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Attention all Savage Moon fans! I just wanted to let you know that the game will be coming out within the next couple of weeks! We are in the process of finalizing Savage Moon and making significant strides to ensure that we deliver one of the most action-packed tower-defense games on PSN. Available on the PlayStation Network for just $9.99, Savage Moon is perfect for anyone in to sci-fi strategic and fast-paced games. In Savage Moon, players are tasked to defend mining facilities from Insectocyte monsters by building towers in strategic locations while using a massive array of weapons to fend off waves of increasingly tough enemies. Killing Insectocytes will earn you funds that can be used to build, upgrade or research new weapons to strengthen your defenses.

We definitely appreciate your patience and eager anticipation of its release. Stay tuned and keep checking back on the PS Blog for updates. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots!

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  • @23 How can it be delayed when it never had a release date for the N.A Store. just because its out in Europe don’t mean its delayed in N.A.

  • Truly, truly sad. I wasn’t just hoping that it’d be on the US store today – I was expecting it. You see, I emailed the developers of the game, FluffyLogic, last week, and their CEO said it woud be released in the US store on the 22nd. Yet somehow, SCEA delays it yet again. Come on. Region restrictions can’t be THAT hard to get around. *sigh*

  • Looks like a fun game. I love me some tower defense.

    From the sounds of it, it came out in Europe and it has a few bugs to iron out. I’m sure they are patching it and waiting till it’s fixed to release it here. Kinda like the opposite of Socom which was released here first, had a ton of bugs, so then they delayed the European release.

    Im willing to wait. I hope it’s as fun as it looks :)

  • @ 48

    because it was supposed to be released in December, then got pushed back to January




  • SONY,

    Please direct this suggestion to whoever is Responsible for Home.

    Please let us use Trophies to buy stuff in Home!! Say 50 bronze trophies for a pool table in your Home space and etc…

    It would make people buy multi platform on PS3 and make us buy more games to unlock more stuff. Thanks!

  • i hope the next couple of weeks means today :(

    this game has been out in europe for a while now, i wants me some TD!

  • It looks neat, but seeing that the standard for TDs on PSN is PixelJunk Monsters, I’ll have to try the demo before I pay. There’s always free Warcraft III maps.

    Speaking of WC3 TDs, are there plans to have multiplayer maps, where there are x monster spawns and x players? We’d need a “[color] is leaking” hotkey.

  • How will there be any “Savage Moon fans” if we haven’t played it yet? I don’t know if I’m a fan or not yet! :p

  • When is the physical copy coming out?

  • This game should of been released, every other region had this game weeks ago. I don’t know if im gonna get it now because of KZ2 and RE 5 demo. Bad timing !!!!

  • Asia already has it so why do we have to wait?

  • This game looks like win.

  • I’ve been waiting for this. I was beginning to think Sony didn’t want my money =)

  • I don’t understand what they can be finalizing when it’s out in Europe already. I could understand if they were adding a lot of things, or even local or online multiplayer but still…. It shouldn’t take this long to localize it for the USA, in my opinion. I just really want this game :(

  • this was really fun for me (Eu version) and i would recommend it but don’t expected that much trophies unless your really good

  • I’m not sure I understand this:

    “We are in the process of finalizing Savage Moon and making significant strides to ensure that we deliver one of the most action-packed tower-defense games on PSN.”

    Is the US version going to have improvements over the other versions? Is it just marketing reasons that you delay a game in one territory over another? I mean spacing out PSN titles that appeal to one region over another isn’t rocket science for a consumer to grasp so just be straight. Saying things like you are “finalizing” the title seems to infer that there are other things being worked on other than what is out already.

  • Why has this week only been about what is coming soon?
    As the days and hours go by I’m starting to feel like there’s not going to be a PS Store update at all today. -.-‘
    All I’m saying it that I’ll only wait so long for something before I go and buy something else.

    Anyway, Savage Moon looks great. Hopefully there will be a demo.

  • @65
    yea i think the same thing.. maybe there wont be any psn store update. that would be a shame. :(

  • This makes limited sense. What is the reason to delay it in America? There isn’t anything more to do to the game. It’s already finished and has been out for weeks in Europe.

  • RELEASE IT ALREADY! Gosh, it is out in Europe and I am sure it is in English, what’s taking it so long?!?!

