Lumines Classic Pack Coming Today, Celebrates 4 Years of Block-puzzling Fun!

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Lumines Classic Pack Screenshot 2

It’s hard to believe that 4 years has passed by since the original Lumines was released for the PSP. Thanks to you addicts out there (!) the Lumines series has sold over two million units across multiple platforms and it’s time that we bring you the skins that started the Lumines addiction! The “Classic Pack” includes 20 skins from the original Lumines and is sure to bring back memories…at least for me it does. The Classic Pack will be available on the PlayStation Network starting Today, Feb. 12. Enjoy!

Lumines Classic Pack Screenshot 1 Lumines Classic Pack Screenshot 4 Lumines Classic Pack Screenshot 3 Lumines Classic Pack Screenshot 5

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  • Like others have said, I’d love the game to have the remote play feature so I could enjoy it in other areas of the house when away from the lounge.

    Also, are Shinin and Lights in the pack? I think they’ve been beaten though by a track in Lumines Supernova, I’m not sure of the name of the track, something to do with a bird???? Can’t recall. Anyhow, thanks for bringing more content to the table, keep it up!

  • Loved the original.

    I am definitely buying this.

  • I bought this pack for £8.99… not worth it.

    Come on Sony, i know we in an economic crisis, but dont take the piss.

    Add multiplayer, buddy score board, and extra trophies and skins.. ooh and some more excellent music.. its a cracking game and is well worth the development time.


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