3 on 3 NHL Arcade Coming to PSN Tomorrow!

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Greetings from EA Sports! I’m Matt, lead designer for 3 on 3 NHL Arcade coming to PSN for PS3 tomorrow for $9.99. As you might know, there are no options out there for consumers to play an Arcade style hockey game. There are Street versions of sports games, but Hockey has never been one of them and the NHL dev team felt that we could fill this void with a top quality product and give the users a game to enjoy. And PSN has it exclusively for the first week!

And, we want to turn people on about hockey — we truly believe it is the best sport on earth and want to show it off to people. So we built Arcade to attract people to play a hockey game when they might not usually play one. Also, it acts as a great creative outlet for our development team that has worked very hard on EA Sports NHL products.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade screenshot - VanekW

3 on 3 NHL Arcade is being developed by the same team that brought you NHL 09, winner of 10 sports game of the year awards. Arcade provides a complete package with online and offline play, as well as Power-ups, 40 NHL superstars, stat tracking, and leaderboards. As far as game modes are concerned, we have Play Now and Online Play. To give you a clear understanding of both of these let’s run through them:

  • Play Now supports 3 v 3. This is great for local play with your friends, and is a great time.
  • Online play is truly full — we have Play a Friend, Quick Ranked games that can support up to 3 v 3, and unranked games as well. Create and Custom game modes are also in the game, and allow the user to customize their online experience.

Power-ups are something brand new to EA Sports NHL games. We have a total of 8 power-ups. The way these work is to hit your opponent and a power-up will fall out of the player and onto the ice. This power-up can then be skated over by the hitting team. The power-ups then apply to the user that skated over the icon. These are hilarious and really create a game within a game. Do you get the power-up? Do you take the puck? It’s really challenging for the user to make the right decision. When playing against your friends or playing online, power-ups add a fun and challenging element to the game while keeping it competitive and authentic to hockey.

The overall feel of the game is fast with amped-up hitting and very distinct player types. For the Arcade player types, we categorized the players into three groups; Strong — big, able to withstand hits. Fast — fast on the ice and very agile, but can’t with stand the hits like a Strong. All-Around — good at everything, but not as fast and strong as the others. These player types add a layer of strategy to the game that can’t be forgotten about. Users will have to choose wisely and find the best combination of players to beat their opponent.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade screenshot - DoanW

There are so many cool things in 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, be it hitting guys out of the rink, performing a trick move from behind the net or spinning away from a hit attempt. But the addition of Powerups truly add to the game overall, adding an element of strategy to gameplay. Do you go get the double Score powerup or do I stay with the puck carrier? The decision is up to you, but you have to make the right decision or it could cause you a goal, our worse, 2!

For arcade we have two control setups: we have the Skill Stick, which is for all the veterans out there, and we have Button Controls for the first timers. We put shoot/check and pass/change player on the buttons so that anyone can pick up and play this game. In addition to shoot/check and pass/change player on the buttons, we added in Spin Move and Trick shots. I am really excited about having these in the game because they give the user two more offensive weapons while in the ice. With spin move you can get away from hits and skate into open ice. This helps to limit the number of powerups your opponent will get, and will get you into open areas to make plays. Second, are Trick Moves, in line with the new break-away contest the NHL introduced last year, we put in some moves that will give the user some creative freedom. Trick moves allow you to flip the puck up and bat it out the air, do spinning toe drag shots, and pick the puck up on your stick and score from behind the net. These are really great moves that will influence the outcome of every game.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade screenshot - BrodeurW

As I mentioned above, we have Skill Stick in the game with all its glory. In addition to the familiar Skill Stick moves we have added Trick Shots to it. These are done using the right stick and a modifier. The outcome of this addition is a new mechanic that Skill Stick users will have fun with and will allow them to score some amazing goals.

As you’ll find out, the result is an electrifying game that looks as good as it feels, and is easy to use. So take a look at the trailer to see what it’s all about!

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  • Is the online 3v3 6 people on 6 separate PS3s or 6 people on two PS3s?

  • I also am looking for it but no where to be seen. Where did it go or have they taken it out?

  • The PSN Store didn’t update yet. God, what’s taking so long?

  • I know tell me about it

  • *playing*
    But you cant even play 3vs3 on 6 different consoles online.
    If you could it would be a KILLER game now it’s well worth $10 but it would be awesome!

    Btw. I have a feeling that this is the first in a series of “freestyle” games by ea..
    I would love 5 on 5 football or soccer or something :) Esp. football but hey u cant get everything lol

  • I think I’m gonna love this game.

  • this game suks. controls are bull and AI scores at will. i cant believe i spent ten bucks on a game that i cant even score cause the controls have no tutorial and that realy pisses me off. u want to get ppl to enjoy the EA hockey experience but u dont even have a training mode. skill stick WTF is that u dont even explain, u expect us to know how to use this “skill stick” but ive never played any EA hockey game. very disappointing EA. its just ten bucks but u got mine and plenty of others for a cool game with no way to figure how to use this skill stick cause the AI just owns u at will on easy. no training mode??? [DELETED] is that! i rest my case. i know this post wont get responded to but [DELETED] my aswell [DELETED] here :”(

  • that 3vs3 hockey game was a good idea, too bad the game sucked bad.

    Any chance we get an HD remix of NBA Jam or NBA Hang Time or some game like that with updated rosters?

    it worked for street fighter and i would gladly pay $15 to DL it from the ps store. ya i know we have EA’s NBA Street series but they only make them every 4 yrs and end up stinking up the joint specialy the last one.

    someone please get at midway and let them know they missing out at easy $$$$$. they could do the same with the MK series just HD it up and make the online play better, the online for MK2 and MKvsDC for that matter was whack SF2THDremix and tekken got it right 6 players in a room 4 watching 2 fighting loser is out winner fights next guy in line.

  • I bought this game but cannot find Play a Friend. Plus is there voice chat?

  • Ok, I purchased it and it confirmed download and installed (in like 10 seconds which is practically unheard of for PS3) but where does it go? It’s not on the games list (like where Warhawk is). I can only find it in my download /purchase history and re-download / install it. Where am I supposed to find it after purchasing it on the PS3 to play it? Thanks.

  • I have encountered the same problem as ARFF1Tampa. Does anyone know where the game goes after downloading it?

  • I got it fixed. You can’t buy the full game by itself, you have to download the free demo first.

  • Thanks, don’t know if I would have figured that out myself and emailing Playstation Customer Service wasn’t getting a response

  • I emailed them and they didn’t know what to do. I finally called and they couldn’t figure it out either. Then right before we ended the call she just asked about the demo, I hadn’t downloaded it first because I had already downloaded and played the 360 demo before buying it for the 360. That’s when I knew as the demo file is large and the full version file is so small (just a file that takes away the 5 min. limit I guess.

  • It looks like it’s more like “Play a random friend”. What the hell, how can you not be able to create a game that your friend/ brother/ ect. could join. The 360 version has “Play a friend”. What’s with the PS3?

  • Guess you get what you pay for (xbox live) has it, or don’t have to pay for (PS3) doesn’t.

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