Upcoming PS3 Firmware (v2.60) Update

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Hi, everyone, we have a system software updates for PS3 coming soon, and I wanted to provide you with a sneak peak at the details.

The PS3 firmware update (v2.60) is designed primarily to enhance the system’s media capabilities. The key feature is a new Photo Gallery application, which delivers a suite of tools for sorting through and displaying your digital photo collection. Digital pictures can be organized in groups according to various criteria, including the camera used to take the photos, the event date and time, colors in the photos, as well as the number, ages, or facial expressions of the people pictured. You can also create slideshows set to music and build photo playlists with an easy-to-use interface. The Photo Gallery application will need to be installed separately from the XMB after you update your PS3’s firmware. To install the Photo Gallery application, go to the Photo section on the XMB, select Photo Gallery and press the X button.

The 2.60 update also includes:

  • Guest access to PlayStation Store – This enables non-PlayStation Network members to browse through the storefront to check out the latest games, demos, videos, etc.
  • DivX 3.11 support – Videos in this format can now be played on PS3.

Here’s a video walk-through of firmware 2.60 that shows off some of what the Photo Gallery can do.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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  • That is pretty cool. I think you guys should add a PSblog icon and link to either the network or PSN bar.

  • Cool. Nice set of features.

  • Looks like a pretty cool update.

  • Wow, I should have watched the video before commenting!

    That is an incredible feature, my wife is going to be so happy when she sees the new photo gallery feature.

  • Great job guys!!! A lot of people asked for Divx support and now we have it. It’s good to know that you guys are listening to us. Can’t wait for new avatars :)

  • Cool update, when will it go live? Also, thanks for all the hard work you go into to make these free updates

  • That’s all? I mean I want to see some MGS4 Trophies!!

  • Sounds like a fun tool but I gotta add to the others; please tell them fix that battery meter position!

  • Nice, thank for the additions and improvements.

  • so many cool features to add and bugs to fix and what do we get? a completely useless update. thank you come again!

  • looks nice

  • when will the update in Europe, especially in Germany come?

  • Wow, a totally useless feature that I would never use. Cheers. How about something that would be useful, like xmb and psn log in whilst im playing my ps2 games and watching movies.


  • DivX? :( Gimme MKV container support and x264 support instead. =/ I haven’t used a DivX file in years. :D And MKV will give you more nerd support.

  • Nice…..

    now…….add PS2 B/C in 3.0 and we’ll be good….lol

  • Woohoo, DivX update! I hope this means a lot more of my videos will work now. I have a ton of DivX/Xvid videos that are “not supported” by the PS3 and they work perfectly on my Xbox 360. The problem is, the Xbox doesn’t upscale videos very well. Even DVD movies upscaled to 1080P fails in comparison to the awesome upscaling of the PS3. Also, if you really want to deliver a strong blow to the Xbox, try adding .mkv support. There’s a ton of video enthusiasts that would probably buy a PS3 on .mkv support alone! Anyway, great work Sony. I’ve been a proud owner of a 60GB PS3 since launch and it is my favorite machine. I don’t regret paying $600 because I know it costed you $800+ to create it, and I can see its great quality. :)

  • Does Divx 3.11 support MKV files like the new Divx does on the computer?

  • Psn sign in works perfectly.

    Also, yay for firmware updates.

  • @21 I can say whatever I want to say. It’s fanboys like you who only have good things to say that make me mad.

  • This sucks. I would’ve been happy if all we got was new visuals for the music player! And HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS FIXED THE BATTERY ICON SHOWING UP OVER THE DATE/TIME cause if you didn’t, then that is just plain RIDICULOUS.

  • I hope that is not it b/c there nothing there that i am interested in.

  • PSN log in works fine! UK/EU user here :)

  • Migration worked great. Nice!

    But seriously guys.. COME ON!!!
    These are some very nifty features, thank you for that, but this is NOT WHAT THE COMMUNITY WANTS. You must know this, no?

