Pre-order Killzone 2 at GameStop, Play the Demo Now!

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Hello All…

It’s TJ from the Marketing Team, back again for another update on Killzone 2.

A ton of Killzone 2 reviews have posted & the game is already receiving critical acclaim, including 5 Editor’s Choice awards from various media.

IGN Editors' Choice PTOM Editors' Choice GamePro Editors' Choice

GameSpy Editors' Choice GameZone Editors' Choice

If you just can’t wait until Killzone 2 launches on February 27th, starting right now, the single-player demo will be available to all of you who pre-ordered Killzone 2 from GameStop. Those that pre-ordered in-store should be able to use the voucher card, while those that pre-ordered through should receive your redeemable code later today.

We’ve got 22 days until Killzone 2 deploys exclusively on the PS3.

More info to come soon on how to get one of these…

Killzone 2 Helghast Rifle Replica

(No, it’s not a render… it’s a replica.)

Stay tuned.

– TJ

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  • Only got to try the demo for five minutes at lunch. Wasn’t blown away, but probably because I’ve seen that exact same level about fifty times now. Movement felt really sluggish, and the responsiveness of the game just felt “off”, but I’ll probably get used to that.

    Having played a ton of COD4, I was really thrown by having the rifle scope mapped to R3….but I’m guessing there’s a way to map it to L1 or L2 or something like that? Can we customize controls?

    Oh…and [DELETED] move trying to use a game demo as a reward for pre-purchasing…

  • its 4:15 and i still have problems with the code it keeps telling me no longer valid

  • oh…i gots my bro downloading this for me right now. kind of bummed about no online for the demo but its still gonna be cool :)

  • I played the demo and it was wicked. Thanks Sony and Guerrilla for doing this amazing game. I wish there were a Limited Edition. I would get the most expensive one.


  • NICE downloading as we speak no the real wait starts ps 72%

  • i meant to say now the real wait starts

  • Its not just the UK store, im downloading from an NZ account.

  • DO WANT! Please, more info!

  • has removed the link stating you get the code free with pre-orders… does that mean it is over, and too late to get it if you order it now? Bummer… I have been shafted by Gamestop the last 2 times I tried to pre-order thru them, they claim to ‘run out’ of the pre-order bonus items. Banjo Kazooie XBLA download code (the store I ordered at only got 3 vouchers, and 15 total pre-orders) and Mortal Kombat vs. DC t-shirt (they only got 2 shirts and 12 preorders total).

  • I don’t feel so bad about downloading it off the EU PSN Store today without a Gamestop pre-order. I had pre-ordered at last week for the sweet price of $52.00 shipped.

  • i got the killzone 2 demo code from gamestop…..but when i put the code in it say that it is not valid…….and today is the 5 of feb… u know when i can download the killzone 2 demo or wat time?????????????

  • I don’t buy at places like gamestop or ebgames.

  • Must… have…. that… gun!!

  • I hope you have to reserve the game through Amazon to get the replica since that’s what I did. Sadly, no demo code for me though.

  • I’m off work in 15 min, can’t wait to go home and give this a try :)

  • …..woe…….
    Keep the great reviews coming!

  • I think it might be too late they took it off gamestops web site too.. But get it of eu no problem.. hey does anybody know if i get from like a russian ps accountant will the game be in russian lol? jus askin thanks

  • preordered from best buy, still cant get my theme to work. not a big deal, just a theme, but hey, its not working…

  • Sony,

    Tell whoever is in charge of Killzone 2 to let us customize the controls!! Like hold L1 for scope, L2 to run, Hold L3 to crouch!

    It would make the game soo much better..

  • ps. gamestop sucks

  • Grab it of the eu store i jus did install almost done now!!!

  • AWESOME!!! I’m downloading the demo now!

    And that replica… ooh it would be SO awesome if I could get my hands on one of those!!!!! (I might just start drooling now…)

  • oh yea its workin tight screw it pre ordered didnt get the code but didnt get upset jus found somewhere else to get it… but sweet im playing…

  • Well I gave it a go despite generally loathing FPS games (far prefer third person stuff like Uncharted and God of War) and it’s ok but it’s not gonna convert me to liking the genre and I won’t be buying it.

    Still that’s what demos are for eh. Wish the PSN store had demos for a lot more games.

