Happy Holidays from Capcom… and a Special Surprise

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Happy Holidays PlayStation Family! Jeff was kind enough to let me write to you one last time before the end of the year. Here’s my belated Christmas card from the Capcom family to yours:

Before I go on, I want to list my top 5 favorite PSN remakes. Since Jeff and Chris both left out Capcom’s titles on their lists [Editor’s note: I *did* mention Street Fighter II HD Remix], I was going to omit any SCEA game, but two wrongs don’t make a right. So here goes:

  1. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix – The game whose acronym is longer than most game titles. Critically acclaimed with record breaking sales means that Street Fighter is officially back!
  2. Wipeout HD – A graphic update to an already great game? Now you’re talking my language. Noobs, take 2 Dramamine tablets and quit your whining. This is a remake done right and shows me what can be possible in the digital space.
  3. Bionic Commando Rearmed – blowing up a dictator’s head was never so fun, and so vivid. M rated digital games FTW!
  4. Prince of Persia Classic – I’m a sucker for platformers and the original redefined the genre. Playing this is like going to your high school reunion and seeing that the prom queen got even hotter. But this time around, I get to date the prom queen. (Uh, that analogy just got a little obscure and creepy, sorry.)
  5. Mega Man 9 – Graphics? We don’t need no stinkin’ graphics. Give me pixel perfect jumps, an epic music score, and an 8-bit art style and I’m happier than Marty McFly going 88. Mega Man 9 proves you don’t need a time machine to enjoy classic style gameplay.

You know, looking back at my past blogs, I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself. I think I just right up and went, “Hey PS Fans… Rocketmen!”, and you were like, “WTF? Who is this guy?” Well, my name is John Diamonon, and I’m a PSBlogger reply-aholic. I also oversee the marketing of Capcom’s digital titles. In my past lives, I was a game tester for both Sega and SCEA and a former graphic designer. I get joy from doing things out of the ordinary and you can expect more fan driven programs from me in the future.

From the launch of our Capcom Store, to the release of 8 digital games on the PSN, 2008 was a pivotal year for us as we move closer to our goal in becoming the #1 publisher in this space. A personal highlight of mine this year was producing the Street Fighter Underground Remix exclusive to PSN. It made sense since the store launched a new music area. I love the idea of integrating different forms of media with gaming. Wait ‘til you hear the next album…

So what’s in store for 09? Well, I’m working with Grace and Ro at SCEA to come up with some innovative ways we can offer games and programs on the PlayStation Store. You can expect to see a whole slew of downloadable PSP and PSone titles from our vault next year.

I’m also excited by one of our upcoming PSN games, FLOCK! which will arrive sometime early next year. I know, I know. I said January last time but you might have to wait just a little longer. We’re working on some cool features that I know you’ll enjoy. In-game XMB music anyone? In the meantime, you can download the winter demo from the next Qore issue (You don’t need to be a yearly subscriber this time). It may be a family fun-type game, but it has something for everyone. When you make sheep mate, pigs fart and cows turn into t-bone steaks, you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’ll discover that flocking sheep with a UFO is a strange yet satisfying activity. You can flock by yourself or invite someone over and flock together. It’s even better that way.

Oh yeah, there’s also a big (sentence deleted by Capcom and SCEA PR ninjas)….Can you believe it? Wow, how can you not be excited about that? I’m just glad that I was finally able to talk about it. It’s been a long time coming but I’m ecstatic that it’s actually going to happen.

So, in the spirit of giving, I want to do something special for my PS homies. Every 10 comments or questions (up to comment #250) will receive a free redemption code for one of Capcom’s digital titles. No double posting allowed prior to the winning number. That means if you post on comment #9 and comment #10, the person who posted comment #11 gets the code. You are only eligible for one code. If you already have the game I give you, be nice and give it to a friend.

To redeem your code, you must register on www.capcom-unity and PM me (www.capcom-unity.com/johndmoney) your comment number.

I’ll also be on Home now and again, so the first 15 people who come up to me, do the cabbage patch and say, “Please Hammer, don’t hurt ‘em!” will receive a free code.

Oh, and special shout outs to my “Home” boys and girls – Voozie, EvoAnubis, JBruno, cityof_trees, Asuka424, will_orz, Anubis006, grasshopper, quailbert, rockmanjoey, ROAM1304, theroness, erico316ecw, SicboyGS, bluetwilight, eaglefan129, OverlordSpike, julian2682 and XxBIgP123xX.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Your friend,

John D


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  • hmmm how are you supposed to know if the right person sent u a pm?

    i sent a pm (my account is naz on there)

  • I hope I get a code, you guys ROCK as alaways, Capcon is one of the BEST in the world. Happy Ho Ho Ho

  • Keep the remakes and downloadable games coming!!!

  • I just love Capcom!!!

  • -_- Looking over the first 5 pages, EVERYONE cheated.

    “That means if you post on comment #9 and comment #10, the person who posted comment #11 gets the code.”

    That’s… sad.

  • Wow this went fast..Merry Xmas

  • John has obviously had a bet with someone that he can get the posts replies to a blog post this year and he did whatever it took to win that bet. :P

    • And I won! J/K. I crave attention. Nah, just wanted to try something different. I\’m bored here at home. Not \”HOME\” but my house I mean.

  • “You know, looking back at my past blogs, I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself. I think I just right up and went, “Hey PS Fans… Rocketmen!”, and you were like, “WTF? Who is this guy?” ”
    big LOL

  • wow little disappointed for the fact that not everyone can check the blog and stuff every second of the day. oh well… my xmas sucked, like it always does.

    merry xmas to those that got a code though :)

  • Too bad, I guess I was just a little late. Saw the post but waited to read it! It’s still really nice of you, “Capcom family”!

