Killzone 2 Cover Revealed

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Hi all, my name is TJ and I’m one of the guys working on the Killzone 2 marketing team. We are, of course, very excited about the game and wanted the PlayStation nation to be the first to see our Killzone 2 packaging. Check it out:


Guerrilla has created some awesome Holiday-themed Killzone 2 PC wallpapers. Check them out on


Now for the plug: Killzone 2 is looking phenomenal and will be in stores February 27th, 2009. Make sure to preorder your copy now… as it’s gonna rock! But don’t just take my word for it, check out PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s world exclusive review hitting newsstands soon.

Talk to you more in January 2009.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Killzone on the PS2 sold around 2.5 million even with the massive media attempts to trash the game and the pathetic Xbot Halo fans desperate to try to make their crappy little game look better in comparison.

    The Sony marketing/PR people just let it all happen and did nothing. Everyone knew the game was in the target of every Xbox fanboy in the media just comping at the bit to get a chance to ‘review'(aka trash) Killzone. So KZ got ‘reviewed’ by every magazine and review site’s ‘FPS guy’ aka the resident Xbot/Halo fanboy. Everyone knew this would happen six months before the game was released.

    And Sony just let the Xbots in the media rape the game in reviews. It was disgusting incompetence on Sony’s part.

    We will see if they learned any lessons from last time. Every Xbot in the world desperately wants get a chance to ‘review’ KZ2 and to hear it get trashed without mercy.

    Sony, are you going to wake the F up and let this garbage happen all over again? Or are you going to grow up and learn to play hardball with sites like Eurogamer,1Up,EGM,GameSpot,Edge who are just waiting to hand KZ2 over to their resident hardcore Xbot/Halo fanboy to rip to shreds?

  • That is a very nice box art.

  • I’m not pre-ordering till i have info on collector/limited editions..

  • Pick up and buy Killzone Liberation for the PSP while you wait if you haven’t already. One of the best games on the PSP. Incredible game with extremely well done weapon controls, running and diving for your character, rag doll physics, and graphics of course.

  • The head of the marketing team for Killzone 2 should be fired.
    Who the hell sends out the review copy this early, more than 2 months before the game comes out.
    All the excitement about the game will be gone when the game actually comes out.

    Look at all the blockbuster games like GTA4, Halo3, Gears1&2, they all have the review copy very close to launch date. That is why they’ve sold millions of copies.

    I cannot stress enough the important of marketing and its timing though.

  • :lol: @ homy. Get real.

  • I really hope Killzone makes up for Socom and Resistance 2 both were huge let downs to me.

    The boxart is pretty much plain and to the point which I like. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Any pre-order exclusives or collectors edition?

  • What’s our preorder bonus? I won’t preorder it without a bonus. I am no longer made of money.

  • i hope sony actually advertises this game as much as it deserves. ill be picking it up for sure. comes out right around my birtday

  • Sweet can’t wait for this game to come out. I hope it lives up to the hype.

  • A collectors edition would be nice

  • SONY needs to firmware upgrade the PS3 to allow multiple PSN accounts to login at the same time. This will allow games like Warhawk/Resistance/COD to have “player 2″ stats to save. It will also allow your friends(rl friends) who play at your house to log into their own PSN account and add to their own stats, instead of messing up yours. It will make PSN the greatest service ever. I’m surprised this wasn’t a launch feature. SONY CATCH UP PLEASE!!

  • Hello TJ, i hope your reading this, not only am i a fan of Killzone but im also a fan of marketing, :)
    Id like to ask, will Guerrilla/sony be pushing some cash into advertisment for Killzone 2? (not just magezines) im talking TV adverts, busses, billboards etc… speaking for not Just US, (im from UK) but all regions Aus, US, UK, canada etc…

    I sure hope so, may i mention the only reason i bought a xbox ws because the hype halo created, it advertised everywhere, im not trying to compare or anything, but i like to see those advertisments,
    1) i gets me hyped even more lol
    2) It lets other gamers know about the game,
    3) May attract some more people to the fun.

    good work on KZ2 i cant wait.

  • Nice choice for the cover.

  • Like the box art I’ll be using it as my theme for my PC… PS3 too LOL :D

  • that’s a horrible cover. i thought europe had it bad. please consult naughty dog for help on making a better box art. also release a collector’s edition with a better box. kthnxbai.

  • Omg cant wait ^^ <3

  • @ Tassar

    So what do you want Sony to do? Kill the media? They can’t do anything so live with it. Plus Killzone 2 is a good game and has been getting the best previews.

  • everyone from every systems have seen killzone 2 they know when it come out they know what it about . people want to see for themselves how good it is there tried of seeing picture , cgi footage they want to see and feel the real thing . this game plus the ones that are already out and the ones coming soon may help sony sell ps3 . it a great game

  • @Tassar regarding comment 49

    dude you are the biggest joke i’ve ever seen, the game got the scores it deserved, i loved the game and the story, but it did have horrible framerate problems especially during scenes which were more wide open looking then others, had i reviewed the game i would’ve given it an 8 probably, most sites gave it between a 6-8 so i would’ve been on the higher end but lets not kid ourselves, the first game was not a 10

    also no review copy has been sent out yet, ign is a bunch of idiots, they sent out the first 6 hours of the game as a preview to build some hype around the game, it’s not by any means finished yet

  • i am a huge kill zone supporter and been very vocal to the team about that hope the killzone team remember me!!

