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Do you have any plans this Thursday night? If you live in or can easily get to Southern California, I highly recommend that you TiVo the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice “crossover event” (please don’t get me started on this); Capcom has extended 302 invites to the soon-to-be-legendary Street Fighter IV launch event to you, the PlayStation.Blog community.

Street Fighter IV launch event

The party will take place at the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown LA, playing host to both hadoukens and Hollywood elite. You know you want to go, so here’s all you need to do: email us at, and put your first and last name in the subject line. That’s it, we’ll get you on the list! One name per email, please, as we can only get 302 of you in.

Why three-hundred and two? Because 2 of you, selected at random, will get upgraded to VIP status, with access to the PS3-only VIP area (must be over 21). Please remember, do not feed the reality show stars!

If you want in, get that 2-word email to us by 9am tomorrow morning. I’ll be there, and hope to see you as well. Challenges welcome… I’ve been practicing!

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  • damn it, i will be in LA next week. so i will probably miss this fantastic event. <=(

    off topic: Jeff, is there any way to contact Sony for some information. I am writing a dissertation on Marketing Strategy in Uni. I want to take Sony as an example because of their enormous portfolio in entertainment business (electronics; game studios; films; music and financial sector (PS cards)).

  • Wow. I don’t live anywhere close to there so I won’t be able to attend but nonetheless, this is a pretty cool thing to do. Hope all you SF fans have loads of fun

  • This might be off topic from the fanfare of this event but I sure hope that SF IV’s online component works. HD Remix is still broken and evidently not many care. the 360 component works great so not sure why they didn’t care about PS3.

    I hope it’s actually playable online. But based on the feedback i’ve recieved from capcom about the problems with HD remix, they will take the “deal with it” stance again and it won’t work right.

  • Man I wish I could make it out there–have fun guys!

  • sounds awesome and cannot wait for SFIV! good times lie ahead me thinks.


  • I wish Capcom would bundle Street Fighter 2 in with this game, as maybe some kind of unlocked feature. Still waiting on SF on the EU Store.

  • any idea on when people will get confirmation if they got chosen.

  • Well it’s almost noon now. I think I sent my entry correctly yesterday but I guess I made some mistake since I didn’t get a confirmation email. Oh well, have fun guys.^_^

  • Have the E-mails gone out yet? I would really like to know if I can go (Hopefully I got the VIP ticket).

  • I sent my email in, when should we know if we are in? Thanks a lot guys :)

  • how do we know if we get chosen? do they send us an e mail?

  • I live in NH and things like this never happen around me. Is there an event like this somewhere in the Boston area?

  • Seriously Jeff, you guys need to come to Kansas City or something for these events so I can attend :-P

  • kinghd818 | February 11th, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    “how do we know if we get chosen? do they send us an e mail?”

    Yes, M.Bison himself (seriously) will get back to you via email to let you know you got in.

  • @ 64 jtenma

    How does a remark like that help; more over, how does one that isn’t even funny help.


  • Hey, got the confirmation email. am psyched!!! So do I just show up at the door and give them my name or what?

  • Jeff – is there an age limit for tomorrows event? i would love to take my 8 year old son. please let me know.


  • oh yeah… i would like to know if we can bring someone along as well.


  • Thank You!!!!
    I just wish driving the freeway wasn’t so scary in the rain.

  • I received the e-mail. Thank You PS Blog!!!

    I did it twice under the similar names thinking I did the first wrong, would it be alright to bring someone along and just change the name?

  • Thanks guys, I received an email. I was wondering if I can bring a guest too.. My girl would be pissed if she can’t come…

  • Does your name HAVE to be on the list? Because my friend hasn’t got his email yet. :(

  • I don’t think we’ll be recieving any responses tonight . . . See you all soon!

  • Yay, I got the e-vite.

  • The event was HORRIBLY handled. I wonder what incompetent firm did the PR for this occasion! You see, I also registered & got the “RSVP” confirmation e-vite yesterday (see below). It says we’re on the “list”. So my girlfriend & I drove 50 miles, paid $10 bucks to park in Little Tokyo, where the museum is located. We showed up exactly at 8PM. There was a VIP line for all the celebrities. Then there’s the other line, with about 1000 people in it. I noticed that at the head of the line, people were paying to get in. What? Then by about 8:30PM, the line no longer moved. That line of 1000 people is now reduced to 950 people, & it just stopped, the door closed. So we left in frustration.

    What happened to the exclusive 302 invitees as stated in the Playstation blog? Completely misleading & a complete waste of our time & money. Please Capcom, next time just tell us there’s no more room. I know you want to generate buzz, but instead I’m sure you will have a BUNCH of wronged & upset fans. Really, that was disappointingly underhanded & poorly thought through.

  • Yea, I showed up like an hour and a half early but there was easily thousands of people in front of me. Then after about 2 hours of waiting I heard someone say that they couldn’t let anyone else in.