    We need things like:
    – Cross-game voicechat for multiple persons
    – A cross-game invite system.
    Or we need you guys forcing developers to use the existing one. Because there IS one (See Soul Calibur IV), and it works outstanding!

    As #46 said: Could you comment on the Voicechat-issue? Thanks. I’ve been waiting for almost a year now, you know.

    Also: PLEASE ADD THE OFFICIAL HEADSET TO THE KILLZONE 2-PS3 PACK. And release a ‘Multiplayer’-edition of the game, which includes the official headset.

    It will greatly improve the social aspect of PlayStation Network, Home, exisiting/future multiplayer games and the build-in clansystem of Killzone 2.

  • Maybe a hidden feautre of this new update is the addition of more avatars? Hopefully? :)

  • Love me some firmware!

  • Nice!!!!!

  • Can you add a ”shuffle mode” in a future update like you pres this button and it plays randomly any songs that you have on your ps3

  • Nice that you put in our actual network names, but I miss my Gravatar. Oh well, I will try out the new photo features in a bit.

  • The integration has been seamless. I use Firefox’s password manager, and I didn’t even notice the migration to the PSN ID system. It logged me in automatically.

  • The new photo options are sweet. I definitely can’t wait to try them. :)

  • Good Job keep up the good work.

  • thanks eric 4 update hay jeff can u update us on psn id it still us my ps blog name

  • DivX 3.11, nice, but when will we be able to use .srt or .sub files on the ps3?

  • Wait, it still called me herb420. Shouldn’t that be my PSN user name now?

    PSN: HerbertFortoon

  • Jeff Rubenstein,
    Thx for the information and a photo gallery preview. May I do a humble suggestion to you and Sony.

    Please, provide us an enhanced DLNA video gallery addon application. You can even put it on PSN Store for 5-10 euros and many of us would download it.

    I have +1000 video file gallery in PC, its a pain trying to browse and search through a simple XMB menu system.


  • Wow, chill NathanJ… you’re not speaking for everyone.

    Cross-game chat is a HUGE feature… Many, many people would love that. It’s not just cross game chat, it would allow you to keep a one-on-one chat going with a friend while playing the same game so you wouldn’t have to use the often terrible in-game voice channel.

    Oftentimes I end up using my cellphone to chat with my brother in a different state while we play World at War online together because it’s annoying to share the in-game chat that is globally broadcast to everyone.

    Jeff: Are there any plans to support DivX 7 in the future?

  • Can we get better NAS abilities???
    That’s where I keep my pics and music.

  • Thats what im talking about!

  • This is actually pretty cool.

    Is the photo gallery application able to do the same with pictures not in your PS3 drive (ie. external USB drive)?

    I also like that DivX support is still being upgraded.

  • @50

    That isn’t really necessary.

  • I have to toss it out there, but is this really “sweet news”? I’m not sure why people would want to utilize a PS3 rather than their computers to store photos. I may be in the minority here, but a video game console is the last thing I would use to edit or store my pictures.

    The Playstation should be a video game console first and foremost; so why don’t you all put some effort into fixing the things that cause us headaches before adding a photo editor? Like maybe working with all of your developers to support all display resolutions from 480p to 1080p? It would be really nice to play games in something other than 480p (PS2 quality) on my HighDef set.

  • Wow, Sony, Wow.

  • I’m glad to see you guys are making each feature (music, photos, video, games) unique with new additions and tools. I hope to see something big for music soon (internet radio, rss feeds, etc.). Also good job with the Divx support.

  • The video looks pretty swanky, but i probably will only use the photo thing once.

  • Very nice feature btw :)

    Great work!

  • New avatars? any chance off some new PSN features, cross game chat, view friends’ friends, better profile etc

  • awesome addition, thanks.

  • I figured I would be about the only one to use this avatar as their PSN ID. :)

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