PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the weekly PlayStation Store update.

Downloadable Games

3 on 3 NHL Arcade ($9.99)
EA SPORTS welcomes you to the fast paced world of arcade hockey. From the same team that brought you NHL 09 comes a 3 on 3 experience that throws conventional hockey, and its rules, out the window. Choose from 40 of the NHL’s top players and bring them into this no rules hockey game where big heads and big hits rule the day. With loads of power-ups falling on the ice to the ability to level a guy clear out of the rink, this is definitely not your typical simulation. This full version of the game offers online play, achievements, leaderboard tracking, and more features that will have you coming back for more.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 188 MB

Burnout Paradise – The Ultimate Bundle ($29.99)
Get the full version of Burnout Paradise – 2008’s Racing Game of the Year – and get the brand new Pass the Pad Party Pack as well. Paradise City is the ultimate driving playground, set in a vast open-world, filled with gameplay that will push your driving and riding skills to the limit.
ESRB Rated E10
File size: 3.25 GB

Add-on Game Content

Burnout Paradise Party ($9.99)
Want to play Burnout Paradise at home with your friends in some offline multiplayer action? Burnout Paradise Party introduces fun, quick-fire challenges around Paradise City that can be played by 2-8 players of all skill levels.
File size: 100 KB

High Velocity Bowling: Dwayne ($0.99)
It’s time to bowl – High Velocity style! Add Dwayne Harper to your High Velocity Bowling roster. It ain’t easy being a gangsta thug bowla, but Dwyane manages by combining good aim and power for an awesome shot. Download includes Dwayne’s special Urban Assault ball, plus the new Inner City Alley lane, set in a back alley of a major city with unique audio.
File size: 48 MB

High Velocity Bowling: Candy ($0.99)
It’s time to bowl – High Velocity style! Add Candy Lincoln to your High Velocity Bowling roster. Candy’s a clash of old school and new tattoos. Her aim is great, but her ball is a bit too heavy for her. Download includes Candy’s special Candied Cherries ball, plus the new Jumpin’ Joe’s Diner lane, with a rockin’ retro atmosphere and unique audio.
File size: 42 MB

Hot Shots Golf New Course ($4.99)
Download the new Golfasaurus-Rex B.C.C. course now available for play in Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds. Take your favorite players and caddies and tee it up on this new, beautifully designed course and see if you have what it takes your game to a new level of play.
File size: 100 KB

LittleBigPlanet Valentine’s Day Mini-Pack ($2.99)
New costumes and stickers to spread some love in LittleBigPlanet!
File size: 1.04 MB

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Pack 8 (free)
Download Storm Pack 8 and unleash the legendary Sound Ninja Kidoumaru as your support character in battle. The Storm Pack 8 also contains new Ultimate Mission to engage!
File size: 100 KB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Cowboy Song (Live)” – Thin Lizzy ($1.99)
  • “Jailbreak (Live)” – Thin Lizzy ($1.99)
  • “The Boys Are Back in Town (Live)” – Thin Lizzy ($1.99)
  • Thin Lizzy Track Pack 01 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Thin Lizzy Pack 01. This pack includes: “The Boys Are Back in Town (Live) (Live),” “Cowboy Song (Live),” and “Jailbreak (Live)” by Thin Lizzy.
  • “Precious” – The Pretenders ($1.99)
  • “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – Pat Benetar ($1.99)
  • “Don’t Tell Me” – Nikko ($0.99)
  • “Break My Heart” – Nikko ($0.99)

File sizes: 21 MB – 36 MB (singles), 101 MB (track pack)

Guitar Hero World Tour
For all song credits please visit

  • “Gimme All Your Lovin'” as made famous by ZZ Top, covered by Wavegroup ($1.99)
  • “Commotion” by Creedence Clearwater Revival ($1.99)
  • “Black Betty” as made famous by Ram Jam, covered by Wavegroup ($1.99)
  • Southern Rock Track Pack ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour featuring “Commotion” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Black Betty” as made famous by Ram Jam, covered by Wavegroup, and “Gimme All Your Lovin'” as made famous by ZZ Top, covered by Wavegroup.

File sizes: 27 MB – 41 MB (singles), 106 MB (track pack)

Game Demos (free)

MLB 09 The Show Demo
In ’08, ESPN called the the game “the most realistic baseball game ever created” and IGN dubbed it Sports Game Of The Year. If you’re a baseball fan, you owe it to yourself to get hands-on experience with the MLB 09 The Show. See for yourself why Nothing Gets You Closer. For more details, visit
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.56 GB

3 on 3 NHL Arcade Trial
EA SPORTS welcomes you to the fast paced world of arcade hockey. From the same team that brought you NHL 09 comes a 3 on 3 experience that throws conventional hockey, and its rules, out the window. This trial version of the game lets you get a taste of the power-ups, NHL stars, and outrageous gameplay that is definitely not your typical simulation experience.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 188 MB

Game Videos (free)

LocoRoco 2 Pre-Launch Trailer
File size: 106 MB (HD)

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin EPA Trailer
File size: 52 MB (HD)

