Resistance 2 Patch 1.40 Details

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If you played Resistance: Fall of Man, you know that Insomniac continually looked for ways to improve the online experience, even several months after the game’s release. We’re taking the same approach with Resistance 2, as patch 1.40 will be available for download on Monday, January 26 (you’ll automatically receive the download prompt the next time you play the game). The patch addresses several areas, including:

Multiplayer Progression

Some people have seen their competitive and/or cooperative characters reset to level 1. For several of those cases, this patch will not only bring back all the XP, stats, and attributes that you’ve lost, but it will also add to your character profile the XP/stats/attributes that you’ve earned since those levels were reset. For example, say you were a level 20 medic and after being reset to level 1, and you earned 5,000 XP. Thanks to the patch, you’ll return a level 20 medic and that 5,000 XP will be added to your profile.

This patch will also correct some medal and trophy issues, including the “Killing Machine” trophy (if you’ve already accumulated 10,000 kills but haven’t received this trophy, it’ll pop up as soon as you download the patch).

Here are some additional patch 1.40 details:


  • “Salute Me” trophy is not awarded until player reaches level 31 (Lieutenant)
  • “Berserker” trophy can be collected during non-ranked games
  • “Survivor” medal can be collected in cooperative games
  • “Sure Shot” ribbon is awarded if player has accuracy of exactly 50%


  • Added clan support for viewing members, sending invites, and setting up clan tags
  • Default clan region is now USA

Match Balancing

  • Unbalanced ranked games are cancelled in staging before the game is started
  • Parties are prevented from matchmaking into free-for-all Deathmatch games


  • Loadouts can be disabled in the “Create Game” screen in competitive games
  • Balanced the chance of dropping large ammo pickups in competitive games
  • Core Control scoreboard displays “Kills”
  • Improved scoreboard formatting


  • Balanced the amount of XP gained by the Medic class in cooperative games
  • Stalker movement enabled in cooperative games
  • Small ammo pickups don’t give LAARK ammo in cooperative games


  • Splash damage on Pulse Cannon can damage the player firing it
  • Rossmore reticule better reflects its accuracy
  • Fire is easier to shake off
  • Players cannot swap weapons in the middle of a melee attack


  • Localized text updates
  • Network message optimizations
  • EULA displays the correct language text for Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish

Now you may be asking, “But what about adding the option to save the second player’s character progress?” Truth be told, it required a certain PS3 firmware that wasn’t available at the time of Resistance 2’s release. We now have that firmware and are currently working to implement the feature. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll get it out to you.

If you have any questions regarding the patch, please visit and post in the message boards. The Insomniacs will be there to help answer them.

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  • Do you guys know about the “Now it’s a paperweight” exploit? Take an Auger and continue firing at the reactor after it blows up and you can get countless medals…

    Thanks for the update!

  • They should make a patch where people actually die when you shoot them.

  • Glad I maxed my medic out when I could get 60K a game lol.

    Anyways, great update! Looking forward to the changes as I just started Competitive.

  • Nice update!!
    (can’t wait to see those stalkers moving around!)


  • Thx for the patch! Really appreciate it… but like a lot of people have already said. We would KILL for a patch that allow you to play the single player campaign in coop online/offline. Just add a random dude like in the first Resistance, we could care less if the story make no sense after that. Since most of us have already done it in single player. That would be really great if you could add this, IF it is possible.

  • I’m going to miss getting double the experience in some games on coop as a medic. I thought i was just that darn good ):

  • Can we please please get some new co op missions? This game is screaming for some more.

  • Thank you very much for this update!!!!
    I really want to see the Stalkers moving and also making them less 15% week and more aggressive.

    We will always be with you Insomniac!

  • Very cool. But please, please, give us some new maps!

  • Thanks Insomniac!

  • Nice.. This should get me back into this game.

  • How about adding this: require a friggin’ microphone for playing co-op!

    How can people afford a $400+ console and a $60 game, yet be too cheap to buy a Blue Tooth (or USB) headset!

  • Can’t wait for this on Monday!

  • The moving stalker sounds much better. I also cannot wait for player 2 keeping their stats in co-op.

    Any chance of screenshots like in R1?

  • @63 Maybe some people don’t like talking when they game? Others don’t want to hear fowl mouths.

  • i wish that 10,000 kills trophy was 5,000.
    10,000 is going to take hundreds of hours. i also wish you guys would patch Ratchet and Resistance for trophies, but I know that’s not gonna happen.

  • Yes awesome news

    and now I wait


  • Can somebody answer me this.
    I beat the campaign on NORMAL difficulty, and I know you have to beat HARD to unlock SUPERHUMAN…but I don’t want to play the campaign 2 more times to beat Super Human…if I download a save file that has SUPERHUMAN unlocked, and start the SUPERHUMAN campaign from scratch, will it sill unlock the trophy?

    • Pretty sure you can\’t download the campaign file from someone else due to trophies causing us to tie PSN accounts to saves now.

  • Now we just need some Ratchet news….I’ve already beat Quest for Booty a few times….now tease us a little more already!!!!

    Love R2 by the way. I’m taking a break with some Fallout 3 right now, but will jump back in as soon as I complete it.

    Keep up the great work Insomniacs!!!

  • Ive got to get resistance 2

  • Any chance you’ll ever rank to the rank?

    Kind of pointless working towards absolutely no goal while having such a mix bag of skilled players. I don’t see how a play to play makes this games online intense.

  • Nice update!! Any chance there will be an update that will let a freind log onto their own psn account when playing co-op so they won’t be stuck at level 1 every time??

