Wow, this is crazy. Indescribable is the best way to describe this game. Looking forward to Thursday.

  • I wonder if the game will have more objects and people you can use in the levels or whatever they are? Maybe unlockables throughout the game? add-on’s from the Playstation Store? This game looks entirely random and weird, yet I did not see a lot to really speculate about this, I do say that I will be getting this! Seems like a totally awesome game I would like to play for the heck of it!

  • Ahh, I don’t understand the game! :P

  • PLEASE give us a port of Beautiful Katamari… I dont even care if its a barely working port, just please port over Beautiful Katamari to our PS3!! I am getting Nobi Nobi boy, but I want, along with most people, the newest Katamari to go alongside the rest of my great Katamari Damacy games! PLEASE Namco, listen to your die hard fans!


  • always up for something new thx sony :-D looks odd but hopefully youll release a post pertaining to the controls?

  • Okay… I seriously have no idea what I just watched… And a girl eats the universe…? This is what dreams are made of in a very real sense, because the majority my dreams don’t make a whole lot of sense either. Still, I’ve got to say I love the creativity and eccentricity. Those are two of my most favorite qualities ever.

  • Show me one person who doesn’t think this game is strange… It doesn’t make sense… at all…

  • don’t know what the heck i jut witnessed but im buying this …. sidenote (who needs drugs when you got nobi nobi boy) .. i’ll just make sure that i play flower afterwards to sober up lol

  • That video was… weird. And true, it looks really indescribable. Id like to watch a few more videos before downloading it, since I didn’t got exactly how this game works…

  • THIS GAME IS ONLY $4.99!!

    Everyone go buy it when it releases next week, as it’s from the maker of the Katamari Damacy series.

  • katamari fan here :)

    for only 4.99! day 0!

  • lol. this game looks sweeet, I saw a video of it on gametrailers where boy was humping a rainbow, it was pretty funny.

    Anyways so how long did it take you to create this game? You speak of it as if you are not incredibly proud of it. Although even so, it was a risk to make a game like this and thats what we like! New and cool games for PSN, I just bought Flower yesterday and loved it to death, maybe I will buy this one too :)

  • It’s weird, but in good way.

  • very interesting read… i find it rather funny actually! i couldn’t help it. all of these small quirky games on PSN make it a truly unique experience for all to enjoy something.


  • I can’t wait for this crazy… game.

    What does the Girl look like?

  • Is acid included?

  • Probably is DryvBy! lol.

  • Sounds fun can’t wait

  • um ok… werid game but hey who am I to judge? The guy that invented this game sureput a lot of his time on it so everyone should get it. :)

  • Hmmm… Worth a try…

  • imagine the kind of trophies

  • It looks like an introspective look into the fabric of existence within the confounds of an undefined universe spurting forth with creation and meaning while at the same time entrancing one’s mind in a non chemical type hallucinogenic experience.

    Were you on that same”Trip” with me?

  • I don’t need anyone teeching me how to stretch my BOY, THANK YOU. LOL :P jk, u are on mad drugs man. MAD.

  • the guy who made this game, was on acid

  • if this is still $5, you have my purchase day 1. i like games that are $5, and i like games that are different, what can i say

  • Uh…I…I….what?

    I’m confused so I … I’ll just leave O.o

  • …did…did I take acid and not notice?

  • Hm, I’m not sure what kind of gameplay this game will provide, but I am happy that the PSN is open to more unique game ideas than any other platform. I can just imagine the creator trying to pitch this game to Microsoft…

  • How much “influence” did you use while making this up?

  • It looks very interesting….. Besides that, I’m speechless.

  • Looks great… and if it’s even a fraction as good as your Katamari games (which are some of my favorite games ever released), it’ll be worth ten times whatever it costs.

    Thanks for your creative, imaginative and incredibly entertaining games, Mr. Takahasi.

  • We love you, Keita Takahashi! :-D

  • that looks like a 3-year-old’s trip on acid…

  • Noby Noby boy loves the blotter!

  • The 1st time I saw this, I wanted it. Can’t wait to play it. It’s nice to see stuff like this coming out more and more.

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