PAIN: Darts Trailer
File size: 63 MB (HD)

PAIN: Fortress Trailer
File size: 42 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: Kevin Pearce in Japan
File size: 101 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: Colby West
File size: 98 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: Breckenridge Ridin’ Highlights
File size: 124 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: Breckenridge Recap
File size: 94 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: Breckenridge Freeskiing Thrills
File size: 95 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: Breckenridge Athletes
File size: 101 MB (HD)

Winter Dew Tour: PlayStation Pro Moments – Breckenridge
File size: 63 MB (HD)

Movie Trailers (free)

2012 Trailer
File size: 15 MB (SD) 49 MB (HD) 75 MB (1080)

Open Season 2 Blu-ray Disc Trailer
File size: 80 MB (HD) 106 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

LocoRoco 2 MuiMui Theme (free)
File size: 1.12 MB

Evil Clowns Theme ($1.49)
File size: 5.2 MB

Gothic Girlz Theme ($1.49)
File size: 4.41 MB

Polar Bears Theme ($1.49)
File size: 5.56 MB

PlayStation Store for PSP

Game Demos (free)

* Phantasy Star Portable
Check out the long awaited demo of Phantasy Star Portable and experience what others have been enjoying for years. Up to four friends will team up to unravel the exclusive new storyline that picks up where Phantasy Star Universe ends and before the start of PSU: Ambition of the Illuminus.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 272 MB

Game Videos (free)

LocoRoco 2 Pre-Launch Trailer
File size: 18 MB

PSP Wallpaper (free)

LocoRoco 2 Wallpaper (x4)
File sizes: 129 KB – 185 KB

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  • awesome, thanks.

    getting some stuff now!

  • “This full version of the game offers online play, achievements, leaderboard tracking, and more features that will have you coming back for more.”


  • Wow ! what a crappy update !

  • Splendid update!

  • @36 Buy Crash Commando, I could use some target practice

  • I wasn’t expecting much for the PSP this week (previous updates are to blame), so I was quite surprised to see a U.S. demo of Phantasy Star Portable available. Despite knowing very little Japanese, I had fun playing the Japanese demo months ago to the best of my ability. I’ll download this demo immediately as I eagerly await the full U.S. version. Thanks for the update.

  • this goes to all the people in the u.s. the killzone two demo is in the store but you need to have the game preorder at gamestop. but the demo does come out on the 26th one day before the full game does lol.. hope that help

    P.S its short like 10 mins

  • Of all the Burnout content to have be paid for, it is the lame party pack. But I guess you could look at it this way: $9.99 for everything we have already got as well. :D

  • This is a solid update. Looking forward to Killzone 2!

  • good to see the MLB09 demo, though I’m sure it’ll be solid as usual.

  • Where are all those PSX titles that are supposedly coming?…

    It’s very cool they brought in the Phantasy Star Portable Demo… they’d really do themselves some favors by making a PS3 version of Phantasy Star Universe though (or at least whatever the next game in the series is).


  • Awesome Update! If i could suggest an application for later firmware update, could there be a calendar sort of organizer thing? So we can pin birthdays or the like.

  • is anyone else having really really slow download speeds from PSN?

  • KZ2 is sooooo sick! thank you scee! i love it 5/5 and it was only 5 minutes. cannot wait. only 22 days until deployment. the stuff on scea psn was pretty good too.


  • So the UK just got Lumines Supernova on the store for only 8.99£, which is somewhere around $11.50. So I am assuming this game will come down in price at some point soon…because it needs to be 9.99 like every other game like it. I want it but the price makes me not want it.

  • I just realized Front Mission 1st, Front Mission 2 AND Front Mission Alternative are all available on the JPN PSN store.

    When are more PS1 titles going to be available in North America?

  • The Burnout Ultimate Bundle is labelled as “Add-on Content”. The label may confuse people who already own Burnout and think that this ultimate bundle also entitles them to the rest of the DLC offered by Criterion this year.

  • GREAT UPDATE! Believe it or not, but I think that the locoroco 2 trailer was my favorite! It left me smiling long after I finished watching it! :)

    I do have a question though… I’m having an issue with my PSP and its downloaded games and demos. According to my PSN account I already have five PSP’s activated on my PSN account. (My old PSP, my new PSP, my brothers old PSP, my brothers new PSP, and my friends PSP) But, my brothers friend wanted me to use my PSN account so he could play “Beats”. (He got the Blue madden PSP pack a while back, and used my account to get the game, since at the time he didn’t have a PSN account…) Anyways, while I was giving his Beats game to him I had to deactivate my PSP from my account… Well, that’s all done and everything, but now my PSP is deactivated and I can’t play my games like Beats, Everyday Shooter, or even the Locoroco 2 demo! :(

    So, my question is: Is there an easier way to deactivate a PSP from my account without having to use a USB cable and the PSP I’m deactivating? I really wanna play my games again, but I can’t!!!! And, I my brothers friend doesn’t come by here often…

  • OMG, MLB 09!! Thank you!!

