UPDATED: Try Resistance: Retribution Two Months Before It Comes Out!

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You have heard a lot about Resistance: Retribution since it was announced at E3 2008. Whether it’s the innovative aim-assist, the pedigree of the development studio, the music by Gary Schyman, or the revolutionary Resistance Connect features; you know there is a lot that’s going to be packed in to a little UMD.

Resistance Retribution box front

We’re pleased to let you PlayStation.Blog readers know that right now, customers who pre-order Resistance: Retribution from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Game Crazy will receive a voucher code granting them access to the Resistance: Retribution demo almost two months early! The demo features single player gameplay and the option to try Resistance Connect with both the Infected mode and Resistance: Retribution Plus.

With the exception of Game Crazy (you’ll have to pre-order in-store) below are links to pre-order at your favorite retailer. Keep an eye out for the BestBuy.com pre-order page that will be coming up at the end of January.

Direct to pre-order pages:

Pre-order in store only availability

And now some eye candy for you: some screenshots from the opening cutscene of the demo. Enjoy!

Resistance Retribution screenshot - Bouchard Story Intro

Resistance Retribution screenshot - Grayson Story Intro 1

Resistance Retribution screenshot - Grayson Story Intro 2

Update: How to Activate Resistance Connect!

1. Insert and load Resistance: Retribution on the PSP.
2. Insert and load Resistance 2 on the PS3.
3. Connect PSP to PS3 via USB Cable.
4. From “Start” menu on the Resistance 2 menu, select “Options”.
5. Scroll to “Connect PSP”.

From there, you can activate Infected Mode and Resistance: Retribution Plus!

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  • one more thing thats kind of drivng me nuts…

    that girl in the first picture

    is that the girl that was the narrator from the R1?

    sorry if this was stupid to ask lol

    • It\’s not a stupid question =)

      That isn\’t Rachel Parker (the narrator from R:FOM and Resistance: Retribution), it\’s a brand new character. Her name is Raine Bouchard.

  • [quote]Cristian Cardona replied on January 16, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Wow! Good to hear =)

    Let us know what you think![/quote]

    Thank you for your response Cristian, :D Absolutely I will post my thoughts as soon as I can, the download is at 73%, ironically that’s the year I was born, my retribution will be swift!!! :P :D

  • Imagine you go to a grocery store. They have a plate full of free samples of a food product. But before you take one, you’re told that the only way that you can take one and eat it is to put the full product in your cart and you couldn’t actually eat the sample until after you already finished your order to buy the full thing.

    Imagine a car dealership tells you that you can take cars for test drives to see which one you’d like the best. The only catch is that you needed to buy and sign all the paperwork for each car before actually stepping inside.

    Imagine a game publisher releasing demos for video games, but telling you that you have to preorder the games before you can actually play them.

    Dear Sony, I will not consider buying Killzone 2, LocoRoco 2, or Resistance: Retribution until you release free demos of these games. I think it’s stupid for you to do this strategy.

    You’re losing many potential preorders by telling people that the only way they can see what it’s like is to pay the full $20-60.

  • alotta whiners on this topic! yeesh. people should be pre ordering this game regardless. its an extra incentive guys. c’mon already, give it a rest.


  • I look forward to when the preorder gimmick is dropped so I can just download the demo from the store to check out the game.

    Still, it’s nice to see advertising for the PSP and it’s games again and how much effort is being put into this.

    Look forward to when this releases (and when I get around to picking up more titles for my PSP as my collection hasn’t grown in awhile).

  • Got this bad boy paid in full 3 weeks back at GameStop. Calling them right now to see when I can get my demo.

  • Ok as promised, I’m back with my thoughts on the demo, WOW, just WOW, it rocks and the mechanics are awesome, it works soooo well and even that little tidbit of the story was great, now I really can’t wait to play the full game, GREAT JOB Sony Bend 10/10!!! :D

  • Hey is there any news on the rumored psp-3000 bundle.

  • I’ll try it, but I don’t have a PSP. So I’ll need that plus the demo, the whole no job, economy sucks thing.

  • Is Gamestop out of codes or does it just take more than four hours normally to get a code?

  • If you preorder through Gamestop,they just email you the code? Just making sure that’s correct. How long does it take?

    • They do email you a code if you order it online. I can\’t speak directly to their system, but it could take a few hours for it to process and their confirmation email to reach you.

  • Thanks,just preordered.I was buying it regardless due to Bend and the Resistance Ip.

  • any idea when Amazon will be sending their codes out? I pre-ordered this AM, but still no code in my inbox :(

  • Hey Christian, I need help with the demo. How do I try psp play and infected? How can I try it with the dualshock controller?

    Great game btw. Can’t wait for the full version.

    • Sure- we\’ll update the blog in a bit.

