Mirror’s Edge Exclusive (and free) Time Trial Map Available Tomorrow

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Hi there, I’m Tom Farrer the Producer on Mirror’s Edge and with the release of the free and exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 Time Trial map on the 29th looming ever closer, I thought I would share some of the thinking behind it.

When we started Mirror’s Edge we were working with abstract environments, quick test levels that we threw together so we could mess around with the moves. Then came the game and the more realistic urban settings which were a lot of fun to work with but there was always a little voice in the back of our minds saying, “Remember when you could build any bizarre shape you wanted?”

We have been making a variety of maps for the upcoming release of the Pure Time Trial Map Pack. We didn’t want to be limited by an urban setting; we wanted to “leave the city behind” and focus completely on the nature of movement itself. The maps are all about exploring the purity of the core gameplay with nothing getting in the way.

Each map is quite different in style and had different inspirations. The look of the Sony-exclusive map “Synethesia” (that will be released separately and for free tomorrow, January 29th) was actually inspired by balloons of all things. However, we did decide to settle on an overriding theme — If Faith was having a dream, what would she be dreaming about?

As it turns out, she apparently dreams about enormous abstract sculptures floating above an endless sea!

The full Pure Time Trial Map Pack will follow in February, but enjoy this free, PS3-exclusive map tomorrow!

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  • “The full Pure Time Trial Map Pack will follow in February…”

    The 7-map pack DLC got delayed? I’ve seen January 29th everywhere; this is the first news of a February release that I’ve heard.

  • Will the Game sound track come out on CD???

    I think it’s Amazing the Music!!! :-P
    (I don’t mean the Single ‘Still Alive’ music, which is cool to anyway)

    Thanks for the FREE Time Trial map!!!;)

  • Very nice! I recently lost my game save of ME, and I was going to start another play through before the map pack was released. This free map is a good way to kick things off!

    Also, are there any plans to release the in-game ambient music tracks? I really really want them.

  • Oh wow, I thought that tomorrow was the date for the full pack. I wasn’t expecting anything for free!

    Great game, very innovative, and well worth the $60 price at launch. Thanks for the support, especially the exclusive PlayStation support!

  • I liked Mirrors Edge a lot but it feels like it should be an open world game.PLZ make it happen for the sequel

  • wait we’re getting this free and MS charges us for their exclusive DLC…… Free Network, Free DLC vs 50 dollar network, 12 dollar+ DLC.

    Does sony have contracts with the mob or something?

  • Ah… I rented it and beat it but I liked it so much I want to buy it now! :D

  • I cant explain how excited i am ^_^

  • nice!, i might post a vid on youtube(HD of course).

  • This game is so misunderstood.
    I loved every second of the gameplay, so fresh and unique.

    Thank you for the free map, I love the time trials.

  • All the rest should have been free. YOU DON’T SELL UNLOCKABLES AS DLC!

    Quit being greedy EA.

  • Hot dang! It looks like I’m going to have to pop the game back in my PS3 come tomorrow.

  • can i say finally ps3 is getting exclusives!

  • Lol lately you can blame the economy for everything, you see something pricy, you be “BUT THE ECONOMY” and they get forced to sell it cheap to you, tho your just lying and the economy doesnt have any effect to you.

  • It looks all out amazing man. I wish I still had it for PS3. I’m definitely going to rent it now though and buy this DLC. I love Mirrors Edge! Idc if it was short. lol

  • A free map? Wait, did you really expect us to PAY for a map? Now that made me laugh! All maps must be free.

    Now regarding the DLC: Do you really expect us to spend 10 dollars? We can purchase PSN games together with their addons for much less! I truly cannot believe you did sell a 3-hour game for 70 dollars, and you are now asking for 10 additional dollars. I really wish you the best of luck with that, as i do not know many -if any- who would do such a foolish thing. DLC should have been shipped with the retail game anyway. If you were to release a DLC, then it must be sold for free.

    -A very disappointed customer who greatly enjoyed Mirror’s Edge.

  • Would be weird if this woulnd’t come to europe, since this is an euruope made game, swedish to be exact.

  • I’m pretty sure I remember the first advertisement saying that the full map pack was coming out Late January 2009….what’s up with February?

    And is there any hope for a free roam mode for these levels? I would love to just be able to explore these creations without the time trial mode…please??

  • Any chance of a standalone time trial pack for PSN? I don’t have much interest in the full game, and none at $60, but I might drop $10 or $15 on just the time trials.

  • keep up the kick a$$ work.

  • Synethesia looks great, I like how clean and futuristic it looks. Thanks for making it free, I’ll definitely check it out

  • Awesome. Free is always a good thing. And mixing the right amount of free and paid DLC i believe is the right way to go *looks at burnout*.

    I’m still playing through Mirrors Edge time trial so this is a welcome addition.

  • well i got a PS3 and the one game i knew i was going to get was this game right here. ME has an awesome concept, like Katamari, that make it great! This follows close second on my list of Favorite games.

    1. Kingdom Hearts series
    2. Mirror’s Edge

  • Remember your strategy Sony.
    Newer, better games over restricting people of gameplay.



    Can’t wait to get home and DL this!

  • is this only for US? – cos i dont see any DLC on my PSN in Oz – tired of differing release dates in different regions for digital content… its not like they are sending it to me in the mail…

    still ME is the most refreshingly original and cool games ive played in years, so i will wait patiently for these rad looking levels :)

  • O.K. it’s the 29th and wheres the Mirror’s Edge DLC??? It’s not on the PSN store, so what F@?%!! happened? And with out an explanation!! Start talking or I’ll go and touch an Xbox.



  • Thanks! I like FREE.

  • OMG! Mirror’s Edge 2 (If its ever developed…) should have all the same elements as the first one but it should be more slanted towards a shooter and the ability to run, jump, and shoot all at the same time. With online!

  • This map is Awesome man!
    Get it

  • I need help Installing the map
    I own the CD of course, and i check my Game Data Utility and i have two files, one for th Miror’s Edge game and another for the add-on, installed and everything

    does not appear in the game though
    what’s going on? should i just delete everything and start a new? please help

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