  • I want to go into detail and expand upon what Dooq experienced with my own experience.

    The event was handled terribly! I recieved an e-mail supposedly being one of the 302 people invited to the event. No one knew what was going on. We were told in the line by 1 person from the event that the capacity had been reached and people would only go in if people inside left. A police officer passed by long after that and said something like, “You know that none of you are getting in, right?” I waited and waited. Ken headbands were thrown out into the crowd. Seemed like that was all we were going to get (although i didn’t get one for fear of losing my place in line). They didn’t even check names at the door.

    I did get in after waiting what seemed like forever, and the party itself was bomb. Very good music and plenty of Street Fighter IV consoles and arcade machines. Pictures here:

  • You know . . . I have never been so disappointed in a PR event before. I may be spoiled, I do PR for a major entertainment company, but let me tell you, I am half the age of you guys that handled the situation, and yes I met you guys, even dignitaries from capcom you were rude and all brushed me off. I had VIP access and my coworker needed to get in. You could not handle the situation. you failed to organize a competent line. you failed to invite an exclusive audience that appreciated the event (instead you let doped up, and yes most got high at the event, delinquents in that had no access prior to the engagement) There was chaos at the “VIP” / “Media” booth. (I don’t know why you called it that, there was such a lack of order it made me laugh). The best part was when you made Adam Sessler wait outside to be hounded by the annoying “fans” (being around them, they seemed like stalkers). Befriending security, I found out you almost, and at one point did, brake fire code (I spoke with the Fire Department as well). I have to say it was dissapointing to see you fail miserably . . .

  • The “list” for the PS Blog invites seemed to be non-existent. I’m not gonna lie, but I was disappointed. I felt bad for my friend because I told him that we would probably get in because I would be on a list. I guess I had to show up earlier than 8:00pm.

  • @76-80

    ALL of you guys are right, I got there around 620ish and still didn’t get in. From inside pictures I’ve seen they maybe only let in 100 people or so. They didn’t tell people the place may be full until 9ish or so. WORST EVENT EVER. Capcom really drop the ball with this and they upset alot of fans.

  • I got in… it was a fun event but i would be pissed too if i didn’t get in but they should had it handled better. It did get a little crazy inside, there really wasn’t a raffle they just tossed things into the crowd, it was fun but wild. at least now capcom knows get better people to handle their stuff. This was my first launch party it was tight, Capcom better throw more in LA and next time everyone get there early as hell, and when i say early i mean 4 hours early peace VAGE RULES!!!!

  • I’m just like most of you that went… severely disappointed. Seemed like everyone that was in Little Tokyo at the time could get in. It looked like invites, RSVP’s, or lists were non-existent. As for getting there 4 hours early? Never mind that! If PS Blog ever does a get together, like they did at E3, I’ll go to that. But this Capcom nonsense, forget about it.

  • My thoughts exactly to Dooq.

    My wife and I drove an hour to the SFIV event and got there at 6:30PM. Paid $7 to park. We were looking for an RSVP list but came across the Press/Media table. I asked them about the RSVP list and they had no clue about it whatsoever. We stood in that cold line hoping to get in, but after the Fire Marshall came we knew it was time to head home.

    I was looking forward to reviewing the game and the event on my gaming website. This would’ve been my first launch party, but it’ll be my last… for Capcom anyways.

    Thanks for making me waste my time, gas and money. GG.

  • So let me be the first to say it was disorganized. But thanks to everyone bailing out early! Around 9:45 they started to let people back in. I got in around 9:50 when they let 150 people in. At this point no one was even really there. By 10:30 there was NO LINE and anyone could just walk in. It didn’t matter if you were VIP, RSVP, Media or no wristband everyone got in at that point. I had more than enough time to meet Ono San and get his autograph, play a good 10 rounds of the game, eat some free snacks, and get a ton of free stuff. Everyone who bailed early missed out. The whole funny thing about this situation is there was a TON of room when I got in at 9:50 but the fire marshall wasn’t letting people in before hand. It was no where near as packed as events like E3, CES, or even the mall during the holidays. I feel sorry for those who missed out but you shouldn’t have left :(

  • @85.

    You’re not the first to say it was disorganized, read up! Also, we shouldn’t have left? That’s a stupid thing to say since some of us was here @ 630pm and was told it was full and on top of that to be told RSVP wasn’t nothing special.

  • I wish I would have stayed longer to get in, but it seemed like I would never get in the building and the line was ginormous.

  • oh, i thought there was a sf4 theme for ps home. what a fool i was

  • the more i see this game in motion the more i anticipate its launch. i cant believe how gorgeous and fliud everything looks.

  • Will SFIV be available Feb. 17th in North America or is it just being shipped to stores tomorrow?

  • When is this game arrives in stores? I know it ships today 17th feb but when available?

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