PS3 How To: Surfing the World Wide Web

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Today’s “How To” video has some helpful tips on surfing the web. Once your PS3 is hooked up to the internet, you can access all of your favorite web pages via the web browser on your PS3. It brings the web to the bring screen… so take a look at the video and check out some of your favorite sites!

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  • It would be very convenient to be able to access the browser while in game etc, but seeing how laggy and stuttery the browser is in Life with Playstation as the poor PS3 struggles desperately to find enough memory; I know that will never be possible.

    The browser now runs through the HDD. SONY had to do something as lack of memory issues and that annoying “Do you want to run the plug-in” message was getting totally ridiculous. One of the Cell’s cores now handles flash 9.

    I hope SONY bring the PS4 release forward or produce a “premium” PS3.5 with MORE RAM and a proper browser. Assuming of course SONY a still in the console business twelve months from now.

    Everyone talks about making the PS3 cheaper. I reckon it needs to be made better. The deciding reason why SONY used NetFront in the PS3 was that they needed a browser with a small memory footprint. Had the PS3 had a respectable amount of memory to begin with we would be surfing the www with Mozilla or some other “proper” browser now, and there wouldn’t be thousands of posts on numerous forums etc complaining about how inadequate the browser is for a “Next Gen” console…next gen…yeah right!

  • I can’t even vote on a poll on my National broadcaster’s website!

    Pathetic! SONY, get your act together.

  • (Shhhhh….there’s a troll among us…)

  • To be honest, Sony has done a good job, they are loosing $50 on every ps3 sold and still give us good features and like the ps1 and ps2 it will be supported for a long time.

    Sure it would be nice to have a bit extra in “this” and a bit extra and “that”, but the OS is limited on memory so we cant have it all, and since most people have computers, we dont need it all (even though it would be nice).

  • How old is that video? I see no “Internet Search” button and also folding@home is there instead of Life with PlayStation.


    Happy new year :P

  • I’m curious: what kind of morons does Sony expect to use their PS3 console that it needs to post _how to surf web_ instructions? And what use posting these instructions ON THE WEB, assuming those people don’t know HOW TO USE IT to begin with?

    Weirderer and weirderer… :D

  • Happy New year SCEA!!!

    Also, Keep up the good work on the games(just please advertise, and drop the price of the ps3)

  • This would be a lot cooler if we could do it WHILE IN A GAME…

  • Hi guys, for the life of me I cannot figure out the things below, please make a tut!

    “PS3 How To: Voice message a friend whilst in a game.”

    “PS3 How To: Bring up a smaller version of the XMB when the PS button is pushed. (bringing up the whole menu is pointless, as you can’t even use 90% of it)! Have a similar menu to the profile menu, and from then on have buttons to your message box, trophies etc. WITHOUT having to leave the game.”

    “PS3 How To: Load trophy images faster.”

    If you Sony could create videos explaining the above 3 points, much less frustration would be had figuring how to do so!

  • A friend saw me browsing the web on the PS3 the other night. The next day, they asked me about it because they wanted to get a browser on their tv (he’s not a gamer).

    I told him to ignore what he saw me doing. I might have made it look like easy browsing, but it wasn’t. And there’s no guarantee all websites would work.

    He will no longer buy a PS3. I told him to connect his laptop to his tv and buy a wireless mouse/keyboard.

    The browers needs to be a legit, fullscreen browser.

  • Hello, I was wondering if there is anyway to emulate the explorer browser or firefox for those websites that do not support the PS3 browser.

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