  • Already pre-ordered off of Amazon. Looking forward to my new Home outfits. :D

  • Gamestop sucks

  • I went to 3 different EB games here in Canada … and none of them had codes … although in one store the girl I talked to thought they did, but the manager came and whispered something to her, and all I heard between the mumblings were something about saving it for someone else, probably staff member. So that annoyed me. So send out more codes. Its really annoying trying to find one.

  • This game is awesome but screw GameStop and just make a EU account and dl the SWEET demo!

  • Thanks for the update. I have a feeling the gun will be part of some giveaway. Looks bad ass though. Is it a full scale replica or a miniature one?

  • I really am looking forward to this game, but it seems to me that there are some marketing efforts contradicting each other this time around. Amazon will get you stuff for Home, which is obviously a huge initiative right now, while Gamestop gets you the demo. That’s a tough choice for a lot of gamers.

    But with that said, I’m not a big fan of giving out the demo as a pre-order exclusive. I think the demo should be a lot more accessible…it just seems counter-intuitive to restrict it to a pre-order, when it’s something that should be used to generate pre-orders instead.

  • I LOVE the game. Great job, GG and Sony!!!

    I do have two questions though.

    1. Can you introduce an option to stay crouched without having to hold the button?

    2. Will we ever be able to lay down?

    Thanks so much and congrats on all the great press you’re receiving!!!

  • The demo is AMAZING btw. Even on normal the A.I. is excellent. Controls are weighty but accurate and responsive. The Helghasts death animations are incredible, it’s just soo much fun to shoot and so satisfying to kill enemies.

    Graphics, sound, everything. Amazing.

  • PRAISE THE LORD!! KILLZONE 2 DEMO IS FINALLY HERE!! Back in 2004 I bought the ps2 for the first KILLZONE. I bought the PSP for Liberation,and I’ve owned ps3 because Playstation and KILLZONE rules!! I hope they come out with a collectors edition for KILLZONE like they did for Resistance 2.P.S I love the Gun!

  • I really don’t get what GameStop thinks about the “demo after purchasing” promotion.

    I only play demos to know if I want to buy the game or not. It’s useless to me having a demo after purchasing and sometimes if the demo doesn’t show how good the game is it could turn around the things and make purchasers take their money back. I know it will not be the case of this awesome game, but I have played demos of games I was waiting to purchase and decided to just rent those.

    It’s nice when game developers gave an extra mini-game or something exclusive to those who preorder, like the replica for example, not a demo.

  • I just finished playing the demo about 10 times in a row, and all I can say is it’s amazing.

    Can’t wait until the 27th.

  • Please someone pinch me. I must be dreaming…

  • I can see the contest for the weapon to be US only like always.

    For once I wish I could have a chance on the contests of PS Blog.


    Step 1. Create New User
    Step 2: When signing up for PSN with new user, list United Kingdom as your area.
    Step 3: Fill out rest of info with bogus info
    Step 4: Got to UK PS Store from new users account.
    Step 5: BAM! As soon as you enter the store there’s a huge banner for KZ2 demo.
    Step 6: Download.

    It works. I’m doing it right now. Screw Gamestop.

  • Killzone 2 is the best in red-eye reduction.

  • Has anyone noticed it has warzone and skirmish options that are locked out? I wish they would unlock them. lol.

  • OMFG I want so want that, it would look so good display and as for the demo, i’m downloading it from the UK cuz i’m gonna pre-order from for the Home outfits

  • lol @ pre-order exclusive.

    Maybe you should’ve made that replica the pre-order bonus. As I downloaded the demo from the EU store without having a pre-order.

    Good going, Sony. At least I got to try the hype machine to see that if the controls aren’t fixed you’re not getting my money.

  • nice dling it now thanks

  • Why are people continuing to ask how to get the demo? lol

  • I reserved my copy last week. Can’t wait to get out of class to go and play the demo.

  • @ 22


  • wow I’m really really impress, the game looks sooo beautiful, tanks Guerrilla Games and Sony, this is why I own a ps3 so spank me and call me fanboy

  • Hey…. anyone got an extra demo key? Message me on the network?

  • why is people always complaining about games, resident evil don’t do this, killzone don’t do that.. quit crying and play the games as they where intended.

  • CANT WAIT! KZ2 FTW!! also ging my props to R2. R2 FTW!! 2 great shooters!!

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