  • John,

    Best of wishes to you and Capcom in the new year! Can’t wait to see what DL games you have in store for us and the classic PSone games!





  • i dont get how to sign up on tht site…cause keeps sayins We’re sorry, but the login credentials you used did not match a valid account. Please try again. but i use the rite pass i even reset it but still dont work any other ways i can contact u?

  • I was busy helping a friend set up his PS3 today so I missed out on the free game. Maybe next time.

  • Damn wish i wouldve seen this earlier, would love to get some more capcom stuff!! Just got Age of Booty and SFHD…awesome games, cant wait for the trophies…welp great year capcom…keep it up!!

  • Cool idea, thanks for doing such a neat contest (even though I came in too late to win!). Also thanks to the folks at Capcom for your stellar support of the PSN service this year. Looking forward to Flock and the new Bionic Commando game in ’09!

  • so i got age of booty from the code. thanks for that.

    the only problem is that when i get into the game and try to play it online or do anything at all it says the following:
    “to perform the requested action you need to be signed into the playstation network…etc”

    and i clearly am signed into it. what am i supposed to do?

  • Cool giveaways but I’m too late :(

  • nevermind it’s working now. that was odd. anyways, thanks alot

  • Haha heya John, wonder what that sentence that those pesky ninjas deleted can be =P

    Well time to have a stake out on the PSN for yah then haha

    And hooray for the end of 2008, no more “no trophies no buy” for you lol

    Aaaaaaannnnnd! Thanks for the shoutout too “Hero” haha

  • Damn, I wish I didn’t wake up so late.


  • Damn, any chance you can slip me a code on the DL John? :)

  • More PS1 titles, **** YEAH!!

    I definitely want RE 1, 2 and 3.

  • Sup John.. you still there..

    Very cool of you to give the contest. I missed it but I’ve purchased all your PSN games anyway…

    You have any friend slots available ..
    PSN – ThEosSiE

    My favorite PSone game was RE – Director’s Cut… I hope to see it on the store in ’09.

    • We\’re definitely trying to bring the RE series over to PSN. There\’s some red tape we need to sort through first.

  • I honestly hate being late to these kind of giveaways… Stupid Google Reader and it’s late updates…

  • @Omega.. I’m right there with ya..

  • John, will age of booty be getting trophies in Europe? merry Christmas

  • psOne DLs! don’t forget breath of fire 3?!?

  • That was quick..oh well

  • HEY i have a spare code that i cannot use cause im not in USA..Damn…So any1 Want a code then…email me at asamra42@googlemail.com and i’ll give it to u if u in USA…First come first serve!

  • I think everyone will agree with me when I say we want the old disney games on newer systems. No remaking them, just port it over, no changes whatsoever. I don’t know how much my old NES can take playing Duck Tales over and over.

    And I got Age of Booty with my code. I’ll give it a whirl after I’m done playing Burnout.

  • i dont think that i get any prizes but maybe some people replied twice… i hope i get a code.

    great post BTW

  • Ah what was the surprise? Me thinks you planned the removal, clever

  • Any news on an EU release for SSF2HDTR? :D

  • Hi John,

    I realise that you might have to be a bit diplomatic on a Sony blog – but do you know why SF2HDR is taking so long to be released on the PAL PSN stores?

    Are SCEE just incredibly incompetent? Do they have 10x more bureaucracy to wade through? Did they add a bunch of extra requirements requiring further development that no one else has needed?

    I got sick of waiting and did some fancy trickery to get it from the US store. It’s a great game – I love it!

    Now to wait for SF4… If that comes out everywhere except the PAL regions I’m going to start breaking things!

    • It\’s just tougher to get games passed through SCEE in general. We\’re trying, believe me. It doesn\’t to the title any favors by releasing it so close to SF4.

  • Here is to hoping 150 double posted :)

  • Mr.John Diamonon..All I want to know is when Capcom is going to patch Street Fighter II HD Remix for the PS3. I bought the game on day one and the bugs still persist on hindering my enjoyment of the game. I’ve been very active on the official Capcom forums and now I am here venting my issues. I could care less about trophies..what we all want, who have already paid for the game, is a solid non bug online experience.

    It is murder that the 360 version has less issues and a better online structure than the PS3 version…and that’s mostly thanks to you guys, since you guys had an open beta for the 360 and non for the PS3 version..Please fix this problem because I would like to play this game past SFIV purchase…

  • John, dont forget more Psone classics releases for 2009.

    Last weeks good stuff of this was released: Castlevania Chronicles, Rayman, Suidoken…

    So many good stuff of Capcom was released in Psone… Strider 2, RE.. Give us them!

  • Up to comment 250? Buh… I think I’m kinda late to the party =/

  • Aww missed the giveaway…but at least I got a shout out :)

    Thanks John

  • Happy new year Capcom!

  • Interesting idea…

  • darn i wasnt fast enough

  • Nice Gift.

  • do you work just for the Capcom team? Or do you have info on all PS1 Classics that will be coming in 09? We had a really nice surprise at year’s end with Suikoden but there are so many more great RPGs from PS1 that we all want to come to the PSN. Legend of Legaia, for instance. Do you have any info on more PS1 Classic RPGs? Maybe even final fantasies?

  • Can I add you on the PSN or is your list full by now?

  • Dude, you’re a liar! I’ve never, EVER seen you on Prince of Persia or Wipeout HD….probably doesn’t meet your favorite price.

    Anyway, now that we aren’t thread hyjacking anymore (sorry Chris!), what up with Dark Void, and how come I haven’t seen you in Home in a bit?

    • shhhh…

      I\’m on Home now. Dark Void is made by the maker of Crimson Skies. We\’re excited about how it\’s shapin up.

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