  • I am just wondering. And frankly very irritated…

    The game looks great and all and, with every tower defence game being a must have for me, I was thrilled when I found the game on the PS Store right around Christmas.
    I purchased it immediately (on my brothers PS3 because I was at my parents), and it installed with no problems.
    Then on to playing it. I started the first availible map (tutorial) and enjoyed the 12 waves. But after wave 12 all the fun stopped. The game crashes EVERY time I make it through what appears to be the first level. I have tried to redownload and reinstall several times but with no luck.

    Can anyone tell me why it crashes all the time? And why I (being a gamer from Denmark) could download it (a broken v.1.0 that is) a month before the guys in the US, when it is usually the other way around?
    And why did I spent 10$ on a game that doesn’t work?

    Aside from this, I LOVE the PS3, PSN and this blog. Keep up the good work…

    PS. It also crashes when I try to open High Scores…

  • I just read the last posts, on it being released in Europe and not in the US, and maybe my post #69 explains why it keeps getting delayed…


  • Is there any reason why I shouldn’t get the English version of Savage Moon from the Hong Kong PlayStation Store?

  • Aw, was hoping to see it today. Oh well.

  • no mamen

  • Thats cool, but can you find out from jeff what the hold up is on our content list for todays PSN update….

  • I dont understand why its taking so long? The Europe store got it like 3 weeks ago. come on guys!

  • @71 – Is it possible to create a Hong Kong account and us a US credit card to purchase it? Just curious, cuz I’ve always wanted to do this with other things that are in the EU store but will never make it to the US *cough*Dark Mist*cough*, but I can’t, because the card you use must be attached to a EU address.

  • Lots of irrelevant and weak complaints here. Wonderful community we have here on the PSN. :|

  • Does the game support custom soundtracks cause that’s a big factor for me

  • The game looks great, maybe we can get a demo to check it out.

    hint hint

  • Not to be a jerk, but this post and the last are about delays…might have a bit of a problem there.

  • aaaaand I’m now here… I still gotta beat Pixel Junk Monsters before I pick another one of these “tower defense” games.

  • looks pretty cool actually is there trophies?

  • @Trophy Blog People

    I am unhappy with the delay I hope it is for a good reason like refining the game and not some dumb Sony reason like they don’t have any more content 2 weeks from now and want to put something out.

    I am really looking forward to this it looks like fun!

    Make it so, Sony!

  • Attention idiots involved in putting Savage Moon on the PSN! I just wanted to let you know that this game has been out already in every other country on the planet, some for a month! The game is finished so not sure what “We are in the process of finalizing Savage Moon and making significant strides to ensure that we deliver one of the most action-packed tower-defense games on PSN” is supposed to mean. We don’t want screen shots. We don’t want “premium” themes. We don’t want wallpaper. Just give us this damn game. Sony Failstation strikes again. Can’t wait to get my taxes back so I can get my 360 and avoid the temptation to give you clowns any more of my money.

  • any updates on an fix for the EU edition?
    i aint gonna buy it before it’s fixed.

    [cant get further than end of first level, without logging off PSN]

  • @74
    The hold up is …

    wait for it …


  • #86
    maybe the holdup might be what i mention in #85

  • @84
    They are making it better because America is the only territory with a blog that can trash it, so they NEED to make it perfect and fix the EU bugs I read about.

  • @87
    I was making a sarcastic comment about the overall PSN update for NA today.

    I am sure the hold up is these bugs you speak of …

  • thats cool and all, i cant wait for this game! but why is it already out in EU!!! and its been out there fr like a month or two now :(

  • Why is game taking forever to come out for the U.S. when the U.K. has had it for weeks?

  • well well i been waiting for this game i hope it come out before flower.

  • Really looking forward to this releasing (PJM has pissed me off to no end). Love the theme you’ll went with and after watching a level being played on YouTube, I’m even more amped for the game.

    Gonna have to get another PSN Card however as week after week, the game didn’t show up and I spent my SM funds on Mahjong instead.

  • Looks great, hope to see it soon! :)

    Also, where’s today’s update? :p

  • To everyone wondering about the bugs.. I’ve watched several complete level gameplay videos on youtube, just go and look it up. I’m wondering if it’s a minor thing or a major thing with the bugs that is delaying the NA release, either way I am very anxiously waiting for this game. In the meantime I’ll keep watching gameplay videos and wishing I could be killing some aliens myself ;)

  • hope its before february

  • This one looks really good, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this on release day.

    Even though PJMonsters was entertaining (the demo anyways,) I’m not a big fan of tower defense games, but this game has the style that I like. I’ll probably pick up PJMonster eventually as well, but this will be a priority of the two.

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