Killzone 2 has gone Gold!

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Hello again, I am very happy to announce that Killzone 2 has gone gold in North America! I couldn’t be more ecstatic with what the fine folks at Guerrilla have accomplished and we cannot wait to get this thing into your hands. Killzone 2 will be available on store shelves in the US on February 27th, 2009.


Go pre-order your copy now and I’ll see you online come February 27th!


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  • Already awaiting with anticipation!

    PS: Yay for PSN integration in blog!

  • Can you at least advance the release a little? :p I want this now!

  • @136 KazeEternal – I fully enjoy the Co-op in R2! I support the idea for a Co-op in KZ2. The game play looks nice in single player, would be great to have the same game play in a Co-op!

  • Remember, a lot of people gave Guerrilla and Sony a hard time because of pre-rendered content in the trailer in 2007. Not sure what else they were supposed to do 2.5 years before launch? Anyway, I am sure that this game will rock because they are out to prove it! See you all online on Feb 27th…

  • cuz_im_fly_homeboy


  • At least this will let me get over the RFM2 disappointment..I can’t wait to play the KZ2 demo.

  • Im looking forward to this, but sadly I suck haaaaaaaaaard at FPS games so I dont know if I will actually buy this one :'(

  • I just went to gamestop’s website and they have pics of the box front and back. On the back I read that it requires atleast 52mb to install. 52mb!?!? Thats so tiny. Is this game not gonna cache any memory at all for fast loading? If this game is slow, I’m gonna finally admit that halo is better than this.

  • gold status is my fav part! it brings tears of joy to my eyes to finally be able to get this game in a month. been looking forward to this moment for years now.


  • This game will be amazing!

  • cant wait to play it

  • Wish I could pick this up day one but money’s tight right now. But it’s first on my list of things to get once I manage to gather up some money.

  • cool cant wait. i will pre-order soon

  • where is the Marketing?? I want to see my McDonalds cup with the Killzone 2 logo.. please.. Sony has to sell this game like gold.. please guys do something for this games please!!!!

  • Mike or Jeff, could we have the “ballet of death” and the “Intro movie” on the PSN Store this thursday?

  • Haven’t pre-ordered yet but I’m definitely copping this game. I’m getting the same vibe I did when COD4 was coming out, and I played the hell outta that game. Between KZ2, and SFIV, my PS3 is gonna be on all day long.

    Hopefully the MP trophy requirements aren’t too crazy. I wanna get a platinum in this game.

  • Remember when demos used to be free? You know, to try a game before you buy it?

  • @50

    I was thinking the same thing.

    This needs to be advertised on net, TV and at the movies.

    Why is Sony withholding the demo for this? (I mean withholding it unless you pre-order)

    They should be using the demo as a tool to promote the game as much as they can?

  • cant wait to play this game!

  • That’s great news to hear that killzone 2 has gone gold, feb 27th cant get here fast enough.

  • yes cant wait
    im pre-ordering as soon as i get the monies

  • Wow, you guys dont host your own images? The cover art is hosted on Flikr. And this company is how big? You cant afford to host the file on your servers? Lol! Even Microsoft would host it on their servers. Sorry but that’s a bit weird. Most major companies always host their own files on their own servers.

  • Yes! I can’t wait. About a month to go. I really enjoyed the PSP Killzone game, the PSP could use a nice sequel.

  • cant wait
    as soon as i get the monies im pre-ordering in full
    just wondering if there is any DLC planed

  • I cant wait to buy Killzone 2. I’m not a big fan of the box art though.

  • The cover is just plain bad@$$. The game’s going to be sweet.

  • Oh, any chance of this getting an early release like Uncharted did? Pretty please?? :)

  • I’m getting this one on day 1 …? OK, I’m getting it via mail so it’ll probably be more like day 2 or 3 or a week later

    Any TV spots? I want to see this game promoted

  • @jimmythehand “I am sure that this game will rock because they are out to prove it!”

    Are you saying Guerrilla Games weren’t trying equally hard to make a good game before, when they only scored 70% and 77% on metacritic? Of course they tried. But it takes more than desire to make a great game, it takes talent! The real question is, what has Guerrilla Games improved or done differently that will make this game better than their previous games?

    The pre-rendered trailers make me question the credibility of what we’ve seen of the game. Guerrilla Games’ less than impressive track record makes me question if they have the ability to meet expectations. And the campaign to get people to pre-order the game before playing the demo makes me suspicious!

  • Already paid for in full.

  • This game is going to be amazing! I cannot wait!

  • Hey mike thanx for the update, I already pre-ordered my copy. Can you tell me if they fixed some of the problems from the beta? ( helghast eye glare, rocket splash damage)

  • Great to hear. I’ll get it when it launches if I have the money. :D

  • what does gone gold mean?

  • Awesome! Looking forward to playing it again. This game is bigger to me than MGS4

  • Is there any chance there’s gonig to be a tin box offer? A lot of stores and countries have been announcing them lately even though it’s so close to release. Or is it a “No Comment” situation?

  • MetaCritic score=97 Universal Accliam.
    Why am I not surprised!? Very nice work Guerrilla ! Your efforts have obviously paid off, and your game looks amazing.

    I have already pre-ordered Killzone 2, and I cannot wait and get into the war.

  • Hopefully this will help ps3 sales.

  • I’m getting this the first day its out! :)

    I’m also going agree with #50 – Advertise the game heavily.

  • Believe me we CAN’T WAIT to get this in our hands!

    I want a giant Helghast statue.
    hhmm that would be a good special edition.

    This is why I bought the PS3!
    I knew Sony would deliver!

  • Just over a month until we get our hands on it–can’t wait!

    I have to agree that I hope Sony advertises the hell out of it. I’d love to see this game be very, very successful!

  • Hope there is a demo.

  • Awesome. I already pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait to get the demo.

    Also, will Sony actually market this title? I hope so!

  • A Superbowl ad would be great

  • It has begun.

  • I cant wait for the release getting itt day one!

  • day one purchase for me too….. gotta pick up a dual shock 3 as well……march will be filled with killzone i see….but i agree why not release first week in feb? i dont get it? thats a long wait…..oh well…

  • I will buy when it comes in gratest hits

  • Congratulations to GG. This game looks top class, I’ve already got enough saved for it as well as an official bluetooth headset! :P

  • pre-ordered and already have my demo code. :-)

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