Flower Available Today!

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We are delighted to remind you that Flower will be available TODAY on PSN for $9.99. No matter what type of gamer you are, we think you’ll find something in Flower that you enjoy. Our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe put together this great trailer — it features the song “Catch The Wind” — to celebrate the game’s launch today. Both the trailer and the developer diary video will be available on the store today as well.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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  • mine! I want it now >_<
    Even though im at college atm, when i get home i’ll buy it.
    I have been saving 20bucks in my account for oh-so-long for this game.
    to my surprise its only 10$ Thanks alot ^^
    I can buy 2 games now!
    Maybe i’ll buy the encore for PixelMonsters now.. since thats the only pixeljunkie game i need after flower :D

  • What about remote play for my PSP?


  • Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this for so long… Can’t believe I’ll be playing within a couple of hours!

    Great job, thatgamecompany!

  • you guys are awesome. What a great concept and even better execution. This gotta be the most intuitive and awesome implementation of the Sisaxis in a game. And what a beauty!
    Kudos to thatgamecompany. Whatever you do, you’ll always have my money in it.

  • I liked FLOW, but since SONY is SCREWING their fanbase buy charging them so much to fix the HUNDREDS of faulty PS3’s SONY sold to us, it’ll be a long time till I can support any of the software that this system exists for, seems like SONY is screwing their own publishers by screwing their own customers.
    imagine I can buy a XB360 with a 3yr warranty for practically what sony charges to fix THEIR NEGLIGENCE

  • What is up with the acid trip games on PSN?
    jk the visuals are really good….

  • by the way, that trailer is awesome

  • Can’t wait.

  • Absolute 100% bolt on guarantee that I will buy this game tonight.

    Only question is, what time does it become available?

  • ” guitain | February 12th, 2009 at 9:43 am

    I think it’s funny, that people sometimes compare this game with Prince of Persia. I think a better and more precise comparison would be with Õkami.”

    Ding dong, so I’m not the only one?! I wanted to mention that here, that somehow Flower reminds me of Okami. Nature that look dark and dead, to make it alive and beautiful again.

    I think people compare it with Prince of Persia because of the same beauty, calmness in the game, I think. I slightly compare it with it too.

    @Link01, you’re welcome ;) And concerning your comment about the complaints, I’ve also noticed that Sony does take our complaints into notice and work on it. That’s the beauty of this blog :)

  • do yall know if this is gonna be released in mexico? the store is never updated.

  • downloading now, pitty i have to wait till after work to play.

  • @50

    Remote Play would be difficult since you are controlling the wind with your Sixaxis.


  • When the store updates, 9.99 will be subtracted from my wallet. Thanks for the awesome experience thatgamecompany, cant wait!

  • Demo? please say yes

  • “Why is this $10 on US PSN but only 6.29 in Euros which is about $8????????? Is it our crap economy?”

    ROFL! You want to try living in the UK full time…then you’d be complaining. The amount we get ripped off compared to US prices on virtually everything is unbelievable.

  • @54…Xbox is only protected for 3 years against one specific issue that MS has admitted they knew about and built the machine anyway. And comparing a XArcade to a PS3 is laughable.

    As you said…hundreds of PS3s…out of 20million sold…the PS3 failure rate is UNDER the consumer electronics average defect rate of 3%.

    If you’d like I’ll gladly pay $150 to get your PS3 fixed if I can then have it….you can use the $150 to by an Xbox and we’ll both be peachy.

  • I cannot wait to play this game!

  • @ comment 10, its Catch The Wind By Donovan

  • I want Wheel of Fortune!

  • 15% and Downloading… can’t wait!

  • I can’t wait to play it guys it looks beautiful, great job, I’ll be downloading it as soon as it’s available!!! :D

  • Ive got my wallet ready for this game:)

  • This game would put me to sleep in 3 minutes flat..

  • Beautiful trailer. I’m looking forward to playing this a lot.

  • I will be all over this today.

