Burnout Paradise – the Party Pack!

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Hey guys.  Great to be back on the blog, and we’ve got lots to tell you about. 

We released our first premium content for Burnout Paradise – the Party Pack !

Our Freeburn online play is a cool way to hang out with your online friends, but we wanted to give you a way to play PlayStation, when your friends comes to visit.  The game supports up to 8-players for pass-the-pad single-screen action.

You can find out more on the Criterion Games Network.  We’re now making use of PlayStation’s in-game browser to bring you all the latest news direct from the Burnout team.

Burnout Paradise Cops and robbers

Party is our first premium-quality content for Burnout Paradise.  It’s available now from the PlayStation Store for $9.99.  And if you can’t bear to stop playing Burnout, you can also pick it up from our own Burnout Store within the game.

If you’re new to Burnout, you can now get the whole game bundled with all our 2008 updates and the Party Pack on the PlayStation Store for $29.99.

You can hit this link to see the team playing a session in our latest video podcast – Crash TV.

And finally, we used the Criterion Network to bring Burnout players exclusive news of a new pack for 2009.

Slotting in soon after the Party pack, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars and Boost Specials, comes another premium pack – Cops and Robbers.  This one’s dedicated to bringing you the thrills and spills of cops and robbers car chases in Paradise City.

We’re keeping the gameplay under wraps for the moment, but in the meantime here are the first images in all their glory.

Burnout Paradise Cops and robbers

Burnout Paradise Cops and robbers

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  • @50

    It is $20 NEW…buy the game.

  • Criterion games has set the bar for how games should be treated from here on out. Unbelievable support and amazing content. I love it!

  • great support, guys! Just downloaded the game yesterday, haven’t tried it yet, though.

  • I’d buy the party pack. Too bad I paid $29.99 one day before the game price was lowered to $19.99. That was quite bad luck, if I waited a few hours could have bought both the game and expansion for the same price :(

  • I hope that you make a few booster packs like warhawk did, because I’m not paying for 2 different packs, I’ll buy both at the same time, thanks.

  • Thank you Criterion for supporting your game with free updates and new content. You are one of my favorite developers and your racing game is my favorite racing series!

    Thanks guys!

  • I’m still weighing the price of entry. I feel a bit burned because I purchased Burnout Paradise last December for 30$. Now the Party Pack seems fun, but 10$…

    I’d rather invest in Big Surf Island and the Legendary Cars. I don’t understand how you guys justify putting it at 10$, yes I heard about all those free upgrades you did in the past.

  • Awesome game, and ace add-on. Good price too, I expected it to be $14.99 for some reason. Very fun and I earned all the trophies already, really cool. Also the improvements are great, night is 100% better and the improved play is also much better. Overall this is such a great game. I can’t wait for more content.

    Jeremy, I sent in a really good suggestion about smug/mugshots to mailbag. Try to look it up if you can, dated 1/18/09. Basically I’d like to see a static image feature where we take photos in advance and they are stored. I’m not always “camera ready” or in a dark room, and so more often than not I have mine unplugged. I think a lot of people do too. If we could take photos like in party mode doing various faces like one for when you take someone down, then the game could send the designated image to players rather than take a live shot. Thx Jeremy!

  • got plenty of cars when does the island open give me more space to Burn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the continued support for a great game!

  • Word up! I’m gonna be buying this once it comes out.

  • need more updates…party pack was a nice tease but need more..lol

  • I don’t even own this game (it’s just not my type of game…) and still I always check out the updates and articles about it, just to keep surprising myself with the amazing support Criterion has given to it.

    If only all other devs put half as much love and effort into their games…

    This is exactly how you build a solid community. Fans can appreciate all the dedication, and are more than willing to pay back.

    Keep up the good work Criterion.

  • Thanks for everything you have given us for free up to this point, and I’ll definately be buying the island pack, cars pack, and cops and robbers pack, but I cannot purchase the Party Pack because you can’t play party mode online.

  • I think I speak for most of the gaming community when I say,


    I’m still shocked at how much effort you’ve put into this game, both in content and in customer service. I bought Party Pack the day it came out and I’ll do the exact same for every other pack that comes out. Funny that you guys decided to post today, because I JUST got the Platinum trophy (along with all DLC trophies) last night! And when I get home, I feel the need to beat all the Road Rules. This game doesn’t seem like it was released an entire 13 months ago. You guys just keep finding ways to make this amazing game more and more relevant as the months go on. THANKS!

  • I can’t wait for the Legendary Cars as well as cops and robbers.

  • yeaaa I already knew all the stuff.. unfortunately I’ve been playing Burnout for nearly 20 hours in the past 5 days. I am so freaking addicted to it!

    I almost have my Elite license, and play a lot online too. Cant believe I never bought this game, I rented it and decided it wasnt for me, but the new $20 price tag was more then enough for me to buy the game, and now im so hooked I cant stop playing!

    The thing I probably look forward to most out of all the things announced so far is probably the new cars, I am just so damn curious to see what they do and how they drive etc.

    I also am excited for the Cops n Robbers thing you guys are bringing back, I LOVED Burnout 2, me and my brothers/friends played it non stop back in the day (especially crash mode). I told everybody I am so good because I “never blink when you play, you aren’t allowed to blink or you die.” heheh.

    I really hope you guys are bringing the old crash mode back, but I really dont have high hopes for that, because you would have put it in the Party Pack if you were bringing it back..

    Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new online modes, marked man online is so flippin fun!!

