Sack it to Me (Love is in the Air Edition)

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LittleBigPlanet Happy Valentines Day

Welcome to another update on the world of LBP.

“Update Love”
Going live later today is Update 1.09 – a bit earlier than expected, but we’re sure you won’t mind. This update contains some minor adjustments plus addresses the following bug fixes:

  • ‘Failed to save profile’ message not being displayed when a user’s profile is full.
  • Object Capture Bug: switch connectors being deleted when an object is captured.
  • Failed to load profile issue: where the user is thrown out to the XMB due to a texture that is not registered in their profile being present in their pod.
  • Text not displaying in the text chat window.
  • Slow rewind due to moderation check.
  • Save file corruption which caused the game to crash when placing any object in an emitter in any level.

“Awards Love” from the development community
The past few weeks has been a humbling experience with news of numerous prestigious awards nominations from both the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and Game Developers Choice Awards. Congrats to the Molecules and SCEE.

AIAS nominations

  • Family Game of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
  • Outstanding Character Performance
  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
  • Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
  • Console Game of the Year
  • Overall Game of the Year

GDC nominations

  • Best Game Design
  • Best Visual Art
  • Best Technology
  • Best Audio
  • Best Debut
  • Innovation
  • Game of the Year

“Merchandising Love”

LittleBigPlanet - SackBoys figures

The very first LittleBigPlanet merchandise makes its ‘littlebig’ debut this week with a brand new action-figure line featuring an assortment of 4″ scale Sackboys in all his textured and stitched glory, displaying various characters, poses, and costumes. Those attending the 2009 International Toy Fair in New York will be among the few who will catch the very first glimpse of the action-figures that will be available at select mass market, specialty and online stores across North America beginning this Spring.

Toy developer and manufacturer, Mezco Toyz, will also release retailer exclusives, variants and limited-edition Sackboys throughout the year, which will range between 2″ and 18″ scale figurines.

If you happen to be attending the 2009 International Toy Fair, feel free to drop by the Mezco Toyz booth at the Jacob Javits Center (#4823) for your sneak peek at the new action-figures. However, if Toy Fair isn’t on the list of your destinations this year, plan on coming by their booth at the 2009 Comic-Con International Show this summer in sunny San Diego.

Stuff’d SackBoys (and SackGirls)
You’ll be glad to know that the highly sought after, officially licensed SackBoy plushies are on their way. Unfortunately, we still need some time to knit, stitch, and stuff a few loose ends before we reveal more…

…but stay tuned, we have tons more of great news soon.

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  • Congrats to MM, they deserve it. Would like to see a Top 5 User levels published on the PS blog maybe once a month, would be a good way to continue promoting the game and give users a taste of fame. Levels could be submitted by MM or the numerous LBP fan sites out there. Also what is happening with the Play Create Share indicators? Mine have been stuck on 0 since I bought the game.

  • Cool stuff guys.

    ps. Killzone pack? Where’s it at! We’re all anxious! lol

  • cool, but how much will the action figures cost? i’m not buying it if it’s over $8

    and wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a custom one to match yours in LBP

  • Fix the Play, Create, Share

  • definintely want a real Sackboy figure to sit on top of my PS3. can’t wait. Thanks for continuing to work on updating LBP. Always appreciate that in a game.

  • Congratulations on achieving all of those awards. You guys deserved it for the fantastic game you developed.

  • What about trophies?


    No really this game rocks.

  • The figures look so adorable, but I’m more excited about the plushies. I just hope they’re not terribly overpriced. You should see what the official sackboys are already going for on ebay.

    I wouldn’t fancy paying over $20 USD for a sackboy. (Not including shipping and handling)

  • Yay plushies! haha no but seriously this game is awesome you guys have done a great job of keeping us updated and providing all these great perks and costumes. Also look at all those awards! Thanks again guys and great post Mark!

  • hey Mark, last time you talked about making some LBP avatars.

    Is there any ETD for this avatars to hit the PSN?

  • Awesome Update Really Needed since my profile barely saved for some reason thanks Mm
    and sweet toys

    – EddyxMob –

  • I just want the Killzone costumes.

  • Can’t wait for the plushies! I hope they’re made out of the same materials as the Sackboys in the game.

    And I’ve decided to use this blog post to make a complaint about the PSP’s firmware. As a new PSP owner, I’ve realized just how much attention the ps3 gets on here compared to the PSP. It’s not fair! lol

    Anywho, my complaint is that the PSP doesn’t default to a qwerty keyboard when typing in passwords and codes and such. People were frustrated with it on the ps3, and I’m sure they’re frustrated here! Having to press Select twice every time I type in a message (or when entering in a code for a demo, in which case I would have to do it thrice) gets annoying after awhile.

    Really, I have a general complaint about slight inconsistencies between the PSP and ps3’s firmware, but the qwerty keyboard is the biggy.

