Killzone 2 has gone Gold!

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Hello again, I am very happy to announce that Killzone 2 has gone gold in North America! I couldn’t be more ecstatic with what the fine folks at Guerrilla have accomplished and we cannot wait to get this thing into your hands. Killzone 2 will be available on store shelves in the US on February 27th, 2009.


Go pre-order your copy now and I’ll see you online come February 27th!


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  • Great news maybe the ps3 haters will take notice now. I have both systems and the box is collecting dust. Already traded gears 2. Can’t wait for this game the beta was fantastic!!!


    Yes im getting killzone 2 =)

  • Cant wait!

  • woot! now feb. 5th needs to come so i can get my hands on the demo :D

  • awesome, but just 1 thing, i was hoping that maybe you guys would announce a Special/Limited Edition with PS3 Headset, and than for sure I would pre-order it but now I’ll just wait till it releases and I’ll get it on Day1.

  • release it early!

  • Nice! I’m guessing it’s the 27th here (Ireland) too as games always come on a Friday. I’ll pencil it in.

  • Can’t wait to play

  • cant wait…btw Mike, you gonna start blogging in here before the release?

    • I\’ll try. We\’ve been working with the Guerrilla guys to get their perspective on the blog as well. And if you guys haven\’t seen a lot of the content yet, head over to and check out some of the developer articles posted there!

  • Pre-ordered at Amazon!

    CAN’T WAIT!! :D

  • Can’t wait for this Killzone 2 it’s awesome!!!

  • can’t wait !!!!!

  • @5 Don’t play the demo cause then you might not like it and not buy it? Isn’t that the point of a demo? XD

    This doesn’t look like my kind of game but people are super excited about it. So congrats to them going gold.

  • Wow. Its so close now!! I’ve been hitting my holiday backlog so I can spend loads of time online after playing through the single player campaign. Can’t wait to play!!!

  • If I pre-order this from Amazon, will it be shipped on the 27th, or will it arrive at my house on the 27th? I ordered Need for Speed Most Wanted when it was announced from the EA Store, and it came three days before it was scheduled to be released. I was just wondering if Amazon would do the same. By the way, Killzone 2’s multiplayer is the best I’ve ever played. I was in the closed beta for over a month, and the only thing that bothered me was the definite spawn points. That means spawn campers. Can’t wait for this, Killzone has and always will be one of my favorite series. The original Killzone was my favorite game until God of War came :)

  • @63

    I think it depends on the shipping method you choose. If you choose to not pay shipping you’ll be waiting to receive it up to a week after release.

  • Can’t say i’ve seen a game look this good, but i’m not a big fan of FPS, but i’ll for sure pick it up.

  • Nice!
    Cant wait for this game :D

  • Mother Flippin’ AWESOME!!!

  • ZOMG can’t wait.. howabout in celebration release the demo in January instead of Feb.. I kid, not really, but ya i’m all preordered and like the fact it’s out on a Friday.

  • Killzone 2 is the best looking shooter I have ever seen! Hands down. I am greatful to be a PlayStation 3 owner. Cant wait to lay everyone down from the PlayStation Blog . If KZ2 had a single player CO-OP that worked properly, It could possibly be the best game ever made if not already. Atoms11

  • I wasn’t a fan of the first one, it just wasn’t for me. I find myself really excited for this one though. I already preordered and am waiting to play the demo. WE NEED MORE AVATARS FOR OUR PSN ID’S!!!!!!

  • cant wait to test drive this game i got my copy reserved!

  • Congratulation GG you deserve it. Can’t wait to get my hands on the game. :)

  • Will we be getting some Killzone avatars?

    (knows he is wasting his time)

  • DoA Announcer: “CON-GRATU-LAAAATIONS!”

    Fantastic review scores so far, I think they’ll be well-deserved. :)

  • i am tired of giving these companies my $60.00
    per game. WAIT!!!! Play the demo. if the game is all it is HYPED up to be then i will go buy it!!!!
    if not they dont get nothing from me.

  • haha that’s awesome, especially before release. just imagine what it’s gonna be once it actually hits store shelves.

  • Man this looks phenomenal!
    Too bad I can’t play it since my dad wont let me buy any FPS games after R2… :[
    But, I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! >:] The fight continues! This game is a must have and play!

  • crazy dog verry crazy daggggg

  • one of THE BEST games of 2009, cant wait to get my copy!

  • this game needs MASSSIVE ad campaings, this is one of your biggest games sony, dont let another little big planet or resistance happen because of lack of ads

  • Even if the demo sucks im getting this game no matter what

  • Well no delaying the game from coming out now, that’s what i said for LBP tho and look what happened there :(

  • ADVERTISE SONY! ADVERTISE SONY! ADVERTISE SONY! dont depend on word of mouth! this game and all of your future games will sell well if they are properly advertised so ADVERTISE!

  • Do you know know when the embargo gets lifted?

  • Great news, cant wait

  • Nice. I wwas wondering when this was coming.

    Great job GG!

  • I’m ready for the demo Feb. 5!


    Trust me, if you’re “on the fence” about getting this game, get off that fence and go pre-order it.

    Yes, it’s THAT good!!!!

  • Preordered….. AND THANK YOU FOR CUSTOM MUSIC ONLINE……. I’m going to cherish this game… can’t wait for DLC * hope this turns into a Halo with the DLC updates :)

  • I just cant wait!!! it looks amazing!

  • AWESOME!! Can’t wait!! 1st DAY PURCHASE!!!!! YEA BOII!!!

  • If my PS3 hadn’t broken for the second time I’d be pretty astatic right now, but I simply can’t afford to have that poc for the second time. But while it may not play blu-ray discs any more, it still can play demos and PSN titles so at least I can try the demo, hope SP lives up to my expectations (SP is most important to any game to me)

  • Congratulations Guerrilla!

    We all hope you did a great job!

  • Awesome can’t wait. Plan to pre-order it this friday, when I go back home. But seriously why didn’t you guys try to capitalize and make a few extra dollars with the release of a collectors edition. I don’t buy them normally, but for developers that deserve the money, like Kojima, I don’t mind paying the extra 20 bucks for. And considering what GG has done, I think they really do deserve the extra credit.

  • Oh yes! I cannot wait to get this game in my hands! It looks so sweet, and will there be trophies, anyone?

  • Great job GG. I can’t wait for this game. I’ve got this game pre-ordered and anxiously waiting for Feb 5th to try out the demo….You know what on second thought I know this game is gonna be good so I guess I’ll hold off on the demo so I don’t spoil the game for myself.

  • Congrats to all of the folks at Guerrilla. I’ve preordered my copy after checking out the beta and demo and I am very excited.

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