I Love Ninjas in PlayStation Home

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We’ve got some big plans for PlayStation Home coming up, some of which may involve ninjas and street fighters. We thought that would grab your attention. It did for us at SCEA.

PlayStation HOME screenshot Ninja girl

And as we continue to expand upon existing content with PlayStation Home spaces, we’ve introduced a leaderboard for the Red Bull Air Race in the Red Bull space. We recently made the most of these new leaderboards with a contest to see who could get the highest scores. Shopaholics rejoice too, you’ll find some cool new virtual items at the mall, including ninja and pirate costumes.

As you may have heard, Capcom is set to expand its blockbuster franchises globally with Street Fighter and Resident Evil within PlayStation Home. Resident Evil 5 fans can launch straight from PlayStation Home into the game. And for the Street Fighter fans, Capcom is bringing Street Fighter IV costumes and additional themed content to PlayStation Home, much of which will be unlocked through in-game actions.

PlayStation Home Screenshot Street Fighter RYU & KEN

I know that is a lot to digest, but that’s not all … in the next few months, gamers will find even more clothing, furniture and events taking place throughout PlayStation Home, including the launch of the Warhawk space (complete with game launching), SOCOM space, and the recently announced Gamer’s Lounge. This will be another hang-out space for the community to mix and mingle, just like you would at a real lounge. We will also hold special events here such as developer talks and parties. Along with the spaces, you can bet you’ll find even more impromptu promotions and giveaways taking place.

And as for the ninjas …. On February 12th, sweet ninja outfits will be available for purchase at the Mall to dress your PlayStation Home avatar up in. Yeah, ninja outfits! And to celebrate their arrival, we’re holding a contest: On February 13th, we’ll be holding an event called “I Love Ninjas.” The first instance of the brand-new community-named Home hang-out space, the Gamer’s Lounge, to be completely filled with people in ninja costumes (or a reasonable facsimile using all-black clothing items in your inventory) that we see will win vouchers for SOCOM and Warhawk to celebrate the upcoming spaces.

What events would you like to see?

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  • As I said in closed beta…ALL HAIL CYD

  • OH, you NEED to implement Home AVATARS to the XMB or gamercard……….. if you want Home to be any more successfull….. that is…… there was a mock up on the forums a while back of a reinvented gamercard… you should look it up

  • More mini-games like the arcade games you have in the Bowling Alley would be fun. Just lots and lots of games! Real life ones, too! Get support from Hasbro and others and bring online board games in! We just want things to do in Home, at the moment it is just to look at so not much of a reason to turn it on everyday. Kart racing or a paintball game would be fun, too! Just lots of mini versions of full games that are out now.

    Every game/developer should have a Home Space, and it should include behind the scenes info & videos and maybe even have the developers in there from time to time to talk about the game and answer questions, just fun things like that!

    And, the items are way too pricey to buy, if you buy around 30 pieces of virtual furniture, you could have bought a full retail PS3 game! Which would have tons of environments, models, effects, story (at times), things to do, etc.

    I think things need to be bundled and still sold for less. You would get many more people buying if an item was $0.10 to $0.20 each instead of only a few people buying at $0.99 to $1.99 each.
    (cont. in next post)

  • (cont. from above post)
    Funny thing is, sometimes I find it hard even to buy add-on/premium DLCs at $4.99 because I have already put $59.99+ into it. Especially when it is just little stuff that for all we know, could have made it into the full game had it just been given a bit more time.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I am more than happy to own a Sony system and I especially like the PSN for downloading games like the upcoming Flower and highly popular PAIN (although, PAIN is getting kind of expensive with the few environments it does have…).

    I also want to say that I am also happy that we do not have to pay for our online service and hopefully it will stay that way. Keep up the good work and hopefully, in time, things will be re-evaluated so us, the consumers, will have a more enjoyable time and feel our money is well spent! :)

  • I will buy those clothes and be the first one in the new spot, so you might as well send me those vouchers now. SERIOUSLY!

  • I haven’t touched PS Home for about a month an a half

  • Very, very cool.

    It is hard to believe what a massive success Home has turned out to be. It’s been one gigantic non-stop party since open beta went live.

    Already can’t imagine not logging in to Home to hang out with friends in between games. Really hope the patches/updates for game launching for Little Big Planet, Crash Commando, Wipeout HD, Motorstorm PR, etc come out soon so we can all just jump into multiplayer games without logging out.

    It is funny, though, to see there are still a few people so socially retarded to be missing out on Home…

  • Any plans for the Screenshot Feature in HOME?

  • Home is surely growing; but way too slowly. Haven’t logged in for a month and a half, and i do not plan on logging in anytime soon..i will the day i’ll hear that all games (retail + psn games) are launchable within home

  • AWESOME! Buying the ninja outfits day 1! :)

  • FINALLY!! The warhawk space might actually draw me back into Home!
    I’m tired of walking around with a gaggle of guys hitting on me because they have nothing to do. I’m glad to see that gaming spaces are opening up so that when I go to an area there will be other fans of the game present and conversation is more natural and more game oriented (and less like in a bar).

    Table-top Warhawk maps… can’t wait!!! Time to do a little strategizing. :)

  • great news on home are there going to be more outfits to buy beside the ones you comment on? and what up with the cafe ? will that 2 be update for the 13?

  • Are there ninja moves being added to the ‘dance’ function?

  • elsa….don’t get you hopes up…morons have invaded every space in home including the spaces based on video games….i for one dont have warhawk and have been patiently waiting for the resisistance 2 room

  • game launching with killzone 2 = Happy !

