Resident Evil 5 demo live on PSN today

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Hey everyone, I’m Shawn Baxter (Snow) from Capcom-Unity. Our amazing Resident Evil 5 Demo goes live today on PSN, so I thought I’d tease you a bit with some of the cool things to expect, whether you’re an old fan or new to the series. One of the first things I noticed is how good the game looks. It’s hard to get by the beauty RE5 has to offer. Better still, you get to play through two beautiful stages in the demo. Aside from the sweet graphics, there’s plenty more that the demo has to offer.


For those new to the series, the controls can seem a bit different than you may expect. The RE brand has always forced you to take your time, stop while shooting, and conserve your ammo. It really helps add a sense of tension a normal shooter can’t offer. But to help those who are new to the world of RE, we have new control types that ease things up a bit. My favorite is Type A, which is probably best if you’re a fan of the previous games, especially RE4. Next on my list is Type D, which I find myself loving more and more. Type D is best if you’re new to the game, and it offers something the others don’t… Strafing! May seem like a simple thing, but in a game as tense as RE5, it can really help in those situations where you have little time to react.

Alright, so I’m sure you’ll love the graphics and controls, but there’s something even better that the Resident Evil 5 demo has to offer: Co-op. Best part is, you can play co-op online over the PSN, or even split-screen for some couch co-op. Now, of course you can play single player, but nothing beats actually playing through with someone who can plan and strategize with you. For an RE game, the fact that I can play with a buddy adds a whole new level of fun. Nothing like getting into a swarm of Majini, and having your partner shoot a few in the face so you can uppercut or flip-kick one of them!

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Once you’ve played through the demo, you may want to try taking on the Executioner (huge axe-guy) with a buddy. The first time you play through the demo, run! He is extremely tough. But once you get comfortable with the game and controls, try and bring him down. I’ve tried, and he is extremely hard, but it is indeed possible to kill him, so don’t give up.

Oh, and a quick tip I’ve found is to aim for the heads on the Majini so they stagger back. Chest shots work, but one shot to the head means only one bullet expended, then push Square to pull off one of the crazy powerful melee attacks. If you get them to fall on the ground, run up to him and stomp ’em with your boot or stab with the knife if you’re playing as Sheva!

February 2nd is just around the corner, so add me to your friends list, and I’ll catch you online for some co-op Majini butt-kickin’! PSN ID: Snow_Infernus

See you online!

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  • Been waiting years for this day, sweet!

  • Because of time zones Japan had this demo last night. I have been waiting all night into the morning. haha

  • Thank you for the demo Capcom, but my real question is why are you DISRESPECTING the Playstation fans? Do you think we’re stupid and don’t know that you released the RE5 demo in Japan on the 360 nearly 2 months ago and even 1 week earlier on the U.S. XBN? Also, why do we get a mandatory 5GB install when games like Uncharted, Killzone 2, etc have no install.

    Finally, where are is our TROPHY SUPPORT that you promised for Super Street Fighter II HD?

    I find it sad that this is how you say “thanks” to the hundreds of millions of Playstation fans that supported you in the PS1 and PS2 days.

  • OK. That just made my day. I didn’t even knew we were getting today. *Glee*

  • ooo yes the moment i been waiting for. thanks shawn. :)

  • Care to tell us why on earth you gave it to us late compared to xbots? I think we have a right to know…

  • im very excited to hear about this!

    i do have one question though-

    there have been times in the past when other companys stated that a demo or game would appear on the Store, but that it would be delayed to the following Thurdsay, as that was the day the Store was updated.

    If it is possible to add stuff on days other than Thursday, previous statements made about content distrubution on the Store seem inconsistent.
    Can we expect more content to come to the Store on days other than Thurdsays?

  • Hm… Well, at the very least it looks quite amazing. Not liking what I’m reading below the article though. Last week I had to clear space on my hard drive to make a save file for Brain Challenge- a *PSN GAME*! If I’m working with THAT kind of space, I’m not so sure I could squeeze out 5 Gigabytes. Maybe you guys should have a talk with Infinity Ward. Call of Duty 4 looked amazing too, but it only had an 11 MB install. Granted they are a very special case, but still.

    Anyway, I’ll be sure to check out the demo before I pass any real judgment. That’s only fair.

  • hello, can you tell me if the demo is up on the US Store, i checked a couple of hours ago, but nothing yet

  • Whoa! A lot of resident evil or capcom hate here loll
    I must agree with them too tho lol i was looking forward to this game but after trying the demo i dont know, i never complained about controls on any games and never changed them too but for this game its another story. From the demo the only part i like is thats a coop game
    Its gonna be an average game i think

  • I have definitely been looking forward to this. Thanks for adding in different control schemes as well!

  • great work guys. i’m gonna go check it out, see what all the buzz is about. i loved RE4 and still play it to this day.


  • Kilzone 2 demo Thursday!
    Playing RE5 right NOW! F***ing SWEET!

  • Can’t wait get home and play RE5 with my friend=].

  • Hi Shawn!

    The coop-modus is excellent. It’s a great new experience since RE0!

    Do you know anything about DLC for PSN because rumours said XBOX gets DLC

    How many hours can we expect for the entire game?

    Any chances to get a remake of RE2?

  • It doesn’t require a 5GB mandatory install the Full game does it? :-( I hope not.
    Can’t wait to play the Demo tho, thanks ;)

  • hello, can you tell me if the demo is up on the US Store, i checked a couple of hours ago, but nothing yet

  • @Carl-G
    The full game require a mandatory 5GB install.

  • @47 – fopr ur kind info, i dont trust any news unless its official.

