Bejeweled 2 Coming to PSN

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Hey everyone, I’ve got some exciting news out there for all you PlayStation Network downloadable gaming fans! I am happy to announce that Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and PopCap have teamed up to bring our hit casual game titles to PSN and PLAYSTATION 3 for the first time ever! This collaboration has been a long time coming, so we’re happy to finally be able to talk about it with you guys.

Our first title is none other than the classic online puzzle game Bejeweled 2. Many of you may be familiar with the franchise – it has won dozens of awards and has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. It’s our biggest franchise at PopCap and our most successful title, which is why we chose Bejeweled 2 as our first title for PSN and PS3. The game is a natural fit for the platform – it plays great, looks great and is as compelling as ever. And there is a ton of gameplay in Bejeweled 2 – four different game modes, more than 60 puzzles, power-ups, high-definition graphics and much more. And if you’re like me, you’ll sit there for hours playing late into the night, wondering why you’re unable to pull yourself away!

The team at SOE has been fantastic to work with, and they share our vision of making the best versions of our games possible, with features that are specific to the PS3 platform. For Bejeweled 2, that means exclusive stuff like Trophy support and PSP remote play, which you’ll only find on PSN. We’ve got similar exclusive features (and some surprises) planned for future games and franchises that we plan to produce as part of this alliance.

And this is just the beginning. Teams at PopCap and SOE are hard at work developing several more titles for PSN, to be announced soon. We are so psyched to finally be on PS3 and can’t wait to see you online.

Greg Canessa

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  • Great news. I’m not into that game but there are many I am. Day and date for all new releases for PS3 and PC for all future games? Please!

  • what’s that you say?? peggle is the next game on the list. wow that’s truly amazing thanks alot.

    I love me some peggle.

  • Welcome to the world of PlayStation! Giant kudos for adding the remote play feature! This is something that is sorely under-used. Only thing that would have been nice is if you could have told us when this game would be releasing and how much it would cost…

  • Dammit! Between this and Puzzle Quest, there goes my free time!

  • remote play… woohoo.. i love sitting on the couch at night with the wife playing with the psp while she watches her shows… love the remote play function and love that you guys are supporting it

  • Hey Stalk.. I know you out there..

    “They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no”

  • Nice, I wonder what the other games will be.

  • Better than remote play it would be that for the same price you get a copy for your ps3 and a copy for your psp, wireless internet for free is not that easy to find on the street and having your ps3 on increases a bit your electric bill.

    I’ll be waiting for Bejewled 2, any news about the price and date?

  • Just one question… does this support the use of a mouse? either blue-tooth or connected via USB? I think it would improve playability if it did, otherwise it might be frustrating knowing what to move, but struggling to get there with the analog sticks…

  • come on!! theres NO REASON that these shouldnt be offered on the psp as well.

    in fact these titles better suit the psp!!

  • I wish they would bring Peggle or Insaniquarium. Those games helped me kill so much time during class lectures.

  • This is cool and all. But if you guys ever bring Insaniquarium to the PSN I’ll probably have to jump up and down like a little kid on Cristmas.

    Just warning you. :)

  • No!

    Get Left4Dead on the PS3, not bejeweled!


  • When? How Much? Please, think in Zuma also :)

  • Any word on using custom soundtracks?

  • Oh and for those looking for other PopCap games, these will eventually be coming also:

    Other titles to hit the PSN through this agreement include Zuma, Heavy Weapon, Peggle, and Feeding Frenzy

  • Yes, on yahoo games it’s only $6.95.

  • Glad to see these kinds of games coming to the PSN!
    Keep up the good work!

  • I dunno about this one, didn’t most of us buy a PS3 to leave games like this on the PC forever?

  • Awesome………
    btw any chance there will be a PSP version of this?

  • I have to add to the fact that a lot of us want In-game Music for this game(and for most games for that matter.) I also hope it’s $4.99. If it’s at that price, and with custom soundtracks. It’s an auto-purchase considering I do like my puzzle games.

  • I’m definitely getting this. Bejeweled 2 is one of my favorite PC games.

  • If I didn’t just spend $40 on DJ Max Fever (which every self-respecting PSP owner should get), I would get Bejeweled 2 on day 1.

    I would also buy a $20 PSN card just for the game on PS3 -and- PSP. Remote Play is awesome, but I’ll sleep better at night knowing the game is on my memory stick.

  • sweet..good to know the psn is getting more and more games. keep up the good work ;-)

  • The remote play option makes this a buy! :)

  • I think this is cool news I was reading about this over on Joystiq. I did see there would be some other games too like Peggle but there is no date yet for when that game or the other ones to come out. So I was wondering when do you think the rest will make it to PSN.

    Plus will this only be for the PS3 and PSN or is there a chance the PSP will get these games too.

    Because with the PSP allowing downloadable games off of PSN. I was wondering if in the future I could buy games like Bejeweled 2 for the PSP. I think remote play is great and all but I am not always in range of the PS3.

    So is there any chance I can buy the PopCap games for the PSP. Because I would love to play some games on the go and Bejeweled would be fun.

  • OH NO!!! I spent countless hours on the PC releases of many a Popcap title, even more so on Bejeweled. I think it’s my most played XBLA title, let alone 360 title in general.

    You have my money and my soul!!

  • OMG I can not wait for Peggle!!! Love that game.

  • I should of never told my wife this was coming out. She’s going to be hogging the PS3 for the foreseeable future playing this game!

  • PopCap Games supporting PlayStation Network? All I have to say is:

    What took you so long? THANK YOU! Bejeweled 2 and Peggle I’ll definitely be looking for. ;)

  • Playing the “FREE” version in my ps3 browser right now. Looks great on my LCD. So…

  • I love playing popcap games, but i’m not paying $9.99 for a game that I can get for free through my computer or PS3 web browser. $4.99 and I’d be more likely to purchase it.

  • Remote play for this title??? /drool

    Thanks guys!

  • I love these surprises!!

  • i have this game for the PC, i’m not sure if i’m going to pick it up for the PS3. My mom is hooked on this game.

  • NICE, $5.99 would’ve been better.

  • Great, I get to be jeweled out again. I’ve just been forced off Twist since I overplayed that with taking all top 10 scores on my computer that I share with the family. I haven’t gone back to Bejeweled 2 and I’m hesitant on buying it at the moment but Zuma Deluxe and I’ll be all over buying it again… again :)

  • we’ll see if it warrants a buy or not, although, with trophy support, i might just have to (trophy fiend)although $10 is a bit steep for a game i have on my comp for free …

  • Who would ever buy this when you can play it for free on your internet browser in Yahoo Games?

    Also Puzzle Quest is just Bejeweled with RPG elements

  • I love this game on my iPhone, now I’ll love it on PSN :P

  • I will be buying this soon as the store updates, thank you sony :)

  • Whoooo, remote play is a very nice touch; thanks!

  • Today’s update is gonna be jampacked! I’m gonna have a fungasm

  • I really want Peggle. Peggle! Peggle! Such a fun game. Please.

  • Dear Greg,
    This is ultra legit.
    Satisfied gamer.

  • Welcome aboard, Popcap. Adding the remote play function to this version was a good decision. I’m sure the community is looking forward to your future releases.

  • $10 bucks is a lot of money for a game you can get free online.

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