      1. Insert and load Resistance: Retribution
      2. Insert and load Resistance 2 on the PS3
      3. Connect PSP to PS3 via USB Cable.
      4. From “Start” menu on R2 select “Options”
      5. Scroll to “Connect PSP”

      And the extra goodness is unlocked. Enjoy!

  • Hiya Cristian!

    I just pre-ordered this game from Amazon.ca and was wondering if they would e-mail me the code or if it would come by mail. Also, does Amazon.ca even have the pre-order codes?

    In case you’re wondering, I only ordered it without knowing if they had the bonus because they only had one left.

    Thank you,
    Liam Allen-Miller

  • @ Whiners,

    Hey guys, just remember. Dont support the software, and there wont be any. Sony is just trying to hype the product. Its impossible to make everyone happy. At least the try to give you alot for the money, and their products are solid. If support for the PSP, and its software goes away so does the system. SO if the games good, which it is, go pre order it. I hear it comes with a free demo. More for your money…..Thanks SONY!

  • Hey Christian,

    Thanks. I did manage to figure it out before I came back here and saw that you replied. So, now that I’ve played Resistance Retribution on my TV with a dualshock controller (which is very fun), I do have some feedback. Message me on my PSN – JohnnyMoses or give me a link if you’re interested in hearing about it. I want this game to be successful!

    Either way, I’ll be picking this up on day 1. For the people complaining about pre-ordering…. It’s $5. Just pre-order and get the demo. You won’t be disapointed!

  • How long did it take you guys to get your code from Gamestop after you pre-ordered?

  • I got mine in-store

  • Great demo.. I thought the controls would be a pain, because I used a different control scheme for the SF games. It wasn’t too bad, though auto aim might have something to do with that.. No worries, I plan on using the DS3 most for most of the game.. Its one of the better demo’s I’ve played. I like the fact that 4 different enemy types were shown right off the bat. Day one!

  • You know what F it, Im getting this game, I love resistance, I dont care if my psp is white lol I love black though =/

  • I know it’s not Sony Bend’s fault (loved both Syphon Filters), but requiring Resistance 2 to enable the Dualshock controls is a really dumb implementation. What about PSP-specific games (Patapon, Loco Roco) that want to allow this control scheme? Will they have to artificially tie-in to random PS3 games? It aught to be a feature of the PS3 firmware, not a game.

    Or better yet, include a mini-USB to mini-USB cable in the box and connect the Dualshock directly to the PSP.

    PS: when are we gonna see Logan on the PS3? A first party exclusive stealth action series seems like it would be incredibly important to the lineup. Particularly considering the strong online multiplayer components in both PSP games.

  • Any word on canada getting in on this? I really want this game

  • Thanks #22

    Very unfortunate.

  • Infected mode is awesome. Regenerating health! …Though there must be a counter-effect to this….

  • @53:

    No offense but that is a dumb comparison and you know it. How ******* dense are you and other whiners? It costs a whopping $5 ( not $20 – $60 like some who are ignorant tend to think ) to pre order a game and the $5 goes towards the purchase of the game. To top it off, you aren’t even required the buy the game, you can use the money towards something else at gamestop if you choose.

    Its not the same as being required to sign the paper work and buy a car before test driving it. Get the hell over it buddy. Technically, the demos are still free seeing as though the $5 ( not $20-$60 ) is going towards the purchase if you so choose to buy it, or your store credit if you choose to pass on it. either way, its a nice bonus to reward buyers, keep in mind they aren’t required to drop demos, its a perk

  • Ok ….. I still have no idea why you would give demo’s of a game to those who pre-order it. I mean if you are pre-ordering it obviously you already know you want the game and will like it.

    Demo’s for the most part are to HELP make those that are not sure about a game get a better take on if they want it or not.

    For example i’ve never played a Resistance game before. Yet, the only way for me to play a demo of the game to see if i may like it is to pre-order it. Um, am i the only one that sees something wrong with this?

  • Huh … I just pre-ordered from Amazon and didn’t get any download instructions or code. What’s going on???


    Thank you for bringing this Triple A title to the PSP and for supporting the PSP. The PSP Library is so small, and I am starving for PSP games right now, and buy almost anything that comes out.

    Maybe by you leading by example other developers and publishers will jump on board the PSP bandwagon. The PSP really does have quite a bit to offer and so little is being done with it.

    My wife and I traded in both our little white hand-helds of that company I won’t mention, and went and bought 2 PSP’s. We are loving every second of it, but just wish there were more games for it.

    Thank You for Supporting the PSP!!!

  • Kinda bummed I sold my PSP. I guess its time to upgrade which leads me to a question…

    Will there be a new PSP3K + Resistance bundle??

  • Still nothing from Amazon – not to mention I don’t even see it listed as a bonus on the pre-order page.

    Have I been duped?