  • [sarcasm] Hey! thanks for fixing the “failed to load all player profiles” error message. It’s only been about 5 or so months now. Oh and the error messages popping up now before my pod even loads, that’s an awesome feature. Good job.[/sarcasm]


    I’ve had more ps3 system crashes and lock ups playing LBP than I have all of my other games combined.

    1.09 only made it crash more, freeze more, and I still cannot connect to anyone. I’m seriously getting to the point where I’m just gonna stop caring.

    Oh yeah, and I still can’t save anything so playing is pointless anyways.

  • those sackboy toys would make a perfect birthday present

  • What about the online issues? i love playing with buddies all over the LBPlanet, but most of the time the lag forces me to play alone t_t!!!

  • the toys should be made in the vein of Mr. Potatohead, not necessarily every feature should be replaceable but wigs, hats, possibly eyes etc. should be interchangeable so it’s kind of like the game’s customizing. Just a thought.

  • WTF all thse updates are cool but it wont stop lagg can,t ply with others WTF WTF WTF WTF

  • No image import… meh…

  • LBP action figures = WANT!

  • I just downloaded the update and a few minutes after playing LBP, I, once again, started to get the same “Profile is too large” message…. I thought you guys fixed this… now I have to put down the game and wait for another attempt to fix this. The message is quite annoying and gets in the middle of the game.

  • I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but have you guys considered making an update to change the in game keyboard to the regular keyboard setup playstation3 uses?
    It’s really hard to type fast using it.

    Other then that, great work! Hope you get a bunch of awards!
    I love LBP!

  • I’ve been waiting for LBP merchandises for a long time!! I can’t wait to get my hands on them when they’re released!

    I just hope it comes to Asia….

  • Any news about the online lag problems?
    How about implementing som sort of join-level-with-other-players-playing option? Choosing “Play Online” mostly ends up with one playing alone.

  • Congratulations on all the nomidations MM!

    We (read: I) want you to make all the awards you win into in-game objects to add to our levels! We want our Sackboys smacked with electric AIAS Awards.

  • Thanks for fixing the ‘text not appearing when typing’ issue. It’s nice to see what I’m actually trying to type now :)

    I still don’t see xmb music as much of a priority. But then I have most of my entertainment devices outputted to the same headphones at same time so I can just play music from my PC anyways.

    Anyways I agree with who mentioned a Ratchet and Clank pack, and I’d like Uncharted. Another Street Fighter set would be nice too.

  • Those Sackfolk look super cute! Any word if they will ever be available outside of the US? (and no, I don`t mean on ebay with over inflated prices ;) )

  • can we plesae make youtube videos please its an amazing feature and will get alot more people playing again

  • Awsome!!!! just updated my LBP!!!! :D

  • i am totally on those sackboy toys.. yes im 25 and a tradesmen but hey.. who cares.

  • The LBP toys look GREAT!!! My kids (and myself) will be sooo excited… this is going to cost me a fortune!

    Thanks, guys! :D

  • glad to see an update for this great game. I 2 would like to see an update allowing us to play our own music in this game. keep up the great work guys.

  • Any news on when (or more likely, if) these will be coming to Europe?

    Or will they become yet another Sony item that I have to import?

  • thats sweet :)

  • Must have, this is the Mr Potato Head of our generation!

  • I am having issues saving levels and costumes. When I create and save a costume is shows up fine everything is normal when I am in game I also create a level and save it and it’s fine but when I exit the game and come back everything I did is gone it didn’t save.

    So will 1.09 ‘Failed to save profile’ message not being displayed when a user’s profile is full. address my issue?

    Also I don’t want a limitation on my profile size other than my HDD size.

  • Yeah I am buying ALL the Sackboys and girls!

  • I want stuffed sack people!

  • Sackboy plushies! nice :)

  • Is anyone else having problems signing in online to LBP, since the update?

  • you guys deserve the awards.

    This game is a modern day classic

    its really a gaming marvel

  • I NEED that Toy!!! ;)

  • Will the figures be available for sale at the 2009 International Toy Fair in New York?

  • OMG!!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on these little guys. I feel like I have been waiting forever for them. Oh please, please make these easy to get and not something I have to buy on ebay!! I have to have them all!!!

    Congrats MM on all these nominations. You deserve every award you get for this game. I LOVE LBP!!!

  • hopefully the good people at mm will win much praise and awards for their achievements and this will garner more determination from other developers to up their game(figuratively)

  • Great update! Definitely glad to see you fixed the Failed to save profile message. Lost a lot of stuff due to that.

  • zomg play trophy TOO hard

  • I am buying these.

    Get them our ASAP and I will be ordering.

  • What’s the DLC for this week? don’t tell me you don’t know or you can’t post it yet when we are just 2 days away from the PSN update.

  • sweet u guys are awesome!

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