LocoRoco 2: Turn that Frown Upside-down

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Tsubasa and Kumi - LocoRoco2

You might be wondering…”Tsubasa? Why so sad in the picture?”

“…and who is your friend?”

Read on to find out.

Now that America is ready for some change with President Obama, we too are ready to bring some change to one of our favorite franchises in LocoRoco 2. Question is, will we be able to improve on the beloved original? Say it with me people…”Yes We Can!”

Most of you may already recognize the basic controls of tilt, roll or jump in LocoRoco. I’m sure it has left an impression with you with its unique and colorful art style, gameplay, and of course the music that sticks in your head like bubble gum on your sneakers – but enough of the intro stuff…what’s new?

Let’s start with the music.

LocoRoco2 screenshot 14

Not only does it stick in your minds for the whole day, but once you start playing, you will immediately notice the music building up (more instruments, more liveliness) as you make progress through the stages. The Moja appear and even their gloomy voices create great fusion with their themed music. You are even challenged to play a musical mini-game during the adventure to earn notes (See above screen)! It’s like being in an interactive musical.

LocoRoco’s New Tricks
Music is clearly not the only change we bring to you with LocoRoco 2. The LocoRoco are not going to sit back and let the Moja wither their cheerful world. Even though new obstacles are in place such as water, huge gaps or boulders to block their way, don’t you worry! The LocoRoco have taken swimming lessons from Michael Phelps, and survival swinging lessons from Indiana Jones.

LocoRoco2 screenshot swim2

LocoRoco2 screenshot yadokari1

They can also hop into objects such as shells, and plow through enemies or obstacles to proceed. Later on you learn the super jump too, which is really cool (It just might take you to places you couldn’t explore previously).

LocoRoco2 screenshot tanpopo3

Deeper Levels
But wait, don’t be intimidated by all the new moves that LocoRoco 2 brings. This doesn’t mean the game is too difficult. All newbies are welcome to join us in helping the LocoRoco bring color back to their world. At the same time, we haven’t forgot about the loyal supporters out there. The more experienced veterans are sure to be pleased with the depth and replay value that LocoRoco 2 has. Some skills are not obtained until a certain level of progress is made in the game. You might want to play back some of the levels again, to go back and visit unexplored areas within the stages, or perhaps pick up some additional items!

The Stamps
One example of the items collected through gameplay are stamps and stamp sheets. I’m not sure if all of you can relate to this, but remember the collectable sticker books they used to have for baseball or football? It kind of works like that. Stamp sheets have been left blank with areas to fill in. Players will review the stamp sheets and do their best to fill in the empty artwork spaces with their stamps. Trust me, there are a lot of stamps to collect!

LocoRoco2 screenshot dark moja

(Oh…I almost forgot to mention there is a small reward for any stamp sheet that is completed. Happy stamping!)

The MuiMui House
Another good reason for you to keep playing is the great MuiMui House. This is the happy home of the MuiMui that you will or have safely recovered from their captivity. The player will start with the shell of the MuiMui house. They will need a combination of various items they collect during their journeys across the LocoRoco 2 stages.

LocoRoco2 screenshot muihouse1

As your game play progresses, you will (hopefully!) have more MuiMui to house and feed. Keep going back to collect the items you need to build rooms, furniture, and toys for the MuiMui to live another happy day. Don’t worry, the MuiMui will assist you in letting you know which items are in need. Although this will require some additional gaming on your part, we have prepared a special surprise for those of you who fully complete the MuiMui House. MuiMui!

New Mini Games and the Mystery of my Sad Face
There are six new mini-games to discover in LocoRoco 2, and since I don’t want to kill any surprises, I’ll just tell you about a few.

LocoRoco2 screenshot buibuiatack Minigame

A shooter type game within the world of LocoRoco? (Yes We Can!) BuiBui BoooooN! is a mini game in LocoRoco 2, where your objective is to shoot down enemy BuiBui (imagine super mean MuiMui), rescue the MuiMui, and collect the LocoRoco bringing them to the end of each stage. You are rewarded for you performance with items that can be used to create something back at the MuiMui House. Make sure to massage your right thumb before playing!

You know when you always seem to choose the wrong line at a toll booth or a cash register? That’s me with the Loco Race mini game. Loco Race is basically – Guess which LocoRoco can get to the finish line first. Your chances are one out of four. This is good fun. At the end you even receive a prize, hopefully an item you are looking for to build something at the MuiMui House? I’m terrible with this one…but that’s not why I’m sad.