  • @34 us people in the SCEE region dont have a blog like this its more of a news column that gets updated like once every 2-3 weeks with only big news and we can’t comment on it.

    @every1 else. us in SCEE region all love games just as much as you guys in america and simply ask to get what you get the same time you get it not 1,2,3,6 months 1,2 years later or not at all even.

    i bet if it was reversed all you guys in america would complain till you killed the ps.com servers from complaining to much.

    you guys dont no how much it sucks to live in an area covered by SCEE not SCEA we have higher prices, delayed releases or dont even get it at all, like we still dont have the video download store like you guys have.

    ok that was my rant. probably the wrong place to do it but oh well.

  • hang on… did the pre-order deal from Amazon.com end on the 12th? That seems to be the word. If so, why is it listed above in a post made on the 16th!?!??!

    Please explain…

  • I’m canceling my pre-order from Amazon, I think this blog post is incorrect and misleading.

    What a screw-up.

  • just picked up the demo today. played through it and decided to pick up the umd when it comes out. i haven’t even played the infected mode yet… with this, locoroco2 and patapon2 my psp will spend more time in my hands again instead of gathering dust!

  • i was the 1st one at my vegas store to ask for the demo btw. the guy at gamestop had to open up the pack of demo cards for me. psp/resistance fans need to go pick up the demo! if anything you can just use that $ towards kz2 if u dont like it…

  • i pre ordered this game at EB games today and i didn’t get the code i asked them about it and they didn’t know about it i really wanted it :(

  • is this a gamestop only thing cause gamestop is pretty much the same store im starting to wonder if this [ost is misleading by people saying it ended on the 12th

  • How long does it take to get a code by email? I still haven’t received my code from gamestop.

  • I canceled my amazon pre-order, pre-ordered from gamestop, sat around twiddling my thumbs all day and still no demo code :(

    perhaps tomorrow I’ll go for broke and try Best Buy…

    would love some clarification on what is up though.

  • Yeah, what’s the deal, I want to try this game out now!!!!!! haha, seriously if it takes this long I’m never doin this online pre-order ever again.

  • i would finish the game normally then finish the game again on infected =]

  • @82 from where i live, we dont have a PSN store, we dont have PSN cards,we cant use Credit Cards,we dont have blogs,we import games thus our prices are mad as hell,we dont have Bestbuy/Gamestop/Gamecrazy…ect,our only solution is make a US PSN account and buy PSN cards on Ebay/Amazon.
    So its not only UK

  • I think most of the people here complaining are missing the point. The demo is free and will be available to everyone. What they are doing is saying that if you are a big fan they are giving you a little extra. All that little extra is, is an earlier look than other people will have. It is the same content at the same price, but you get it earlier. If you have a problem with a company trying to give loyal fans a little extra, then you should stay away from Sony and go back to the other system. I personally like the fact that they offer something extra to people that are committed.

  • My only complaint is that I’m trying to get the demo, but not having any luck. Still no email from Gamestop :(

  • Hey Cristian I’m not sure if you’re still checking this BLOG, but I just got done playing R:R with PSP Connect on R2. While I’m really happy for this mode I have a few issues. Is there a way that these can be resolved before March 17th? It’s just a few issues with the controls. Like using R3 to move into precision aiming mode. This is really really really awkward for Resistance 2 players as we press L1 to do this and instead secondary fire is there instead of on R2 where it belongs. This is annoying and really causes some issues.

    *Cycle weapons on D-pad
    *AIM on L1 (R3 just screws with my quick aim and causes the camera to go off in left feiled where it doesn’t belong)
    *Secondary Fire on R2
    *Triangle for activating things in the environment.

    Basically I just want it to layout like Resistance 2. That really should have been the layout for the keys in the options menu for the second layout. You can keep the current one just give me an option that odes more than swap analog sticks which is completely useless when no other FPS does this.

  • still nothing from Gamestop..Whats going on?

  • Stopped into Best Buy today (sheesh, all this effort for a demo) and found a copy of the pre-order package with code. Put down my cash, and am now downloading the demo.

    Now to cancel my Gamestop pre-order.

  • Well I emailed Gamestop and this is what I got.

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting GameStop.com
    All free bonus items are advertised as limited in supply and are issued in a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee that all customers will receive these free items.
    We look forward to your future business with GameStop.
    Best Regards,
    Travis Customer Service Agent

    I would normally accept an answer like this but the demo is not in UMD form, it’s a download. how many demo codes did sony give Gamestop anyway? I believe I will be canceling my pre-order now.

  • So, I tried ordering online through Gamestop on the 16th and didn’t hear anything. Stopped by my local Gamestop and let them know what was going on – so they gave me a preorder bonus demo card.
    Also plunked down some cash for Killzone 2 and will wait until February for that Demo.

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