  • This is cool but the pre-order version looks nicer.

  • that box art is absolutely perfect!

  • I wonder if Sony’ll release a collector’s edition like they did with Resistance 2. I’d definitely grab it. I’m a sucker for exclusive extras, especially if they’re figures like the Big Daddy with Bioshock and obviously the Chimera with Resistance 2.

  • I’m with everyone else and more interested in a possible Collector’s Edition as well as what we can expect for the rest of the marketing leading up to the game’s release.

  • This is a first day purchase for me. I am new to the Killzone series, but I have been extremely intruiged by this title in particular. I hope to see more info as the release gets closer.

  • okay how come no one has mentioned this looks A LOT like Fallout 3’s cover. I mean the red eyes look cool, but this looks a lot like FO3. Anyway gonna be an awesome game, first day purchase for me!!! yay

  • ahhh I can’t wait for Killzone 2 to come out. I hope there will be something where we can drop grenades when we die. I remember going around holding a grenade and doing terriosts suicides,lol. Good job Sony and Guerrilla. :)

  • I like it but i reeaalllyyy liked this box art where just one helghast soldier is standing on a white blank background. I dunno if its a official cover for some other country but it sure was slick. i think i saw it on IGN though. did anybody else saw that box art?

  • please for the love of god sony, ADVERTISE this game better than you guys have been doing for other games. It needs its own separate commercial, showing off gameplay footage, showing off those sweet graphics.

    Don’t make a another stupid commercial like that resistance 2 commercial. I give you guys a lil credit with some of the newer commercials but might i add that you guys start telling potential customers about the cost of the playstation network? people love things that are free, tell em about it.

    This game will be awesome, that same advise should be used towards all of your games, including Infamous

  • im with aaronisbla here , sony havent let the people know about the most important thing psn has going on: its FREE , plain and simple , and just put 1 minute or 30 seconds of killzone2 GAMEPLAY and the game will sell itself , no need to put all those weird ads that only nerds and fanboys get what you are actually trying to say


    The cover art looks great; however, I think it could look a bit better.

    Check out this fan-made box art that uses parts of the new box art:

    I think this looks better, don’t you think? It’s probably too late to change anything, but I much prefer the fan made design! it’s not too different from the one you just revealed either.

    Make it happen!

  • You should of made “only on playstation” a lot bigger. I’m picking up this game day of release.

  • I am so happy you guys went with a close up of Helghast instead of some corny scene of the heros in battle or something like most other games do.

    Awesome job! It’s perfect.

  • Gotta say, I’m looking forward to this game most out of all for 2009 ;)

  • The cover art is okay. I liked the mock up I saw on IGN better. Its the one with the main characters running under the Helgash. Seems a little over the top.

  • Will there be a Limited or Collector’s Edition? If yes, what will it include?

  • I’m liking the new boxart a lot better the the placeholder one we’ve been seeing. Now…..How’s that CE box gonna look?? ;)

  • absolutely sick.. cant wait

  • @7 Ign sucks, btw

    Cover looks awesome, can’t wait!

  • I like the cover, looks very cool. And the wallpapers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them good job Guerrilla.

  • I don’t understand what people see in the IGN placement thing. It was a concept art image for the game placed very poorly and looking ugly with the logo off balanced.

  • awsome cover, similar to fallout 3, and haze.

  • Listen advertising team- PLEASE, and PLEASE! put the Helghan Trailer on as many tv stations over here in the US. Just make it happen! I’ve seen that trailer dozens of times when I go onto the game’s website, but you NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD for the game and EARN YOUR WAGES. Please, it’s for your development company’s best interest to do so. I love the trailer, but I’ve only known about it because I had to pursue it. America is a country where you have to force your ideas down peoples’ throats in order for them to believe in you. Just please broadcast at least this trailer!

  • Nice, but i think it would be really awesome if there was a killzone 2 bundle. Now that would be a really good marketing decision. Either way i’m buying another ps3 i just hope there would be a killzone 2 bundle.

  • That’s pretty decent. :)

  • this game will be best fps ever made .
    it looks kick ass when they show the Collectors/Limited box

  • please SCEA QA team launch the Socom confrontation 1.30 patch or for Socom will be late, when Kill zone 2 appears on markets, forget to sale it on Europe.

    we have only half of the game 3 months after de released.

    I still thinking that Socom should be a great game.

    thank you and sorry.

  • sweet!

  • I will most likely purchase this game mainly because I really enjoyed the Killzone 1. I received the game from Permission Research, a market research company, and was impressed by the opening cinema or video. It was Highly reminiscent of the world events that occurred between 1939 and 1945. The main bad guy who has giving a speech to the Helghast people reminds me of hitler… You watch the video, I think you would agree too

    The only thing I am wondering about Killzone 2 is if their will be Collector’s Edition like the Resistance 2 game. If their is going to be, then I would not hesitate to purchase.

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