  • this is what it’s all about ,great game great dev team sweet!!!!love the psp demo can’t wait till march ….by the way ,how come you didn’t add the twin hamdguns that we won when finnihing rfom huh huh huh……i’m listening just kidding keep up the great work ps. were having a Resistance all nite marathon starting at 6pm est. TDB clan for life

  • Silly question (As alway) :
    Is this the full change log ? Or is there more tiny fixes and stuff like that?

  • is it true you guys are going mult platform read it on a site let me know ?

    • No. We maintain a great relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment and love working on the PlayStation 3. We have no plans to develop for Xbox 360 or PS3 at this time.

    • I mean PC, not PS3… we obviously are developing for PS3. :-P

  • James Stevenson replied on January 23, 2009
    There are other tiny fixes that most players won’t notice, general stability issues and other fixes.

    Good to know.

    James Stevenson replied on January 23, 2009
    No. We maintain a great relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment and love working on the PlayStation 3. We have no plans to develop for Xbox 360 or PS3 at this time.

    Cheers JS

  • great to hear insomniac games is a huge part of the playstation brand ! any plans for an in house develop game for psp?

    • There are currently no plans, but you\’ll still see some our Insomniac franchises heading over to the PSP. Sony Bend has done a great job with Resistance: Retribution (due out in March).

  • So when are we going to hear about the next game from you guys? I can’t wait for it. Everything you guys touch is gold. :)

  • WHy is the medic getting nerfed?

    A medic only gets a lot of points when its with a bunch of low levels. If their is even 1 level 20+ in the match medics get a normal score.

    also hte only 2 things i have a problem with right now is:

    some co op maps are incredibly glitchy. Bracknell and Holar Tower.

    why dont we spawn closer to our team in co op

    and finally there is some major balancing issues in competitive

    i hope you guys at insomniac read this and id really appreciate it if this was looked into

  • @ my previous post haha its actually 3 things not 2

  • Just wanted to say thanks for adding in Stalker movement. For awhile I’ve been thinking that as DLC there should be some more expansive levels with a lot of movement like in the campaign, and this will be really cool and make it more challenging.

    Also on a side note, I got the medal Marauder Hunter after I faced my first one, and it also says I have killed about 16 of them when I’ve only killed about 6. Don’t think it’s a huge issue, but hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the great update!

    A suggestion: display K/D ratio and # of deaths after all competitive matches.

    A concern: “Unbalanced ranked games are cancelled in staging before the game is started” I’m glad something is being done about the serious problem of unbalanced matchmaking, but this does not imply that the matchmaking will be more likely to create balanced matches, just it will not start a match at all if it is unbalanced. My concern is that this will serve to make it more difficult to get into any match at all, because it may still produce a disproportionate amount of unbalanced matches, only now we’ll have to watch the countdown hit zero, have a cancelled match, and have to start the search over again. Can you reassure us that we won’t get stuck with poorly balanced matches as frequently as we have before this patch? Because the majority of matches I’ve played have had one team outnumber the other. It’s a serious problem.

    Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  • I think it’s a nice update. Just to bad the 10k trophie isn’t changed to 5k, because it’s going to take forever to get that 10k.

    But all the other changes and fixes are looking good! keep up the good work!

  • If i deleted the corrupt data from my PS3 and install the new patch, will i still have my old rank and level back?

    And does this also bring back our campaign data or do i have to start all over again? (i don’t mind if i start all over, just wondering)


  • Nice. Very good to know that Sony has finally made it possible for multi-login.

    Hopefully the first content patch isn’t far off. Resistance 1 updates were pretty epic.

  • How about you up the XP for the Spec Ops for throwing ammo so more people want to do it. Running out of ammo is lame and spec op snipers that dont throw ammo are even lamer

  • Good support from the developers, like it :-)

  • Insomniac, Keep up the great work. I really enjoy your games and the support you give to the PS community.

    Sony, Please add in cross game voice chat as soon as possible :P.

  • I knew I should have been trying to max out my medic first ahaha!! Oh well, just means I’ll likely be playing this game for longer then.

  • This is the only PS3 exclusive I didn’t get last year, it looks good and I really liked the beta but I never played the first and I want to get the whole story, not to mention my huge backlog of games, currently playing Valkyria Chronicles, and Killzone Liberation

  • I really don’t like the fact that you’re gimping the Medics & soldiers (by limiting LAARK amao). This seems pointless. I just had to throw that out there.

  • An issue I have with R2 is spawning in Competitive. It seems so random, theres been a lot of time where enemies will spawn right behind me and get an easy kill because I cant react to that fast enough, also I think the Carbine grenade should be nerfed a bit seeing how its the only gun with a one hit kill as long as that thing hits near you. Also I would love to see something to motivate me to use my lvl 30 Spec Ops, once I hit 30 there was only an expensive helmet that isnt needed because theres nothing for me after 30.

    Besides that I love this game, so keep up the AAA work, I look forward to future patches =]

  • btw JS or Bryan can you get us some more R2 and Ratchet avatars for PSN (Capelli avatar FTW)

    dont know If its up to you or Sony

  • Hey Brian,

    Please patch in split-screen and/or online co-op for the single player campaign or I am trading in the game for Killzone 2. Thanks!

  • Must…buy…resistance 2…but…to…busy…playing…fallout…3…and…quantum…of …solace. Sorry

  • Oh yeah and where the heck is round 2? 1 round games are just to short.

  • Hey,

    This patch is great knowing I lost my data the other day, great tweaks and fixes. ;)

    Also, amazingly awesome game. ;)

    Insomniac Rocks! :)



  • Thanks for the support Bryan and James Stevenson.

  • James,
    Hi I like playing TDM games, why do I constantly have to go through the motions to get back into another match after one match finishes?
    With R1 I could just hit the [] button to go back into another game.
    Please see if something can be done about this.

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