  • can you tell me if the demo is up on the US Store, i checked a couple of hours ago, but nothing yet

  • WOW! Neva left a comment b4, but just hav 2 for this post! 5 stars sony!

  • Great suprise for a Monday… I love RE series but coudlnt get into RE4. I played RE, RE2.

    The co-op sounds cool.

  • too bad it’s late. lol

  • Enjoyed that immensely. Especially in co op online. Hell I enjoyed that short demo a hell of a lot better than all I could stand to play of the ultra dull Dead Space.

    I’m gonna have to get RE4 on my PS2 as I only played a small part of it on a friends Gamecube some years ago. The last RE game I played all the way through was RE2, both discs.

  • @acmilanboy
    Since you want an official statement here.–a0006298-p0.php
    I think that speak for itself. This game require at least 5GB of free space to install.

  • Can’t wait to try this out!! Looks amazing *_*

  • I’ve never played a Resident Evil before, but this one doesn’t seem that scary. I’ll definitely be playing w/ the strafe controls. I just played through Uncharted and it’s fluid controls will most likely blow RE5 out of the water.

  • I had a good laugh when Shawn said the god-awful controls were intended to “add a sense of tension” to the game.

    The only sense of tension is wondering when Capcom will finally ditch the DREADFUL control scheme and start building a game that is easy and enjoyable to control (rather than frustrating and awkward).

    They’ve added STRAFING? Wow. Welcome to 1997.

  • 5 gb?!? thats nothing I got a [DELETED] hard drive so im good and I think I just [DELETED] my pants cuz im full of joy!!!!!!!!!! >.< RE5 BABY!!!!! WWHOOOOOTTTTT

  • gee, thanks for the sloppy seconds (once again)

  • Great! I can’t wait for the full game to hit stores. I have a question about the demo, does it have headset support? if so how can you activate it. Thanks in advance.

  • What’s with the Feb. 2nd comment? Isn’t that today? I don’t get it….

  • lol i know right

  • lol @ capcom. i dont like games with 5g of useless mandatory installation. capcom should not port their games from xbox 360 and PC. rewrite the code for PS3 completely! otherwise Capcom should change their name to Crapcom.

    oh and btw why does PS3 demo version has lower texture than xbox 360? why do you guys feed PS3 gamers with older builds?

    i am not going to buy RE5, i am just going to rent this game. i dont like to feed developers who like only money and are not pationate about their game.

  • Liked the demo…..But next time can you give us demo’s the same time as the 360? Still gonna get the PS3 version, but something about that rubs me the wrong way :p

  • @VLAD – u r on high man, the game looks exactly identical. However 5GH install is unjust.

  • I own all the ResidentEvil games and have just tried the demo for RE5, and have decided that this game will not be added to my collection due to the design of the action. Nothing new has been added in terms of content. All the money has been spent on gotcha graphics. The camera action though improved over RE4 still sucks. Some of us in gamerland have brains, and those of us who do may want to go somewhere else for our gameplay interests.

  • go get a new bigger harddrive for your ps3 if your complaining about mandatory installs… seriously.. you can get a 320gb hdd for $70 at If the mandatory install helps load the game faster I’m all for it.

  • The controls in RE5 are outdated and rubbish. A good developer should be able to create tension without resorting to making movement and actions restrictive, clumsy and unintuitive. Hope critics don’t give Capacom a free pass on this, times have changed.

  • Dear Capcom, please patch 1080i/p (upscaled) support into RE5 (and future Capcom games). Many disgruntled PS3 owners in the US have slightly older HDTVs that don’t support the 720p signal that RE5 runs exclusively in, as evidenced by the thousands of posts at this Official Playstation Forum thread:

    These PS3 users are deeply saddened to find that the PS3 version of RE5 currently does not support 1080p/i upscaled output. Therefore, they will NOT be able to buy or play the game. Please inform to the devs at Capcom of our plea to them to enable some form of upscaled 1080p/i output for RE5 and future Capcom products.

    It’s really quite easy/trivial to enable 1080p/i upscaling; all that’s required is to run the game at an unconventional resolution (e.g., 768×1080, 896×1080, 960×1080), and the PS3 will automatically upscale the game to 1080p/i. Many games have had 1080i/p (upscaled) output easily patched very late in development, such as Killzone 2, Uncharted, Turok, and Burnout: Paradise. For more technical information and specifics on the hidden Scaling hardware in the PS3, please refer to the following article at Beyond3D:



  • Awesome, this game is a must have for me i’ll preorder it for sure

  • nice! gonna download it :P

  • Why is the PS3 demo twice the size of the 360 demo? Nothing is different.

  • too late…

    already played on the other console…

    but it’s definitely worth trying the demo!

  • awesome, now where is my Killzone 2 preorder demo which is suppose to release today according to my preorder pamphlet, the access code is valid from Feb 2nd! to Feb 27th. So why can I not use the access code yet?!

  • i compared resident evil 5 demos on both 360 and ps3. ps3 version is suffering from VERY bad frame rate issues, y? ask capcom. and also on the ps3 version, some texture are ****ed up, like the organs on a table, and fences around the map. on the 360 version, there are no frame rate dips, even when there are like big explosions happening at the same time, it’ll still be smooth as [DELETED]. my final virdict, if u have both systems ps3 and 360, and planning to buy the game on a certain console, i highly recommend u 2 get it 4 the 360. just 2 clear things up, i am a PS3 FANBOY, not a XBOT

    • Hey Jac,

      I personally went to check again about the frame rate issues. I played for a while and had no frame rate drop whatsoever. Everything went smoothly.


  • Yea can’t wait to try it out. Psn name is mknightstalkerx

  • @92. the kz2 demo is out on the 5th.

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