PSP 5.03 Update

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Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a quick heads up that a new PSP firmware update, v5.03, will be released soon. This is a small update that improves system software stability during use of some features.

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  • LOL feel the power of a 3-4 year old game on the new hardware!

    Start pushing out more games and more features if you don’t want to see your beloved 3000 fall into the hands of the real darkside lololol

    But seriously, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

  • Atleast we’re getting an update-so what if its only a security patch and doesn’t add anything new. Everyone makes it sounds like Eric is the one making the updates (which he doesn’t, the SCE team in Japan does), so quit [DELETED] at the guy man. I’m sure they have already heard u crying for these features from the other firmware post he did and is letting the SCE team in Japan know about it. Ex: In-Game XMB, they listened, but I admit that it did take a while. Anyways like I was say chillax and the time will come.

  • BTW, to those shouting “Security Updates FTW!”… just realize that there are loopholes and flaws in every one of them. Nothing is unhackable.

  • for 5.02 update

    Avatars (customizable)

    Chatting (Go-Messeger)

    Divx support

  • Need an update that allows PSP games on the PS3 via USB mode. The wired option sucks! Let us hook the PSP up to the PS3, upscale the picture to our 1080p displays, and sit on the couch with our Dualshock. You know you want it too, so make it happen guys.

  • 5.02 already came out

  • Almost forgot! How’s the PS2 BC on the PS3 coming along? You guys got a software solution in the works or are you gonna re-introduce a premium SKU? Come back with it already!

  • @ xcaba,

    They said 5.03….not 5.02

  • Remember PS3 Updates come out on tuesday evenings everyone! maybe they were doing both at the same time so dont be suprised if tomorrow you see a PS3 update!

  • If PS3 gets an update is there anyway we could enable “auto-synch”, so that when we exit from a trophy enabled game it automatically synchs with the server?

  • I want a ps3 update with this:

    1) In game chat
    2) updated web browser
    3) new avatars
    4) Ability to “Follow” Friends from xmb into game
    5) Better Stability online
    6) Voice messages
    7) Ability to appear invisible

  • you guys should make an update where you can listen to music while on the internet or playing a game.

  • And that meams the PS3 update should follow behind it!

  • LOL I wonder what this patch is for lmao >.>

    Too late sony, everyone knows of the exploit and theres even HEN for it. The only reason it hasn’t been released is because you’ll patch the exploit. If this already does that, it’ll be released to the delight of THOUSANDS of happy psp 3000 owners

    I love sony :D

  • well, duh, of course this just patches the exploit, and nothing else :P

  • @63

    PLZ tell me you’ll release the files now ^_^

    (of course after waiting to see what this update does :P)

  • I agree with 59)……….

    I want a ps3 update with this:

    1) In game chat
    2) updated web browser
    3) new avatars
    4) Ability to “Follow” Friends from xmb into game
    5) Better Stability online
    6) Voice messages
    7) Ability to appear invisible

  • Some of us use custom firmware because we want to run games off of memory stick and not UMD. I like having all of my currently played games in one spot, with increased load times and battery life. And unlike a lot of people I don’t steal games. I have something like 15 psp games on my shelf despite putting custom firmware on my psp the first day I got it. (I would drop custom firmware if sony allowed you to ship in your UMDs and you’d get the ability to download the psn version for a buck or two, but I realize this will never happen)

  • bd to go. seriously.

  • It would be fantastically awesome if you guys posted the real release notes and not your dumbed down release notes.

    Also, Divx support for the PSP and MKV support for PS3 would be nice too.

  • we havent had a PS3 update in awhile. that must mean you guys are working on something good. ;)

  • And a great big +1 to the comment above asking about what happened to PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility in the PS3. Seriously guys, I’m glad I bought a premium PS3 when they were available because there’s absolutely no way I’d buy a PS3 with today with what’s being offered. Two USB ports? Come on! Instead of taking away ports you should have been adding more! This thing needs four up front and two in the back (the two in the back for things like USB keyboards/mice, external storage, things that are plugged in 24/7 mostly that you don’t want dangling out of the front).

    Also, when are you adding exFAT support to the PS3? My external hard drive has to be formatted as FAT32, which means files larger than 4 GB can’t be used on it! This is silly. exFAT seems to be the new de facto standard for portable media (Windows Vista supports it, as do other set top devices), so get the ball rolling on that.

  • @64 there’s nothing to release yet.

  • Expect a new “limited edition multi-colored” PSP & beneath it revised hardware to hit stores in a little to try and sway away those interested in what potential a certain game can bring….

    Keep digging that hole of yours Sony. There are many enthusiasts out there that are a few steps ahead, even if you tie them down for a few minutes lol.

    It’s long overdue to listen into our suggestions on what should be done if you want your handheld to be truly successful.