The girl in the photo earlier is Kumi Yuasa, the AP on LocoRoco 2, and my partner in LocoRoco crime. I recently challenged Kumi in my favorite mini-game, Loco Rider, the mini-game that brings multiplayer to LocoRoco (Yes We Can!). I can’t tell you how fun challenging friends on LR2 is, so I’ll just show you. Kumi is “I love LocoRoco,” the Yellow LocoRoco, I am logged in as “NewRing,” the Red One…

The answer to the mystery is all in this video.

Want more LocoRoco goodness? Stay tuned!

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  • SCEA I’d just like to let you know that I think every decision you’ve made regarding this game is stupid and I will not support them.

    Your Decision to release the game 2-3 months after the rest of the world gets it is wrong.

    Your decision to make the Demo available through preorder only while the rest of the world gets it freely available is wrong

    Finally your decision to deley the release of the downloadable version of the game to some undetermined point in the future instead of day and date with the UMD release is wrong.

    I would have bought the downloadable version day 1 but I’ve decided I dont want to wait for you to release it and dont want to give you a dime of my money for this game so I’ve just bought the UK version.

    SCEE gets my money, not you.

  • I’m not going to lie Tsubasa. She totally took you to school :P

    Anywho, Can’t wait for this game. I’m glad to see you continue to deliver original, awesome games like these to the PSP.

  • @51


    You should be grateful we’re getting Loco Roco 2 on *physical media* and for a decent price.

    There’s nothing to complain about in this situation.

  • I guess I’m really gonna have to give this game a try. Too much commotion just to pass off and the new updates of the previous game sounds pretty cool.

    Btw loved how you related things to movies and best of all historic events. lmao

  • Greetings

    I want to say that I specifically got my first PSP because of Loco Roco. I love it. I love him. I love them. Both PSP’s that I had owned sadly became stricken with an alignment problem, and no longer do I have one. :(

    I replaced my love for the PSP with my beautiful PS3, and it seems that there is only 1 loco roco available for it. It’s ok… kind of annoying to play, and certainly not as nearly as much fun as the PSP game.

    Are there any plans to eventually bring the greatness that is Loco Roco 2 over to the PS3 via the PSN?

    I want Loco Roco for my PS3. Please please PLEASE tell me there are some plans for this…


    ~The Shattered Raven~

  • Tell them to also to;

    – Release Trophies for Locoroco Corecocho!

    – Release the soundtrack on the PSN Store.

    – Bring all of this creative talent to LocoRoco Cocoreccho 2!

    – Create more merchandise!

    (Also for my little neice, release episodic video’s of like a cartoon or something, you’ll be surprised how much they can relate to the music, design and charachters)

    • Will sent the word to them. :)

      Keep on the look out on the blog, you might see a chance to get some LocoRoco goodies in the future!

  • Yes, we are all waiting for the LocoRoco on PS3 ;) Anyway, I found all Locorocos in LR2… this game is outstanding :D

  • 3 things:
    First, wow. Can’t wait. One of my favorite series. My 3 and 5 year old will be commandeering my PSP once again.

    Second, get a clue… Demos are meant for people who are wanting to try out a game…Not a reward for ordering… this is almost offensively stupid and is setting a terrible precedent for the industry.

    Third, anyone who wants the demo… just register a UK account on the PSN and go DL it without this preorder nonsense.


  • Kumi Yuasa is the best Sony producer!

  • it is easier to find the flowers because if you press start and played that level for a while there will be a map where that shows where the flowers are

  • YES! I saw Kumi whoop some blob! Way to go!
    Hi5 to Kumi!
    Or…a sticky yellow blobby…tentacle maybe?

  • this game is awesome

  • Hi everyone,

    Tsubasa here, blogging from Tokyo!
    My apologies for not being able to comment…

    First of all, thank you all for the supportive comments. I’m glad to hear we are putting smiles on peoples’ faces with the up coming LocoRoco 2.

    I was going to start making excuses regarding my loss to Kumi, but… never mind…
    (and yes, I was trying, to my embarrassment)

    We are hoping to follow up with more blog posts for LocoRoco 2, so stay tuned everyone!

    Happy bouncin and rollin!
    All the best from Tokyo!

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