    Wow @ the size of that thing, though. It’s bigger than an episode of Qore, LOL. It’ll take me about 5 hours to download it… :(

  • “This full version of the game offers online play, ACHIEVEMENTS…?”

    Wow… really? I dont even know what to say

  • I’m on my 11th playthrough on the Killzone 2 demo!

  • nice guys way to balance the demo to actual release ratio but im not a big sports fan but hell the RE:5 demo mixed with a little KZ2 will keep me busy for a while..

    I was tryin to get over to a game store and get kz1 before 2 came out but im just gonna front the cash toward kz2.. cuz im not gonna have time to go back !!

  • thnx for this update =D, ya! Phantasy Star Portable Demo =D nyA!

  • I just want to say Thank You to SEGA and Sony for getting together the Phantasy Star Demo. We PSP Owners need some more 3rd Party Demos. I like to try it before I buy it. Otherwise I wait til it goes bargin bin or get it on eBay for 80% Off. Please more PSP love, please!

  • So, where are the PSOne games?

    Miss Chen, how about some accountability?

  • Nice update. I think I will buy Burnout Paradise bundle FINALLY!

  • Nice update. Still looking for that Penn State theme though… Next week right? Right?

  • Mediocre update. only good thing is Burnout Party pack which is kind of disappointing.

  • Awesome downloads this week, bought more than I’ve ever bought at once since I started using PSN! Killzone is sweet, NHL 3/3 is wicked and Burnout is speeding!

    Keep the content rolling and damn, seriously… Killzone is awesome!

  • Sweet, I wasn’t expecting a demo of that NHL game…I’ll be picking it up regardless, but just in case it’s absolute crap, I’ll try the demo first. :)

  • Pretty weak update. Hopefully it will be better next week.

  • @#1 I have a problem logging into help me out with that?

    EU update is better.

  • Way to go guys, better watch it, only 9 toes left!

  • Better update then the last few combined, also picked up the Killzone 2 demo from the EU Store.

  • I thought you guys said No more mistakes…? Achievements ? i Thought it was called Trophies ?? HMMMMMM… been hitting GreenBox? You need to goto X.A

  • Pretty excited about the Burnout Paradise updates. And to think that we still have more cars and the island to look forward to this year! Great game.
    I’m hoping to see Puzzle Quest Galactrix on the PS Store when it is released later this month. I’m still waiting for the official word on that. And some bug fixes for the original Puzzle Quest would be awesome, too!
    Well, time to go play Burnout!

  • Yay for Burnout Paradise. Boo for LittleBigPlanet. they promised a free costume every week in their November 18 blog post and haven’t fulfilled it.

  • Nice update! I like this a lot. Looking forward to the NHL demo; more Burnout is never a bad thing either.

  • Nice to have a PSP Demo again. Thank you! That’s a sweet deal for the Burnout Paradise package. I’m due for another driving game.

  • Phantasy Star universe sucked, i hope the demo plays more like PSO, that game was perfect.

  • am i the only one that thinks these weekly updates are getting worse and worse each week?

  • Since Hot Shots Golf is still being supported with add ons does this mean it will get a trophy patch?? I hope so! If it did and trophies were there for some of the add on stuff (characters or courses), I’d buy them.

  • I must agree with some of the people on the blog when they say more PS1 games please.

    I’m also thinking maybe a nice detailed blog post on the process and/or progress on the whole PS1 library up to this date and the upcoming future.This is kind of about the lack of PSP content to me, I refuse to steal games and the release of PS1 games makes waiting on original and legacy titles a lot easier.

    Just remember that we are all still hungry for PS1 games.

  • Are u serious!! when are we gonna get a good update. every week lbp planet updates i mean come one who cares what my sac boy is wearing.GET SOME PS1 GAMES. Come on sony suikoden 2, final fantasy, parasite eve etcc.. Sony u got some good old school games make them available for use or make a ps3 version u know suikoden 6 or parasite eve 3 for ps3 would be some really nice titles to come out one day.

  • How do I set the ps3 to still download while I use it to watch a movie? I still have not been able to figure that out or is even possible at this time , I just notice the download stops when i put a movie in and watch it.

  • Sony. PLEASE add more PS1 games to the U.S. store PLEASE. Games that people truly want like Einhander, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil just to name a few.

  • Just got NHL 3 on 3……DEFINITELY WORTH 10$ my buddy and I played online and with no rules and the ability to hit the goalie its amazing how easily you can get hooked on this game we couldve gone all night playing online!!! online play is smooth and they have trophies which is always kind of sorta cool….(sigh in the background) but the gameplay is exactly like the real game!

  • @95 why dont you just go and buy those old games and slide them right into your ps3…I have all the old Tony Hawk Pro Skater games and they work just as good AND they are cheaper to buy them in the real world and have the disc then to pay an extra 15$ (when they are usually 2-6$ bargain) granted final fantasy 7 you’ll be paying big bucks for, but anyways either way just go to some video game store and get em…i know i know that means you gotta get off your lazy butt and do something with your life BUT I believe in you ;-)

  • This was a great update I’m still hooked on Crash Commando though that game is addictingly fun.

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