  • street fighter, re5, ninja’s, what will those crazy home guys think up next…

  • How about Zombie Day with the release of Resident Evil 5~! March Friday the 13th~!

    Zombie and Resident Evil Costumes for everyone~!

    People like Zombies more than Ninjas and Pirates…

  • I know this off topic, but where’s the media stuff at? You know the radios and tvs.

  • I want to see a Killzone space. I preordered it and got the demo, the areas would look perfect as a helghast space LOL!

  • LOL!

    A person with the name “dehumanizer_666”

    hasn’t logged into the giant social online world much lately. Golly, wonder why…

  • this is exactly what home needs. I LOVE it. i can’t wait to see what other developers are gonna come up with for Home. i’d also like it if more games supported game launching from within home.


  • you should integrate home characters to the games, symilar to the Mii’s

  • Great! I always wanted to be a ninja. Cyd, I’m glad you asked us about events. The Gamer’s Lounge is perfect for trivia type of events on particular topics. Also, I think having Internet Kiosks in the Gamer’s Lounge will be fun. And can serve as a great mechanism for surveys, trivia, scavenger hunts (find clues), and etc.

  • cool im gonna get to be a ninja and also street fighter charas.

    you guys should do this for like almost every game. have clothing that can make us look like the main charas in that game.

  • Not sure how ninja that avatar will look, especially just walking around – but cool content overall!

    Do you guys have the capability to implement games into the entire environment (imagine a game of TAG constantly going with one person “it” in each instance). THings like that that engage the community in new ways would be interesting.

  • Also, real ninjas don’t wear kneepads.

  • HOME should have some “live concerts.” Just get a band in a studio and broadcast it live on Home with their band avatars and everything. That would set HOME off the charts.

  • I am still waiting for the day I will be able to put up a Bravia LCD in my Apartment and watch content that is on my HDD with friends.
    Plus, don’t you think that those costumes should be available for Free to anyone that buys the game????
    Now that would be a nice thing to do for Playstation fans

  • haven’t been HOME for a long time.. two things that will lure me back:

    1. KILLZONE 2 game launching (to see the faces of those i pwn)
    2. our own trophy room (want to show off my platinums)

  • I will never purchase virtual clothing. Ever.

    That being said, I have no problem with getting exclusive Home outfits when you unlock them in a game you’ve purchased. Having new outfits as prizes, or pre-order bonuses seems quite reasonable, as well.

  • Yeah, where is the trophy room?!
    I remember that being mentioned long ago.

    Off-topic sidenote: Where are more PSone games? I can think of quite a few that would be extremely popular. AND, it would be fun to play them on the PSP. :)

  • I think we are getting way to many areas to meet. Can’t you guys focus on stuff like games rooms, trophy room etc and leave out all these lounges until a later date?

  • i wish everything in home was free or we should get some kind of credit for the amount of trophies we have and use that credit to buy things in home

  • What? Warhawk Space??? FINALLY something about my favorite game HAHA

    I love HOME

  • Why does RE5 have Home launching and SF4 doesn’t? Have Capcom given a reason why this did this, or at least given a time frame as to when it would be implemented? I couldn’t imagine why a traditionally single player game would get this feature before a high profile MP one.

  • Here’s an idea…what do you think of this? :

    Create a virtual Playstation Blog within Home…an area where we can all hang out and discuss the same things available in the current Blog (A virtual version of what is available now online). The Devs would be able to add the very same threads they do now, except this will be available in a room on bulletin boards. People can then access virtual platforms (ex. computer) to add a comment. Plus, we would all be in the room together allowing us to commune directly. If the Devs wanted, they could also join us there for a more personal interaction for the release of information. This would give the gamer community yet another thing to enjoy that no other console can provide. A one on one interaction with the creators of the greatest console available today, would make users feel an involvement importance surpassed only by working directly at the source…SONY.

  • Will Street Fighter have game launching in HOME?

  • good job with Home, keep this up and it’ll be more than success, this is what will make Playstaion Network really shine, thanks and keep up your great work. Oh and please tell me Killzone2 will have game launching

  • Looks cool. We need more Home items rewarded from playing games though.

  • This “competition” is an awesome idea.

    If you did something like this in Europe, i’d be tempted to buy the ninja outfit. But you aren’t, so i’d rather not. I’ve spent like £30 on virtual clothing already.

  • WAIT! i was under the impression that you guys can make ANY game launch in home not just specific ones developers choose to support.

    Damn, and i thought home would be useful in that aspect

  • Can I special request Heavenly Sword gear for our avatars?
    and Nariko hairstyle?

  • Add Game Launch and XMB Music, or how my friends can listen to what i am playing.

  • I’m going to wear that Chun-Li costume forever.

  • Hello, I was wondering if you could give us a more specific date for Warhawk, any more info on other upcoming Home spaces and when we might see game launching being used. Thanks for your continued community support.

  • agreed with 92

  • please please please make a killzone 2 gamespace and launching the game from in home. oh and is killzone 2 gnna ship with a headset?

  • Man do you guys have another version for HOME? I have the Beta version. You guys should really go all out with Home. More clothes, places, and options in general. Home is pretty sweet!

  • TRUE EPICNESS! I love it when home gets updated with new items, spaces, etc. Sony and the Home team are always giving, and doing things for us players, its just so truly awesome!

    Quick question though! When will we be able to display our trophies we earn in game in our virtual spaces? I thought that was part of the plan. was i wrong?

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