    Games for one is a major start. Stop with the interviews/Q&As and saying “oh this and that year will be the year of PSP/PS3” and get to it already! Start backing up your products instead of putting something out there to fend on it’s own. Spice up the da*m systems!

  • Oh yeah, Remote Play is a good example. How many games support it? 5? 6?

  • Update is now live.

  • There are significant changes in:

    /vsh/module/savedata_auto_dialog.prx [related to auto-loaded savedata]
    /vsh/module/savedata_utility.prx [related to savedata in general]
    /kd/power.prx (for some reason, 0x1F31 went from 0xFD in 5.02 to 0xFC in 5.03)
    /kd/lflash_fatfmt.prx (for some reason, 0xC98 went from 0x32 in 5.02 to 0x33 in 5.03)

    Apart from the standard changes (index.dat, pspbtcnf.bin, loadexec.prx) literally every other change was just an update of the internal version number from 5.02 to 5.03

    I can confidently say that this update does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but patch the GripShift exploit.

  • what is this security patch and what does it do??? What is needed is a way to rename picture and video files, plus a way to make folders to keep them orderly!!!

  • I need a good PS3 update!!

  • @FreePlay

    LOL like we knew that wasn’t happening. Good job on posting what’s in the modules.


  • @jamesm

    Don’t expect Sony to actually IMPLEMENT anything we ever request.

  • I just want an update on and update. What are you guys working on Sony? Thanks!

  • They’re working on making money without giving support for it.

  • I wish that you would be more specific. :( So where’s the divx/avi support?!! New PS3 avatars/custom? LBP can do it.

  • cuz_im_fly_homeboy

    thats weird…
    why did it jump from 2.53 to 5.03?

  • Aloha, Eric…

    Thanks for the “heads-up” on the latest PSP update (d/ling atm) much appreciated.


  • @82: It blocks an exploit, NOTHING ELSE.
    @83: This is the PSP, not the PS3.

  • Why are people whiny?

  • all i can say is LOL @ SOny

  • Well that did nothing to fix my problem and when i asked for help on PSN i got ignored…

    So how do i get past the “you can now access the playstation store with your psp” page on It has no links and everytime i type in the URL manually for the network it takes me to that same page

    I can’t get to the PSP Store now in the browser…

  • I have this problem with my PSP, its the first model and i bought Resident Evil Director’s Cut on the PS Store, downloaded and install both data and license but fails to run. It freezes my PSP, then turns off. I haven’t even had a chance to play it on my PSP. I called sony and they couldn’t figure out what the problem was and told me to call Capcom instead…

  • Wow this is a big let down but its also a good thing , but then again 5.02 did just come out like months ago im sure the big update will be near june or march hopefully.

    Come on sony I know you could do better then this, you can give us the features you want and make money off of it.

  • I just downloaded it a few minitues ago.
    Can you make a n update that lets you acsess the home menue when you press home while your playing a game and be able to play music a t the same time like play your song and then press home again and play your while your songs playing

  • When can we get a major firmware update for the ps3?

  • Things I want for psp:
    *Full implementation of PSN
    — friends list with ability to send text messages, invites, and possibly voice chat from the xmb.
    — online games to use PSN ID from now on.
    *Change some of these firmware features like location free and skype into apps that run from the memory stick in order to free up room for other firmware features like more codecs, PSN, etc.
    *A youtube app that plays the &fmt=18 (h.264) version of videos natively (aka not using the browser or flash) just like the iphone.

  • OMG divx on psp!! and make skype for ps3 so we can talk to people on psp and pc.

  • Things I want for the PSN:
    *send messages to friends from website on PC
    *shop the store from website and add items to a queue to be downloaded automatically the next time logging into the PSN

  • Things I want for the PS3:
    *PROPER shoutcast/icecast support (not a browser plugin)
    –I imagine this working similarly to how a dlna networked computer shows up as an icon in the music column on the xmb, but instead it would be an internet radio icon that would expand to show a category list and then individual stations.
    *Either an unlimited subscription rental service from the video store or compatibility with an existing video-on-demand service like StarzPlay
    *RSS support with automatic download of most-recent podcast/video podcast

  • Come on Sony I know you can do better then a security update and if your worried a bout hackers then listen people hack because it makes the psps do better like save games to ms and listening to your music while playing a game thats what i would want. Hackers a makeing money from doing this so why cant you? I was a little dissapointed after i downloadedthis update . I know your trying to help but if you do stuff hacked psps can do the you will take away the hackers and you wont need security because there would be no reason to hack.

  • Still no friends list and messaging support then? Im actually on the verge of tears still not having this feature! The PSP would be my single most used bit of kit if only it could send messages to PSN contacts through the same systemj as the PS3 (so its all integrated etc)


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