    I’ve talked enough now, hope you guys bring crash mode back :) :)

  • I have both Need for speed undercover and Burnout Paradise City. Now that police chases are coming to ‘PC’ I’m gonna dump NFS…yeeeehaaaaa!!!!!

  • Cops n’ Robbers?! On Burnout?!?!

    There is a God.

  • this game just keeps giving its so awesome

  • u guys rock….. keep up the dlc stuff…..

  • Any chance of a 4 player off-line split-screen mode? (or for Burnout Paradise 2?)
    I want to use the ‘X’ button to Accelerate and the ‘Square’ button to Brake? ;)
    (Not sure if you can play it that way?)
    Sorry i’m old skool!!!!! :D

  • love the new colors in the game, good job.

  • Thanks Jeremy.

    A great game and fantastic support.

    Anyone that doesn’t have this game and is thinking about it, get it.

    The price is quite low and I don’t think you’ll regret it once you play.

  • Now we just need some crash challenges!

  • I keep playing this game at my friends house, lol Actually, I honestly do not know why I haven’t bought this game yet!!!!

    It’s weird, because you guys seem to hear a lot of, “I haven’t bought this game yet, BUT this is amazing!!!!” lol But, honestly… I think it might have something to do with the fact that I could always borrow the game from a friend…

    Hey, maybe when you guys stop releasing all of these huge new and amazing updates I’ll finally pick up the game in a nifty “EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED” disc at a great price!

  • I am a big Burnout Paradise fan. I have 101% in both bike and car. The Party Pack lets me let other people share the joy when they come over. Hooray.

    $10 seems a bit steep to me. But I did it anyway. It might mean I don’t get some of the car packs though, or the PCPD Pack.

  • I’ll be all over the Cops DLC!! Keep up the good work guys! Love the game :-)

  • I promise I will get the Cops and Robbers pack if:

    a. I can get a news helicopter view of the action, and
    b. I can drive a white Ford Bronco.

  • I got this game on day 1 and have enjoyed every single update you guys have released. This is the type of support that makes people want to buy DLC because of the great support the company puts behind there game. I have no problem buying every DLC you guys release for Burnout. I love this game and I bought the party pack the day it was available.

  • I think this should cost $4.99. This is something the game should have already came with. Nonetheless, I still might buy this.

  • This game is really great, just bought it and it’s really addictive. Can’t wait for the new DLC.
    One question though, in Europe we’re used to the $1 = 1 euro conversion used in the Store, but why is the Ultimate pack $30 in the US and 35 euro in the EU? 35 euro is like 45 dollar?

  • Cops and Robbers – that’s what I’m looking for… wanna know how close criteriongames work with NFS team.

  • Best racing game ever made. Have been playing it regularly since I purchased it at the end of December. Looks great, plays great, easy and quick to play online, and loads of things to do. Loving it, and looking forward to the future content.

  • Now that you guys have a YouTube channel, I hope the CrashTV episodes can be watched through the PSN browser, and in HD.

  • With the price drop, i’m gonna buy the game. However, i’m not gonna pay $10 for something that should have been in the orginal release.

  • And you guys are STILL supporting this title.

    Even if this DLC was the worst ever released (though what was the likelihood of that?) i would have still downloaded it just to thank you for all you have done with this game.

    Criterion Games, certain developers could learn a lot from you. I look forward to more Premium content to buy, to support you! I think this “Cops and Robbers” content will be awesome. Though, i will buy it anyway.

    Thanks a lot!

  • I agree, I did love the look of the old news page, with the weather and slick graphics. just would have been nice to have control over the scrolling or content. So, maybe mix the new site version together with that more graphically pleasing one! :D

    Oh, and since this Party Pack is bundled with the new pack for PC, PS3 and 360 for $29.99, I feel it should have been a little less or even free for those who bought the game at $59.99 prior to that bundle.

    Other than that, I am more than happy to buy the remaining upcoming DLCs! :)

    Thanks for an amazing game and great support for over a year now!

  • One of the VERY LITTLE multiplatform games that i keep playing. =]

  • Yes! I loved Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2…hope you guys have re-invented that wheel! “Spike strip, deployed!”

  • Too funny. I can’t believe people are complaining about paying 29.99. I paid 59.99 and i’d gladly toss out another 9.99 because this game is by far the best ‘arcade’ style game out there. Also, the support for the game has been unbelievable. Instead of just forgetting about the game after 6 months they just keep giving and giving :-)

  • Looks cool!

  • I ordered the Party Pack this morning,, downloaded & installed it. But when I go to Start a Party, it says I haven’t purchased it yet, or that if I have purchased it , to make sure I have downloaded and installed it, which I have. Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Yes I agree with lilbuddy, I also paid 59.99 and I don’t regret a penny of it. How can anyone complain about the price??? The game is evolving all the time, it’s a great place to be sociable. I’ve met lots of really cool people on burnout. Anyone who buys this game will get years of fun out of it. There is an on-line charge for some pc games where you have to pay a yearly subscription fee. So whoever is complaining about the price needs their head testing.

  • i realise this may be some what off topic, but i cant play burnout paradise on this account anymore for some reason, it started freezing up every time im signed in to psn & every time i try to free burn online, ive noticed though that the the road rules thing isnt on my easy drive menu anymore, i think this is causing it to freeze up, I NEED HELP, i really would like to play burnout again, i bought the DL version & add ons & im starting to think it was a waste of money.

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