  • #55 I supose U havent heard of RROD maybe you should get that box.. I wouldn’t LOL RROD is back and big than before LOL!!!! And flower I might pick it up if it ever goes on sale!!! PS3 PWNS the BOX

  • Is there any hope to implement in Flower XMB screenshots just like in Echochrome? This game is begging for this option…

  • I have just completed Flower. What can I say? Best PSN game ever!!! It’s beautiful ;)

  • We need gamers as a collective to petition for demos for all games released trailers and reviews are never 100% accurate Our money is to valuable to throw away on over hyped garbage not directed at flower just upset about this trend of doing bussiness.

  • Ok, I added $$ to my wallet, ready to pay, but when I logged into the Store I saw no sign of FlOwer ?? Am I missing something ?? Some people are saying they are downloading / completed the game – is this a phased release ?? I am US based so I want to know when I can hand over my cash and get my download !!

  • Who the heck says the game is only 6,29 Euro? That’s in Great Brittan Pounds silly, the game in the Euro store cost 7,99 Euro, which is only a difference of 30 Eurocent, about 0,25Dollar, gee that’s a rip off! *sigh*

    Plus a lot of PSN games they charge 9,99 Euro (cuboid) for while the price in US store is 9,99USD. Thought you should know.

  • i will buy it tonight…. haha

  • @Lambsoft, that’s because we are people in Europe and due to the fact Europe is about 6-9 hours ahead from the US, our store has been updated sooner.

  • definently not my type of game but sure does show off the ps3’s hd capabilities looks amazing

  • Genius marketing to have this game come out near Valentine’s Day when “flowers” are in the minds of the mass consumers.

  • @Sniper26, some games don’t need demos to persuade people to buy them, all you need to do is read gamers their responses, that’s what I always do. No one can doubt about the experiences of the gamers and since I’m one of them I can tell you, “flower” is an experience in a lifetime of any gamer!

  • i am sad that i stil cant buy any PSN games >.<
    i really want sony to release the PSN cards in europe. holland to be precise.
    i have so many games thar i want to buy but im not sure if im gona get a credit card here yet since im a student and all and i cant find pre-paid visas like they have in the US.

    anyway keep up the good work with the indy games and ill be sure to buy them if i see them in a psn pack in stores like ive seen other games bundled

  • Just out of curiousity, Sony can you post the Day 1 downloads/purchases tomorrow for Flower, I am excited to see how well it does throughout the world. :)

  • I’ll buy this tonight. It may not be all its cracked up to be or it may be a lot of fun, but it looks like the kind of thing I can show off for kicks to random non-gamers which is always entertaining.

    You should see people’s faces when they realize the fish respond to their movements in Aquatopia. I use it as a screen saver / intrigue piece.

  • Looks amazing.
    By the way is Flow worth buying cause I was thinking about buying it but I wasn’t too sure.

  • @Onna76_NL : Thanks !
    In this day and age I would expect a global rollout at the same time… Here I sit, $$ burning a hole in my pocket, I want to spend it, but now I have time to reconsider… Oh well, sounds like it is worth the $10 ! Will wait for it to blossom over here on the US Store…

  • Is it too girly?

  • @Sereal_Killer, I’m also from Holland, personally I own a Credit Card but have you ever considered getting US pre paid cards from Ebay by using Paypal? You don’t need a credit card to use Paypal, only your bank account.

    My apologies Sony if I’m not allowed to say this, but seriously, the people in Europe like Sereal_Killer who won’t get a Credit Card and therefore can’t download PSN games because they’re “still” waiting for those stupid PSN tickets, is just plain ridiculous!

  • in japan flower is called flowery well at leadt there is a ps3 theme for flower in japan will there be a us release of the theme

  • ZOMG im soo ready for this experience

  • awesome, can’t wait to get this.

    keep bringing out these unique games!

  • @acmilanboy, umm too girly? Not sure what you define under girly, but if you think you’ll meet up with barbie, see a few ponies running around or find some cute, little kittens, I must disappoint you. Don’t worry, the game is uni-sex approved.

  • Can’t wait for this

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